Players: 1-2
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 2
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Time to 100%: 10-15 Hours


1. Campaign (solo) – complete the campaign by yourself.
2. Battle mode – to acquire easy trophies if you did not acquire them from the campaign.
3. Online trophies – play 99 games.
4. 2 player Campaign – to unlock Ludicrous Speed and Commando trophies
5. “Grind” – destroy 10,000 enemy tanks over time, or with the 4-controller trick.

1. Campaign Mode - this is good place to start. You do not need to do it in one sitting and it doesn't matter how many times you die and continue. While playing solo, you should make note of the more difficult levels and strategies you use to get past them because it will be helpful for when you decide to go for the Commando and Ludicrous Speed trophies. You can go for the Ludicrous Speed trophy if you do the whole campaign in one sitting and in under 60 minutes.

goals: One-Tank Army, First Blood, focus on kills towards Master Exploder and Pyromaniac
- all kills in Campaign Mode will contribute towards the Tank of Doom

2. Battle Mode - this is where you should obtain all battle-based trophies as well as kill-related trophies. Scroll down to the individual trophies section to see how to complete each one.

goals: Dodge Master, Rampage, The Pacificator, Winning Streak, and also Master Exploder and Pyromaniac if you did not receive them through the campaign playthrough.
- all kills in Battle Mode will contribute towards Tank of Doom, as well

3. Online Battle Mode - every time you play Tank Battles you should first check online to see if there is a game you can get into. Games are very sparse so it is good to always check whenever you sign in to play. The best thing to do is to host a public game, with the lives set to 1 time set to 1min. and players set to only 2. Then wait 5-10 minutes to see if someone joins. When you are finally in a match with someone, as soon as the round starts ricochet a bullet off a wall to kill yourself and end the round quickly. By doing this you can play several rounds in a very short amount of time. You don't need to win so it won't matter that you die.

goals: Online Recruit, Online Veteran

- all kills in Online Battle Mode will count towards Tank of Doom

4. Commando trophy - scroll down to the individual trophy section for tips on how to obtain this trophy. Keep in mind that this trophy is as close to impossible as you can get if you decide to go for it with only one controller. With 2 controllers, however, it can be achieved without too much difficulty.

goals: Commando, you will also most likely receive Ludicrous Speed if you have not already

5. The final "grind" - this is the part where you have to kill 10,000 enemy tanks. It is not a difficult task, and it is only time-consuming if you choose to go for it in one sitting, which I do not recommend, as it would take many hours. My strategy can be found below in the individual trophy section, as well as an alternate route provided by a fellow gamer.

goal: Tank of Doom


Tank of Doom
Destroy 10,000 enemy tanks.

This will most likely be the last trophy you receive, depending on your strategy. There are a couple different ways to do this, based on how many controllers you have access to.

1 controller strategy

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2 controller strategy (strategy provided by RAMT10)

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4 controller strategy (strategy provided by Minarum)

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Complete the game in campaign mode without seeing the game-over screen and without leaving the action. (1 or 2 players)

I do not recommend even attempting this trophy with one controller because it will likely just be a waste of your time. Ask anybody who has gotten this trophy and they will tell you they did it with either 2 people or 2 controllers. That being said though, it is significantly more difficult with just 2 controllers instead of having another live person playing with you. Me and a friend did it first try on each of our systems, while another person I talked to said that it took them 4 tries doing it solo with two controllers. I'm only telling you this so you can decide for yourself whether you want to try it alone or ask somebody to play with you. The Specific Tips below were written with the assumption that you'll be using either two controllers or two live people.

Specific tips:
  • For most levels, if one of your tanks dies, pause the game immediately and restart the level. Doing this does not effect this trophy whatsoever. This won't apply to all levels, but for the most part it is a necessary step to achieving this trophy. Keep the volume on your TV up so you can hear the sound that signifies your tank died, because sometimes there is alot going on at once and it may be hard distinguish your tank for another at first glance.
  • (tip for 2 live people) Take advantage of levels that start you off behind cover, and also levels where cover is readily available. Have just one of you go out from cover and kill everyone while the other person remains out of the enemy line of fire. This way if the person doing the killing dies, you can easily restart without having to worry about both of you dieing at the same time, and thus not being able to hit pause in time and save a life.
  • This tip also applies more to two live people. The guided missiles that you get when one of you dies can work out to your benefit if you are careful about it. If your still live tank has sufficient enough cover that he is out of harms way, then use the turrets guided missiles to take out remaining enemies. On some levels, I would even say this could be a preferred method, but don't go purposely killing yourself when the round starts. Use them if you die and if they can be used safely.
  • Do not be hasty with your lives. You will need them in later levels, especially 9 and 10, because there will be several situations where you risk both tanks dying at the same time.
  • Below are more tips on this trophy, posted from members, in another thread. Some are just reiterated from tips above.

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thanks to LeeorV and scidmarc

Ludicrous Speed
Complete the game in campaign mode in 60 minutes or less without leaving the action. (1 or 2 players)

This trophy is fairly easy to obtain, just remember it must be done it one sitting. You will likely get this one while going for the Commando or the One-Tank Army trophy. If you pause the game it also pauses the timer. I know this because me and a friend paused the game for about a half hour while doing the Commando trophy and we still got it. Hitting pause and restarting a round resets the timer. It is speculated that continuing after you lose all your lives resets the timer as well, as noted by Minarum.
Quote Originally Posted by Minarum View Post
I got the ludicrous speed trophy the first playthrough I did.... I don't know how the time works but I died ALOT with my gf... We must of continued around 30+ times on 1-2 level and when we beat the game we still got the trophy....
So basically, unless you are running around playing tag with the other tanks for several minutes each round, this trophy is easy to obtain.

Dodge Master
Win a battle in Battle or Online Battle mode without getting hit.

If you only have access to one controller, select Battle, and set up a match against one CPU opponent. Set the kills to 5, set the time limit to 5, and set the AI to easy. Begin the match and kill the other tank 5 times, obviously without getting hit. If you do get hit just hit start and restart the match.

If you have two controllers, set up a battle with just two people. Set it to 25 lives and 5 minutes then just kill your other tank without accidentally hitting yourself for both this trophy and Rampage.

First Blood
Destroy 1 enemy tank.

If you can't handle this one without advice then you should just retire from gaming. Whether you choose to go for the battle-based trophies or the campaign trophies first this trophy will will pop up after the first tank is obliterated.

Master Exploder
Destroy 150 enemy tanks with a rocket launcher in any game mode.

After a run through the campaign, if you haven't yet unlocked this trophy, go to Battle Mode and choose any level with powerups (which is nearly all of them; I always just choose the map called, Crossover). Set lives to infinite and time to infinite (and AI to easy of course) and start the match. Run to the launcher power up and kill tanks until the trophy pops. The rocket launcher box always re-spawns fairly quickly so if you die you can get it back right away. This one won't take long to acquire.

One-Tank Army
Clear the game campaign mode in solo.

For this trophy you need to play through the campaign alone. There are 10 levels with 5 stages on each level for a total of 50 stages. You do not need to play through in one sitting, unless you decide to go for the Ludicrous Speed trophy with it. I would, however, recommend attempting that trophy along with the Commando trophy, because it is easier with two people. It also does not matter if you see the game over sign in this playthrough. Should you lose all your lives, simply hit the continue button when prompted

Online Recruit
Play 1 online game.

See Online Veteran.

Online Veteran
Play 99 online games.

The only problem with playing 99 online games is that the online Tank Battles community isn't exactly thriving. It is extremely difficult to find anyone. That being said though, there are still people that need this trophy so there are still people online sometimes. It took me a long time to actually find a game, as I had searched for games at all different hours of the day. When I did finally find one I stayed in the match and didn't leave. What you can do to help is host your own online match. Select Online Mode, set the kills to 1 and the time to 1 (I believe those are the minimums for online play), and then set the match to Public if it isn't already. Then just sit there and wait for a little bit, but don't wander far because if someone joins you will have to hit start for the match to begin. With the limits at 1 a match goes by in seconds, so you can accrue 99 games in a very short amount of time.

If you have a friend who has Tank Battles then all the better, because you can easily both get into an online match together.

Destroy 150 enemy tanks with a flamethrower in any game mode.

The flamethrower pick-up is much more sparse in campaign mode than the missile power-up, so more-than-likely you will not have it after completing it. However, you don't need to go out of your way for this one. When you are going for the trophies Dodge Master, Rampage, and Winning Streak just make it a point to break boxes to get the flamethrower pick up. You usually can only get 1-2 kills, and 3 if you are quick about it because it doesn't last long. Just keep playing Battle Mode until you get it. All your kills will count towards Tank of Doom as well.

Destroy 25 enemy tanks without getting hit in any game mode in one game session.

If you have two controllers you can just set up a 2 player match in Battle Mode to 25 lives. Then just use one controller to destroy the other tank 25 times.

If you only have one controller set up a Battle Mode match against 1 CPU. Set lives to 25 and just try to kill the other tank without getting hit, obviously. If you die, restart.

The Pacificator
Survive 120 seconds in a battle without shooting in Battle or Online Battle mode.

If you have 2 controllers, set up a Battle Mode match to 5 minutes with no CPU opponents. Then just sit there, without shooting, until the trophy pops.

If you only have 1 controller, set up a Battle Mode match to 5 minutes with 1 CPU enemy. Select a map that has a good amount of cover. Start the match and run around without shooting and without getting hit by the other tank. If you accidentally shoot or get hit before the trophy pops just pause and restart.

Winning Streak
Win 10 battles in a row in Battle or Online Battle mode.

With 2 controllers in Battle Mode, set lives to 5 and time to 5 minutes. Then just kill the other tank 5 times and restart the level after the stat screen. Repeat 10 times for the trophy.

With 1 controller, do the exact same thing but set the AI to easy.

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