Players: 1-2
Online Play: yes
Online Trophies: 2
Cheat Codes: no
Cheats Affect Trophies: n/a
Trophy Difficulty: 8/10 (all trophies are easy with the exception of Tecmo Bowl Champ)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 full season, 2 pre-season games
Suggested Playthroughs: 1 full season, 2-3 pre-season games
Time to Platinum/100%: 8-12 hours depending on skill and cpu cheapness

[top]Tips & Strategies

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Roadmap to 100%

1. Pre-season mode trophies - acquire all but 3 trophies in this mode without using All-Star teams. You can achieve all of these in about an hour.
-goals: Better to receive, Blind sided, Can't catch me!, It's good!, On the spot, QBs are overrated, Razzle dazzle, When pigs fly, Return to Sender

2. Online mode trophies - acquire the 2 online trophies with a friend.
-goals: Who's next?, Complete domination

3. Full competitive season - play a full season in competition (as opposed to casual)
-goals: Tecmo Bowl Champ


On the spot
Complete a pass (single player, no All-Star teams)

You will get this trophy while going for When pigs fly and Better to receive.... All you need to do is complete a pass. See When pigs fly for more detail.

Can't catch me!
Gain 20 yards with a running play (single player, no All-Star teams)

You can acquire this trophy easily while going for Razzle dazzle and QBs are overrated. Select Kansas City for your team and New England for the cpu team. Note that Kansas City is the overall best and most balanced team, in terms of team skills, and New England is the absolute worst team. Just keep doing running plays and you should get this no problem. I found that the best play for gaining the most yards is the + play.

Blind Sided
Sack the opponent's Quarterback (single player, no All-Star teams)

Start a pre-season game with the teams, Kansas City (you) and New England (cpu). You can also just acquire this trophy while going for any one of the other bronze ones. When you are on defense select the + play. Switch your player by hitting until you are one of the defenders that is farthest from the cpu's QB. When they hike the ball just cover one of their receivers. Your linebackers will attempt to rush in and sack their QB eventually. It took me a couple tries, but just keep selecting this play over and over when your on defense and eventually your guys will sack the hell out of their QB and your trophy will pop.

When pigs fly
QB passes for more than 300 yards during a match (manual, single player, no All-Star teams)

Start a pre-season game with you as Kansas City and the cpu as New England to 10 minute quarters. If you want to go for the Better to receive... trophy now is definitely the best time for that as well. Simply use only one passing play the whole game. The + play works great. When the wide receiver at the top right corner is not guarded throw the ball to him to gain around 20-30 yards each time. If he is guarded you can hit to change the receiver you wish to pass it to. You will get this trophy surprisingly quick and by that time you will have the other passing trophies as well. Then you can just quit out, you do not need to finish the game.

Razzle dazzle
Same RB runs for more than 100 yards during a match (manual, single player, no All-Star teams)

You can acquire this trophy easily while going for the QBs are overrated trophy. Select Kansas City for your teams and New England for the cpu team. You can leave the quarters at 5 minutes and you'll have more than enough time to gain 100 yards with the same guy. I had it before the first half was over so feel free to set it to less than 5 minutes, that way you can achieve QBs are overrated very quickly as well. Play around with the different running plays to see which you like best. The + play worked best for me.

Better to receive...
Same WR catches for more than 150 yards during a match (manual, single player, no All-Star teams)

See When pigs fly, above, for full explanation on how to easily obtain this trophy.

Who's next?
Win a ranked online match

Simply win an online match. This trophy can easily be boosted, which I would recommend, mainly because someone can quit or kick you from the game if you are losing and then you'll have to start again until you get someone who isn't a sore loser. Once you find a boosting partner, you should go for this one along with the Complete domination trophy.

QBs are overrated
Win a match without using passing plays (single player, no All-Star teams)

Select Kansas City as your team and New England as the cpu team. Just keep selecting running plays. I think the best one is + as you can gain anywhere from 5-20 or more yards with each play. New England is a terrible team so you should have no problem winning as long as you score at least once.

It's good!
Make a 60 yard field goal (single player, no All-Star teams)

The easiest team I found for this trophy was New Orleans so select them for your team and New England for the cpu team. Start the match and if you do not win the coin toss just quit out and restart so that you can start off returning the ball to make it go quicker. You need to be right at about the 43 yard-line on your opponents turf in order to make the field goal. Just pick a running play once you're nearing this mark and try to run out of bounds right at the 43 yard mark. Then for the next play hit to bring up the special teams menu and select field goal. Try your best to keep the arrow straight, though you can still make it even if it is a little off. I made it first try with New Orleans but failed on several attempts with Kansas City so I would say that New Orleans is your best bet. If you miss, no big deal, just quit the game and try again.

Complete domination
Win a ranked online match by 18 points or more

This trophy can be easily boosted, and should be for that matter, simply because someone can quit out if they are losing by a lot. Find a friend online or enter your name in the boosting list via your trophy profile. Sometimes its easier to just post your name in a boosting thread so feel free to post it in this thread and I will enter it in the spoiler tag below to help you find someone quicker.

Tecmo online help

Toggle Spoiler

Once you find someone just play and keep scoring through touchdowns, field goals, and safeties. When the person you are playing against has the ball have them run it back into their own end zone so you can score safeties to make your score climb much quicker. At 5 minute quarters, there will be at least an 18 point deficit as long as you follow my tips and don't suck.

Return to Sender
Score a Touchdown on a kickoff return (single player, no All-Star teams)

The best team for this trophy is Atlanta, so set up a pre-season game with you as Atlanta and the cpu as New England. Select to receive if you win the toss, and quit and restart if you do not, pending that the cpu doesn't select kick off. When they kick off to you, right after you catch the ball you're going to want to direct them into a crowd of your own defenders so as you begin your run stay behind your guys. Find an opening, or run around your opponents and continue running zig-zags all the way down the field to avoid getting tackled. There is a greater chance of you getting tackled if you simply run straight so keep juking all over the place while running to their end zone. This might take a couple tries but it is really pretty easy as long as you're Atlanta.

Tecmo Bowl Champ
Win a single player competition Season

This trophy is the reason that the 100% for this game is difficult, mainly because the computer is extremely cheap, especially in later rounds and in the playoffs. I am still currently experimenting with different teams to see which is the best for this task, but right now I would say that Kansas City is your best bet, because they have a very well-balanced skill tree.
*Also note that this must be competition season so make sure to select that instead of just casual.

I recommend having a flash (usb) drive on hand when going through the season. This way when you win a round you can allow the game to auto-save, then quit out to the xmb menu and back up your save on the flash drive. Then if you lose the next game in the season you can just reload your backed-up save.

I have read about another little trick you can use for this trophy, though I have not yet tested it myself. So I will tell you what it is and you can decide for yourself if you want to try it out. Basically, when you qualify for the playoffs you might still have a couple games left to play before the playoffs where you can lose the games and still qualify. If you lose these games, the computer will re-adjust the difficulty so that it is not as hard during the actual playoffs. I have heard of this from several people so chances are its legit, and will help out a lot. Once I try it for myself I will edit in the results, but as long as you're backing up your saves then you might as well try it as well. You've got nothing to lose.

If you have any questions or comments feel free post here or pm me and I will be happy to help. Thank you, enjoy!
Also thanks to Captain_Clancy for tips on how to best achieve some of the trophies.

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