Players: 2
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1.5 - 3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 15 - 20 Arcade. 10 1P VS 2P/ Clean up
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

Only tip I can give is to keep trying. This game is really good and easy to connect even the most difficult moves, Just have fun with it.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

You can get all of the trophies in 1P VS 2P mode, except for (Best friends forever) & See you in the movies. which have to be done in Arcade mode.


  1. You can start by going for See you in the movie. You should get some of the trophies without trying but try to focus on a couple at a time.
  2. Once you are finished with the Arcade, start on I always like a good fight by pressing on the second controller in Arcade mode. This can also be your clean up for all the other trophies you need.
  3. 100%


See you in the movie.
View all ending images.

To view all of the images you must beat Arcade mode about 15-20 times.... but that's not so bad because there are only four stages and you can use all this time to unlock all the other trophies.
After you complete the final stage, you will get to view an image of a Tekken character. I honestly can't remember how many times I beat Arcade, but if you want to make it quick, set it to easy mode with 30 seconds in the options at the main menu.

This trophy unlocked when I saw an image of Devil Jin.

I'm unbeatable!
Win 1 round without taking any damage.

This is simple, win a round without taking any damage at all. You should see and hear PERFECT and the trophy will pop up too.
I think you can get this in VS mode with another controller, I got it in Arcade mode so I'm not a 100% sure but it's not too difficult to pull off. If you want to get it easy in Arcade mode, select Devil Jin or Devil Kazuya and just spam their death beam attack with + and don't forget to change the difficulty to easy

I'll smash you to pieces!
Land 5 Tag Assaults.

Tag assaults are quite simple and easy to do. Press ++ to start the tag assault, make sure it connects. Now your second character will join you, quickly perform an attack.
While both of your players are on the screen at the same time, you will be able to control one at a time. The one that is glowing white is the one you are controlling.

An easy way to perform a tag assault is to select Kazuya & Devil Jin. Press ++ to start the tag assault, now just spam
Do this 5 times and the trophy is yours.

Stay down!
Land 10 Tag Combos.

This trophy isn't too hard to pull off. You have to perform a tag combo 10 times, but 1st you need to launch your opponent into the air. Here are some easy ways to do a tag combo. (your character on the left side)

With Xiaoyu, Press now her back will be facing the opponent (or you can press ++) now press then tap and your second character should run out... land any attack before your opponent hits the ground to land a tag combo.

With Kazuya, Tap ++ then to launch your opponent into the air then hit to switch characters then land any attack for a tag combo.

With Devil Jin, Tap ++ then and land a hit with your second character

With Alisa (and Xiaoyu as your second character) Press then let go, and before Alisa stands up press now tap and then with Xiaoyu press + This is hard to pull off.

When you connect with the last hit (it will launch your opponent) tap as soon as it hits to switch characters then you can attack while your opponent is in the air.
I'm sure there are other ways to launch your opponent into the air but Devil Jin is the easiest out of the 4 I have mentioned. If you are having difficulty with these, let me know and 'll try to find others for you.

Are you even trying?
Escape 5 Tag Throws.

To unlock this trophy simply escape a tag throw 5 times. To do this press + to escape the tag throw.
You can do this in Arcade mode, on hard mode your opponent is more likely to use the tag throw so you shouldn't have a problem as with getting this trophy... or you can do it the cheap way with a second controller. Just spam + on both controllers 5 times and the trophy is yours

(Best friends forever!)
Clear Arcade mode using Xiaoyu and Alisa together.

Just clear Arcade mode with Alisa and Xiaoyu at the same time to unlock this trophy.

That was quite a fall.
Use Xiaoyu and land 5 Storming Flower counter-hits.

This is complicated to get, I got it by accident while playing Arcade mode. What you need to do is select Xiaoyu and connect a hit with her Storming Flower Tap + (if you are on the left side) on the D -pad then hit to perform this attack, it has to connect 5 times... but it has to be a counter hit for the trophy to unlock.
If you are having difficulty with this then do one of these...

1 You can try this out in VS mode with a second controller, timing the attacks but even then it can still be difficult.
2 I recommend going in Arcade mode and change the difficulty to Hard Mode and keep spamming Storming Flower until the trophy unlocks, cheap but it will get the job done!

Here is a video of HOW to execute the Storming Flower attack at 1.00[/COLOR]

Toggle Spoiler

Please accept my feelings.
Use Alisa and land 5 Spam Bomb attacks.

To unlock this trophy you will have to land 5 Spam Bomb attacks.
When you are on the left side, tap +++ Do this 5 times and the trophy is yours. (This attack is a throw and can't be blocked)

Meet your maker!
Use Devil Jin or Kazuya and land 5 beam attacks.

Select Devil Jin or Kazuya and land 5 beam attacks. Press + to execute a beam attack.

I always like a good fight.
Fight 10 times against human opponents.

You will need a second controller for this trophy. With the second controller, press then select your characters to fight with. You can do this quickly by setting it to 1 round and 30 seconds in the options at the main menu.

That was a nice combo.
Land 10 Tag Throws.

For this trophy, get close to your opponent and tap + to do a tag throw. Do this 10 times, easy!

Just like in the movies!
Perform a Balcony Break.

You should get this just by playing Arcade mode without trying. To perform a balcony break your opponent has to be at the very back of the stage. Now do a knock-back attack like /// with your character. Or Beam attack with Devil Jin or Kazuya +

NOTE You can't do a balcony break on all stages. There are two stages I know of that you can do a balcony break on and that is on church and wildlife stage.
Get you opponent to the very back then attack him/her, you should see a little clip of your opponent falling down and your second character will be waiting for him/her to land. Do this once and and the trophy will unlock.

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