Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: Depending on experience 3-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: Many, but they are short.
Collectible Trophies: 20 Bronze, 10 Silver, 5 Gold, 1 Platinum
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: 0

[top]Tips & Strategies

This is a very easy plat, the best tip I can give you is to learn a little about the tekken inputs from the legend on here:

1= Square= Left Punch
2= Triangle= Right Punch
3= X = Left Kick
4= O = Right Kick

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

No cheats, but some of these are easier when setting the rounds to 1.


Since this is a fighting game there is no set order you need to do any of these in that would really save any time for the plat.


King of Iron Fist
Master of all.

Achieve a Strike in Tekken Bowl.

Use Bryan, move a little to the right before aiming, and aim a little to the left. Do about 85-99% charge, practice this and you'll get good at strikes.

No Need for Help
Perform a tag change between Kazuya and Devil.

Easy, just do as it says there is literally nothing hard about this one.

Tournament Champ
Clear Arcade on Normal or higher difficulty.

Easy as well, you can turn the matches on one round to go even faster.

Doctor B!
K.O. an onlooker in Tekken Bowl.

While bowling just aim towards the doctor in the lab coat on the left side, and give it a bunch of power. You probably won't be able to see him get hit but it will say KO when he does. Not that hard.

Counter Master
Perform 25 Attack Reversals.

Go in practice mode, have a friend or the computer attack for you ( you can turn the controller on in the freestyle mode ), and counter with characters who can ( paul for example, B+2+4 aka tri + circle ). Easy strings to counter are Bryan's 33 ( xx ).

Team Player
Defeat 5 teams in Team Battle.

You can just set the team to two and win 5 separate matches of these. Easy.

Staying Power
Achieve 10 consecutive wins in Survival.

I recommend just getting good with paul, and using deathfist ( aka phoenix smasher / qcf2/tri ). If you get good at this move, you can throw it out quite often, and every time they miss ( whiff ) punish them with this move. You can easily get to 10 if you do this. It's good to bait them into doing get up attacks.

Land Speed Record
Clear Time Attack in under 09'00"00.

As I said above with paul and deathfist, do this to easily get 5 minute times.

Escape Artist
Successfully escape 5 throws.

This is best with two controllers. Just have your friend do a grab ( like 1+3 aka square + x ), and break with 1 ( for that specific input he did ). Easy.

Perform 10 Sliding Dashes.

Best in practice mode. An easy way to do this is pick paul, do a B+1+2 ( power move aka back + square + tri ), and when it hits keep tapping forward very fast until paul starts running. When paul is getting some what near his opponents flying back body just hit 4 and he will slide. Rinse and Repeat. You can also do this by just backing up and doing it from a far away spot to get running room.

It's a Bird, it's a Plane!
Perform 10 Running Cross Chops.

Running Cross chops are pretty much the same as Safe! but with 1+2 out of run, or F+1+2. You can just back up far and run in and do this over and over.

Perform 20 Tag Combos.

For this all I did was a launcher with paul ( in this case it was either d/f+2, or qcf+1 immediately tag ) and then jab with your other character or kick . Basically it's a launcher + tag right away, then continuing from that with your second character. It's again really easy once you figure out what I'm talking about.

Didnít Break a Sweat!
Achieve 10 perfect victories.

you can just play versus, set the second players health to 1 hp, and kill them in one hit every time until you reach 10.

Win a match with less than 5% health.

Do this in vs as well

I Believe I Can Fly
Damage opponent with P. Jack's Giant Foot Stomp while tagging in.

This you just need pjack as your SECOND character. As your main character hit up+tag at the same time, and pjack will come flying out and land on the opponent. Make sure you land on them thats all.

Saw it Comin'!
Perform 10 Low Parries.

Practice mode again. Just have a friend do a low move, and low parry it with a well timed down+forward.

Deal 10,000 total damage in Practice.

Just sit in practice mode and do 10,000 damage. Easy.

Perform 10 Running Stomp attacks.

In practice mode, have the second player controller stay on the ground after being knocked down. Now just get running distance and run over them a bunch of times.

Cat-like Reflexes
Escape Mounted Punches 5 times.

While someone is tackling you ( pauls tackle or jins is d/b+1+2 ), just hit 2 right away a bunch of times. It seemed to take longer for me than 5, but you can try blocking the punches themselves as well that might be the proper way to do it.

What's My Name?
Change Unknown's moveset 5 times in one match.

vs mode, have opponent pick unknown. to change her movesets just hit r3 5 times.

Judo Legend
Perform 30 Ukemi techniques.

I think these are just different ways for getting up on the ground

Flawless Victory
Clear Arcade on Normal or harder difficulty without using a single continue.

it's self explanatory, you can change the difficulty to easy, set on one round, and abuse pauls deathfist like I said above.

All or Nothing
Win a round with Yoshimitsu's Suicide technique.

easy, do it in vs mode. Just hit and hold F+1+4 as yoshimitus while getting close to the opponent. If there health is low enough it will kill them in one shot.

One Man Army
Win 10 rounds without tagging.

Paul, Deathfist, easy... just dont tag.

Watch Your Back
Perform 5 back throws.

practice mode, walk behind opponent, and do any grab towards their back.

Achieve 3 consecutive strikes in Tekken Bowl.

Bryan, advice above

Beyond Perfection
Achieve 30 perfect victories.

In vs mode, set player 2 at 1%. All you need is a second controller. Hit them once, and you win the round with a perfect. Do this 30 times.

Serious Damage
Deal more than 60 damage with a single combo in Practice.

to me the easiest one is for Jin that I know of - I do this : f~d/f+2 ( godfist ), b,f,2,1,2, d/f+4,4. I am sure there are others, maybe something easy with hwrong like launch with some combo like 3,3,3 and do another 3,3,3. This stuff is easy if you play tekken now days

Made for Each Other
Perform a Special Tag Throw.

Easiest one is as King, with armor king as your partner. Just hit B+1+2~tag ( ~ is immediately ). Done.

The A Team
Win an 8 character Team Battle match on Hard or higher difficulty.

Team battle, 8 characters, hard, paul with deathfist, nuff said.

Eternal Champion
Clear Arcade on the hardest difficulty.

I did this the hard way since I play Tekken a lot, but someone on another trophy site suggested this: "Set round to 1, time to 30 seconds, deplete some health of the opponent, and back off, block and keep away,you'll win easilly this way."

Successfully reverse an Attack Reversal.

As you learned to counter above, there is actually a way of reversing it. It comes down to what arm you had countered. So if you did a left punch you need to do this on that same side of the controller. I will keep it simple and give you one example: You pick Bryan, Opponent 2p picks paul. You do 3,3 string, and your opponent tries to counter it. When he counters it you must hit F+1+3 since its a left kick, you hit that side of the controller. It must be fast, and you will see it reversed and you will hear "chicken". I've had some people do this to me in a tournament, its very hard to do on the fly

Clear Time Attack in under 06'00"00.

Just like I said about the other time attack one, just use death fist with paul.

Throwing Rocks!
Achieve a score of 200 or more in Tekken Bowl.

Play Bryan, do what I said above and you'll figure it out. My last game I got 1 turkey, and one 4 strikes.


Gold Tetsu
Achieve 10 consecutive wins in VS Battle with Tetsujin on your team.

Vs mode, set 2p with 1% hp, just have tetsu picked. Make sure you hit square over him when you highlight him so you dont pick mokujins outfit.

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