Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: Yes - Be Still My Iron Heart, Tug at My Iron Heart Strings, Iron Heartache, Tekken Black Belt
Online Pass Required: Yes (comes with the Collector's Edition, and can be bought on PSN)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15+ hours offline, 2 hours online
Minimum Playthroughs: 6 - Arcade x2, Survival x1, Time Attack x1, Ghost Battle x1 (multiple hours), online play x1
Collectible Trophies: Platinum x1, Gold x2, Silver x11, Bronze x36
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

When going through Ghost Battle choose the opponents that have a golden bar (you can't miss it). If you defeat these opponents you'll their ending video, which will help you get Movie Buff even faster.

Also, if you're going after Proof of Your Existence, I'd recommend choosing fighters that you're A) rather good with and B) can attack from afar. You don't want to lose too much health durin wins #7-9, as they get harder. And you really don't want to lose at round 10, now do you?

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There's no cheats. But if you want to make things a little easier, switch the settings to 1 round per fight.


Like Tekken Tag Tournament HD, this is a fighting game. So there really is no order for you in order to achieve the Plat. If you're new to the series, I'd suggest going to Practice or Fight Lab. You can find out what fighter you're good with in Practice, and Fight Lab will teach you the basics.


All Hail, Tekken Incarnate!
You earned everything.

Just like other Platinum trophies, you unlock this once you have obtained every other trophy.

Be Still My Iron Heart
You won a ranked match in Online Mode.

It's pretty self-explanatory. Just win one ranked match online.

Tug at My Iron Heart Strings
You won a player match in Online Mode.

All you need to do is fight someone online. Win that fight and the trophy is yours.

Iron Heartache
You fought 3 times in Online Mode.

Fight 3 times online. You do not need to win the matches.

Tekken Black Belt
You earned 1st dan in Online Mode.

Probably the hardest of the online trophies. To achieve this you need to be at 1st Kyu and win your fight. You will get promoted to 1st Dan even if you lose. However, the trophy will only pop up if you win your promotion fight to 1st Dan. Don't worry, if you don't win with 1 fighter, there are plenty of other chances of getting this.

Enter the Vanquisher!
You earned Vanquisher in Offline Mode.

Vanquisher ranking is obtained when you reached 16th Dan. To do this fight in Ghost Battle. You can also go up rankings via Arcade, though I recommend doing this through Ghost Battle. It's a little time consuming, but you'll get it. Here's a list of the rankings:

Toggle Spoiler

Behold the Tekken Lord!
You became Tekken Lord in Offline Mode.

See Enter the Vanquisher!

Preeminent Partner
You cleared an Offline Mode arcade battle with a partner.

You'll get this in your first playthrough in Arcade Mode. Beat Unknown in the final round, and the trophy's yours. If you end up losing and press Continue, it won't affect you getting the trophy.

Solo Warrior
You cleared an Offline Mode arcade battle solo.

See Preeminent Partner, except you have to have to choose one fighter instead of 2.

Tenacious Fighter
You won 3 team battles in Offline Mode.

Go to Offline Mode > Team Battle, choose the amount of fighters, and fight 3 times. Easiest way to get this would be to choose a team of 2-3 fighters, win the first team battle, and click to do the fight again. Do it again, and you'll have it in no time.

Super-Speed Fists
You cleared Offline Mode Time Attack within 20 minutes.

This isn't that hard to do, as you'll finish certain stages within a minute. However, I did find that it got harder with each level. So to get this the quickest way possible, I'd recommend using characters that you're really comfortable with. Make sure you have a lot of time left to spare, as the last 3 levels will be harder than the rest (Jinpachi & Heihachi, Ogre and Jun/Unknown).

Proof of Your Existence
You won 10 consecutive battles in Survival in Offline Mode.

It may sound easy, but this is pretty tough depending on your skill level. If you're a long-term Tekken fan then this should be easy. But if you're a casual fan you may struggle with this. The aim of this is to win 10 rounds in a row without losing. I would recommend choosing characters you're good with and try to avoid taking damage. Because the more damage you take with each round, the less you have for the next. And it's also a 1-round fight, so if you lose, you're done.

Lead Coach
You dealt a total of 1000 damage in Practice in Offline Mode.

Not very hard to get at all. Just keep hammering your opponent in Practice, and it'll pop up with ease.

Touch-Up Artist
You customized a character.

Go to Customize and choose a fighter. But an item or 2 and equip it to your fighter. Save it, and BAM!!! An easy trophy.

Dance to Your Own Beat
You changed the background music using TEKKEN TUNES.

Easy trophy to get. Go to Tekken Music, and change the music to something else. Go to the main menu, and this trophy will be unlocked.

Movie Buff
You unlocked 40 characters' ending movies.

You can unlock ending movies 2 ways - By finishing Arcade Mode with each fighter, or doing Ghost Mode and getting an ending movie via a Lucky Box. The first way is definitely the easier of the 2. Finish Arcade Mode with 40 different starting fighters (the fighter you choose first), and you'll get this trophy.

Combot, On Standby!
You cleared Stage 1 in Fight Lab.

To get this you'll need to go into Fight Lab. Fight Lab is in a way a guide for beginners, as you'll learn how to do things like jump, strife and hit basic attacks with the buttons. After learning the basics you'll be put in a "Boss level" which consists of Nina, Bruce and Bob dressed up as Superheros/Power Rangers. You must use your new techniques to beat these opponents, while avoiding bombs on the ground. Once you have done that, the trophy will pop up.

Combot, Move Out!
You cleared Stage 2 in Fight Lab.

Much like Stage 1, except in this one you will learn about high/mid/low attacks, + and + grapples and homing attacks. And like Stage 1 you'll face a Boss Battle. This one will involve 3 JACK-6's, and will require you to hit each of them with a high, mid or low attack. Once you've won the Boss Battle you'll get the trophy.

Combot, Engage!
You cleared Stage 3 in Fight Lab.

Stage 3 of Fight Lab will teach you how to perform punishers and throw escapes. And compared to Stage 1 & 2, Stage 3 is considerably harder. In the Boss Battle you'll fight 3 Mokujins. The first one will be easy to beat with a few punishers (which can be done with ). The 2nd one will be harder, as it will start to try and grapple you. This is the one where you'll use your throw escape (+). The final one will use a lot of both. Try and take as minimal damage as possible, as you'll need a lot of health to beat the third Mokujin. Beat the Boss Battle, and you'll unlock this trophy.

Combot, Annihilate!
You cleared Stage 4 in Fight Lab.

Stage 4 of Fight Lab will teach you about wall breaks, balcony breaks and floor breaks. Out of the stages for Fight Lab this is definitely the easiest. Beat this easy Boss Battle, and you'll get the trophy.

Note: If Fight Lab is the first mode you play in the game, when you get to Stage 4, you can also unlock Watch Your Step!, Renovation Time and Geronimooo!.

Combot, Return to Base!
You cleared Stage 5 in Fight Lab.

This is the final stage of Fight Lab. In Stage 5 you will learn about the most important aspect of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - tagging with a partner. You will learn about the tagging basics, Tag Throws, Tag Combos and Tag Assaults. In the Boss Battle, you'll once again fight 3 fighters. For the first one, beat it with Tag Combos. The 2nd boss, beat it with Tag Assaults. And for the final boss, mix it up with both.

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Note: If you redo Stage 5 to get the money for Super Combot DX Complete, you can also get Master of the Tag Combo, Master of the Tag Assault and Master of the Tag Throw.

Super Combot DX Complete
You unlocked all the content in Fight Lab.

To get this trophy, you need to buy all of the upgrades for Combot in Combot Tuning that are available. You don't need to get the level-specific upgrades, as they are not required for the trophy (like S-rank upgades). I'd recommend going back and going through Stage 5 a few times, as each time you finish the level, you'll get anywhere between 50,000-60,000 development points. You'll need approximately 2,000,000 development points to unlock everything available. Once you have, this nice gold trophy will be yours.

You won a PERFECT battle.

You'll unlock this trophy when you win a round without taking any damage.

GREAT Gladiator
You won a GREAT battle.

You can only obtain this trophy when the fighter on the screen has 1% of health left, be it in Arcade Mode, Ghost Battle or Versus Mode. I suggest getting a friend to help out with this one and doing it in Versus Mode. When you win, instead of "K.O." it'll say "Great".

Secret Weapon
You used an item move.

Note - Moves that feature Yoshimitsu's sword(s) or Kunimitsu's dagger DO NOT COUNT! An item is anything you buy from where you customize your fighter. When you buy an item, equip it to your fighter. Unlike in Tekken 6 which didn't give you instructions on how to use the item, TTT2 does. Simply do the combo that your selected fighter has for their item and you will unlock this trophy. I'd recommend choosing one of the handguns (which are on the side). To use it press +.

Who You Gonna Call?
You defeated 30 ghosts.

You can either do this in Arcade Mode, which will take you at least 4-5 times. Or you can do it through Ghost Battle. When you reach 30 wins on your win/loss record, you'll get this trophy.

You earned over 10,000,000G total.

After every fight you will get a certain amount of gold, varying from 15,000 to 50,000. You can also get 2,000,000 gold with modes like Time Attack. To get this trophy you DO NOT need 10,000,000G in your collection. If you have spent gold customizing your fighter, it will still count towards your 10,000,000G total. To speed it up I recommend playing Ghost Battle and not spending anything until you get it.

Fortunate Fighter
You earned 3 Lucky Boxes.

A Lucky Box will randomly appear in Ghost Battle or in Arcade Mode. It could be after every battle, or it could be one after 10 battles. You'll hear a voice say "Lucky Box". You need to get 3 to get this trophy. There are also 3 different coloured Lucky Boxes - Gray, Blue and Red. Gold boxes are not Lucky Boxes

Edit: To get this, you must get all 3 Lucky Boxes in one session. The easiest way to get this is hope a red Lucky Box pops up. It will give you a star, which will give you a Lucky Box in every fight, regardless if you win or lose.

Escape Artist
You successfully completed 10 throw escapes.

If you're new to the Tekken series, fear not as you'll learn how to do this while going through Stage 3 of Fight Lab. Press + when your opponent is attempting to grapple you. Do it at the right time and the grapple will be broken. Do it 10 times successfully.

Dish Best Served Cold
You pulled off 3 reversals.

I actually unlocked this by fluke while playing this game for the first time on Xbox 360 using Bryan Fury. I unlocked it a 2nd time on my PSN account using the same character. There's no definitive way to get this, except you'll easily have this within a matter of no time. Play Ghost Mode, and you'll get it. I recommend using Bryan or Xiaoyu, as they were the 2 fighters I used to get it.

Edit: Only certain fighters can do a reversal - one of them being Wang. To do a reversal press + when the opponent hits with an attack. Do it 3 times, and you'll get the trophy.

Stick It to 'Em
You pulled off 10 homing attacks.

This is a relatively easy trophy to get, as all you need to do is hit 10 homing attacks. Don't know what a homing attack is? Go into the Command List, and look for any move that has a blue symbol on it (example: Asuka's "Back Spin Kick" - +). Hit one of these moves 10 times, and you'll get the trophy.

Below the Belt
You pulled off 3 low parries.

To get this trophy, you have to reverse 3 strikes in the form of a parry. To do this, press in a rolling motion. If the opponent falls to the ground, then you have done this successfully. Do it 3 times to get the trophy.

Video credit to Kokoromaster

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Oodles of Ukemi
You pulled off 3 ukemi.

It sounds difficult, but an Ukemi is pretty easy, and you'll probably get this with ease. But if you're having trouble with it, I'll explain what an Ukemi is. An Ukemi happens when you are hit in the air, and roll back onto your feet. To do this, when you are hit up in the air, as soon as you hit the ground, press or . You'll more than likely get this trophy by fluke like I did.

Insane Juggler
You dealt more than 62 damage in a midair combo.

To get this all you have to do is knock an opponent into the air and hitting them constantly before they hit the ground. You can also get this if you knock them into the air, click to tag in your partner. Hit, tag, hit, repeat. You can also hit them into the air near a wall and continue to hit them. As soon as you deal 62 points of damage or more, you will get this trophy.

Here's a video to help you get it (as well as Impressive Moves):

Video credit to xxCoolbreeze

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Flying Butt-Kicker
You pulled off 3 10 hit combos.

For this, you're gonna need perfect timing. All you really need to do is go to the Command List, scroll down till you find the 10-hit combos, and perform 3 successfully. Timing really is key with this trophy. But if you get 3 successfully, you'll get the trophy.

The Original Bouncer
You pulled off 10 bound combos.

This is a lot like Stick It to 'Em and Master of the Tag Combo, except that when in Command List, you are looking for a move with a green symbol (example: Asuka's "Heaven's Hammer" - +). However, hitting that move on its own won't do. You have to knock them in the air and then hit that move. I'd recommend having them near a wall, as it'll make it a lot easier. Hit it 10 times, and you'll get the trophy.

Master of the Tag Combo
You pulled off 10 Tag Combos.

A Tag Combo is a move that will cause you to hit your opponent up in the air, and tag in with your partner. To tell which moves can be done as a Tag Combo, go to the Command List. You are looking for a move that has a red symbol (example: Jin's "Double Lift Kick - ++ or to tag out). Hit this 10 times and you'll get the trophy. You can easily get it when doing Stage 5 of Fight Lab.

Master of the Tag Assault
You pulled off 10 Tag Assaults.

The way to do this is exactly like how to perform a Bound Combo in The Original Bouncer, except that you must tag in your partner. You will have successfully executed one if your partner appears on the screen and attacks the opponent. Hit them in the air, perform a Bound Combo and click or . Do it 10 times, and you'll get the trophy.

Master of the Direct Tag Assault
You pulled off 3 Direct Tag Assaults.

A Direct Tag Assault is exactly like a regular Bound Attack, except that instead of hitting the opponent up in the air, you press + and press the Tag button. It's the same button input with every character, and only needs to be done 3 times to get the trophy.

Master of the Tag Throw
You pulled off 10 Tag Throws.

You'll learn how to do a Tag Throw in Stage 5 of Fight Lab. To get this trophy, you need to hit 10 Tag Throws. To perform a Tag Throw, press + at the same time. Repeat this until the trophy pops up.

Here's a video which shows you an example of a Tag Throw:

Video credit to SirJrGaming

True Friendship
You pulled off 3 Tag Crashes.

Out of the Tag-related trophies, this is one of the easiest as you only have to do this 3 times. When you are down and in Rage Mode, press + or and your partner will dive at your opponent. Do it 3 times and you'll get the trophy.

Video credit to SirJrGaming

Toggle Spoiler

The Best of Friends
You pulled off 3 partner-specific Tag Throws.

This is a lot like Master of the Tag Throw except that to get it, you must use 3 team specific tag throws. You'll see in the command list which can be set up for a tag throw (they're the moves with the red symbol), but here's a small list of teams that have unique tag throws:

Toggle Spoiler

Note: Once you have unlocked this trophy, you cannot keep using the same move(s) over and over to get Master of the Tag Throw. It will not pop up.

Impressive Moves
You pulled off a GREAT combo.

To do this, you have to do a combo with your 2 fighters until you hear "GREAT". The easiest GREAT combo belongs to Law and Paul. It doesn't matter which Law you choose as they have the same moves. But to be on the safe side, go with Marshall Laws.

1. Choose Law as your Primary and Paul as your Secondary
2. With Law, press in quick succession, followed by the or button to tag out.
3. With Paul tagged in, press and then tag out.
4. While the enemy is in the air, as Law, press . If you hear the announcer say "GREAT", you'll get the trophy.

Video credit to xxCoolbreeze

Toggle Spoiler

Fickle Friend
You switched places with your partner 765 times.

Don't let the number intimidate you - this can be done. It's a little time consuming, but to get this trophy all you got to do is tag your partner in 765 times. You can do this one of 2 ways:

1) Go to Practice and press or non-stop until you get it. OR...

2) Go through Arcade Mode, Ghost Battle or any other mode and keep playing until the trophy pops up.

There really is no true method to do this. But if you want to shave off a lot of time, I'd go with the first option.

Edit: It seems that all 765 tags must be made in one session.

Watch Your Step!
You broke a floor.

This is a very easy trophy, and can be achieved in any mode. However, it can only be obtained in certain levels. I suggest going to Practice and checking through the stages. Each level will have one or 2 symbols:

Blue - Level with infinte background (no walls)
Red - Level with walls
Green - Level with a wall that can be destroyed
Orange - Level with a balcony that can be destroyed
Yellow - Level with a floor that can be destroyed

To get this trophy, you want to fight in a level that has a yellow symbol. To put them through the wall, you're looking to perform a homing attack. That will put them through the wall, and you'll get the trophy.

Renovation Time
You broke a wall.

See Watch Your Step!

You broke a balcony.

See Watch Your Step!

Avoid Flying Heads
You escaped from Alisa's Spam Bomb move.

To get this trophy, go to Practice, choose Alisa as your opponent, and set her commands so that she does her "Spam Bob" technique. When she hands it to you, press + at the same time to return it back to her. You only have to do it once for this trophy to appear.

To change the settings go to Mode Select > Defensive Training > CPU Settings 1 > Command List. Go through the list until you find Spam Bomb. Select it, and go out of the menu. Press +, and she will start performing the move.

Doused But Not Out
Your upper body got wet in the Fallen Garden stage.

There are 2 ways you can get this trophy:

1) Face Unknown in Arcade mode and get hit by her, which will land you in the purple liquid.

2) Go to Practice and choose Bryan Fury. Use his grapple, which will cause Bryan to go down to the ground with his opponent, and get covered in purple liquid.

Either way, you need to get your fighter covered with purple liquid for this trophy to pop up.

Bad Date
You dropped a damsel into the pool in the Eternal Paradise stage.

To get this go to the Eternal Paradise level (Fiji), and hit your opponent into the wall where there are girls. Knock one of them into the water, and you will gain this trophy.

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