x 1 x 4 x 0 x 46

Players: 1 (Campaign) or 1-4 (Co-Op)
Online Trophies: High Value Asset , Initial Public Offering , Hostile Takeover , Mace Ace , Super Soldier , Highly Adaptable , Field Surgeon , On no you don't! , High Flyer , Employee of the Month , In The Name of Science , Application Manager , Middle Management , CEO
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: TBA
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Little Black Box , Deny Everything
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • You can use Chapter Select to re-do any Milestone that you wish, meaning that there are no missable trophies.
  • For the CEO trophy, you can track your progress on the Chapter Select screen. Next to each combat chapter will be a rating of one to three stars showing you the maximum difficulty you've completed each Milestone on. A check mark icon will be next to any Milestone you've already received a CEO ranking on, so you know which ones you do not have to repeat.
  • When using Chapter Select, your chip upgrades will be reset, allowing you to choose whatever upgrades you wish for you replay. This means that you won't have the upgrades that you'd previously selected when you start, and might begin combat thinking that you are more powerful than you actually are. Always remember to re-allocate your chip upgrades before you proceed.

  • When using Chapter Select to farm some of the kill or Breach trophies, always continue to a checkpoint before returning to the main menu, otherwise you will lose your progress. Look for the autosave icon in the upper right hand corner to know for sure that your progress is saved.
  • Don't bother farming anything until you've completed both the Campaign on Hard and Co-Op on all three difficulties. There is no shortage of enemies to eliminate in Co-Op, so you may not have to farm as much as you think.
  • Weapon and Application upgrades are easy early bumps that you can research in Co-Op. Specialize in one weapon or application that compliments your play style and devote your upgrades to it until maxed out before continuing with others.

  • Recommended Chip Upgrades (Campaign):
    • Adrenaline Rush Increases energy gained from all sources by 40%
    • Augmented Overlay 25% damage bonus and damage taken reduced by 20% while in DART overlay mode
    • Protective Shielding Enables protective shield
    • Regeneration Boost Regeneration activates 25% faster and heals at a 33% increased rate
    • Regenerative Overlay Regenerate 7% of your total health per second while in DART overlay mode
    • Safeguard Base health increased by 33%
    • Stability Scatter and recoil are reduced by 55%
    • Synchronize Maximum duration of DART overlay is increased by 25%
    • Toughened Reduces all damage taken by 20%.

  • Recommended Chip Upgrades (Co-Op):
    • Extra Memory - Adds 1 Application slot to loadout. (This should be a no-brainer, doubling your effectiveness on the battlefield. Any adrenaline earned is applied to both applications, allowing you to rotate between them.)
    • Toughened - Reduces all damage taken by 20%. If you don't take Extra Memory as your first upgrade, take Toughened. Otherwise take it second.
    • Safeguard - Base Health increased by 33%.
    • Regeneration Boost - Regeneration activated 25% faster. Regeneration heals at a 33% increased rate.
    • Augmented Overlay - 25% damage bonus while in DART overlay mode. Damage taken reduced by 20% while in DART overlay mode.
    • Stability - Scatter and recoil are both reduced by 55%

*Note: In Co-Op, you will eventually get all chip upgrades, so these are merely a suggestion for good starting choices.


STEP 1: Campaign (Hard Difficulty)
All of the campaign trophies stack, and there is no New Game + per se, so start your campaign on Hard Difficulty and try to get all of the collectibles on your first playthrough. None of them are very far out of the way, so you might as well minimize your backtracking and take care of them on your initial playthrough. Don't worry about the special trophies for boss fights, as those are best saved for Step 2. The trophies you should get on this step are:
  • Syndicated
  • Business is War
  • All Aboard
  • Campaign: EuroCorp
  • Campaign: La Ballena
  • Campaign: Downzone
  • Welcome to EuroCorp
  • Top Marks
  • Golden Handshake
  • Little Black Box
  • Augmented Reality
  • Cover Lover
  • Ambassador of Peace
  • Mastermind
  • Linked In
  • Deny Everything
  • Greed is Good
STEP 2: Chapter Select
On this step, use the Chapter Select feature to go back and complete any Milestones that you haven't already received a CEO ranking on to complete
[*]Greed is Good . Also on this step, complete any of the trophies that allow a Normal difficulty (or lower) as part of their requirements. After this step you'll also earn:
  • See No Evil
  • Revival Meeting
  • Missile Command
  • Wetware Integrity Policy
  • Missile Command
  • Gaggle of Guidance
  • Make Them Watch
  • With Friends Like These
  • Every Bullet Counts
  • Shocking
  • Shield Breaker
STEP 3: Co-Op & Cleanup
With the last of your Campaign related trophies out of the way, it's time to focus on Co-Op. In addition to the trophies that are specifically Co-Op related, many of the trophies with numerical targets will allow your Campaign totals carry over into the Co-Op such as The Professional or Hurt Locker . You can check your progress on the Player Statistics screen in the Extras menu.

And you'll have plenty of opportunity to earn that progress while you complete the nine Co-Op missions once on each of the three difficulties. This will be necessary to earn all of the Blueprint Tokens, Application Tokens and Challenges necessary for your progress towards the CEO trophy. You'll have a bit of farming left to do at the end to finish off your last few trophies, all of which can be earned in Co-Op either alone or with friends.


Complete the game on any difficulty (given at the end of Datacore)

Story related trophy, cannot be missed. Simply complete the game to earn this trophy.

Business is War
Complete all chapters which track difficulty, on hard difficulty

Story related trophy, cannot be missed. Set your difficulty to hard and complete the game to earn this trophy. If using chapter select, you will have to complete Chapters 1-5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13-15, 17-19 on hard difficulty to qualify.

All Aboard
Complete chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 on normal or hard difficulty

Story related trophy, cannot be missed. Set your difficulty to normal or hard and complete chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 to earn this trophy.

Campaign: EuroCorp
Complete chapters 7 and 8 on normal or hard difficulty

Story related trophy, cannot be missed. Set your difficulty to normal or hard and complete chapters 7 and 8 to earn this trophy.

Campaign: La Ballena
Complete chapters 10 and 11 on normal or hard difficulty

Story related trophy, cannot be missed. Set your difficulty to normal or hard and complete chapters 10 and 11 to earn this trophy.

Campaign: Downzone
Complete chapters 12, 13, 14 and 15 on normal or hard difficulty

Story related trophy, cannot be missed. Set your difficulty to normal or hard and complete chapters 12, 13, 14 and 15 to earn this trophy.

Welcome to EuroCorp
Complete Wakeup Call

Story related trophy, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy immediately after finishing the "Proving Grounds", which is the first part of Milestone 1 ending with your arrival in Dr. Drawl's lab.

See No Evil
Defeat Kris without making him visible using EMP or DART Overlay, on normal or hard difficulty

At the end of Milestone 15, you will fight Kris. Immediately after the start of the fight, there will be a flash and he will run away. As soon as you have control, start moving to the left into the kitchen area. Once behind the counter, spin 180 degrees and face back the way you came towards the far corner. If you stay in this area, Kris will always go back to the far corner and shoot towards you. Since tracers work both ways, you'll be able to see where he is when he is shooting. When he isn't, your reticule will turn red you shoot if you hit him, to let you know he's still there. About halfway through, Kris will attack you physically with his gun then threaten to shoot you. Quickly Backfire Breach his gun, then continue the fight with your Razorback. If you return to the kitchen, Kris will eventually go back into the far corner, allowing you to resume your assault. Despite his cloaking ability, he is relatively easy to spot, and as long as you can stay in cover you shouldn't have trouble with this. It is better to try it on Normal however, since it is much easier to kill him. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Revival Meeting
Defeat the final boss without allowing any agent to be revived, on normal or hard difficulty

The description of this trophy is misleading, because you don't necessarily have to earn it during the "final" boss. In Milestone 20, you can also earn this trophy before the fight is completed, right after defeating the Twins but before the actual fight with the final boss is completed.
As long as you're on Hard or Normal difficulty, you should get this easily.

The boss on the platform will shoot at you with a minigun, and will continuously heal the Twins while he is in the fight. Immediately at the start of the fight, shoot the boss on the platform to cause it to drop and taking him out of the action for a few minutes. Breach the servers in the corners of the area nearest the guns, so that you can go for ammunition when necessary. Then concentrate on one twin or the other. You will have to Breach their electric armor to make them vulnerable, then deplete their life bar. When it is reduced almost to zero, you will need to Breach the armor again and repeat the process. Once the Twin falls down, you'll see a red icon over their head that reads "Resurrecting". At this point you only have about ten seconds to approach the downed Twin and press to execute them and take them out of the fight permanently. If the Twin revives, you'll have to reload the checkpoint and start again, otherwise you will not receive the trophy. Once you've brought the first Twin down, take care of the second in the same way. You'll receive this trophy during the cinematic that follows, just before the start of the real final boss fight. Video courtesy of PowerPyx. (Warning: Major Spoilers)

Toggle Spoiler

Missile Command
Breach an entire barrage of five missiles in the Ramon boss fight, on normal or hard difficulty

In Milestone 11 you will encounter Ramon, and again it is much easier to complete this trophy on Normal difficulty. Ramon will leap from platform to platform, firing missiles at you. As soon as the missiles are in the air, you will see an icon to Breach the missile and send it right back at Ramon. After a few missiles, you'll hear the DART voiceover announce that a hostile breach has been detected, indicating that Ramon will be re-Breaching the missile, forcing you to Breach it again to keep it aimed at him. After this happens a couple of times you'll hear a warning alarm and he usually shouts something at you, just before he launches a volley of five missiles at you. Activate your DART Overlay and stand as far back from him as possible to give yourself additional breach time. As soon as you see the breach indicator for the first missile, breach each missile one right after the other as they are fired. The Breaching is very quick, but the missiles are faster so you don't have much time to spare. If you miss any of the five missiles, you will have to try again on his next volley. As long as you start Breaching as soon as the first missile appears, you should have no difficulty getting all five and this trophy on your first or second try. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Top Marks
Achieve a perfect result in all the Tutorial challenges

There are three tutorial stages, one for each of the three Breach applications: Suicide, Backfire and Persuade. With the limited energy that you are provided, the key to all three tutorials is to always get a Breach Spike by releasing while the Breach meter is in the white zone. If you do not, you will not have enough energy to get a perfect result and have to restart the challenge.
  1. SUICIDE - There are eight targets to eliminate: Two on the left, two on the right, one at the back of the room, and three moving back and forth between the groups. These moving targets are the ones you want to Breach Spike. Wait until the moving target is near the stationary pair of targets on the right then Suicide Breach it, making sure to get a Breach Spike. The moving target will stop while screaming, then explode killing the two on the right as well as itself. Repeat with the moving target on the left side when it is near the other pair. If the moving target in the middle has not been killed by one of the other two Suicide Breaches, wait until it is near the target at the back of the room then Breach it to kill them both.
  2. BACKFIRE - There are six targets and six bullets in your gun. Backfire affects two targets at once, which is the key to this challenge. Move to the left side and make sure two are highlighted then Backfire Breach them both, making sure to get a Breach Spike. Quickly shoot both of the stunned targets before they recover. You can't miss or delay, otherwise you won't have enough bullets or energy to complete the challenge perfectly. It's better to start on the left or right to make sure that you have an even pairing of targets, otherwise you may find yourself with two targets left on opposite sides of the room, too far away to affect both with the same Backfire. Also, use your DART Overlay to make the effects of Backfire last longer.
  3. PERSUADE - Again, a limited number of bullets and energy but this time you're escorting a friendly courier that you have to protect. The courier starts behind a door, with three hostile targets on a raised platform across from you, and one directly below you behind some cover. Breach the door to release the courier, then immediately Persuade the middle target across from you, making sure to get a Breach Spike. The persuaded unit will take out the other two targets on the platform, leaving you to kill the one directly below you. The courier will run to the next door and wait for you to Breach it for him. In the second section there are three hostile targets on the upper level and three below you on the ground. Breach the door to release the courier, then Persuade the middle target across from you. It will then be up to you to clean up the targets on the ground with your gun, leaving the courier free to reach the end of the maze.
Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Golden Handshake
Achieve CEO ranking on any level

See Greed is Good for details.

Little Black Box
Find all business cards (unlock all the business card infobank entries)

For the most part, the business cards are in obvious locations and easy to find. If you happen to miss any of them, you can go back via chapter select to retrieve them. The chapter select menu will always tell you how many business cards there are in each level and how many you've already gotten. Bear in mind though that when using chapter select that any business cards that you've already found will be in their original positions. If you pick up a card, and do not get the info popup in the lower right corner, then you've picked up a business card that you've already gotten. Consult PowerPyx's videos for locations.

Wetware Integrity Policy
Don't kill any EuroCorp civilians with the minigun in chapter 8

This trophy has given some people some trouble, but it is simply a matter of taking your time and checking your fire. Set the difficulty to Easy so that you don't have to worry about rushing. Once you receive the minigun, and exit the elevator, fire in short controlled bursts. Use your DART Overlay liberally to easily identify civilian targets. The Stability chip upgrade will also be helpful in preventing stray bullets from hitting unexpected targets. After a couple of attempts, you'll learn the points where the civilians run like lemmings directly into your line of fire, making them easy to avoid on your next attempt. If you haven't received the trophy by the time that you're riding the dropship and your DART chip advises you to "hang on", restart from your last checkpoint and try again. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Gaggle of Guidance
Use the Swarm's multi-target lock-on firing mode to kill 3 UAV drones with one volley

During Milestone 10, shortly after you acquire the Swarm Missile Launcher for the first time, you'll have the opportunity to earn this trophy. You'll hear an announcement about the Swarm over a loudspeaker, and after a couple more rooms, emerge into a large open area looking out over the ocean. As you approach the other side of this area, a large number of UAVs will appear and start shooting at you. Press when your your reticule is over one to lock the target. Lock 3 UAVs so you can identify your targets. Next, use to Breach all three of their shields. When their defenses are down, hit to fire when you're ready. With any luck you'll earn the trophy, but if not there are a large number of UAVs to try again with if you don't manage it. There are rockets on the wall at the back of the area, in case you are running low. Just remember to not activate the next checkpoint until you get the trophy, so you can always restart from your previous one if necessary. Obviously, this is easier to perform on lower difficulties. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Augmented Reality
Kill 3 specters in chapter 14 without using EMP effects on them, on normal or hard difficulty

While in Milestone 14, you will encounter a new unit type with a highly advanced camouflage called Spectres. The area in which you encounter them is loaded with EMP mines, but for this trophy you'll want to avoid detonating them with your Backfire Breach (or running into them of course). Use the DART Overlay to make them visible briefly, then kill them with your SMG before you lose them again. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Cover Lover
Make it past the conveyor belt without taking any damage from the turret

Right at the start of Milestone 15, you will drop out of a vent and break a guy's neck before being attacked by a number of enemies. Your starting position is behind a set of boxes next to a conveyor belt. If you turn on your DART Overlay, you'll see an automated turret hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room. You'll have to make it to the exit of the room without being hit by the turret. There will be a number of enemies shooting at you, but you don't have to worry about being damaged by them, just the turret. Once you've cleared out the enemies in the starting area, edge around the boxes to the right and crouch behind the large box on the conveyor. Look directly ahead with the overlay on to see a switch to Breach to start the conveyor moving. Keep pace with the box but be ready for it to stop a number of times. Just Breach the switch again and continue along with it.

When you reach the opposite side, you'll have to turn around and kill a few more enemies, including two snipers on the left side of the room. Be careful around the door while trying to shoot them, just in case you accidentally wander out into the turret's sight. When all of the enemies on the ground are dead, edge out to the left and crouch next to the box on the second conveyor belt. Breach the switch to get it to start moving and edge along with it using the box for cover. Follow the box along around the corner to the left until you can enter the small shack where the jammer is. Turn it off using the button, then look out the window towards the turret. If you're against the glass, you'll be close enough to Breach it and make it friendly. Once that occurs, go to the right, eliminate all of the enemies and make a run for the door. If you don't have the trophy when you pry the door open, restart your checkpoint and try again. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Make Them Watch
Kill Agent Crane before you kill his two sidekicks, on normal or hard difficulty

Early in Milestone 18, you will encounter Agent Crane accompanied by two corporate security officers. They are normal soldiers who will die easily, so be careful not to accidentally kill them. Do not use Backfire, Suicide or Persuade on either of them, since it will either injure them, kill them, or cause Crane to turn on them. After he appears, immediately hack the server racks in the floor to give you some cover. The agent will periodically lower them, so make sure to keep raising them up as you move. Crane will be using a Gauss gun, so it is critical that you get completely behind cover as far away as possible when you want to regenerate. Keep mobile to stay ahead of the soldiers, and when you have an opportunity, fire up your DART Overlay and put as much fire on Crane's head as you can before you're forced to move again. Crane's health bar is divided into thirds; it is critical that when you attack him that you manage to reduce him by at least one third of his health each time, otherwise he will regenerate up to the top of his current third. Since you can do this on Normal instead of Hard, I strongly recommend that you do so to save yourself some grief. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Ambassador of Peace
Kill enemy soldiers of two different syndicates fast enough to receive a rampage energy bonus

While you might be able to pull this off in Milestone 17 with the right upgrades and a lot of luck, the best place to go for this trophy is very early in Milestone 19. You will encounter a large battle in a hangar with soldiers from both sides shooting at each other throughout multiple waves. If you still have a COIL or Gauss Rifle, it's much easier but there are enough targets that even with a normal rifle you shouldn't have too much difficulty with this trophy, particularly if you have the Killing Spree chip upgrade.

Unlock the Datacore in the minimum number of breaches

This trophy is not as difficult as it might seem at first. When in Milestone 19, you'll get the message that you can breach the Datacore vault. There will be a switch on either side of the giant vault door. Stand in front of the door, but back a fair ways, almost as far back as the bridge itself. You should be able to sweep from left to right and get a Breach icon for both switches in about a 30 degree angle. Activate your DART Overlay and line up on the switch on the left. As soon as you press and hold to begin the breach, start turning to the right (while the Breach meter is still going) until you're lined up with the second switch. Release and hit it again immediately for the second switch, and you should hack the second switch in time for the vault to open. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Linked In
Obtain a health bonus from network connect links from your upgrade choices (single player only)

Press to bring up your upgrade menu. When you have chip upgrade points available, simply choose to take two adjacent chip upgrades and they will link for an additional health bonus and earn you the trophy.

With Friends Like These
Kill an enemy from the explosion of a reactive armor unit.

Reactive armor units are easily identifiable by their bulky white armor, and glowing red visor and panels. They usually carry miniguns as well. While in Milestone 8, there is a perfect opportunity to earn this trophy just before you go for Wetware Integrity Policy . Near the beginning of the level will be a cinematic of the the soldier wearing reactive armor and carrying a minigun, which is the target. He will emerge from an elevator with two normal soldiers. Deplete the reactive armor on the soldier until he is down to his last Breach, then wait until one of the normal soldiers gets near him. Breach him one final time to cause the armor to explode and kill the other soldier. For best results attempt this trophy while on Easy difficulty. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Deny Everything
Find all propaganda tags (unlock all propaganda tag infobank entries)

Propaganda is less obvious than the business cards, but are usually easy to find if you know what to look for. Typically they will be hidden in billboards, signs or writing on walls. You will have to approach them and press to activate your DART Overlay to reveal them. For small signs, you usually have to be fairly close to them in order for the hidden message to descramble, so don't move on until you see the info popup in the lower right corner that indicates you've unlocked it. If you happen to miss any of them, you can go back via chapter select to retrieve them. The chapter select menu will always tell you how many propaganda tags there are in each level and how many you've already gotten. Bear in mind though that when using chapter select that any propaganda that you've already found will still be in its original position and will descramble as though finding it for the first time. Don't be fooled. If you descramble the propaganda, and do not get the info popup in the lower right corner, then you've found a propaganda tag that you've already gotten. Consult PowerPyx's videos for locations.

Every Bullet Counts
Defeat Tatsuo without restocking your ammunition from the UAVs, on normal or hard difficulty

The first boss fight in Syndicate happens at the end of Milestone 4. Due to the unique nature of the boss fight, the trophy preventing you from rearming from the UAVs, and the need to Breach Tatsuo multiple times on Hard, you should definitely attempt this on Normal difficulty. The first portion of the boss fight is a standard firefight, even though Tatsuo will dash around the area randomly. It will be much easier if you still have a Gauss rifle equipped and get a lock on him early, allowing your bullets to track his position. Once his life drops to half, he will climb up to the upper level and some normal soldiers will drop down to attack you. Try to avoid using your Breach applications unless you are absolutely certain of your target, to prevent accidentally Breaching the UAVs that float around the area. Instead, run up to the soldiers and press to use your melee execution to save ammunition. If you're running low, you can still make use of the ammo that the soldiers drop, since it did not come from the UAVs.

When all of the soldiers have been killed, Tatsuo will drop back to the floor and continue the fight. If you still have Gauss ammo get a lock on him early, because his new tactic is to split into multiple holographic copies of himself. While locked on, your Gauss fire will track the real Tatsuo and continue to damage him. Once he merges with his copies, you can Breach his holographic projector to finish him off and extract his chip.
Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Kill 3 or more enemies from the electricity discharge of a dying electro armor unit

The best place to earn this trophy is during Milestone 19, right after you get the Ambassador of Peace trophy. While still in the same hangar, several waves of soldiers will appear during this fight. The groups you'll want to wait for arrive on the elevators to the right of your starting position. You'll see the solider with electro armor appear with a group of normal soldiers. Activate your DART Overlay to reduce the damage you take and speed up your Breaching applications. Press to ready your Backfire application to stun two of the soldiers, or if you have the Cerberus Backfire chip upgrade, you can stun three at once. While some of the soldiers are stunned, immediately breach the electro armor soldier and deplete his life, Breaching him again where necessary. Once his life has been depleted entirely, the electro armor will overload and electrocute the other soldiers in the area and earning you this trophy. Since this trophy requires the soldiers to be somewhat bunched up, it is easier to complete this trophy on an easier difficulty since you can kill the electro armor faster. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Greed is Good
Achieve CEO ranking on all combat levels on hard difficulty

Achieving a CEO ranking on Hard difficulty is usually not much of an additional challenge. If you are able to make it through the level on Hard difficulty, you'll frequently hit CEO ranking without having to repeat the chapter, as long as you bear in mind the parameters you are being judged upon.
  • Accuracy
  • Number of Headshots
  • Number of Breach Spikes
  • Longest Rampage
  • Adrenaline Earned
  • Damage Taken
  • Completion Time
If you're having difficulty make sure you're making use of your DART Overlay as much as possible, as this ability slows time, increases the amount of damage you inflict, and reduces the amount of damage you receive. Consider improving its effectiveness by using the Augmented Overlay and/or Synchronize chip upgrades. Remember that your performance is saved at every checkpoint, and dying or reloading from a checkpoint will not negatively impact your scoring, so don't worry if you have a run of bad luck. On several levels, particularly those with some of the more challenging bosses, you can (and should expect to expect to) die frequently without your CEO ranking being threatened.

Making strategic use of your Breach abilities is critical to boosting your score. If you can rotate your use of the Breach abilities, hit the Breach Spike zone on the meter consistently, and try to achieve combination kills or multiple kills in quick succession, you will score a great deal of adrenaline which will earn you points and recharge your Breach abilities that much faster. With points you'll earn from this cycle, supplemented with accurate fire and headshots, you should have no difficulty achieving CEO ranking in due course.

If you haven't gotten CEO ranking on every level on your hard playthrough, you can go back via chapter select to revisit any chapters that you have missed. The list will have three stars next to all combat chapters that you have completed on Hard difficulty, and a check mark to indicate those that you've achieved CEO ranking on. Simply retry any chapters that you are still missing until you have completed them. Remember when using chapter select to re-allocate your chip upgrades when you start the level!

Shield Breaker
Successfully sprint tackle 25 riot shield units

As early as Milestone 3, enemies with riot shields start to appear. Simply hit to sprint directly into them and knock them over. Track your results through the Player Statistics screen on the Extras menu. It will be listed as "Shields Dropped" under the heading "General Statistics (Campaign)". One point to keep in mind is that some of the later Riot Shield units in the Campaign and a lot of them in Co-Op will not be knocked over in this way. Usually their shields are translucent or look different than the normal metal ones you'll see early in the campaign. If you're looking to farm the trophy, Milestone 3 is an easy place to do so. You can run through the level in a few minutes, and there are 3 soldiers with Riot Shields to knock over. When you're done, load the chapter again until you've hit 25.

Initiation Complete
Complete all Co-Op maps on any difficulty

See High Value Asset for details.

High Value Asset
Complete all Co-Op maps on expert difficulty

Complete all nine of the Co-Op missions on expert difficulty:
  • Western Europe
  • Mozambique
  • Atlantic Accelerator
  • Colorado
  • China
  • Scandinavia
  • Northern Territories
  • Argentina
  • New England
You can see your current progress in the Co-Op menu by selecting the Agent tab and scrolling through the list of maps on the left hand side. Three stars indicates a completion on Expert difficulty.

Initial Public Offering
Be a member of a Syndicate consisting of at least 4 people

Either join an existing Syndicate or create your own in the Co-Op menu, and have at least three other people in the same Syndicate with you. If you've created your own Syndicate, or have been promoted to be a Board Member of the group you've been recruited into, you will have the option of inviting any player in your current game to join your Syndicate by highlighting their name in the player list and pressing . Once your Syndicate numbers four people total you will earn this trophy. If your membership reaches four while you're offline, you'll earn it once you've logged back into the Syndicate Co-Op servers.

Hostile Takeover
Defeat an enemy agent squad

There are four Co-Op missions that contain enemy Agent squads: Atlantic Accelerator, Scandinavia, Argentina and New England. By completing these missions you will have to defeat these squads and earn this trophy. Be prepared for a fight however, as the Agents are always more powerful than normal soldiers and will frequently come equipped with heavy weapons and regenerative abilities. Try to make use of your environment to isolate agents and deplete their life. Coordinate your tactics with the other members of your squad if you want to have any hope of accomplishing these difficult fights.

Usually one of the four Agents acts in a support role healing the others. This action will appear in your HUD as a red line stretching from the healing Agent to the Agent being healed. Once you determine which Agent is supporting the others, this Agent should always be your first target. Isolate him from the group if possible, and take him out. Once downed, you must "chiprip" him by performing a melee execution with before he recovers otherwise you'll have to deplete his life again. The support agents on each mission are:

Atlantic Accelerator: Agent Escobar
Scandinavia: Agent Shinoda
Argentina: Agent Lars
New England: Agent Fawkes

If you're playing with less than four players, this can be difficult as the other three Agents will concentrate their fire on the person performing the chiprip. Support abilities such as Shielding, Squad Heal or normal Healing Breach abilities should be used continuously in addition to covering fire until the Agent has been neutralized. Once the enemy squad is down to three Agents without the ability to rapidly heal, the tide will quickly turn in your favor.

Mace Ace
Save a team member that is stunned by an electron mace

The Electron Mace is a nasty piece of business, particularly if you don't have a full four man squad. It will be immediately visible on the battlefield as an arcing stream of electricity that envelops its target. It immobilizes you while slowly depleting your life, and you are only released once your attacker runs out of charge and has to reload. Once one of your team is caught in its grasp, simply eliminate their attacker and you will earn this trophy.

Super Soldier
Complete a mission without going down

As simple as the trophy title. As long as you complete a co-op mission without going down you will get this trophy. Bear in mind that if you go down then restart from a checkpoint, it will still count against you. You have to complete the whole mission from end to end without going down.

Highly Adaptable
Kill 4 enemies in 4 different ways within 1 minute

The easiest way to do this is in the first Co-Op mission on the lowest difficulty setting, alone so no one else takes your kills. You'll start with your primary and secondary weapons, as well as 2 grenades. Breach application kills don't seem to count towards this total, so stick to your physical weapons. Lob a grenade at the soldiers in the booth to the left, get a kill with your primary weapon, then your secondary weapon, then charge some poor schmuck and kill him with a melee execution. It's quite easy to do this in 1 minute on this level, but if for some reason you don't just restart and try again.

Field Surgeon
Heal 3 team members for at least 50% of their health within 1 minute

This trophy can be easily boosted, but you will obviously require a full four man team to do so. Have the person who is going for the trophy select the Squad Heal application for their loadout and start a game. When you start, you will have full energy in all of your applications. Start in the Western Europe mission, and have the other three members of the team stand in the gunfire of enemies or the APC to deplete their life until they are nearly dead, then the person going for the trophy can trigger their Squad Heal application to heal everyone on the team at once.

Oh no you don't!
Complete 10 Contracts against members of your syndicate

You will need to have other members in your Syndicate to complete this trophy. To check what contracts are available, go to the Co-Op menu then look under the Agent menu and select Challenges, Contracts and Leaderboards. Once inside this menu, click on Contracts and Challenges to see your progress towards the contracts. On the right side of the screen, you'll see all of the contracts available. Essentially, to complete a contract you need to exceed the score of another member of the Syndicate in one of several ways. The easiest way to do this is to have a brand new, very small Syndicate and take turns setting new targets for the other by beating their scores. It won't take long to complete 10 contracts in this way. If you are a member of a very large or very skilled Syndicate, this could be quite a bit more challenging.

High Flyer
Score a 2,000 points combo

This trophy must be earned in Co-Op. Any quick succession of kills, headshots, breaches, revives, reboots, or applications will earn you a combo, and the higher the difficulty level you are on, the more points you'll receive. Any combination of an Agent takedown and another action on Expert should be more than enough to earn you this trophy.

Employee of the Month
Complete a mission after earning a team savior score

If all other members of your team are downed and are no longer able to crawl, you will get a message on your screen that says "Last Man Standing". Successfully Rebooting one member of your team at this point will earn you a Team Savior bonus. Now simply complete the mission to earn the trophy.

In The Name of Science
Finish your first research

In Co-Op mode on the Agent tab are options to perform Weapon Research and Application Research. To perform Weapon Research you will need to earn Blueprint Tokens from chipripping enemy officers or Agents. To perform Application Research you will need Application Tokens which are earned for completing missions in Co-Op. Once you have tokens, enter either the Weapon or Application Research menus, select the weapon or application you want to improve and press to open it's menu. Each weapon and application has a number of different improvements you can research, each one requiring a certain number of tokens as shown by the icons next to each choice. Purchase the blueprint for the upgrade and you will see a point total appear. Once you have earned the listed amount of experience points in Co-Op, you will complete the research and unlock the improvement and the trophy.

Application Manager
Do 10,000 points of damage to enemies and heal or block 10,000 points of damage on team members using applications

This will come naturally over time as you progress through the many Co-Op levels. Use offensive applications like Virus or Backfire to earn damage points, or use applications like Shielding or Squad Heal to earn defensive points. If you're supporting your squadmates properly, you should earn this without having to try for it.

Middle Management
50% completion (level, research and challenges)

See CEO for details.

100% completion (level, research and challenges)

To achieve 100% completion in Syndicate Co-Op, there are three components: Level, Research and Challenges.
  • Level: Your character can reach level 30, which will happen naturally by earning experience playing in Co-Op.
  • Research: There is a total of 138 items that can be researched in two different categories: Weapons and Applications
    • Weapons Research: There are 18 weapons in the game, each with multiple components that can be upgraded for a total of 78 upgrades. In Co-Op, under the Agent menu select Weapon Research and hit , then hit again on any of the weapons to see each of the research projects available for it. To complete all 78 research projects, you will require a total of 253 Blueprint Tokens. Blueprint tokens are earned in any level for performing a melee execution (or "chiprip") on any of the Agents, bosses or soldiers with special armor (Liquid, Reactive, etc). You can earn Blueprint tokens every time you complete a level, regardless of how many times you've finished it before.
    • Applications Research: There are 12 different applications in the game, each of which can be upgraded four times. In Co-Op, under the Agent menu select Application Research and hit , then hit again on any of the applications to see each of the research projects available for it. You will start with three applications automatically, and earn the other 9 by completing each of the Co-Op missions. Just unlocking an application counts as one point towards your completion score (This means that since you start with three applications automatically, before you even play Co-Op you've automatically reached 1.3% completion). Including the first point that is automatically unlocked, with four upgrades each this adds up to 60 upgrades total. In order to level all applications up to level 4, you will require a total of 108 Application Tokens. You can earn Application Tokens the first time you complete a level on a particular difficulty. Subsequent playthroughs on the same difficulty will not earn you additional Application Tokens. You earn 3 for completing a mission on Normal, 4 for completing a mission on Hard, and 5 for completing a mission on Expert. If you total it up, you'll see that you earn exactly 108 for completing all 9 missions on all difficulties.
      Note: It isn't recommended, but if you skip to a higher difficulty level, you'll get the Application Tokens for the difficulty you complete a mission on, as well as any difficulty levels below it that you hadn't completed yet. So for example if you skipped straight to Expert, you'd get 12 Application Tokens at once.

  • Challenges: This is where the real fun begins. In Co-Op, under the Agent menu select Challenges, Contracts, Stats and Leaderboards, then select Contracts and Challenges. On the left side of the screen will be your Challenges and the progress that you've made towards completing them. There are 25 challenges, each with 5 levels of completion. Each challenge has different numerical requirements, and covers a huge variety of different activities throughout the game. Your progress in Challenges is determined entirely from your performance in Co-Op, so your Campaign statistics will not affect your totals. I have listed the challenges in the Spoiler tag below, along with the totals you'll need to complete level 5 in each one:

Toggle Spoiler

The Professional
Kill 50 enemies with all the weapons in the game

There are 18 weapons in Syndicate, and you will have to get 50 kills with each one. Track your progress in the Player Statistics screen in the Extras menu. The list below shows the name of the weapon as it appears in the Weapon Research menu, with the name used in the Player Statistics screen in parenthesis:
  • TAR-39 Assault Rifle (TAR-39)
  • Harbinger G-290 Minigun (Minigun)
  • Castellano CQC-11 Combat Shotgun (CQC11)
  • RLX-240 Electron Mace (Electron Mace)
  • COIL Laser Rifle (COIL)
  • LTB-P Thermite Gun (Thermite)
  • Razorback M786 Revolver (Razorback)
  • SEEF-2 Fragmentation Grenade (Fragmentation Grenade)
  • APP-3 Pistol (APP3)
  • Swarm Launcher (Swarm)
    • In Argentina (Co-Op), Swarm launchers randomly appear in the gun lockers even on normal difficulty. If you open the locker and do not find one, simply let yourself die in the garden and when you respawn the locker will randomize again, allowing you to repeat until you find it.

  • Kusanagi HSR-6 Sniper Rifle (Sniper)
  • LAWS-92 Rocket Launcher (LAWS-92)
  • Kusanagi ACR-10 Assault Rifle (Kusanagi)
  • EMW-56 Gauss Gun (Gauss)
  • Bullhammer Mark II Revolver (Bullhammer)
  • Riotlance Dart Shooter (Riotlance)
  • Mjolnir H.O.G. Automatic Shotgun (Mjolnir)

Hurt Locker
Breach 873 grenades

This will come "naturally" through the course of the Campaign and Co-Op, but it may take some time. Every time an enemy throws a grenade at you, an orange icon will appear indicating the grenade's direction and position. Aim at the grenade and press to Breach it before it detonates. Enemy grenades take quite a while to detonate, so you should have more than enough time to disable them before they explode. Track your progress via the Player Statistics screen in the Extras menu. Once you've completed your Campaign and Co-Op play if you haven't earned this trophy (and let's face it, you almost certainly haven't), you can farm grenade Breaches in the second half of the Milestone 20 boss fight. Use the Chapter Select menu to start the mission on easy, and after you've defeated the Twins, lure the boss around the arena continuously breaching his grenades until you've earned the trophy. If for some reason you want to save your progress before you've gotten the trophy, simply defeat the boss and continue to the end credits to trigger a save. The autosave icon that appears before you reach the credits will not save your progress, forcing you to start again from whatever total you'd had originally. Credit to SLOPPYWAFFLE for the suggestion.

Get the rampage bonus up to 5 sequential kills

A very easy place to do this is during Milestone 8, after you receive the minigun (and you're not going for Wetware Integrity Policy ), just walk through the end of the level with the minigun going and DART Overlay on, and you'll mow down more than enough soldiers to earn a 5+ person rampage. Alternate location video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Make It Snappy
Kill 50 enemies with melee executions

Approach any normal enemy and press to perform a melee execution. This will not work on Agents, bosses, Sargents, Officers or soldiers with special armor (electro armor, liquid armor, reactive armor, etc.). This is also a trophy that will likely come naturally over the course of the Campaign and Co-Op.

Nowhere To Hide
Use a penetration weapon to kill 500 enemies through cover, while in DART Overlay

To accomplish this task, you'll have to have a weapon capable of penetrating cover. For best results I suggest using the Kusanagi HSR-6 Sniper Rifle with the MPB Munitions upgrade researched. With this combination you will be able to shoot through cover, vehicles, even walls to get at your targets. Hide entirely behind cover, fire up your DART Overlay and pick them off one by one until you reach 500. You might have some trouble shooting through some types of cover, but for the most part if you can see it in your Overlay, you can kill it. In reality, it's more than a little unfair, but that's how you get ahead in business. (Or a headshot! Ba-dum-dum)

Collect 500,000 energy

You earn energy for your applications through adrenaline. Combination shots, Rampages, headshots, etc., all contribute to your energy totals. You can keep track of your progress on the Player Statistics screen in the Extras menu. Under the "General Statistics (Campaign & Co-Op)" heading, track your progress with the "Adrenaline Earned" statistic. When you reach 500,000 you will receive this trophy.

Use breach abilities 300 times

The text of this trophy is somewhat misleading. If you look on the Player Statistics screen in the Extras Menu, you'll see under the "Breach Statistics (Campaign)" heading there is an entry called "Successful Breaches" which does not give you the total that you're looking for. What you'll need to do is total up your Backfire, Suicide, and Persuade statistics to get your true total. Once this total reaches 300 you will unlock this trophy.

Do 250 rampage kills/kill streaks

When you kill an enemy within 3 seconds of killing another enemy (or 6 seconds if you have the Killing Spree chip upgrade), you will score a Rampage bonus for your kills. You will achieve 250 Rampage bonuses almost without trying over the course of the Campaign and Co-Op, so you shouldn't have to worry about this trophy.

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