Players: 1 - 2
Total Trophies: 12 || 0 || 0 || 11 || 1 || 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Difficulty Affects Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5-8 hours
Platinum Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Before you go reading this guide, there are a few things that need to be said about this game and the guide itself.
  1. While this is a walkthrough, this is not a full walkthrough. I'm just posting what are some of the parts that can be challenging or are notable in the chapter so don't get confused when I don't cover every second of the chapter.

  2. The game WILL freeze on you, it's just a question when

  3. Grenades are your best friends. Most of the time you will have a lot to use and will soon be able to get more so take advantage of this.

  4. Co-Op will make this game a lot easier

So people will stop asking the same question in here:


Collect all other trophies

L.A. 2016
Complete Chapter 1 - L.A. 2016 on any difficulty

Definitely the easiest and shortest chapter. It's just fighting a couple pairs of wasps, and then taking down for the Hunter/Killer. The only thing to recommend is that when you're taking it down, be aware of the wasps that will occasionally fly in so be sure to take them out. When the HK appears through one of the the holes, just hit it with the RPG and repeat 3 or 4 times to take it out. After that you will go through a driving scene where you man the turret and have to take out all the enemies. Not hard, just be sure not to waste the ammo and overheat in bad times.

Thank Heaven
Complete Chapter 2 - Thank Heaven on any difficulty

After you get outside and take down the wasps, you will start your first fight with a spider, which you have to kill with grenades or by hitting it in the back a few times. My advice for this part is run up the stairs to the left and get in a position where you can hit it in the back when you get a chance. After you take out the spider, don't move because 2 more will come out. Just do the same thing for these 2 and wait for them to turn around so you can hit them.

After that, you will soon come to a different spot where 2 more spiders will be. (This will pretty much be a theme for the game.) Just do the same thing, and stay in cover and run from object to object until you are in a good position to take them out.

Once you get to the evacuation part, you will team up with some others to take out some wasps. Once you get to the part where you go upstairs and have to kill the spiders and wasps, grab the turret but be careful not to take a lot of damage. But while you are doing that, about mid way a spider will come up from behind so you will have to be quick to grab cover to not be killed. Just take it out and another will appear and do the same.

Following a cut-scene, you will be up against a Harvester which is impossible to kill. All you have to do is run from cover to cover. Once you get close enough a cut-scene will start and the chapter is over.

New Acquaintances
Complete Chapter 3 - New Acquaintances on any difficulty

Most of this chapter is just killing spiders to find a crash site and meet up with the rest of your team. Just keep doing the same thing going from cover to cover until you get a good angle to hit them in the back, or use grenades. Whichever is easier. Once you get to the crash site, you will have to fight more spiders and wasps.

Now this is where the fun begins. Once you get into the building and get to a certain point, the real terminators will come crashing through the wall. Run up the staircase and all the way around and take cover to where they can't hit you. After a bit one of the AI's will make some pipe bombs to use on the machines. Grab them and throw them at the machines, but make sure you actually hit them. It takes 2 good throws or 3 throws that sort of hit it to take it out. Once you take out the 1st run, be ready as another one will come through the door right next to you. Take it out with the pipe bombs that will be repeatedly made.

Now once you take it out, you run like hell through the doors it opened and take cover as the other machine is chasing you down the hallway. Wait for the AI to open the next door and run through. You will soon have to fight a couple more terminators but the guy will make you more pipe bombs. Just stay in cover until you have some and then chuck it at them to take them out. Once you take out the last one then the chapter will be over and you can take a breather.

The Sights
Complete Chapter 4 - The Sights on any difficulty

The first part of the chapter is taking out a few spiders. Just flank them and take them out to continue. Now you will soon to get to this building where you can tell there are a lot of grenades around you. Use them to take out the spiders but make sure to load up on them as the next part will be tough. You will then continue to a part where you're in a place that looks like a park. Your stupid AI will think these 'humans' are walking around when they are really T-600s. Go to the far left and take cover. Now wait for one of them to star walking towards you and then throw all of you grenades on him as fast as possible to take him out. It should take 4 to do it but don't worry as you will get more later. Once the first one is down shoot the back of the other while he is shooting your AI. After you defeat the 2 of them proceed on.

The next few battles you will have will just be taking out spiders and wasps. Just find cover and flank them to take them out. Once you take out the last set, a cut scene will put you on one of the top levels of a tower. You will then have to grab the rocket launchers to take out the HK from the first chapter. Just keep hitting it when it tells you to and when you get on the roof it will take a couple shots to take it out before it goes down.

Following taking out the HK will be a good bit of battles with some spiders. This isn't really that challenging at all as long as you know to move from cover to cover so you don't get shot at. Just keep flanking and killing and before you know it the chapter will be over.

Complete Chapter 5 - Underground on any difficulty

This for me was by far the longest and hardest chapter. I thought that this chapter would never end it was that long. The chapter will start with a few minor battles but continue along. You will soon come across a huge room with a ton of ammo. Keep going as you will come back here later. As you go further you will find a Resistance group that is holding Barnes. Following a cut scene you will be told that machines followed you here and you have to go take them out. Go back to the room with the ammo and grab any explosive that you can as you will need it. This fight will have round after round of spiders and T-600s. My advice is after you take all the ammo on the ground, go up the ramp to the right as there will be a nice bit of assortment of explosives and guns there for you to use. Now use whatever you can to take out all of the machines. Now once you finish the fight, the next part will have you with a rocket launcher on a train.

Note: I learned during this that when I got a checkpoint late in the battle and was out of ammo I died. What this did was it restored all of the ammo that was up top where I was so I was able to take out the machines. I would advise you to do this if you have really low health and you know that you probably won't make it.

So on the train you will have to take out the machines behind you with the launcher as they ride to get you. My advice is to aim a bit ahead of them so they run into the explosion. After a bit there will be a spot where the train will stop and you have to protect the people getting on. T-600s will start to come from the stairs and gateway shooting at you. Take them out with the help of your AI to continue the ride. As you take out a few more machines and cut scene will take you to manning a turret on a vehicle to protect a school bus.

Use the turret to take out as many machines as possible. Just keep firing at all the spiders and T-600s until you get the checkpoint. Now following the checkpoint, you will be taking out the machines riding the motorcycles. This part can be hard as you don't have as much time to be able to shoot so it's pretty much one or 2 shots before the bus crashes so be sure to aim carefully. My advice is if you can hear them coming start shooting in the road as the machines will ride into the explosions and it will save you a great deal of time. Keep shooting until a cut scene starts and then this hell chapter will be over.

Into the Wild
Complete Chapter 6 - Into the Wild on any difficulty

This chapter is pretty much just taking out T-600s as you go along in the woods. The first part of the mission is pretty easy as you have a lot of easy cover inside a house and the machines will be distracted by the AI. Just aim carefully to take them out and then proceed.

After a couple of short battles you will find yourself running up a long road where you will soon come to some bodies with grenades and a grenade launcher. Take the grenade launcher as you will really need it for this next fight. You will then go to a junkyard area where you will be fighting 5 or 6 T-600s. Stay in cover and unload on them with the launcher and grenades. If you run out of ammo, go on the bus to the left where there will be ammo for the launcher. Now get back to cover to be able to finish off the T-600s. After you kill them all continue.

The last fight will be some more T-600s and a couple of wasps. Take them out from cover and if you need ammo there should be a building to get some but be careful to not to get shot at. After you destroy them the chapter should end shortly.

Complete Chapter 7 - Angie on any difficulty

This is probably the last frustrating chapter in the game. The first important fight in the chapter is when you have to cover for Barnes while he sets some explosives. There will be multiple spiders and T-600s coming through the door ahead of you. My advice is to fill up on grenades and pipe bombs, grab the grenade launcher and then go to the far left top corner, until you take cover behind a crate that is next to the door the machines enter. This way you can easily take out the spiders and you will have cover against the T-600s. It is very important to take those out as fast as you can. As soon as you are able to hit them, shoot the grenade launcher at them and use some grenades if you need them. There are 2, maybe 3 of them that you need to take out. Just make sure you don't let them get to Barnes. Once all machines are killed, proceed through the door.

You will continue past a part where you have to take out a few spiders and one of the AIs will say there are enemies everywhere. Just make sure to stay in cover and take out the T-600s first and then everything will become easier. After this fight you will come to a similar spot with wasps, spiders and T-600s. Find some good cover and just shoot when you have a chance.

The last part before you get into the mech is where you're rushing through and you have to take out some T-600s. There should be enough explosives there so it shouldn't be a problem. Now a cutscene will trigger and you will be in the machine now. Your objective is to take out these turrets and anything in your path. My advice is to use the missiles on the turrets since they take a while to reload and use the machine gun on all ground enemies and the HKs. As long as you have precise aim with the missiles and you don't waste any, just part shouldn't be too hard. After you finish with the 4th set then the chapter will conclude.

Every Life is Sacred
Complete Chapter 8 - Every Life is Sacred on any difficulty

This chapter is just getting you prepared for the last chapter. Meaning it's find cover, take out the machines, run to next checkpoint. There isn't much I can say past this except stay in cover and look for any ammo when you need it because there should be plenty. There will be a ton of T-600s to take out so don't get too close to them. Once you find David Weston the chapter will end and then there will be just one level remaining.

For the Resistance
Complete Chapter 9 - For the Resistance on any difficulty

This chapter is pretty much going from section to section killing all the spiders and T-600s. It's really not too hard because you get a lot of explosives in every part to take them out easily.

So when the chapter starts and you grab all the ammo you need, you will be in an interesting fight. There will be some spiders and a lot of T-600s. Just stay in cover and only get up to shoot or get more ammo. Once you take out the first set there will be some more T-600s so be careful. Just take them out and proceed.

After you go into the next room with all the ammo, continue until you get to the room with all the RPGs. Quickly grab one and prepare because there will be a handful of T-600s heading towards you and fast. Just be accurate when you hit them and get into cover to reload, and be fast about it.

Once all of that is done, you will trigger a cutscene that follows with you having to escape Skynet. You will be in a hall with machines shooting at you. My advice is just sprint as fast as you can until the last cutscene goes off. You may die a couple times but just keep trying it. If you really want to take all the machines out that' fine, or just enough where you can make it without dying. Once you finish the chapter, you'll get this trophy, and the Veteran and Seasoned Commanders if you did the game on hard, which you should. Then pat yourself on the back for making it through this piece of shit game.

Seasoned Commander
Complete the Game - Become a commander on Medium difficulty

You'll get this when you beat the game on hard, which I recommend you do.

Veteran Commander
Complete the Game - Become a commander on Hard difficulty

The last trophy to get for this game and then once you get it, you never have to play this game again. The difficulty itself isn't even that hard, so you shouldn't have a problem beating it.

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