Players: 1-8 players
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats are known
Estimated Time to Platinum: 75-100 Hours (Without duping), 20-40 (with duping)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 playthrough
Collectible Trophies: Technically 1. Pet Hoarder
Missable Trophies: 1 Exterminator, that is if you enter hard mode too early without fighting any of these bosses.
Glitched Trophies: None that we are aware of.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Both types of cursors have their own advantages and disadvantages. The manual cursor allows you to place or remove blocks placed on a grid with better accuracy. But the process is slower. "The Free Aim" cursor is less accurate but auto targets blocks in the direction you are holding the joystick in. This is most useful for quick digging.
  • When you start off, and made your shelter, you might feel like doing some mining. At this point you don't have anything that helps you climb out or light your way. Make some Wooden Platforms and some Torches, these will become your best friends in the darkness.
  • The first thing you should upgrade when you do acquire some tasty ore, is a better pickaxe. This will allow you to dig faster, which will let you get more ore quickly.
  • After you've made a decent pickaxe, you're next priority should be a better weapon, axe, hammer, and some armor. In that order, or at least similar to that order.
  • Learn to divert water and lava. With water, simply dig a pathway that branches off your main path and deposit it somewhere where it can't get in the way. With lava, you need to be more careful. It is best if you dig a pathway that branches off, however, you should not release the lava until your separate pathway is complete, because being dunked in lava is a good way to not having a good time.
  • When you go out adventuring put your money in a chest, so if you die, you don't lost money.
  • When you mine, block off your path every so often, as enemies will either drop down on your head, or they'll just follow you. Which can either be fatal or annoying.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

  • Duping Exploit. To do this you need either yourself or another player to manually save and have everything they plan to dupe in their inventory. Once it's done saving, put everything you plan to dupe into a chest. Then quit to the XMB and come back. You should have everything still in your inventory.
As of April 24th 2013, patch 1.02 has arrived and has fixed most of these issues.

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Pre-Hard mode
  • The trophies we recommend to get out of the way before hard mode are Maxed Out, Crowd Control, Red Moon Rises, To Hell And Back, Hellevator, and Gone in 60 seconds.
  • You should start on trophies such as All In The Family, Exterminator, Slimer, Blacksmith, I'm Smelting!, A Knight in Shining Armors, and Crafty. The reason for this is because it will take some work in normal mode and then it will cross over to hard mode. But might as well work on them while going for the other trophies.
Hard mode
  • Once you enter Hard mode, you will obtain Challenge Accepted.
  • Now you MIGHT need to make a separate world for this, but now you can place Ebonstone blocks for Corruptible, or you can black Pearlstone blocks for Hallowed. Either way, it will be tough to reverse for both in one world.
  • Hard mode is the place where you can grab Opthalmologist, Bona Fide, Ride the Worm.
  • The rest can be gotten in either mode. Some may have some small changes, but do not effect the difficulty of the trophy to any real extent.


All the trophies have been earned.

Self explanatory. Simply earn the other 38 trophies for the Platinum.

Terraria Student
You have begun the tutorial!

Easy peasy. From the main menu, just select the tutorial and this trophy is yours.

Home Sweet Home
The Guide has moved in!

The Guide will be given a random name (Cody, Jeffery, Etc) and he is the first NPC you encounter as he starts out with you when you first create your world. For an NPC to move in, you must make a shelter. For a building to be considered a shelter it must be 6 blocks high and 10 blocks wide, it must have a chair and a table, and must have a light source. It also needs a door. Once you've constructed a building with these in place, the guide will automatically move in.

All in the Family
Every NPC has moved in!

There are 12 NPC’s in the game but you will only need 11 to unlock this trophy as the last NPC is Santa Claus which is considered a secret NPC and does not count. Now each game will randomly select names for the NPCs but you will need:

Arms Dealer - Will appear if you have acquired bullets or a weapon that shoots bullets
Clothier - Will appear after you defeat Skeletron
Demolitionist - Will appear once you acquire explosives in your inventory
Dryad - Will appear once you've beaten a boss, aside from King Slime.
Guide - Appears when at the start of the game. Or more accurately he will appear when you create a new world from the main menu.
Goblin Tinkerer - Randomly spawn underground once you defeat The Goblin Invasion
Mechanic -Will appear bound in the Dungeon. The Dungeon is generated at the start of the world and is located either on the far left or far right.
Merchant - Will appear when you have amassed 50 Silver Coins in your inventory
Nurse - Will appear once you find a Crystal Heart and increased your max life.
Wizard - Is found bound in the dungeon after defeating the Wall Of Flesh

To acquire them you must have suitable housing for them to live in.

Rock Bottom
You have reached the bottom of the World!

When your in The Underworld you will notice pre built towers (usually purple or orange on the map) and chasms that go further down. Now most are filled with lava but there are 1 or 2 that have nothing in them. If you can risk it look at your map to see if you have discovered it without realizing. If not you will have to go down each one and check. Once you cannot go down any further the trophy will unlock instantly. If you have enough health (or the ironskin potion) you can just float down in the lava if it goes down far enough.

You have defeated every boss!

There are a total of 9 bosses in the game:

King Slime: Can be summoned with a Slime Crown. A Slime Crown is crafted by combining 99 Gel and a Gold Crown. To make a Gold Crown, you need to combine 30 Gold Bars and 1 Ruby. The Slime Crown must be crafted at a Demon Altar. Or you can summon him naturally by holding a Water Candle or being under the effects of a Battle Potion. He's so weak (with only 2000 health) that he's considered more of a mini boss. But he is still required.

Eye of Cthulhu: Once the player has 200 health (10 Hearts) or more, has 3 NPCs living in houses, and has 10 defense, he will appear 1 in 3 times every time it becomes night. It will continue to spawn in this manner until defeated. You can also summon him using a Suspicious Looking Eye (Which can be crafted with 6 lenses at a Demon Altar or found underground at Caver depth) at night.

Eater Of Worlds: The Eater Of Worlds can be summoned in two ways. One you use Worm Food in The Corruption. Worm Food is crafted using 30 Vile Powder and 15 Rotten Chunks at a Demon Altar. Or you can destroy 3 Shadow Orbs. The Shadow Orbs are scattered inside The Corruption underground and there are more than 3. You just need to smash them with a Hammer or use Bombs/Dynamite.

Skeletron: Skeletron is the easiest to Summon. All you have to do is find the Dungeon and talk to the Old Man at night and choose the "Curse" option. Skeletron will then appear.

Wall Of Flesh: The Wall Of Flesh is summoned by acquiring the Guide Voodoo Doll, which is dropped by the Voodoo Demons in The Underworld. Also there is a very rare chance he will spawn randomly. He is considered the final boss of normal mode, and defeating him enters you into hard mode.

The Twins: The Twins are the hard mode version of The Eye Of Cthulhu. They are summoned by using a Mechanical Eye at night in hard mode. The Mechanical Eye is crafted using 3 Lenses, 5 Copper Bars, 5 Iron Bars and 7 Souls Of Light. It must be crafted at a Mythril Anvil. You must defeat before sunrise or they will disappear.

The Destroyer: The Destroyer is the hard mode version of The Eater Of Worlds. It must be summoned at night with a Mechanical Worm. A Mechanical worm is crafted using 7 Souls Of Night, 6 Rotten Chunks, 5 Copper Bars, and 5 Iron Bars. This must be crafted at a Mythril Anvil. You must defeat him before sunrise or he will disappear.

Skeletron Prime: Skeletron Prime is the hard mode version of Skeletron. He is summoned using a Mechanical Skull at night in hard mode. The Mechanical Skull is crafted using 30 Bones, 5 Copper Bars, 5 Iron Bars, 5 Souls Of Light and 5 Souls Of Night. They must be crafted at a Mythril Anvil. You must defeat him before sunrise or his attacks will instantly kill you and he will take only 1-2 damage per attack.

Ocram: Ocram is the console exclusive boss for Terraria, and very well could be the hardest, not only to fight but to summon. To summon him you must craft the Suspicious Looking Skull, which can be craft using 1 Mechanical Eye, 1 Mechanical Skull, 20 Adamantite Bars, 10 Souls Of Light and 10 Souls Of Night. That's a doozy ain't it? He must also be summoned during the night. Good luck.

You have killed every type of slime!

This trophy can only be earned once you have unlocked hard mode as there are a few enemies that only spawn in said mode. The slimes that you need to kill are:

Baby Slime
Black Slime
Blue Slime
Dungeon Slime
Green Slime
King Slime
Lava Slime
Mother Slime
Purple Slime
Red Slime
Yellow Slime
Hard mode Slimes
Corrupt Slime
Illuminant Slime
Shadow Slime
Toxic Sludge

Once you have killed 1 of each slime the trophy will pop

Challenge Accepted
You have unlocked Hard Mode!

To unlock Hard Mode all you have to do is to defeat the Wall Of Flesh. He is summoned by throwing the Voodoo Guide Doll (which can be collected from Voodoo Demons) in the Lava. We recommend you wait before going for this trophy, as the Wall Of Flesh is fairly tough. Not to mention when you beat him, hard mode will start automatically, and you might not be ready for the harder enemies. Keep that in mind.

Maxed Out
You have the maximum health and mana!

When you create a world you start out with 5 hearts and 0 mana. To increase your health to the maximum, will need to find Life Crystal's and smash them with a hammer. Life Crystals are hidden throughout The Underworld and the Dungeon. To increase your health to the maximum you will need to find and collect 15 life crystals. You can find them in another players world and collect them, but that would just make it harder for them

Now to increase your Mana you will need to collect 10 Fallen Stars and craft them into a Mana Crystal. Fallen Stars drop randomly during the night, and disappear once the sun rises, so grab any that you see. The maximum mana is 10 mana "stars" (stars are the indication of how much mana you have, and are located on the right side of your screen.) So in total you will need to find and collect 100 Fallen Stars.

Your World is Corrupt!

The Corruption is a landmass generated in each world that spreads and "corrupts" an area with dead treas and purple soil. The Corruption does two things, one it has some rather rare ore buried deep underneath. And it has it's own type of enemies. These enemies are tougher than normal enemies, but aren't as difficult as enemies from The Hallow. The Corruption spreads very quickly in hard mode, but it still takes some effort to fully corrupt a world. Simply dig up as many corrupted blocks or "Ebonstone" and place them every few spaces away from each other. Then leave the area and wait a little while. Soon enough the ground will be corrupted. The Corruption also spreads faster in Hard Mode, so wait till then to go for this trophy. If you need to check the progress on how Corrupted your world is, you can talk to the Dryad who will let you know by percentage.

Hallowed Be Thy Name
Your World is Hallowed!

The Hallowed is similar to The Corruption, except for several things. For starters the landmass is turned into something Lewis Carrol would puke up, as in, lots of pretty colors, lots weird enemies (UNICORNS!), and the enemies are more dangerous. Unlike The Corruption it does not spread as quickly in hard mode and in fact is only available once you have entered hard mode. Same strategy as before except the process will take more time and effort. If you need to check the progress on how Hallowed your world is, you can talk to the Dryad who will let you know by percentage.

You have defeated The Twins!

The Twins are similar to The Eye of Cthulhu, except now there are two of them. They must be summoned with a Mechanical Eye, which can be crafted with 3 Lenses, 5 Copper Bars, 5 Iron Bars, and 7 Souls of Light. This must be crafted at a Mythril Anvil, and must be used at night.

We will go over each eye individually. Do remember that they must be killed before sunrise, or else they just disappear.

Retinazer (Red Iris):
This eye has 24,000 Health and has 2 stages. The first stage is just like the Eye of Cthulhu, except he can shoot lasers. He also alternates to a charge attack that has more range than the other eye. Once he drops to 50% health, he will transform. He will turn into a more robotic looking eye with a laser turret in it's pupil. When he does transform, his lasers will deal more damage and he will shoot them faster. He will also alternate from a quick barrage, to a slow burst to throw you off.

Spazmatism (Green Iris):
This eye has 24,000 Health and has 2 stages. The first stage, will follow you around and shoot balls of fire out of it's mouth. Or it will do a charge attack that has less range then Retinazer. Once he drops to 50% Health, he will transform into a more robotic version of it's self, except it will have a mouth in it's pupil. In this form, he will become more aggressive and his flames will now work much like a flamethrower. Watch out as this has a 1 in 3 chance of giving you the Cursed Inferno debuff, which will cause your health to go down by 4 every second. Unlike how you can get set on fire, jumping in water will not extinguish the flames. This lasts for 7 seconds. He will also have the same dash attack that causes more damage and has increased range.

Bona Fide
You have defeated Skeletron Prime!

Skeletron Prime is considered one of the hardest bosses in the PC version. And here he is still no pushover. He must be summoned with a Mechanical Skull and must be summoned at night. To craft this you need: 30 Bones, 5 Copper Bars, 5 Iron Bars, 5 Souls of Light, and 5 Souls of Night. This all must be crafted at a Mythril Anvil.

Now he's only considered difficult for one reason, his 4 arms... so I guess that's 4 reasons. He has an arm that shoots lasers, this arm has 6000 Health and we recommend you take this out first as the lasers home in a player and can be quite bothersome. His next arm shoots grenades and is not aimed at players. This arm has 7000 Health. The Grenades will fall through wooden platforms, which you can use to your advantage. His 3rd arm has a Saw attached to it and swipes the whole battlefield and deals massive melee damage. This arm has 10000 health. And his 4th arm has a Vice attached to it and acts in the same manner as the Saw, except it does not home in when his head is spinning.

You must defeat him before sunrise or else his attacks will insta-kill you AND he will only take 1 damage (2 if you get a crit).

Ride the Worm
You have defeated The Destroyer!

The Destroyer is similar to the Eater Of Worlds except you cannot destroy him in segments, as all his parts share the same health bar He has 80,000 Health. He also has little probes that detach and shoot lasers at you. These segments CAN be destroyed. These segments detach after he takes a bit of damage.

To summon him, you must craft a Mechanical Worm at a Mythril Anvil. To craft a Mechanical Worm, you'll need: 7 Souls of Night, 6 Rotten Chunks, 5 Copper Bars, 5 Iron Bars. This item must be activated at night, and The Destroyer must be defeated before sunrise or he will disappear.

Marathon Runner
You have traveled over 42km on the ground!

Don't even worry too much about this trophy. With all the things to do and places to explore (and trophies to obtain), you will EASILY grab this by just playing the game. But if you insist on getting it done faster, your best bet is to find a long stretch that you can run/walk uninterrupted (or just build one) and find the Boots of Hermes, which increase your movement speed. They can be found in The Underworld or The Underworld Jungle. Now Just simply run back and forth until the trophy pops.

You have removed more than 10,000 blocks!

You'll get this as you play the game, so it's not a big deal. However to speed things up and at the same time, work on another trophy, go build a Hellavator on a Large Map. Each block is one foot, and to make it to The Underworld in a large map is 3000 feet. That means you will mine 6000 blocks, more than half of the requirement. The rest you will most likely get trying to mine for ore.

Crowd Control
You have defeated the Goblin Army!

The Goblin Army is an event that has a 1/15 chance of occurring under certain circumstances. You must have one person in your game with 200 Health (10 hearts), you must have shattered one Shadow Orb, and you must not have been invaded in the past 7 in game days.

Now the amount of Goblins that appear vary depending on how many players are in your world and how much health they all have. For instance in single player you will be attacked by 120 Goblins if you have health over 200. Now if you have another player in your game, with 200 health, the count will rise by 40. With 8 players, the maximum number of Goblins you will face is 400.

Just kill them all and the trophy is yours.

You have survived the first night!

Terraria has a day and night cycle. During the day, It's bright, the enemies are less in number and they are weaker. When it turns to night, it gets darker, the enemies arrive in force and are more challenging. A full day is 15 minutes of game time, while night time only lasts for 9 minutes.

So simply build a shelter during the day and chill out in your house. Or you can go out and fight the enemy hoard. OR you can just start digging into the ground for ore and you'll get this without even realizing it. Simple as that.

Reach the top of the World!

The easiest way to do this is to use Angel or Demon Wings to fly up in the sky. Try to build a pillar of blocks so you can land and keep flying up. Eventually you'll reach a barrier. If you don't have the Wings, you'll have to just build a pillar from the ground and go up till you reach it.

Vanity of Vanities
Wear a full set of vanity clothes.

Vanity Clothes are just equipment that enhance the look of your character and have no effects. They do not need to match, you just need something on your head, your chest, and legs. You can buy Vanity Clothes from the Clothier NPC.

Pet Hoarder
Find ALL the pets.

You will need 6 items that if used, will summon a creature that will generally follow you around and do small bits of damage. It works the same way a buff does. The items you need will be Brain, Cabbage, Honeycomb, Petri Dish, Vail Of Blood, and Wolf Fang. These can be found in the Dungeon most likely. And they can only be found in the Gold Chests or the Shadow Chests.

Be Prepared
Activate 5 buffs at the same time.

Very simple. Just acquire 5 different potions (aside from several healing potions, as these do not stack) place them in your hotkey, and activate all of them. You just need to have 5 buff symbols be on screen at once. Easy as pie.

Enjoy the view.

This is one of those trophies where the requirements are not really given. A bit vague really. We believe the best way to do this is to craft the Angel or Demon Wings and fly as high as possible. Then glide to the ground by holding the jump button down while in the air.

Craft 300 items at an anvil!

The cheapest item to craft is the Chain, which is crafted with 3 Iron Bars. Which means you have to smelt 900 Iron Bars to craft all the Chains. However you shouldn't have to do that if you've been playing normally and crafting better weapons and items. Just remember you must craft them at an Anvil.

I'm Smelting!
You have smelted 10,000 bars of metal!

This is going to be the most time consuming trophy in the game. To put it into perspective, it takes 30,000 copper ore to make 10,000 copper bars. Yeah, lots of digging for my good sir/ma'am. That's all there is to it really, its gonna take commitment, but it can be done.

A Knight in Shining Armors
You have obtained every type of armor.

There are currently 17 sets of armor in the game. Each of them can be crafted, but the high tier armor sets come at a staggering price. If you want, you can use the Duping Glitch to multiply materials (which in some cases are hard to craft armor sets themselves) and craft them that way. Or you can do it legit, in which case, we salute you

Tier 0: Mining Armor:
The Mining Shirt and The Mining Pants are uncommon drops from Undead Miners. Which are rather uncommon enemies themselves. They can be found deep in the earth sometimes, but as I said, they aren't too common to run across. The Mining Helmet however, can be bought from the Merchant for 8 Gold. The Mining Helmet provides a little but of light when worn in your armor set.

Tier 1: Copper Armor:
Probably the easiest to make. You'll need 60 Copper Bars (180 Copper Ore)

Tier 2: Iron Armor
Another Simple one, you just need 75 Iron Bars (225 Iron Ore)

Tier 3: Silver Armor
This one is a bit more difficult. You need 75 Silver Bars (300 Silver Ore)

Tier 4: Gold Armor
Just about as difficult as the Silver Armor. You'll need 90 Gold Bars (360 Gold Ore)

Tier 5: Meteor Armor
This is crafted with 75 Meteor Bars (300 Meteor Ore). Meteor Ore can only be found at Meteor Crash Sites and can only be dug up with a Gold Pickaxe ore higher. These have a %50 chance of appearing the night after you smashed a Shadow Orb, which are found underneath The Corruption. However each night they have a %2 chance of appearing each night after that.

In most cases, the Meteorite Crash Site will leave at least 50 Meteor Ore, which will create a new Biome with new enemies.

Tier 6: Jungle Armor
This one is a doozy. You need 1 Emerald, 1 Sapphire, 1 Amethyst, 1 Topaz, 1 Ruby, 1 Diamond, 32 Jungle Spores, 12 Stingers, and 2 Vines. The last 3 items can be found in the Underground Jungle Biome.

Necro Armor
Fairly Simple. You need 136 Cobwebs and 150 Bones. These can be easily found in The Underground and the Dungeon.

Shadow Armor
This one isn't too bad. You need 60 Demonite Bars (240 Demonite Ore) and 45 Shadow Scales. Demonite Ore can be found in small patches underground, but are more easily found in bigger patches underneath The Corruption. Shadow Scales are a common drop from the Eater Of Worlds, which can also be found underneath The Corruption.

Tier 7: Molten Armor
Looks easy, isn't that easy. You need 90 Hellstone Bars. Hellstone Bars are made with 4 Hellstone and 1 Obsidian Ore for each Bar. Which means you'll need 360 Hellstone and 90 Obsidian Ore. And they must be smelt at a Hellforge. Hellstone can be found in The Underworld and can only be mined with a Nightmare Pickaxe or better. When you mine Hellstone it will release some lava, so be careful when mining. Obsidian is created when Water collides with Lava.

So you're best bet for these is to start digging from the surface, and bring a large body of water down with you. That way, once you reach The Underworld, you can divert the water into the lava and make some Obsidian AND you can look for Hellstone at the same time. Now a Hellforge can be found in the layer before the Underworld and can be mined up by a regular hammer. I suggest finding one of these as soon as possible as they function the same way as a furnace with the added benefit of smelting Hellstone and Obsidian.

Tier 8: Cobalt Armor
This armor is crafted using 45 Cobalt Bars (135 Cobalt Ore). Cobalt is the first tier of Ore that can only be found in hard mode. The world must be "blessed" with Cobalt to find it. To have the world "blessed", you must destroy a demon altar with the Pwnhammer. The Pwnhammer is dropped from the Wall Of Flesh 100% of the time. And Demon Altars can be found underneath The Corruption. When you smash a Demon Altar the ore that is generated is random and is either Cobalt, Mythril or Adamantite.

Cobalt Ore can only be mined with a Molten Pickaxe or higher.

Tier 9: Mythril Armor
This armor is crafted by using 45 Mythril Bars (180 Mythril Ore). Mythril is generated in the world the same way Cobalt is. You must bless your world by smashing a Demon Altar with a Pwnhammer. Please read the Cobalt Armor entry above for all those details.

Mythril can only be mined using a Cobalt Drill or higher.

Tier 10: Adamantite Armor
Of the last 2 armors, this will be the most difficult. You need 47 Adamantite Bars (235 Adamantite Ore). Adamantite Bars can only be smelt at an Adamantite Forge, which is crafted using 1 Hellforge and 30 Adamantite at a Mythril Anvil. Adamantite is generated the same way Cobalt and Mythril, please read the Cobalt Armor entry for further details.

Tier 11: Hallowed Armor
Out of all the armors in the game (Aside from the Console Only Armor) this is THE most difficult to craft. You will need 20 Souls of Sight, 20 Souls of Might, 20 Souls of Fright, a full set of Cobalt Armor, a full set of Mythril Armor, and a full set Adamantite Armor. And it must be all crafted at a Mythril Anvil.

Souls of Sight are dropped from the hard mode boss The Twins and they drop 20-30 of them at a time once defeated. Souls of Might are dropped from the hard mode boss The Destroyer and he drops 20-30 of them once he is defeated. Souls of Fright are dropped from the hard mode boss Skeletron Prime and he drops 20-30 of them at a time once he is defeated.

Console Only Armor

Dragon Armor
Get ready for the worst. You will need 40 Souls of Might, 60 Souls of Blight, a full set of Cobalt Armor, a full set of Mythril Armor, a full set of Adamantite Armor and a full set of Hallowed Armor.

20-30 Souls of Might are dropped dropped from the hard mode boss The Destroyer, which means you'll need to beat him twice. 5-10 Souls of Blight are dropped from Ocram after each defeat, meaning you will need to defeat him 6-12 times.

Titan Armor
This armor can be crafted using 40 Souls of Sight, 60 Souls of Blight, a full set of Cobalt Armor, a full set of Mythril Armor, a full set of Adamantite Armor, and a full set of Hallowed Armor.

20-30 Souls of Sight can be dropped from The Twins, meaning you will have to defeat them at least twice. And 5-10 Souls of Blight are dropped from Ocram after each defeat, meaning you will have to defeat him 6-12 at least.

Spectral Armor
This armor can crafted using 40 Souls of Fright, 60 Souls of Blight, a full set of Cobalt Armor, a full set of Mythril Armor, a full set of Adamantite Armor, and a full set of Hallowed Armor.

20-30 Souls of Fright are dropped from Skeletron Prime, meaning you will have to beat him at least twice. And 5-10 Souls of Bright are dropped from Ocram after each defeat, meaning you will have to defeat him 6-12 at least.

Quote Originally Posted by Bardas View Post
Tip for 'Knight in Shining Armour', you need to craft all variations of the hardmode metal armour helms (Hoods, Hats, Headpieces, Helmets, etc.) that includes Cobalt, Mithril, Adamantite AND Hallowed!

You have placed 100 wires!

To get this trophy you will need to save the Mechanic. She can be found in the dungeon and must be freed. After you have freed her, you must make suitable housing for her. Now she will sell a wire for 4 Silver. You will need to buy 100 wires and place them. That's all there is to it.

Red Moon Rises
You have survived the Blood Moon!

The Red Moon will randomly spawn in your world. You will know when it happens because the moon will become red, And the games tells you “ a red moon has risen” on the bottom left of the screen. Endless amount of enemies will come to kill you.

An easy way to deal with this is just make a decent sized lava moat on each side of the house so they fall in and you can get up and go grab a drink if you want. The trophy will pop once night time has ended, which will take 9 minutes. NOTE: It is recommended you do this in Normal mode (before defeating the Wall Of Flesh) as the enemies in hard mode can become overwhelming

You have used every crafting station!

There are 13 crafting stations you need to use. You will use most of these just playing the game normally with maybe 1 or 2 left to use. You wont be able to unlock this until hard mode as one of the last items (Adamantite Forge) can only be crafted with Adamantite Ore. And Adamantite Ore can only be found after you enter hard mode, and you must use a Pwnhammer to destroy a Demon Altar. This will hopefully bless your world with Adamantite.

Adamantite Forge - 1 Hellforge, 30 Adamantite Ore.

Alchemy Station - To create an Alchemy Station you must place a Bottle on a Workbench/Table

Anvil - 5 Iron Bars and must be crafted at a Workbench

Bookcase - Must be crafted with 20 Wood and 10 Books. Books can be taken from the Bookcases from the Dungeon, by using a Hammer.

Cooking Pot - 10 Iron Bars and 2 pieces of Wood, crafted at an Iron Anvil.

Demon Altar - Can be found underneath The Corruption.

Furnace - 20 Stone Blocks, 4 Wood, 3 Torches. Must be crafted at a Workbench.

Hellforge - Hellforges can be found on the layer above The Underworld.

Loom - 12 Wood is used to craft this. Must be crafted at a Sawmill.

Mythril Anvil - 10 Mythril Bars (40 Mythril Ore). Must be crafted at an Iron Anvil.

Sawmill - 10 Wood, 2 Iron Bars, 1 Chain. Must be crafted at a Workbench.

Tinkerer’s Workshop - Sold by the Goblin Tinkerer for 10 Gold

Workbench - Most basic crafting station. Crafted by hand using 10 Wood.

To Hell and Back
You have gone to The Underworld and back without dying!

There are several ways of doing this. You can dig to The Underworld in a small world and make it so you're able to get back up (Wooden Platforms would be VERY useful here). Another way to do this is to build a Hellevator, which will be covered later in the Hellevator entry, and simply use a Grappling Hook or Angel/Demon Wings to make it back up to the surface as fast as possible.

Just make your way back up as fast as possible, as Giant Worms and Fire Imps may pursue you.

And no, you cannot use the Magic Mirror. You must physically climb back up yourself.

Back for Seconds
You have defeated all the prime bosses twice.

This trophy should unlock once you have defeated (Normal Mode Bosses) Eater Of Worlds, Eye Of Cthulhu, Skeletron (Hard mode Bosses) The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime.

Note: It has come to my attention that this trophy has glitched on many people. However TheAlphaQuadrant has submitted a fix

Quote Originally Posted by TheAlphaQuadrant View Post
Fix: Back up your save file, have someone take your stuff (armor, weapons and boss summoning items) Delete your save file then create a new one and have the person give back your things then do nothing but the bosses, it should unlock then. Delete your new save file and put your old one back - Ding!

Is This Heaven?
You have found a floating island!

Floating Islands are just what it sounds like, an Island that floats. To get this you must build stairs that extend into the sky and then build a bridge that extends from either west or east. If you've reached space, you've gone to high into the sky. Most of the time the trophy will pop and you won't see an island, it just means you are either to high or too low to see it on your screen. If you're below it can be identified by the grass growing from the bottom of the Island.

Leap a tall building in a single bound
Jump really, really high.

This is another one of those vague trophies where the conditions aren't spelled out for you. We believe all you must do is craft the Spectre Boots (Hermes Boots + Rocket Boots) and... jump really high off a building. It popped for us randomly and we weren't paying attention to what the scenario was. Good luck.

Safe fall
You have landed safely.

Again, another one of these vague trophy descriptions. We believe this unlocks if you fall from such a height that it nearly kills you, or that it SHOULD kill you. Our advice is to build a large hole extending deep into the ground, and once you reach the bottom, place some cobweb on the ground. Make your way back up and jump down your hole and you should land on the cobwebs which will break your fall.

Go from the surface to The Underworld in under a minute.

Ahh the most fun trophy in the game. What you must do is build a Hellevator. A Hellevator is a large hole in the ground, no thinner than 3 blocks that extends from the surface, to The Underworld. Now each map (Small, Medium, Large) have different depths that you must go down to reach The Underworld. In a small map it is 1000 Feet below sea level, in a medium map it is 2000 Feet below sea level, and in a large map it is 3000 feet below sea level.

Gone in 60 seconds
You ran continuously for 60 seconds!

For this trophy you must have the Hermes Boots, which can be found in chests in the Underground or Underground Jungle. Now there will be no organic flat land that you can run on, so you must make your own, preferably in the sky. However, do NOT build the sky bridge too high up, as Harpies will spawn and they WILL ruin your day.

The reason for this is because the conditions for running are that you move in any direction without colliding into anything and you must not take knockback. Now if you have an item that reduces or negates knockback, it will not matter, you will still receive knockback. So your best bet is to not collide into anything and to not get damaged.

You can build a skybridge without a roof of any kind, but chances are harpies may swoop in and shoot their projectiles, which will cause knockback. So build a roof, just to be safe. This will take a little while to build, as it takes MANY blocks, but once it is done, you should be ok.

Quote Originally Posted by ooga View Post
for Gone in 60 Seconds I found it easier to just dig out a small pathway at the bottom of hell, once I first got down there and was mining for hellstone anyway... just use an obsidian potion, and the lava acts as water and really slows your running down so the path does not need to be anywhere near as long as it does in a sky bridge.
With this information it can assumed that as long as you are in the running animation for 60 seconds, no matter the speed, you will get the trophy.

NOTE: Jumping does not negate running, so this would make it easier to avoid obstacles.

Appease the Volcano Gods
You sacrificed The Guide in boiling hot magma!

There is no easy way around this but you have a few options to go about it. What we want to do is make the guide fall into lava and die.
You can either dig a hole out underneath the guide and hope he falls in and dig to hell.

Or you can wait till later in the game where you will be able to craft glass and buckets. I dug a moat on either side of my house and then went and filled up my bucket with lava (which is very annoying as you will die very quickly if you don't have much health) then jumped into the moat and threw the lava into it. Once you have done that you will have to build a bridge of dirt or whatever and wait until the guide walks onto it and then dig it out from under him, causing him to fall into the lava and die!

You killed The Guide, you maniac!

To kill the guide, you must obtain the Guide Voodoo Doll and equip it in your accessories. Guide Voodoo Dolls drop from the Voodoo Demon's in The Underworld. Once you have it in your accessories after that, just swing your weapon and kill the Guide.

Terraria Expert
You have completed the tutorial!

Simply complete the tutorial that you selected from the main menu. The PC version never came with a tutorial, so I would recommend taking the time to get used to the controls and the basics of mining, crafting, building and other necessary skills. NOTE: The tutorial is very picky on it's conditions for progressing. For instance, it'll ask you to climb out of a pit with wood platforms, but if you find another way out without using wood platforms, it won't progress. You must do everything it says to the letter.


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