Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1


First off, this game is a lot of fun. My estimate of 2-4 hours to 100% is based on playing the game in a relaxed manner, with minimal rushing. If you just power through to get the 11 trophies, you can probably do it in less than 1 1/2 hours.

Although none of the trophies are actually hard to acquire, if you try to get them based solely on their description, it'll be a heck of a lot more difficult.

And finally, my suggestions on how to get the trophies are, in some instances, just suggestions. If you do it the way I did, you'll get them all. But it's also possible that you can skip some steps and still finish with all of them. But really, if you're only planning on playing through once, take your time and enjoy.


Leave Well Enough Alone
Experienced a brief, yet horrifying transformation.

In the jungle, whilst you wander aimlessly, you'll come across a wishing well. Go up to it and press . You'll transform into the mightiest pirate in all the land! ...and the trophy will unlock.

Why Is My Older Brother Laughing?
Encountered a shipload of references to the previous Monkey Island games.

This one can be a bit of a pain. Some say its glitched, but this isn't definite. What you basically have to do is examine EVERY SINGLE THING you see through the course of the game, up until you meet Deep Gut. Once there, examine the Monkey Shrine inside the house and the trophy will unlock.

The Sound Of Science
Heard DeSinge treating four different patients.

The easiest way to do this is in between tasks. When you first get to the island, go to the large house with the swordfish in front (The Marquis DeSinge's house) and knock on the door. After starting the bar fight, knock on the door again. After siezing the Screaming Narwhal, knock a third time. And after helping Joaquin D'Oro dig up the treasure, knock a fourth time. If this doesn't do it (it can be time-related if you move too fast), knock again after meeting Deep Gut. Basically, go knock between every main task you complete.

Bats Right, Throws Lame
Repeatedly threw things...kinda.

Easier than you'd think. Once you get cannonballs -- but before you get possession of the Screaming Narwhal -- go see Captain Winslow. Chuck a lit cannonball at him. You'll miss in impressive fashion. Now toss an unlit cannonball at him. Again, not even close. You won't even hit the ship, and it's a pretty big target to miss. Now finally (and much later in the game), when you get to the Manatee/Ancient Portal door, after you use the unbreakable bottle breaker on the crystal nose, the face falls off. Take the Pyrite Parrot, and instead of shoving it through the hole from whence the face fell, throw it at the ancient portal. It'll bounce off the wall, again proudly displaying Guybrush's inpressive outfielder-caliber throwing arm. The trophy will then unlock.

Is That A Pox On Your Face, Or Are You Just Angry To See Me?
Experience the effects of the pox on the charming inhabitants of Flotsam.

K. After the pretty green cloud starts circling high in the sky, the citizens of Flotsam will start to act a bit weird. Before you start, make sure you have possession of the unbreakable bottle and the Screaming Narwhal. First, go see Crimpdigit and ask him how his business is. Then go back to your ship and fire the cannon. It'll destroy his precious unicorns. Now go knock on his door and he'll flip out a bit. Now, go one screen right and talk to Hemlock McGee. Through the course of the conversation, he flips out too. Go back to Crimpdigit and ask how business is. He'll flip again. Go back to Hemlock and keep asking different options until he flips a second time. Then go back to Crimp, ask him about the unbreakable bottle, and this'll get him to bring it outside. Do NOT take it. Go back to your ship, fire the cannon again, and destroy the unicorns again. On the way back to Hemlock, take the unbreakable bottle breaker, then talk to him until he flips out for his third (and final) time. Go back to Crimp again, ask him how business is again, and he'll lament about the loss of his UBB then flip for his third, and final, time. The trophy will now unlock.

The Legend Of LeFlay
Quizzed everyone about Morgan LeFlay.

This one is easily missable. When you first get to the island, there'll be a flyer attached to a post outside Club 41. Pick up the flyer (which is an advertisement for "Morgan LeFlay: Pirate Hunter Extraordinaire"), and when you get the opportunity, ask the following people about Morgan LeFlay:
  • Davey Nipperkin
  • Crimpdigit
  • Captain Winslow
  • Joaquin D'Oro
  • Deep Gut
  • Hemlock McGee

Once you ask the last person, the trophy unlocks.

This Ain't A Library
Intensely browsed a prominent bookshelf.

Inside Deep Gut's house, there is a bookshelf directly to the left of where DG sits. Although warned, read the titles anyway. After about 4 or 5, you'll have no voice and will just wheeze. Keep going until a book title repeats twice, thus signifying you read the whole rack, and the trophy will unlock.

LeChuck Slayer
Defeated LeChuck (again).

Story-related. This trophy will unlock before the initial credits even roll, right after you run him through with the Enchanted Cutlass.

Use The Source
Met Deep Gut.

Story-related. After you start the bar fight, become captain of the ship, and help Joaquin D'Oro find the hidden treasure, Davey Nipperkin will give you the password to the creepy shack out in the jungle. Once inside, you'll meet Deep Gut and the trophy unlocks.

The Winds Of Freedom Blow
Escaped from Flotsam Island.

Story-related. After using the wind device to make sure the winds are blowing away from the island, you'll find yourself back on the ship. Once you've set sail towards the open seas, the trophy unlocks.

Many Unhappy Returns
Found Elaine.

Story-related. This trophy will unlock once you complete the game.

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