Similar in execution to games like "Buzz! Quiz TV" (minus the color-coded controllers), TV Show King is a light-hearted trivia game, where 1-4 players compete against each other in several game settings to determine the winner. Questions are all multiple-choice, and vary in genre and prize amounts. Players are also given the option of spinning a wheel in Russian Roulette fashion, where specific spaces can earn you more money, or take it away; you can even steal some of your opponents money, and vice versa!


TV Show King Trophy Guide
By dajmer79

x17 x2

Players: 1-4
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 2
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Time to 100%: 30 hours (refer to Time Machine trophy)

Note: There have been reports of a "glitch" in the game that allows you to assign four players to one controller, making most of the trophies much easier and faster to obtain. I have tried doing this trick multiple times, but it has never worked.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • While you can earn all of these trophies yourself, and with one controller, it helps a great deal if you have three extra. Nearly every trophy can be attained by choosing extra players; this way you can control what happens. Remember that Rock Band peripherals count too (guitar, bass, and drums), so plug them in and use them if you want.
  • For the "Light Quiz" and "Scratch Quiz" rounds, remember that the vertical axis is inverted. This tends to throw a lot of people off, so keep that in mind. Also remember that once you see the correct answer, don't bother lighting/scratching the remaining answers.
  • The difficulty you choose not only reflects the actual questions, but also the overall knowledge and speed at which the AI chooses their answer. If you're simply trophy hunting, stick with the default easy setting.


Baby Steps
Play your first 3-round Classic Quiz.

Consider this an introduction and warm-up to the game. From the game mode menu, choose "Classic" followed by your choice of avatar and how many people are playing (if you're going solo, you'll be joined by three AI opponents). The default game settings are set to 3 rounds and easy difficulty, so leave them as is and press to play.

This trophy doesn't require you to win, so don't feel bad if you get destroyed - you'll still get the trophy after the game is finished.

Go online and play 2 games.

From the main menu, choose Play > Online games. As with Baby Steps, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Granted the online servers aren't entirely dead, but there still aren't a lot of people playing online. If you know someone who has this game, you might be better off boosting this trophy, along with Multiversed.

For the quickest results, choose to host a game and pick "Last One Standing" as the game mode, as choosing a wrong answer automatically ends the game.

Correctly answer 10 "Light Quiz" questions in one game of Classic Quiz.

Both "Light Quiz" and "Scratch Quiz" are chosen randomly, so you'll want to set the number of rounds to 9 to better your odds of getting this. During a "Light Quiz" session, you are given seven total questions, so you are going to need two sessions minimum to correctly answer 10 questions (hence choosing 9 rounds). If you want to play it safe, simply choose an answer option that the majority of the AI opponents are selecting.

Dust Eraser
Correctly answer 10 "Scratch Quiz" questions in one game of Classic Quiz.

Both "Light Quiz" and "Scratch Quiz" are chosen randomly, so you'll want to set the number of rounds to 9 to better your odds of getting this. During a "Scratch Quiz" session, you are given seven total questions, so you are going to need two sessions minimum to correctly answer 10 questions (hence choosing 9 rounds). If you want to play it safe, simply choose an answer option that the majority of the AI opponents are selecting.

Solitary Refinement
Correctly answer 6 "Quiz Attack" questions in a row.

Generally, answering 5 or 6 questions correctly in "Quiz Attack" isn't that difficult. Just keep trying until you get it, as the questions chosen are all random. You could also pause the game after reading the question and Google the answer, but that would be cheating. You're not a cheater, are you?

Fall from Grace
Finish the quiz with no money after having earned some.

This trophy can be a pain in the ass if you don't have 3 extra controllers and are playing against the AI. With the AI it's all about luck, and hoping that your opponents will pick on you in reducing your cash from a wheel spin. You have to either answer at least one question right, or win money from the wheel. The problem is getting your amount down to zero afterward, seeing as you don't lose money for guessing incorrect answers, and the AI generally won't target you unless you have a commanding lead or a decent amount of money.

Having the extra controllers allows you to control the flow of the game, and is the recommended method. This way you can have the other players spin the wheel and, if any of them land on the space that subtracts money from an opponent, target you automatically. If you're using this method, answer only one question right, avoid spinning the wheel at all costs, and do not answer any questions for the remainder of the game once you are at $0. When the game is finished and you are basking in your shame of having accumulated no money whatsoever, you will get the trophy.

Public Scrutiny
During the last 5 seconds of a question, switch your answer to the answer that all the other contestants have selected if that answer is correct.

When playing against the AI, you'll encounter this scenario multiple times, so don't fret. There are always certain questions that the AI will jump on, with all 3 of them choosing the correct answer almost immediately. In this case, all you need to do is pick a different answer and then wait until the timer reaches 5 seconds or less, and then switch to their chosen answer.

This can also be done online, or with 3 extra controllers. Simply use the controllers to pick an answer you know is right, and then use your player to pick a wrong answer and then switch it to theirs with 5 seconds or less remaining.

High Five
Win a round of "Face Off" 5-0.

The easiest way to do this is to use a second controller and have it sit idle while you answer all of the questions correctly as player one. This can also be done during the final "Face Off" round in "Classic Quiz", or by playing against the AI in the "Face Off" game mode. For the latter, the AI is generally quite stupid and slow in choosing their answers on Easy difficulty, so using this method isn't that hard either.

Omega Man
Win 5 Last One Standing games.

This game mode can't be played against the AI, so you are either going to have to use a second controller, or play online. By using a second controller, you can get this trophy in a matter of minutes, as all it takes is one wrong answer to be knocked out of the round. Pick the correct answer as player one, and any incorrect answer as player two. Rinse, repeat.

Create 4 contestants and play a quiz game with each one.

From the main menu, choose "Contestant Makeover" and create yourself 4 different players. If you have the extra controllers, you can play a game of "Classic Quiz" using all 4 characters. Or, to kill two birds with one stone, play 5 games of "Last One Standing". Doing so will earn you the Omega Man trophy, and you'll also earn this trophy as long you keep using different created characters for every game.

Tour de Force
Go from being bankrupt at the wheel to winning the game.

Yet another luck-based trophy. If you're playing a game against the AI, then choose to spin the wheel at every opportunity, hoping to land on a bankrupt space. You will need to earn money after this, which is why it is much easier if you have the extra controllers. That way, once you do go bankrupt, you can opt not to answer any of the questions with the extra players while you get them all right with your player. Participating in future wheel spins is a crap shoot and entirely up to you, as the odds are 50/50 of being in your favor. Don't forget to pause the game and Google any questions you're not sure about.

Note: I'm not sure if having your entire stash taken from you - or you giving another player money which results in bankruptcy - during a wheel a spin counts toward this trophy. When I got it I hit the bankrupt space on one of my first wheel spins and managed to win the game afterward. If anyone can verify either of these two methods, let me know and I'll edit it into the guide.

Penny Pincher
Steal over $25,000 from other players.

This amount is cumulative and does not need to be done in one game. It is based entirely on wheel spins, so just keep playing "Classic Quiz" games and choose to spin the wheel every time. The computer keeps track of how much money you've taken from other players, and once you reach the desired amount the trophy will register.

Correctly answer 5 regular questions as soon as the answers appear.

This trophy applies to every game mode, but does not apply to questions in the "Light Quiz" and "Scratch Quiz" rounds. What you need to do is answer 5 questions - doesn't have to be consecutively - while the timer still displays "15" on it. This boils down to speed, so make sure to start reading the question as soon as it appears. It obviously helps if you know the answer, but if not, simply press a random button or direction on the d-pad to lock in an answer and hope your choice is correct. Regardless, you'll probably get this trophy over time without even realizing it.

If you plan on Googling answers, make sure you get a glimpse of not only what the answers are, but also where they are. That way you can immediately press the correct button after resuming the game.

Win 15 online multiplayer games.

Refer to Socialite trophy.

Spin Doctor
Make the wheel complete 8 rotations before it stops.

Because the SIXAXIS controller is so damned sensitive, you might not get this trophy as easily as you think. The way the game tells you to spin the wheel sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. More often than not it will look like your character is having a seizure, as you're whipping the controller around and your character just jerks back and forth.

The way I did it is by holding the controller identical to how you would if you were playing "High Velocity Bowling". Then start by slowly turning the controller to one side (think of it as a wind-up). As your character is turning the wheel to one side, immediately turn the controller to the opposite side in a quick, forceful motion. As I said, the controller is extremely sensitive, so if you don't get it on your first attempt, keep trying.

Bait and Switch
On 3 separate occasions, lure other players onto a wrong answer, then switch to the correct answer with less than 3 seconds left on the clock.

The premise here is exactly as the description says. When playing against the AI, they don't always fall for it, regardless of the difficulty. I recommend using a second controller and playing a game of "Last One Standing". Using your player, choose a wrong answer and then use the second controller to pick that same answer. Wait for the timer to reach 1 or 2 seconds, and then switch to the correct answer as your player. Repeat this two more times for the trophy.

Comeback of the Century
Losing 0-4, correctly answer 5 questions consecutively to win the "Face Off" round.

Despite what the trophy description says, you don't have to stage a comeback win in the "Face Off" round of "Classic Quiz". You can also choose the actual "Face Off" game mode, which I find is easier. As long as you keep the default settings, you should have no trouble getting this against the AI. I timed it, and the AI generally takes anywhere between 5-8 seconds to pick an answer, which is more than enough time for you to make the necessary comeback. Let them gain the 4-0 lead on you, and then storm back.

If, for some reason, you're having trouble with this, you can always use a second controller and do it that way.

Play a 9-round quiz and get every question right.

Google, Google, Google. Unless you're a genius, you're probably going to have to cheat to get this. The AI isn't always correct with their selections, so you can't always rely on them for the right answer if you're stumped. A 9-round quiz is long enough as it is, and throwing Googling into the mix makes it even longer. I advise leaving this trophy for a later time and concentrating on the other ones first.

Time Machine
Play 30 or more hours of TV Show King.

This is a stupid trophy, and I hate it with a passion. Unless you're a TV Show King freak and plan on playing this every day for at least a couple hours per, you're going to have to find a loophole. And that loophole is leaving your PS3 on all day and/or all night! I refuse to leave my PS3 running if I'm not physically using it, so I will either get this trophy over time by playing the game, or not at all.

If you want to try for it, you need to make sure you're in an actual game; leaving it running on the main menu won't work. The best way to do it is by choosing "Classic Quiz" and play normally until you reach the first wheel spin. Choose to spin and wait for your turn. Now, put the controller down, and leave it. Your character will stay positioned at the wheel the whole time.

Note: Make sure you have your controller charging while doing this. Otherwise, if the battery dies, you will receive an on-screen display stating that the controller is disconnected. This interrupts your 30 hour progression.

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