Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1


Like the previous chapters, this game is a lot of fun. My estimate of 2-3 hours to 100% is based on playing the game in a relaxed manner, with minimal rushing. If you just power through to get the 11 trophies, you can probably do it in less than 1 1/2 hours.


The 0.01% Solution
Got one one ten thousandth of the way through the alternate solution to the Cochlea puzzle.

After you fall down the esophagus, crawl back up, pick up a grub, and give it to DeCava. Repeat this nine more times and the trophy unlocks.

Frequent Tuber
Used all the Bile Tubes in all directions.

Kind of story-related. After you unclog the clogged protuberance, you'll be standing in front of the "Odd Protuberance", the "Strange Growth", and the "Weird Bump". Simply hop into each one, then hop back in and return to where you started. After the sixth trip, the trophy unlocks.

I'm So Faced
Tried every possible Face-Off feature.

This is the spiritual successor to the Swordfighting Insult trophy from Secret of Monkey Island, at least I think so. You must find and use every expression available during the face-off with Bugeye. They are as follows:
  • Stinky / Hooded / Nasty / Bugged Out
  • Fisheyed / Lazyeyed / Crosseyed / Tweaking
  • Meanie / Monkey / Geezer / Gomer

You need all of them to continue through the game, so they are story-related, but if you need help with a specific one, post or PM me.

Bongo Baby, Yeah
Played the bongos repeatedly.

Once you get swallowed by the manatee the second time, play the bongos twice and the trophy unlocks.

Meet Murray
Introduced Murray to everyone.

After you free Murray from the "Treasure Chest", select him and show him to the following people:
  • Bugeye
  • Noogie
  • Moose
  • Morgan LeFlay
  • Coronado DeCava.

The Newlyfed Game
Convinced DeCava that Guybrush is married to Morgan.

Answer three of the following questions correctly. It'll be random as to which ones you get:
  • Morgan's hero is Guybrush.
  • Morgan's dead uncle is Jugbender.
  • The person who trained Morgan was Dante Dragota.
  • Morgan's first love was Gustavo.
  • Morgan's first ship was the Knave of Toro.
  • Morgan's favorite pet was Gomez.

There is a Brotherhood of Jerks
Accepted into the Brotherhood.

Story-related. It'll unlock once you are (as the name implies) accepted into the Brotherhood.

La Esponja... Grande?
Acquired La Esponja Grande.

Story-related. After you get the female manatee to leave the cave, the trophy unlocks during the cutscene.

Lord of the Locket
Tried every locket combination.

When you get the option to select the locket, first press the middle button. Then use the wrench on the middle and press the button again. Next, use the wrench on the middle, replace the right picture with the one of Guybrush from your inventory, and press the button a third time. Finally, use the wrench on the button, then press it a fourth time, and the trophy unlocks.

What a Card
Tried every Tarot Card combination.

After you press the center button on the locket and gain control of Voodoo Lady, you'll have the VooDoo Mat in front of you. In front of you, there are three cards with nine different combinations. Simply put the cards on the mat in every possible combination (ringing the bell as you set the cards each time), and when you do the final combo, the trophy unlocks.

Feed the Beast
Defeated DeCava and the Brotherhood.

Story-related. This trophy will unlock once you complete the game.

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