Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 100+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: 5 (Chromatus Control , Blood Brothers , Battle General , Battle Lord , and Battle God )
Glitched Trophies: None


Welcome to the Tales of Xillia 2 trophy guide! In this guide I will detail how to get all the trophies to get the platinum for this game. Xillia 2 is 3rd longest tales game in terms of platinum while both games in the Tales of Symphonia chronicles collection are both way over the 100+ hour mark while this one is just slightly over that mark depending on your play style. This is also the first tales game that doesn't require a second or more playthrough to get the platinum, so there really is no need to worry about a second playthrough unless you manage to miss some of the things I've listed as missable.

Tales of Xillia 2 is a direct sequel to Tales of Xillia and for the most part is intended to have played that game first as the game does pretty much expect you to know the world begin with or you'll just go in blind and likely just be questioning why there is almost zero world building in this game. So I'm highly suggesting to play the first game before this so you won't be lost on many levels of the characters since the only playable character that is new to this game is Ludger, while the rest are the cast of the original. For those coming in from the first game, you'll find the game is pretty much the same overall with a few newer elements in the mix.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Battle Tips
There are a few tactics that you should know going into this game. However, many of the things in this game were in the first one and are the same or have been improved in some fashion. I'll list the things I think are important to know overall for this game.

  • Linking: This is one of the improved elements of the game that has changed from the first game. There are more options now to link; Act Together, Act Freely, Up To You. Act Freely is the improvement on the system where the first game was flawed. Remember in the first game how you couldn't have casters linked to melee cause the melee characters would stay in the back lines and never fight? Well, this option bypasses this problem by setting the AI to follow the strategy set in the menu, so now you can have a caster and melee class linked together and they won't stay together but will actually fight how they should be.
  • Quick Stepping: This is another mechanic that you should be abusing. The game will teach you this in a tutorial but for the most part it ends up not really being needed til the end of the game into post game. Very often quick stepping will confuse the enemy AI leaving large gaps in defense that may have not been there if you had not been using it.
  • Difficulty: There are no trophies related to difficulty to this game so you can change the difficulty outside of battle at any time you wish if things are too easy for you. This is especially useful for grinding out battle challenges at high levels.
  • Minimum Damage Skill: There is a skill in the game in which every character will eventually unlock that gives Minimum Damage or 1 damage for every hit. While this is not needed for regular game play it would be needed for getting certain battle challenges done.
  • Enemy Weakness: Same with the first game, enemy weaknesses have returned and overall should be the number one thing you abuse coupled along with Power Charges. Press R1 in battle to figure out what weakness an enemy has and attack accordingly, the more element attacks you stack on top of after that initial hit will equal more damage. Power Charges are when you guard and basically charge yourself so your next attack is stronger than what you would've done otherwise, and is helpful against bosses and elite monsters.
  • Strategy Menu: Another major thing you should be using is the strategy menu in the game. In every tales game I always limit the amount of TP usage as the AI always tend to blow this rather fast and then be useless or keep draining orange gels. In this game I also suggest turning off auto items, as for the most part the AI will use the items at the wrong time and keep spamming them so you can't get in that one life bottle you need to turn the tide of the battle. However you can still program when to actually use the items, but I prefer having the control over the AI rather than letting them inevitably waste every item you have and then you get to a boss battle and going what the hell, where are all my apple gels?


To get the platinum in this game, you really only need to do one playthrough in total. However, there are some people that have decided to do a New Game+ with 5x exp but it's really not necessary at all so I'm writing this guide based on a one playthrough run.

Before I even start this road map I'm going to list all of the noted missables that you should be aware of before you even start the game. There isn't many and may not make much sense now, but just keep them in the back of your head.

  • Do not transform more than 50 times after Chapter 13; Chromatus Control
  • Make sure to fight Elite Monsters and complete the battles under 2 minutes; Battle General , Battle Lord , Battle God
  • There is a missable ending at Chapter 15; Blood Brothers

Tales of Xillia 2 is very linear in terms of it's gameplay for a good majority of the game, and you'll notice fairly quickly there is a very concise pattern that follows all the way through to the final chapter of the game. The game rotates in phases of story and debt collection so you are either playing a story chapter or grinding debt to unlock the next chapter. However, since you're here for trophies, this rotational period it a bit more extended to include other things in between.

Your game pattern should look like this;
  • Complete Story chapter
  • Enter Debt Repayment Phase
  • Complete all Character Stories*
  • Complete Job Quests*
  • Fight available Elite Monsters*
  • Complete Debt Repayment Phase
  • Start next Story chapter when the above is complete

The ones with *'s next to them mean you can do them in any order after the Debt Repayment phase starts. They are all technically optional to do early on but I suggest to do them to get the full experience of the game instead of just endless grinding, get a piece of story, grind some more, and so on. Many of the Character stories will lead to bonus cutscenes in the following story chapter so it's worth doing just to get a little bit of extra stuff not to mention it builds up affinity with those characters which you have to do for a trophy anyway.

As you progress with the story and get later in the game, you really won't need to do most job board quests as they don't become worth the time, but make sure you at least do the ones that have an event behind it. There is one that contains a missable cat on there, and another few that lead towards another ending. So keep on top of them when possible, many are locked behind wall which means you need to do job quests or elite monsters to bring that rank up.

Now that you have the basic pattern on how to run through this game, now it's onto the next form of business. For the most part you won't need to really keep track of things til Chapter 13. So just keep following that pattern til chapter 13 and then take a mental note that the first missable trophy starts ticking now; Chromatus Control . You'll first be en-route to the Bad ending Blood Brothers in Chapter 15, which should hopefully result in you getting both of those trophies after the resolution of the chapter. After this chapter concludes you'll now be on the final chapter of the game, but make sure to go back to your usual pattern and get those character stories and other matters done first before you continue on.

When you are ready, you'll be moving on to the final area of the game in which you can choose one of two endings to do first. Personally I chose to do The Fatalist first. When you finish that ending, the game will ask you to save and you'll be able to reload that file and it'll give you some bonuses and take you back to Chapter 16 where you can continue on into post game or go for the Beyond Judgment ending. I suggest doing the ending first then go into post game content.

You should now have the following trophies;
Dimension Destroyer , Chromatist , Chromatus Control , Blood Brothers , The Fatalist , Beyond Judgment

Now we go into all the post game content which you can do in any real order that you like,
but for the most part you're going to be locked into a certain pattern certain there aren't many things you can do straight out of the ending at the game; Especially if you are under level 80. Personally I went to defeat all the Elite EX monsters to gain enough levels to do the first level of the post game dungeon which was around level 100 for me. Then once I did all the first floor bosses and gained enough levels from that I went back to fighting Elite EX monsters again to raise my levels more to be able to defeat the second floor bosses, and then defeated the final boss for the dungeon. In between this I was playing poker with gold dice I got from the post game dungeon to get friendship potions to work on maxing out friendship.

So initially you'll want to work on Elite monsters and the post game dungeon. Which in turn will grant you the Elite Annihilator trophy, and progress towards the debt and arena ending. Maybe even the Gambler trophy if you've been playing Poker in between as well.

So now that the Elite EX monsters and the post game dungeon is done, that leaves a few less things on the agenda. At this point the rest is up to you in which order you'll like to go; you can do the debt ending, arena ending, work on maxing out friendship, work on attack/support abilities, battle challenges, getting to level 200, and other leftover trophies. There really is no fast order to do these in, but I do suggest waiting on level 200 until you fulfill all the attack/support trophies, and battle challenges as they become more difficult to manage the higher your level is, even with the minimum damage skill. I personally did it in the order I listed, but you don't need to follow that at all, just do whichever you feel like doing.

Once you've done all of that, congrats! you have your new shiny platinum!


Lord of Xillia 2
The mark of complete Xillia 2 mastery. Thanks for playing!

Obtain all other trophies for the platinum trophy.

Enemy Sage
Proof that you've registered enough monsters in your list. With this much, you could call it a encyclopedia! Wow!

Fight 275 different enemies in the game. There are many more enemies in the game that you can fight than the number needed for this trophy. So, there shouldn't be any issue getting this even if you miss a couple enemies on each map along the way.

Item Fanatic
Proof that you've registered enough items in your list. Is there anything left to find?!

You'll need to have had 700 different items in your inventory at one point. It pretty much counts everything you find as an item so that makes this really easy. If you find yourself short on numbers just buy armor/weapons/accessories items.

Monster Annihilator
Proof that you've encountered a set number of enemies! You must be superhuman at this rate! Monsters must fear you!

Fight 800 battles. No problems here, just play the game normally and you'll be sure to get this. You don't need to fight every enemy along the way to do this either so don't go out of your way to clear an entire map.

Combo Virtuoso
You've executed a max combo of impressive proportions! Enemies lives must flash before their eyes when you face them!

This trophy requires you to have a combo of 200 or more hits. Easiest way to do this is using Ludger, on Unknown difficulty, with the Minimum Damage skill, and setting everyone to Protect Yourself or Only Heal in the Strategy menu.

What I did was fight Treants in the Nia Khera Spiritway and killed off all enemies but the Treant with a character that did not have Minimum Damage equipped. Switch back to Ludger and stay on daggers, and quick step behind the Treant and quickly switch to your pistols and press . Hopefully you back attacked the Treant, if not keep trying to get that. Once you have the back attack going keep pressing til you have the amount needed. You may need to step forward on top of the Treant to continue recovering your AC back.

Note: This would also be the method for the combo battle challenges, with the exception that you'd have to kill the enemy with the combo. So you would weaken the health of the Treant first so you don't spend ages taking down an enemy 1 damage at a time.

Lord of Links
Proof that you've executed a set number of linked artes. You have paved the way for future would-be linked arte users.

For this trophy you'll need to use Link Artes a grand total of 4050 times. I kid you not. It is indeed an obnoxious amount and takes quite a long time to do and may end up being the last trophy you end up needing for the platinum if you weren't outright grinding for it earlier. This ended up being the final trophy to getting the platinum in my case.

Master of Chains
Proof of an awe-inspiring amount of linked arte chains! You could teach a college level course on it if you had to!

For this trophy you'll need to use Link Chains a grand total of 1350 times. Not quite as bad as the Link trophy but takes almost as much time. Chains are a little bit more tricky as you'll need to have characters that are more compatible with each other like Ludger/Jude or Jude/Milla. Chains can only be done in Overlimit and its best to keep it going in one string rather than stopping and starting the chain again. Keep in mind that in your attack panel that there are shortcuts for the right and left analog stick. Potentially leading up to 16 different link chains. Though you'll prob cap out around 12 or so with one Sync Stone accessory. Which is more than enough to complete those battle challenges.

Chromatus Control
Proof of one who has sealed away their chromatus abilities. Now that's willpower!

This trophy is very very highly missable due to the requirement needed for this. Once you reach chapter 13 DO NOT transform with Ludger 50 times or more and reach any ending. If anything just not transform much at all if possible to ensure you don't overuse it. The best ending to get this on this is with the Bad/Julius ending which is also the "Blood Brothers" trophy. So see that section to best prepare for that ending which is also highly missable.

Elite Annihilator
You've clearly defeated an elite amount of elite monsters. You must be VIP at this point! Bet you can get into any club.

For this trophy you need to defeat 50 Elite monsters in the game. You may run into this enemies on accident or found them first on a list in the Job Board. There are 52 total Elite monsters in the game so you'll have two leftover when you get this trophy. There are 48 Elites on the Elite Monster list, and another 4 found in job event quests.

The Cat's Pajamas
You've completed your item list for each area in Kitty Dispatch! You're the cat's pajamas now!

For this trophy you'll need to complete the Kitty Dispatch item list for every area in the game. To unlock the list for the area you'll need to find at least 1 cat in that area. I'll list all of the items and areas in a list below. The list below shows the in game order of how it appears in the Kitty Dispatch list. For this trophy you only need to complete the Item list, but I'm listing the Cat portion of the list as well for all you completionists out there.


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Note: There is one missable cat in the game; Catstantine the Third and it is found in the missable job board event quest named "Meeting with Julius". I'm unsure when this disappears but people have reported it is missable. However, missing this cat should not cause the trophy to not pop as the trophy is for the item list portion and not including the cat portion. It still doesn't hurt to get Catstantine the Third as there is a title for 100 cats that gives grade for a New Game+ but it still entirely optional and not mandatory to do for the platinum.

My Soul Brother Jude
Now you and Jude are so tight, you don't even need words! Your level of friendship exceeds all language at this point.

For this trophy you'll need to max out Jude's friendship.

See Forever Besties for more information.

Milla Resonance
You and Milla, clearly, have a special bond that cannot be broken. Just saying her name out loud makes it feel like she's with you.

For this trophy you'll need to max out Milla's friendship.

See Forever Besties for more information.

Alvin, My Blood Brother
You and Alvin officially have a real bromance going on. Now you could have a clandestine man-to-man chat together anytime.

For this trophy you'll need to max out Alvin's friendship.

See Forever Besties for more information.

Forever Elize
Your kinship with Elize is now supremely awesome. She may now come to you with deep questions about life itself.

For this trophy you'll need to max out Elize's friendship.

See Forever Besties for more information.

Rowen Army
You and Rowen are truly distinguished chums at this point. There's nothing a refined beard won't overcome!

For this trophy you'll need to max out Rowen's friendship.

See Forever Besties for more information.

Leia the Ultimate
Your level of intimacy with Leia is now impeccable. It's so strong that you think you might actually BE Leia!

For this trophy you'll need to max out Leia's friendship.

See Forever Besties for more information.

Eternal Conquest with Gaius
You and Gaius have formed a kingly friendship. You may find yourself sitting on the throne in his place sometimes!

For this trophy you'll need to max out Gaius' friendship.

See Forever Besties for more information.

Lovin' with Muzét
You and Muzét are such good friends now! If she ever asks you for a favor, you can't refuse! Wait, is that good?

For this trophy you'll need to max out Muzet's friendship.

See Forever Besties for more information.

Forever Besties
Your affinity with all party members has greatly deepened. Now you run around hugging them all the time! Chill out!

For this trophy you'll need to max out friendship with all playable characters in the game. There are a few ways to max out friendship which is done by affinity when you answer a choice that another character liked your response to or with friendship potions. Friendship potions can be gotten in two ways; from paying off your debt and from buying them for 20k each from poker chip rewards. You won't receive enough potions from paying your debt alone so you will eventually have to play poker to get the rest needed. I'll have more about poker under it's respective "Gambler" trophy.

You can check the status of affinity by checking under Ludger's status menu, there will be an option by pressing square to see the affinity of all your characters. Keep note when outside of towns you will only be able to see your active party members.

There are secondary requirements for this trophy as well. You need to have all characters maxed out at the same time for this, that means no reloading after you trigger the trophy. If you reload, the game does not know you have done it already and it'll show blank within your titles. There is another one that I can't really confirm since I completed the character stories long before I maxed out friendship. If you are still having trouble unlocking this trophy I suggest going through all the character stories and associated job events.

Perfect Body
Your level of tenacity is greater than any words can describe. You're brilliant, and everyone knows it!

This is known as the Debt ending. To get this ending you must pay off your debt in it's entirety. When you are down to 100 Gald, you'll need to speak with Nova outside of Spirius Corp to continue onto the ending. Dat zipper. Nuff said.

Paying off the debt is reasonably easy and the main way you'll be paying it off is through defeating the EX Elite monsters. These enemies are incredibly strong but also have a huge payoff. Chances are you'll have enough Gald by time you defeat almost all of them. Also you can do some of the regular job quests if you happen to have the items needed but for the most part they are not worth the time. Another source of income is from the arena when you have the cameo battle unlocked under the Elite Party match up which gives 100k each completion.

Hey, living through others is still living, right? Be proud of yourself! But not TOO proud.

This is known as the Arena/Cameo ending. This ending has a long list of requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can trigger this ending.
  • Complete the Illusionary Darkness Dungeon in it's entirety.
  • Complete 2 job quests that involve two characters from an older tales game. These two quests require that a certain three characters are needed for this quest, otherwise it won't even show up on the map. The Unicorn Horn can be found in the Illusionary Darkness dungeon from the thunder wolf looking things; which are in the desert area for Ludger, Gaius, and Leia's doors.
  • Complete the Elite Party match in the arena and press L1 after you defeat the Cameo battle at the end of the match.


This is ToX2's signature post game dungeon like most tales games offer. There are a few things you'll need to know before going in which will make a bit more sense going in without information.

- Preparation -
There are quite a number of things you'll want to do to prepare for beforehand before entering this dungeon. Many things listed you may not be using yet in battle but will make things much easier or much more helpful getting you through the dungeon in the long run.
  • You need 2 or 4 characters - You can not do damage in this dungeon unlinked so set your strategy accordingly to account for this. Make sure all characters are linked at all times, otherwise they'll do only 1 damage. If you are worried about them not following their set strategy properly, set them to Act Freely and they will follow the Strategy you set in the menu.
  • Equip HP/TP surge skills - These skills are absolutely critical from keeping battles from getting cut shorter than they need to. The melee fighters will recover most of the health they were hit for so they will stay alive longer and less need to revive constantly.
  • Bring Elize - I have found she is overall the better healer versus Leia. Make sure to have the Ruby Wand and Mystic Symbol on her so she'll have a chance to revive at random, and to cut her casting times in half. It's best to leave her on Heal Only or Prioritize Healing in her Strategy. She'll need to revive a lot so making sure she's not casting other things when she needs to get people off the ground. I usually just have her stick to Heal Only in boss fights to ensure she doesn't cast anything else.
  • Consider bringing both Jude and Ludger - Ludger should be obvious for having access to the Chromatus and Jude for his restore ability. If you have the right skills set on Jude, he will revive the character linked to him with FULL HP. It's incredibly useful. Also if Ludger is linked to Jude he'll mimic Jude's Restore ability as well.
  • Bring Spicy Chicken Rolls - These food items give +80% exp and should be used on every boss to gain the most experience possible. These are able to be purchased from Leronde Inn.
  • Consider starting this dungeon at a later level - Chances are you're prob going to get your butt handed to you if you go into this dungeon immediately after completing the game. It's not advisable to start this dungeon around level 80 as the bosses are likely still out of your league. Come back closer to level 95-100 and they should be much more manageable.

- Brief Introduction -
There is a pattern this dungeon follows. To briefly explain it, you start on one floor then go through a door to 1 of 2 randomized maps. Which then brings you to a boss floor. The first boss phase floors cap out around level 100. When you defeat this boss you start over again, but the enemies all get a level boost and you repeat the same steps again reaching another boss; which cap out at level 135. After you beat that second boss you'll be transported back to the initial starting area.

- Detailed Walkthrough -
The brief introduction just covers the bare minimum of this dungeon and there is a lot more going on then it seems at first. If you went through blind for your first playthrough you may not have realized that the colored doors correspond to a character in your party. Why is this so significant? Well, this means that every character has two doors with two respective bosses that must be defeated before you can fight the final boss of the dungeon.

So, let me simplify that a bit more. You'll need to at least make 9 different runs with every character of the game so you can unlock the final boss of the dungeon. That makes 18 bosses you need to defeat in total before the final boss.

It's best to complete a specific characters door in one run as it seems when you complete the second shadow boss fight the bosses will reset on the other doors you may have completed before. So, say you completed Jude's and then just finished Milla's. All of Jude's shadow bosses will now have been reset and able to do again. Bosses won't respawn on any door until a second shadow boss floor has been completed. So you can continually go through the first boss floor without a fight until you have defeated the second boss.

Also, these bosses are tough for their levels, so don't be surprised if you can't defeat them til you are closer to their levels. You may have been able to defeat that one level 146 EX Elite Monster at level 83, but chances of you defeating the first floor shadow bosses is slim to none. If this is the case you can just leave the dungeon and level up more fighting the lower leveled EX Elites.

- Final Boss -
The final boss for this dungeon are actually shadows of the two cameo characters that you'll find in the Elite Party arena match. This battle will be much harder than you are used to compared to fighting the single shadow bosses that you've fought up til now since there are two this time instead of one. I suggest quick saving before this battle if possible cause if things go bad, that way you can load in beforehand and try again instead of running through the dungeon all over again.

Make sure your healer is set to Heal Only, because everyone will get downed pretty quickly. Stay focused and make sure everyone has high HP and the healer with high TP. I don't recall if shadow Cress used his Hourglass move here like in the arena or I was just lucky he never did. In fact I don't really remember much from this fight and they seem much easier than their arena counterparts. If Cress does happen to use that move in this battle and you were focused on Stahn instead, I suggest switching targets to Cress. Make use of Overlimits and transform whenever possible, and always aim to finish them with mystic artes. Quick stepping is very useful for this battle since it's possible to get stun locked by the two of them focusing on you but quick stepping will often confuse them enough that you can hit, step around, hit again. Try to mitigate life bottles and Elize having to resurrect by linking to Jude, or linking to Ludger if you are Jude. The Restore ability when linked will always revive you, so even if they down you a bunch of times, it will always pick you back up.


Another tradition of tales games is having the arena/coliseum. In Tales of Xillia 2, there are two match ups; Tag and Party. I'll be mainly focused on the Elite Party match for this section as this is dedicated to getting the Arena ending.

To unlock the cameo battle, you'll first need to complete the two cameo job quests, and finish the Illusionary Darkness dungeon. However, if you've not really played the Arena at all then you'll need to unlock the Elite Party match up. So make your way through the Party match ups, you'll have to play them a few times to unlock each level. Once you get the Elite Party match up, save, and then start preparing for this fight.

Suggested Setup;
  • Ludger, Jude, Milla, Elize
  • HP/TP Surge Skills
  • Stock up on all items
  • Sync Stone
  • Spicy Chicken Rolls
  • Demon Seal

Detailed Explanation of Setup;
My suggested party members for this are Ludger, Jude, Milla, and Elize. Set Elize on Heal only and make sure she has the Ruby Wand to have a chance to auto-revive. I suggest playing with either Ludger or Jude and keep them linked together to abuse the Restore skill. Make sure all melee fighters have HP/TP Surge so they gain it back when they are attacked. Make sure you have a full chromatus gauge and overlimit set and ready to go before the fight starts. Also determine who you work best with for link chains. I personally used Jude linked to Milla cause I had less breaks in chains with Milla than with Ludger. On Jude I filled every slot with any attack that Milla is compatible with and then used all of those on one overlimit. You'll need to have a Sync Stone on Milla/Ludger to increase the time the gauge depletes as well as overlimit increasing skills. Another tidbit to add is to equip Elize with the skill that leaves Teepo "On" because her dispel attack when Teepo on is like having Syrup Bottles that work for the entire party, so abuse this because the cameo team will abuse ailments like confusion and bleeding. Also stock up on Spicy Chicken Rolls in Leronde for +80% exp bonus. If you are grinding this battle for levels, equip the Demon Seal to the person you want to get to level 200. However, don't be surprised if you can't use the Demon Seal til you gain quite a few more levels.

Elite Party Match
The main part of this match is mostly fighting the non EX versions of a good majority of the Elite Monsters of the game. Most of these Elites are a walk in the park at this point and you'll really only struggle with the ones right directly before the cameo fight. Some tips for the battle is to save up your link gauge for the cameo fight and try to limit transformations to one part of the fight. I suggest transforming when Exoplasma appears on the field and nuke that thing in one shot before it splits and then take out every Elite monster afterward til it runs out. The toughest part will be at the end with the Magma Dragons, they can be a little tricky and I suggest using Jude and Milla linked together for this since Milla can bind them, and Jude can Snap Pivot around these guys. The water versions that spawn after the Magma Dragons are easier but pretty much the same fight. Now that you've gotten through that, immediately after that the Cameo fight will start.

Cameo Battle
I'll write how I did this battle in the way I did it, but you can always fix this to your play style. Basics for this battle is to first start with Jude linked to Milla and wait a few seconds for Rutee and Mint to spawn. Once Mint spawns, beeline to Mint and hit , I mapped Beast to my default arte, and once you attack, trigger overlimit and chain all your attacks; all R3 shortcuts, all R3 and L1 shortcuts, and all L3 shortcuts if you can fit them.Then finish the overlimit with a linked mystic arte by holding R2 and . With luck, Mint will be down if not, switch to Ludger and transform and immediately finish off Mint with a Mystic Arte, chances are if you attack the other characters may knock you out of your transformation before getting it, so immediately spear throw + and hold. If Mint was defeated now switch to linking with Ludger while playing as Jude.

Next is onto Rutee. If you didn't use your transformation yet, now would be the time to use it. Chances are she'll still be alive after this so switch back to Jude and link with Ludger. There is a reason I have Beast set to the default attack for Jude, because when Ludger protects Jude chances are the link gauge will fill up one bar which allows me to
transform Beast into Beastial Cry, which will stun every enemy on the field, giving you breathing room to heal or revive the dead. Quick stepping is a must or expect to get stun locked and die. Get Rutee down as soon as possible cause she has an AOE (Area of Attack) attack that will pretty much nuke you and chances of recovery is slim to none and she may revive Mint as well.

Once Rutee is down, focus on Cress. Cress has an annoying attack that works like the item "Hourglass", meaning he can stop time and rain on you like no tomorrow. This can be very dangerous and that is why he's next on your list to take down. Use overlimit or transformation level 2 or more if you've got it. Once he's out of the picture, you just have Stahn who for the most part is fairly easy but be careful of his fire attacks as they will bleed you to death so make sure Elize had Dispel up whenever possible. Keep laying the hurt and he'll go down eventually.

Congrats! Now if you're farming this battle you get to enjoy this another 40 times!

Dimension Destroyer
You've destroyed your first fractured dimension. But hey, you had to, right?

This trophy is earned after the completion of Chapter 7.

A title given only to the strongest of all chromatus bearers. If someone manages to defeat that bearer, the title is passed on.

This trophy is earned after the completion of Chapter 12.

Blood Brothers
This is the ultimate destination for two brothers. With so little time left, may they find peace.

Also known as the Bad/Julius ending. This ending is highly missable. Since this is a rather large spoiler do not read the below until you are on Chapter 15.

In chapter 15 you'll be faced with having to make a hard choice regarding Ludger's Brother; Julius. You'll need to keep pressing R1 for every response eventually leading to your entire team turning against you and you now get to do a 1v8 fight. Yep, 1v8.

This battle is not easy, even on easy. If you stop moving, chances are characters will stun lock you to death and you'll get to start over. Hopefully if you had a full transformation gauge before coming into this fight then you can enter that and take out how ever many characters first. Go for healers and casters first and then make your way through the others as they spawn in. You may need to play cowardly and free run around the field til your transformation can be triggered again. Quick step is also another good way to get out of a bad situation. Play defensively, and attack when you know you can get in and out.

Note: The reason this trophy is missable because unlike the other endings, this one has a very short time period in which it can be done. All other endings can be done at any time. If you did not do this in Chapter 15 and haven't made a back up save, you'll have to go back through the game again to do this ending.

Beyond Judgment
Intentions are passed down and continue into the future. Live with no regrets.

This is also known as the True/Elle ending. This ending only differs from the Good/Ludger ending just only from the order of choices that are made on Chapter 16 and there really is no requirement for this ending either This should go without saying, don't read below until you are ready for this ending.

After fighting the final boss you'll be prompted to make two choices. These choices influence whether you get the Good/Ludger ending or the True/Elle ending. For the this ending you'll first need to choose the R1 prompt to erase all the fractured dimensions. Then choose the R1 prompt again to save Elle. There will be a few more prompts, but those two choices above should lock you into the ending.

The Fatalist
Will the same destiny befall you once again? That depends on your own choices.

This is also known as the Good/Normal/Ludger ending. This ending only differs from the True/Elle ending just only from the order of choices that are made on Chapter 16. This should go without saying, don't read below until you are ready for this ending.

After fighting the final boss you'll be prompted to make two choices. These choices influence whether you get the Good/Ludger ending or the True/Elle ending. For the this ending you'll first need to choose the L1 prompt to save Elle. Then choose the L1 prompt again to destroy all the fractured dimensions yourself. There will be a few more prompts, but those two choices above should lock you into the ending.

Ludger Transformation Spree
Ludger's transformed enough times to earn his own TV show. It plays all day every day on every channel. That's a lotta Ludger!

For this trophy you'll need to transform with Ludger's Transformation ability 450 times. To transform you'll need at least 1 gauge filled to be able to transform. So this can be rather slow if doing it the normal way. However you can abuse the battle tutorial trainers in your favor. In Marksburg there is a trainer right next to the job quest board and it's the most notable one with a landmark near it. What you'll need to do is set your difficulty to Unknown and do the tutorial for transforming. After saying no to hearing how to transform, run up to the enemies then transform. They will rip you to shreds in a matter of seconds and then let them kill you. Once defeated you go back to the trainer, and then do it again... and again.

Yes, it's a little annoying having to deal with the text but it's faster than going into the field with minimum damage and waiting for the gauge to fill.

Snap Pivot Urban Legend
Jude has executed a great number of Snap Pivots. People are starting to think he's not even real!

For this trophy you'll need to use Jude's Snap Pivot ability 450 times. To do this you'll need to backstep at the right time and he'll disappear and appear behind the enemy. The best enemies to do this on are Bacuras as they will constantly and consistently attack with the same pattern so it's not too hard to predict when to dodge. Unfortunately, Bacuras are pretty rare and it'll be random when you see them. If you see one at end game and you happen to have Jude in your party I would just stop what you are doing and work on that.

Milla has performed a great number of Spirit Shifts. Almost makes you question if she fights with anything else.

For this trophy you'll need to use Milla's Spirit Shift ability 450 times. This is really really easy. Once you have Milla's skill that allows her to Spirit Shift automatically, equip it and map fireball to the O button and spam it and it'll shift into Flare Bomb. This may be one of the first of the character trophies you get since it's fast and simple.

Super Charged
Now Alvin has Charged so much he can't stop! It's like he's frozen in a perpetual state of Charging!

For this trophy you'll need to use Alvin's Charge ability 450 times. This can be a little tedious as there is no easy way around this. To charge his weapon you need to attack and hold that button down and he'll say "Boom!" or "Chaaaaarge!" then you need to expel the charge by attacking. However you can chain the attacks so for example, attack and hold, attack again and hold, attack again and hold however many times. You'll likely need the minimum damage skill to do this without killing everything immediately.

Teepo Embodied
Elize has Teepo Switched to great proportions! You'd think it was her day job or something! Work it, sister!

For this trophy you'll need to use Elize's Teep Switch ability 450 times. This one is pretty easy as well. To switch Teepo On/Off you have to press the taunt button which is mapped to the L3 button or pressing the left analog stick. Hold it down and that's it. However since it is a taunt, be prepared to get attacked. It's best to link up with Gaius to work on his Chivalry support skill in the process.

The crescendo of Rowen's Arte Tuning has finished it's apex. The crowd cheers endlessly for an encore!

For this trophy you'll need to use Rowen's Arte Tuning ability 450 times. For this just have a basic spell set in Rowen's attack, and when you cast a spell with him, immediately keep pressing afterward and that counts as the Arte Tuning ability. I suggest using minimum damage on Rowen so you don't kill off the enemies quite as easily.

Staff of Indignation
Leia has really extended her use of the Elongating Staff! You'd think that it was made of taffy or something!

For this trophy you'll need to use Leia's Elongating Staff ability 450 times. Leia's ability is exactly the same as Jude's but the difference is instead of disappearing behind the enemy her staff will get longer and glow brightly. Even with the staff elongated, you can still get counts for the ability. Also there is a skill Leia has called "Bonus Extension 2" which will make it so all you need to do is a Flash Guard which is timing a guard correctly to elongate the staff instead of having to backstep. So all you have to do is spam and hope that you managed to get it to trigger.

Gaius Fury
Gaius has used the Retribution ability quite a number of times. A moment of silence for the fallen.

For this trophy you'll need to use Gaius' Retribution ability 450 times. To get this ability to trigger you need to be directly hit when guarding. When Gaius is ready, his sword will glow blue at the hilt, signaling to you that he's ready to counter. So just press and he'll do his Retribution skill. It can be rather slow, since even with minimum damage Gaius can set his targets on fire so they end up bleeding a rather large amount of hp anyway. So I would definitely suggest playing on Unknown difficulty and have the minimum damage skill equipped.

Warp Goddess
Muzét's Emergency Warp has now been perfected. It's the stuff of legends. Now you see her, now you don't!

For this trophy you'll need to use Muzet's Emergency Warp ability 450 times. Her ability is a cross between Jude's and Gaius' abilities. She needs to take a direct hit when guarding while back/front stepping, and it's the easiest to do while front stepping. So find a group of enemies that like to attack a lot, taunt them so they all focus on you instead of your party members, then just hold guard and just keep front stepping. Eventually the ability will trigger and she'll appear somewhere else on the field.

Ludger has now used his Mirror ability countless times. No one even remembers if there was an original in the first place!

For this trophy you'll need to use Ludger's Mirror support ability 450 times. Ludger's ability works by mimicking the support ability of the character he's linked to. So, if he's linked to Jude, he'll use Jude's Restore ability. However, the easiest character to do this trophy with is being linked to Muzet. Since all you need to activate Muzet's ability is just back or front stepping.

Life Giver
Restoring is the name of the game. Who needs healing when you have Jude?

For this trophy you'll need to use Jude's Restore support ability 450 times. When linked to Jude, he will use his support ability when you are knocked down or dead. The easiest enemies to farm this ability with is fighting the horse enemies on the Nia Khera Hallowmount. Just taunt all the enemies to you and they'll just continually knock you down. Make sure you don't have the no knockback skill equipped otherwise you'll never can get knocked down.

Binding Queen
Stand in front of her and you'll be bound. Stand behind her and you'll be bound. There's really no escape.

For this trophy you'll need to use Milla's Bind support ability 450 times. When linked to Milla she'll at random bind the enemy you are fighting. It's mostly just random, as she'll basically bind anything from the weakest of enemies to Elite monsters. Just find an enemy like wolves that she'll more commonly use this against and set yourself to minimum damage and taunt while she hopefully binds the enemy.

Expert Breaker
"Breaker": It means one who breaks things. All kinds of things. Including your face. Don't even think about it!

For this trophy you'll need to use Alvin's Breaker support ability 450 times. When linked to Alvin he'll break the guard of enemy who is actively guarding. The best enemies to use this against are Golem type enemies which can be found in the Xailen Woods or Nala Lava Tubes.

Soul Siphon
Teepo's drained quite a number of enemies. You can hear the cries of many echoing in the distance.

For this trophy you'll need to use Elize's Drain support ability 450 times. When linked to Elize, she'll drain TP from the enemy you are fighting when they are launched in the air. However there is a skill called "Support Shift" that allows her to drain your enemies when you knock them down which is far more easier to trigger drain. This is the only support ability that will have a decent amount of uses by time you finish your game. The AI will actively use this ability unlike most of the other support abilities.

Spirit Protector
If you can guard this well, then forget spirit artes! That's what your foes will say, anyways.

For this trophy you'll need to use Rowen's Spirit Guard support ability 450 times. When linked to Rowen he'll use this guard ability when you are about to get hit from any casted arte from an enemy. The easiest enemy to get this on are with Mandragoras in the Torbalan Highroad. There is also a neat trick where if you spam unlink and link during the guard animation you can get multiple counts for the one attack.

Notorious Bandit
Clearly there's nothing Leia won't steal. Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands!

For this trophy you'll need to use Leia's Steal support ability 450 times. When linked to Leia and you knock down an enemy, she'll steal an item from the enemy. For this I suggest having Minimum Damage and Steal Plus skills equipped. Basically the deal is you want to steal from every enemy on the field til you get an item. When she doesn't find an item you can still keep going til you get and item and each failure does count to the overall total as well. Once you get everything, just unlink to her and destroy the enemies. I also worked on Ludger's transform ability at this time so I transformed and killed the enemies when I was done stealing from them.

Power Savior
Gaius' defense is like an impenetrable fortress! It's like he's invincible even in his sleep!

For this trophy you'll need to use Gaius' Chivalry support ability 450 times. When linked to Gaius he'll protect you from a direct hit when you are attacked. So it's best to find fast attacking enemies, the more the better, and continually taunt them and slowly but surely Gaius will guard you. It's very slow moving though, and no real way to speed this up.

Muzét has transported quite a bit with her Support Warp. Enemies don't even want to bother with you!

For this trophy you'll need to use Muzet's Support Warp support ability 450 times. When linked to Muzet you'll have the ability to basically warp across the battle field by front/back stepping. The fastest way to get this trophy is spamming front steps into an enemy. It goes by really really fast, and I think this is the hands down the easiest character ability trophy to get.

The Strongest
You've attained the highest possible level you can! What are you going to accomplish next?

For this trophy you'll need to reach the max level of 200. Which is much easier said than done unfortunately. There are unfortunately not many high leveled enemies in this game so you can't exactly grind anything particularly easy. Main thing for levels 70-150 is completing Elite EX monsters from the job board, and the entire post game dungeon. You'll want to use Spicy Chicken Rolls which are bought from Leronde Inn for every boss fight. You'll come out to around level 150 when you exhaust those two areas.

You ultimately have two choices here for 150+, to grind levels with a Demon Seal versus the Cameo fight in the arena or start a New Game+ file and go through the game again with x10 exp. Honestly, I believe it's still faster to stick with your file rather than have to deal with doing the story all over again and even then you'll still have to grind the arena.

At 150, you already get next to no experience from the level 135 bosses in the post game dungeon. Which unfortunately leaves you only one real option, fighting the Arena Cameo battle over and over until level 200. Which is roughly under 40 battles, and ugh, it's not exactly an easy battle to begin with. Even on easy I could not use a Demon Seal on any character til I hit around level 168. You have to be really focused and on top of this battle as it's too easy to mess up and wipe the party in a matter of seconds. You'll be required to do this fight at least once already for the Arena ending so you'll be a little more familiar with it on subsequent runs.

Details for this battle will be listed under the Codependency trophy.

Battle General
Only those who have received several "Beginner" titles are worthy. The first step to complete mastery.

To get this trophy you'll need to complete 40 Beginner ranked Battle Challenges.

See Battle God for more information.

Battle Lord
A true master who has obtained most of the "Advanced" titles. People like you are one in a million!

To get this trophy you'll need to complete 18 Advanced ranked Battle Challenges.

See Battle God for more information.

Battle God
You've obtained all of the "Beginner" and "Advanced" titles. You're shining so bright, I think I need shades!

To get this trophy you'll need to complete all challenges in the Battle Challenges list. Many of the challenges you'll get over natural progression of the game. By time I went to work on this I had only 14 challenges left and that'll prob be around the average most players will have give or take. There are a couple that are really frustrating to do, but most are just a tedious grind fest. I'll do my best to explain the challenges possible, but the majority are explained well enough in game.

Below I'll have the challenges listed in order in the game menu and will list by name, in game description, and then a more detailed explanation on the trophy.

Toggle Spoiler

Like gambling so much you'd even gamble with your life? Then you, sir or madam, are a true gambler.

For this trophy you'll need to earn 100,000 chips from the poker game. To unlock the Poker game you'll need to do a job quest called Poker Face in which you need to retrieve a Mask from a cat in Drellin. After that is done, the man will be in the bar in Duval. First you'll need to buy some chips from the bartender to get started, but I wouldn't start just yet. I would wait til you have at least a few Gold Dice from the post game dungeon. The Gold Dice ensure you will get a Flush every time.

Once you have some chips and gold dice you can start playing. First you'll want to save your game at the save point they have right at the bar. So now that you've saved, start up the game and use an item; Gold Dice, and then bet 100 chips. After that, press square to play the flush setup you got from the gold dice and then you'll go into double bet mode where you have to guess whether the hidden card is lower or higher numbered than the visible card. What worked for me at times is bet high anything lower than 8, and low for 9 or higher. I usually didn't press my luck too much and only kept going til I had around 50k or 80k chips earned. If you had a bad run just reload your file and try again til you get favorable results.

If you are lucky you can get all the chips needed for this trophy in one go. Though, you'll need more than 100,000 chips to buy all the friendship potions you'll need to max affinity with all your characters. So, try to get as many gold dice as you can. You can convert Silver Dice to Gold with custom orders as well.

[top]Grade Shop

As with all tales games, there is always the Grade Shop that will reward you for the things you've done in the game. In Tales of Xillia 2 you receive grade for pretty much everything, and you can see how much Grade you have by looking at your titles. Titles in the game are directly linked to Grade, so the more titles you have the more Grade you earn. You don't need New Game+ for this platinum, but I felt since I always add this section to my guide that I'm going to keep the tradition.

List of Available Upgrades
  • Ludger's Voice: 0 - Play Ludger's voice when you make a selection.
  • Max item Capacity: 30: 300- Raise the maximum number of each item, weapon, armor, and accessory you can carry to 30.
  • Max Item Capacity: 99: 1000 - Raise the maximum number of each item, weapon, armor, and accessory you can carry to 99.
  • Inherit Consumable Items: 100 - Inherit your consumable items.
  • Inherit Material Items: 200 - Inherit your material items.
  • Inherit Fashion Items: 200 - Inherit your costumes, hair styles, and attachments.
  • Inherit Accessory Items: 500 - Inherit your accessory items.
  • Inherit Extractor: 500 - Inherit your extractor.
  • Inherit Special Items: 300 - Inherit your item sphere, item sphere plus, winged boots, and artes sphere.
  • Inherit Skill Items: 1500 - Inherit items that teach artes or skills.
  • Inherit Special Arms: 400 - Inherit Alliance Arms, Devil's Arms, and weapon abilities.
  • Inherit Special Weapons: 700 - Inherit your special weapons. (Does not include Alliance Arms or Devil's Arms.)
  • Double Experience: 300 - Earn twice the usual experience points in battle.
  • 5x Experience: 2000 - Earn five times the usual experience points in battle.
  • HP +1000: 300 - Ally HP will increase by 1000.
  • Double Gald: 300 - Earn twice the usual amount of gald.
  • Double Item Drops: 200 - Double the chances of receiving dropped items from enemies.
  • Unlock Skits: 1500 - Unlock all skits to view in the Library.
  • Double Gauge Growth: 300 - Double the rate at which your Linked Artes Gauge fills.
  • Maximum AC +1: 500 - Increase starting AC by 1.
  • Maximum AC +2: 1000 - Increase starting AC by 2.
  • Inherit Arte Usage: 100 - Inherit your arte usage tracker.
  • Inherit Artes and Skills: 2000 - Inherit the artes and skills gained via your extractors.
  • Increase Power Combo Damage: 300 - Increase your damage dealt from power combo attacks.
  • Increase Power Combo Time: 200 - Increase the duration of your power combos.
  • Triple Critical: 100 - Triples the critical rate of friends and foes alike.
  • Double Damage: 100 - Doubles damage dealt by friends and foes alike.
  • Reduce Arte Cost: 500 - Halve the TP cost of all artes.
  • Ludger Chromatus (Lv. 2): 200 - Grants Ludger a second level chromatus from the start.
  • Ludger Chromatus (Lv. 3): 500 - Grants Ludger a third level chromatus from the start.
  • Ludger Chromatus (Max): 1000 - Grants Ludger a max level chromatus from the start.
  • Inherit Affinity Level: 1000 - Inherit Ludger's affinity level with all characters.
  • Inherit Merit Points (All): 600 - Inherit all of your Merit Points from jobs.
  • Inherit Merit Points (Half): 300 - Inherit half of your Merit Points from jobs.
  • Inherit Kitty Dispatch: 1000 - Inherit most of your carts and their dispatch data. (Does not inherit item collection status.)

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