Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: No


Like chapter 1-3, this game is a lot of fun. My estimate of 2-3 hours to 100% is based on playing the game in a relaxed manner, with minimal rushing. If you just power through to get the 11 trophies, you can probably do it in less than an hour.


What's in a Name?
Found out the horrifying truth about Bosun Krebbs.


After you get the four-pack of Civil charges against you dropped, you'll find yourself back in 'Club 41'. Speak to Bosun Krebbs twice, both times about the trial, and a case of mistaken identity will unlock the trophy.

What Do You Do with a Drunken Guybrush?
Drank everything available in Club 41.


When you first break out of prison, head over to 'Club 41' and order the following:
  1. Grog. Neat.
  2. Blood Island Volcano Shots.

After you clear yourself of the Civil charges, you'll find yourself back in 'Club 41'. Order the following:
  1. Phatt Island Phuzzy Nostril.
  2. Scabb Island Sling.
  3. Tri-Island Tuna Colada.

All you're SUPPOSED to have to do is order all five drinks. In my case, after ordering (and receiving) drink #5, I had to go back and request another round of Blood Island Volcano Shots. He said I couldn't have them - one per customer - so he gave me a Bronze Trophy instead.

Musical Memories
Enticed Guybrush to indulge his musical impulses.


There are two steps to this one. First, liberate Jaques the Monkey from his cage. Once freed, examine him whilst he resides in your inventory and Guybrush will sing a little song about him (how sweet!).

The second part of this can be done at two different points in the game. After you clear yourself of the Civil charges, during the fight between Morgan and Elaine, use the bathroom in 'Club 41'.
If you miss this opportunity, when you return to 'Club 41' to accept the "Pepper Challenge", use the bathroom at this point. Either way, after whistling your troubles away, the trophy will unlock.

Push ze Buttons of SCIENCE!
Tried all four of the buttons in De Singe's Lab.


Once you gain access to De Singe's Lab, you'll find the Auto-Trepanation Helmet hanging from the center of the room. Press all four buttons on it and the trophy will unlock.

Idiot for a Client
Explored the possibilities of Guybrush calling himself to the stand.


During the first part of the trial, when the opportunity of calling witnesses arises, call yourself to the stand. Each time, ask yourself a different one of the three available questions, and the trophy will unlock.

Ayyyye, the Jury
Got Civil charges against Guybrush dropped.

Story-related. After you clear yourself of the first set of four charges (Bailiff Hardtack, Bosun Krebbs, Joaquin D'Oro, Hemlock McGee), the trophy will unlock.

Use the Source
Got criminal charges dropped... with a little help.

Story-related. After Elaine loses it, you'll find yourself back in court. By the end of this cinematic exchange, you'll find the trophy to be unlocked.

Feast for the Senses
Almost completed the Feast of the Senses.

Story-related. After completing five of the six courses for La Esponja Grande, this trophy will automatically unlock.

Shlock Shopper Supreme
Fully Perused Stan's Wares.


After you escape from your cell, go see Stan at "Stan's Courtroom Souvenir Emporium". Take a look at the Guybrush doll, the beard toy, and ask Stan about his jacket.

Next, after the Voodoo Lady and LeChuck are put on trial, go see Stan again and examine the pin, the LeChuck doll, and the Voodoo Lady figurine. After looking at all of Stan's goods, the trophy will unlock.

Guybrush Goes Classy
Experienced Guybrush's Brush with the Bard.


While you're in the jungle looking to expand the "Sponge", you'll come across the altar (used in such previous Chapters as 1 to do such things as ...Illuminate the Path of the Wind Gods...) When you arrive at the altar, lay your "Sack of Severed Legs" upon it and the trophy will unlock.

Adieu, Adieu...
Defeated De Singe.

Story-related. This trophy will unlock once you complete the game.

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