Players: 1
Online Trophies: All can be done online, but not required
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 6-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 5


The Inflatable Reptilian Hero
Get flattened by any trap

This can be done on the first level with that big ball on a chain. Just stand under it and let it crush you. Simple as that!

Seen My Bones?
Get zapped by any laser traps or attacks

This can be done on the first level by standing in front of Krang's eye lasers. Also done on "Starbase" for me. There will be 3 rock guys with blue guns with red tips. These guns zap you so let yourself get hit with a shot from one. Or step in front of one of the traps in this level that shoots a purple laser.

Complete a level without having to use a single Power-up

Don't eat the pizza on one level. Do not use health power-ups or special move power-ups either.

Turtle Tantrum!
Destroy more than 5 enemies using a destructible object

This must be done all at once. The easiest way to do it is to go back and play the first level on hardcore from the quickplay option. When you see the first exploding barrel wait for the 5 guys that spawn there to surround it and then make it explode by hitting it.

Slow as a Turtle
Complete a level in under 3 minutes

By the time you beat the game with all 4 turtles you will most likely have done this at least once. If not, play the first or second level (or whichever once you find easiest) on easy difficulty.

Lean, Green and Mean
Achieve more than 8,000 points

Your points can be found in the box with your health. If you are forced to use a continue your points will be reset, so try not to die.

Toe Be or Not Toe Be?
Avoid all traps in Level 3

In the third level, called "Sewer Surfin", there are sets of red trap fields. The closing gates do not count as traps. Do not let yourself go over them without jumping. Your board can go over but only if you are in the air. This is actually quite hard and annoying because there is no "restart level" option. Can be done on any difficulty and also on quick play.

Use Leonardo. Stay in the bottom left and mash until the traps appear. After the 3rd trap use the D-pad (because it's less sensitive) to move up enough to avoid the trap along the bottom. After the bottom trap move back down. Repeat this 5 times. Even with this strategy this will take a few attempts.

Ice, Ice, Turtle
Avoid Ice ray traps in Level 8

The level is called "Starbase" and you will reach a part where floor panels will be lit from above. Do not walk in the beams or you will be turned to ice. Get through the level without being turned to ice and you will get this trophy. This can just be slightly annoying because the ice field is towards the end of the level and there is no "restart level" option

Defeat the orange enemies before entering the ice field. Hug the bottom of the screen and you will see that there are little safe spots to stand. This way you only have to dodge 3 spaces. Even with this strategy this will take you a few attempts.

Staying Alive
Defeat the Final Boss without dying

The best strategy for Shredder is in the I Will Survive trophy section under Boss Strategies This can be done in quickplay and on easy difficulty.

Turtle Power
Complete the game in Story Mode (Normal difficulty onwards)

Beat the game at least once on any difficulty, except easy. This should be done en route to Heroes in a Half Shell. You can do this online or offline and continues don't matter.

I Will Survive
Complete a Survival Mode Game (Normal difficulty onwards)

Select survival mode from the main menu and beat it on normal or harder. This means beating the whole game without dying once. This should definitely be a gold trophy if that gives you an idea of how hard it is. Despite what you might have read it is easiest to do this alone. I tried it with The Assassin and NewYorican2006 and we seemed to get in each others way so do it alone. It's VERY hard but it is attainable.

Boss Strategies: (These will be short strategies)

Baxter Stockman: Stay underneath him while he is in the air. Once he lands mash to attack like mad. Repeat until he is dead. Save that pizza until you really need it.

Metalhead: Jump-kick him over and over again. He will get lucky and hit you from time to time but for the most part he is slow and not accurate in the least. When you see the blue on his back he will do 3 jump kicks of his own. Avoid these and save that pizza until you really need it.

Cement Man: Can be pretty tricky. When he is out of the ground wait for him to throw his projectile at you and dodge it. After this, go in and attack him 2-3 times. When he goes underground after being attacked just run away from him and do not jump. Save that pizza until you really need it.

Tokka and Rahzar: Like metal head, simply jump kick them over and over. You can try to concentrate on one at a time or go for both. Either way you try has its pros and cons. When Tokka goes inside his shell he does a figure 8 pattern so just avoid that. Save that pizza until you really need it.

Leatherhead: I always found him quite easy but others have said that they find him tricky. He will throw knives at you if you get too far away from him so stay close to him and like with 2 bosses you have done already jump-kick a lot to attack. When he rears back his head run away from him and jump over the ground attack he does 3 times. Save that pizza until you really need it.

Super Krang: For as far into the game as he is this boss is VERY easy. His attacks consist of a sliding kick, a clap of his hands, and two forms of guns. When he is just floating around hit him 3-4 times and then just move away from him to avoid his attacks (yes, it really is that simple). Repeat this until he is dead. Save that pizza until you really need it.

Krang: There are two options here. One option is to just attack him as much as possible while trying to avoid his bubbles (takes away one life section) and avoiding his smash down (he shakes just before this). Make sure when you do this you take out the little critters he drops ASAP. The method I used is the other option. This method involves simply avoiding his attacks and only attacking the little critters when he drops them. If you do this he will eventually just go away. This strategy takes quite a bit more time but I found it easier. Save that pizza until you really need it.

Shredder: Can you believe you are almost there? His pattern is actually quite simple and if you can get it down you will not even have to use the TWO pizzas in this fight. Try to attack him and he will either block or jump away backwards. Wait until he jumps away backwards and he will quickly attack. Stay back until after this attack but after the attack go in for 1-2 (MAYBE 3) hits (just to be ultra safe I only did 1 hit at a time). This will take a while but it is the safest and most risk free way to do it. When his health gets low enough he will jump in the air and shoot a beam from what appears to be his eye area. DO NOT LET THIS HIT YOU. This beam will result in INSTANT DEATH. When you see him jump in the air run behind him before he can shoot and you should be quite okay. Other than this new move his pattern will be the same so continue the pattern you have been using. Save those TWO pizzas until you really need it.

Heroes in a Half Shell
Complete the game with all 4 Turtles

Beat the single player mode once with each turtle. Difficulty level does not matter, but I would suggest playing at least once on normal or above to also get TURTLE POWER. You can do this online or offline and continues don't matter. You must be playing as each turtle when you beat the game for it to count. You cannot do this by simply playing with 3 other people online. i have also been told that if you play with friends offline it does not matter who they are OR who you are. It will not count as beating the game with the turtle that even first player is using. Also, according to Psmgamer beating it on survivor mode does not count.

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