Players: 1 (2-4 Online)
Online Trophies:
Yes.( Tetrinet, Teamwork, Giver, Next!, Synched, Trigger Happy )
Ofline Trophies:
Master, Advanced, Achiever, Insane, Clear as Water, Lockpick
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to 100%:
15 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs:
2 per variant
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:


When I was given the chance to write this guide, I faced two challenges. First: How to appeal a mature audience, those (myself included) who played the first iterations. No easy spin, no fancy HD graphics. Just the apparent simplicity of four squares creating unhortodox siluettes sliding down a yellow-ish screen. Two: How to appeal a younger audience, those who nowadays can play the very same game on smartphones, handhelds and many other electronical devices.

Being myself slighty older than the game itself, I wonder of its simplicity. In almost 3 decades, 30 something oficial versions later and Guinnes record holder of the most ported game in gaming history, is still the same game.

The present guide, pretends nothing more of what already is. Some written guidelines of how to unlock / beat some special features. Thanks to internet, the present walktrough is a living breathing being, which can be changed and transformed in real time. Nothing here is absolute or ever-lasting. Use the forums, the discussion tab or even streaming pages to shout your opinion. This is simply the first step. However, by any means the last.

[top]Tips & Strategies

How to improve your overall score
  • Avoid singles. SINGLES must be performed only when you have no other alternative. CASCADES are pretty much the only exceptions but even then, they wouldn't add much points. During online Battles use it only to clear mistakes.
  • Plan ahead. You can foresee 3 tetriminoes before the tetrimino you have to place. Depending on what your goal is, towards the trophy, planning ahead will give you an advantage. During online battles, planning ahead can be used as a countermesure against TPM, where a higher TPM is not necessarily the winning path.
  • Record your games. Analyzing any post game after the competition's rush will allow you to spot your own faults and maximize your strong points. Moreover, see how you react in certain difficult situations will make you take the right choice next time you play on similar conditions.
  • Don't abuse the easy spin. In the present Tetris iteration specially for those who hasn't tested other versions, or only have played recent ones, I have news: The easy spin has been downgraded, so a healthy combination of hold function ( , , , ) and the proper dexterity using the clockwise ( ) counterclockwise ( ) rotation are the name of the game.

Online tips
  • Avoid playing Timed battle until you get Trigger Happy. Everytime you play an online battle, your rank will increase or decrease according to your win/loss record in that particular online mode, in other words, you have 3 tipes of ranks, Timed Battle, Shared, and Battle. Whether you're a a serious contender or not, the first games are easy to get by. However, if you are planning to get a 100% trophy completion, use that first levels towards Trigger Happy, before climbing the LEADERBOARDS ladder. If you find too difficult to obtain this trophy, because you are in a high level already, you need to lose some games until your level gets a little lower. Relax, the comeback is always a fun thing to do.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

If you don't have any friend who own Tetris you can boost this trophy by yourself following the next steps:

Create a new PSN account in your current PS3. Send a friend invitation to your recently created account. Log into your new account and accept the friend request. Play Tetris in any variant on your newly created account. Make sure to perform at least 20 lines. This is important, otherwise you could not made it till the LEADERBOARDS. Consecuently, it doesnít matter if you finnish the game or not. Log into your main account and challenge your new account highscore in any variant ( MARATHON count as well ). Make sure to finnish the game ( meet the 40 lines requirement, just to play safe ) in order to get the trophy.
If you have more than 25 friends at the moment of installing the game, the challenge mode could be locked. Meaning: you won't be able to challenge anybody or see them on the LEADERBOARDS section either, keeping you away from the 100% ttrophy completion. If this happen, just delete some of your PSN ID friends until you get below 24 or less, then play challenge in any variant, get the trophy and add your friends back. However, if you reach more than 50 friends again after you get it, sometimes you won't be able to see your friends scores in the LEADERBOARDS.


The present Roadmap is designed to complete the game in the most efficiently way, which is in general lines to maximize the level 1 in order to unlock variants, feats and all trophies. In some point you need to complete the level 15 in all variants, hopefuly by the time you get there after following the next steps, you will be ready for the challenge. The last trophies are the online ones.


Settings: ORIGIN level 1
Beat the level under 4 minutes
, Beat ORIGIN in any level, Clear 4 Tetris in the same game this counts towards Lockpick. The FRENZY feature will unlock if your TPM surpass 40 This will count towards Advanced If you missed that, another chance will arise when you beat all variants in level 15 which regular TPM surpass 40 by default. This first game is ideal to clear as many Tetris as you can, becouse they are the road towards TETRIMINATOR, MILLENIUM and unlocking LEDGES variant.

Click the spoiler below if you want to see this feature.

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  • Unlocking MAGNETIC
Settings: GRAVITY level 1
You need to perform 6 lines using
the gravity effect and beating the 40 lines limit will count towards Lockpick. Again, remenber to make as many Tetris as you can, becouse they are the road towards TETRIMINATOR, MILLENIUM and unlocking LEDGES.

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Settings: LASER Level 10
Complete 3 variants, complete any variant at level 10. You need to beat the 40 lines limit. That will count towards

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  • Unlocking: CHILL

Settings: SCANNER Level 10 \
You need to clear eight lines (two straight Tetris) in one scan to unlock CHILL. Level 10 would give you enough time to do so. Meeting the 40 lines requirement will count towards Lockpick.

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  • Unlocking: LEDGES [TENACIOUS]
Settings: ORIGIN Level 1

At this point you have reached something around 250 - 300 succesful lines, this counts towards
LEDGES, MILLENIUM and TETRIMINATOR (depending on how many Tetris you have cleared). More than 90 minutes of gameplay [TENACIOUS].

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  • Unlocking: Spin Master

Settings: ORIGIN Level 1Now it's time to unlock SPIN MASTER. This will be unlocked by the time you perform 20 T-SPIN moves in any game including all the online battles available. If you don't know how to perform a T-SPIN, please refer to the spoiler's video or consult the SPIN MASTER feat section. Beat the 40 lines limit, towards Lockpick. Use as many games as you need in level 1 to get LEDGES, MILLENIUM and TETRIMINATOR

The current video, are three games played continuously played in order to show the unlocked feats

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Settings: Challenge, any variant
If you don't have any friends who owns Tetris please refer to the Exploits section. You still need to meet the 40 lines limit. The next video show how to do it withouth the exploit.

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Finnish all the variants in level 1. The variants with the gravity effect ( GRAVITY, FLOOD, LEDGES, LASER and SCANNER ) are the more prone to execute a BRAVO. If you're having problems with this trophy, please go to Clear as Water, or click the next video.

Due to it's lenght is split in two parts.

Here is part one - Clear as Water

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Here is part two - Lockpick

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  • Unlocking: WAY OVER
Please refer to the WAY OVER feat section located in Advanced

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  • Unlocking: MASTER
Please refer to the bottom of the Master. Keep in mind that you need to meet the 40 lines requirement.

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  • Unlocking: TENACIOUS
More than 90 minutes of gameplay. The next spoiler contains a video unlocking the feature

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Please refer to the Master section.Please refer to the Achiever section. The next spoiler contains a video unlocking this two features

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]Please refer to the Advanced section. The bext spoiler contains a video unlocking this trophy

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Please refer to the Insane section. The bext spoiler contains a video unlocking this trophy

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The rest of the Online trophies ( Tetrinet, Teamwork, Giver, Synched, Trigger Happy ) can be done in any order without affecting the outcome.


Finish all variants on level 15 and Radical

As written in the title, it's all about finnish the level 15 and RADICAL. Here are some guidelines in how to beat each variant in 15 level difficulty. The next advices are meant to survive the levels (a 40 line limit completion) in a satisfactory manner. For gameplay or highscore, please refer to this section instead.

GENERAL TIPS[To unlock all the feats here you need to choose the 15 difficulty level including MARATHON ( RADICAL hasn't difficulty levels, and will unlocked when you achieved Lockpick ) [SIZE=2]. The last 10 lines will be marked by an speed increasing. Wariness is the main thing here.
Choose level 15 directly. Then begin to play from left to right, keep it simple just singles and no gaps. Remenber, this variant have not gravity effect. Wariness is your friend.

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Place tetriminoes from left to right and keep it simple, just singles. Remenber: this variant have no gravity effect. Again wariness and a keen eye for no gaps are welcomed traits here. This is a good place to start working on your aggresiveness, which is nothing more than a mechanical hard drops ( ) consecutive combination every time a tetrimino is available.

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In this variant, the matrix will move 4 spaces to the right. Planning ahead is the name of the game. Begin to build from right to left (against the TREADMILL). In that way the second tetrimino that shows will fit on the center, then the next one at the right and so on. This special variant allow you to place more tetriminoes than normally do, due to it's unique qualities. If you're just trying to beat the level keep it low, just singles. But keep in mind that Gravity effect is present, so an occasional DOUBLES or TRIPLES can unleash CASCADES.

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Place tetriminoes from left to right, keep it simple, just singles and no gaps. Remenber, Gravity is present obviously, so DOUBLES and TRIPLES in due time can unleash CASCADES.

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The matrix always begins with two BROKEN LINES. This lines have one gap each. Use your first 2 tetriminoes to clear the lines. 2 factors affects the "flooding". First: How much do you take in clearing lines? and second: How many tetriminoes you use to clear lines?. The right combination of hard drops ( ) and tetriminoes placed in the flood holes will lead you to victory.

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The LEDGES matrix have is bottomless, so you can use this as an advantage. How? Each time you encounter a tetrimino which simply don't fit your game scheme just disscarded into the hole, until a fitable one appears. The LEDGES won't disappear even if you use them to clear lines, meaning they always remains steady hence they can be used to clear as many lines as you need. Gravity effect is present as well, so clearing TRIPLES or DOUBLES occasionally is also recomended to trigger this effect. Again, use the hard drop ( ) and mind the easy spin.

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During the first 10 tetriminoes use the hard drop ( ). Whether you clear a line or not, the laser will back one row. Use the hold function ( , , , ) sparringly because this will slow your game as the easy spin. The combination of hard drops ( ) and singles will keep the laser at a safe distance, becouse there effects are additive. Gravity is also present. Keep this in mind if you make a mistake.

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Here you will see two sets of tetriminoes. Ones coloured red (right side) others coloured blue (left side). In order to control the sided atraction, place the first tetriminoes acording to their colours. After a while choose gaps where they become impervious to magnetism. At the final stages try to build a triangle, leaving more tetriminoes at the matrix center, thus you will have the chance to properly distribute to either side. Here is difficult to keep your game low, so gravity effect is present as well. Whenever you have the chance to propel a gravity effect the loose tetriminoes priority goes as follows: First the magnet effect, then the gravity. Some of the most spectacular CASCADES are made here.

Toggle Spoiler

A scan line will sweep from bottom to top the matrix searching for completed lines. The cleared lines will be marked in silver. Until a complete scan took place, these lines will remain into the matrix. A small counter below the matrix is the visual help that will tell you how many tetriminos are required to unleash the scan line. Keep your game low and gravity effect is present.

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A division will appear right in the middle of the matrix. Begin to build from the center to the sides, that will give you more possibilities to place s and z tetriminos. The hold function is the key factor here. Sometimes you'll be forced to left a gap every now and then, yet gravity can help you to unleash a CASCADE effect.

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The CHILL variant have three types of tetriminoes. The normal tetrimino (Coloured navy blue), the one time frozen tetrimino (Coloured Light Blue) and the frozen tetrimino (White). A Small bar below the matrix would help you to know how many tetriminoes until the next "wind". In level 15 is 4. The white tetriminoes are inmune to gravity. You can use this on your advantage. First: Make a solid frozen Tetris (white), use an i tetrimino to clear it, they don't disappear, instead they will downgrade to a light blue, if you set another I tetrimino on place, you can ended up doing 2 Tetris (or even 3) with the same ammount of blocks. That's the good side. However if you delay at placing tetriminoes they will be frosted and you can ended up with a big gap on the matrix bottom.

Toggle Spoiler

This variant is a way to remenber the matrix. Now, the matrix is pitch black, only allow you to see the reflection of the tetrimino at the bottom. Super sliding is how you sense the rest of the matrix in case you have forgotten. A way to help you to remenber where the right spaces are is order. Begin from left to right, almost every 3 to 4 tetriminoes start over, from left to right. In this fashion you will have glimpses of how your game is developing. Gravity effect again is present.

Toggle Spoiler

This variant has no difficulty level (Speed will increase on the 10 last lines to INSANE SPEED). Sliding and supersliding are the way to place properly the tetriminoes. Mind , which cannot be rotated. Planning ahead and trust the RADICAL speed, don't hard drop ( ) unless you're sure of it's placing, otherwise you will be placing one tetrimino in top of the other right in the middle of the matrix. Gravity is not present, so keep it tidy. This feat counts towards MASTER feat and VETERAN.

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Complete all Advanced Feats

To Obtain this trophy you need to meet this 5 requirements
  • Clear 44 or more lines in a variant
Settings: GRAVITY Level 1. Play normally until you reach the 39TH cleared line. Build a solid block of at least ten lines but left a gap of three squares on either side of the matrix. In this gap, place four . When you reach the the 10th row in a solid maner (Otherwise the gravity chain reaction will stop) hold an and wait until another shows. When it does place the on the fartest side of the matrix in an vertical position on top of the then swap the next tetrimino for your previously held then place it on the top gap, left by the on a vertical fashion as well. The CASCADE effect is really nice to see, besides this actions would help you towards WATERFALL if you don't have it already.

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  • Complete the RADICAL variant
Please refer to the bottom of the Master. Keep in mind that you need to meet the 40 lines requirement.

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  • Clear 12 or more lines in one turn
Settings: SCANNER level 10 or above. That would give you enough time to place ten tetriminoes between scan lines. This swept the matrix from top to bottom. Build a solid stack of 9 columns per no less than 12 rows, leaving just one gap to place three before the scan line passes.

The next video shows another way to achieve the same result.

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Settings are: ORIGIN (Sometimes is hard to control the CASCADE effect) level 1. Why? Planning ahead your moves, will allow you to make ten straight Tetris (40 lines) and the tetriminoes are slow enough to do so. If you perform a DOUBLE, a SINGLE, a TRIPLE restart the game, because they aren't classified as novelty moves, hence the feature won't unlock. Remenber that all T-SPIN moves are used to link novelty moves such as Tetris, so use it whenever you had the chance.
If you want to see how is it done, please click the spoiler below:

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  • Complete a game with an average TPM of 40 or more
If you haven't unlocked this feature on during the first round of Lockpick, choose any variant at level 15. The feat will unlock automatically. You need to comply the 40 lines limit

Complete all Career Feats

To obtain this trophy you need to meet the next requirements

GENERAL TIPSTETRIMINATOR, MILENNIUM and TENACIOUS are the easiest, becouse they just need game play to be obtained and of course are accumulative. Tetris, besides of adding for TETRIMINATOR, also counts towards MILLENNIUM. During your gameplay in level 1, try to make as many Tetris as you can, hopefully by the time you reach Lockpick you also have completed the aforementioned feats.

  • Perform 100 Tetris line clears
Please refer to the GENERAL TIPS shown at the beginning of the present trophy, or check this video

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  • Clear 1000 lines
Please refer to the GENERAL TIPS shown at the beginning of the present trophy, or check the video
  • Perform 50 cascade line clears
A CASCADE move occurs when you clear consecutive lines, using one tetrimino after another. It's really frecuent to use it along with the gravity effect, which fill the gaps left by previous mistakes. The WAY OVER feat, might be played three or four times to unlock this feat if you haven't gotten it already.

The video showing this feature is the
Clear as Water
Perform 20 times a T-SPIN movement. A T-SPIN is performed by a in order to fill gaps during your game. The T-SPIN have basically 2 uses: 1) To link 2 or more straight Tetris in back-to-back movements (Or any novelty move). 2) This move is classified as a novelty move. Meaning: Can be used to unlock the ON A ROLL advanced feat. Mastering this novelty move will significantly increase your overall score.

If you want to see how is it done, please check the spoiler below.

Toggle Spoiler

  • Accumulate 90 minutes of playtime
[ Please refer to the GENERAL TIPS shown at the begining of the present trophy.

  • Reach 100% Completion
It means a 100% completion offline. Unlock all variants, Clear all variants at 15 difficulty level. To check your progress use the bar below the Tetris logo at the beginning of any game.

In Origin clear lines 20, 10 and 1 in that order

This trophy needs some planning first.

BASICSThe 20th row is the very top one in the matrix hence, 10th is the medium and finally the first row. Settings: Choose ORIGIN Level 1 (The trophy unlocks regardless the difficulty) that would give you time to choose where to properly set the tetriminoes.

EXECUTION Fill the first row leaving one gap on it at the center of the matrix. Begin to set your tetriminoes starting with whatever side you feel most comfortable with, just remenber to build the other side as well until the 9th row, like in LEDGES becouse this 2 columns will hold the 10th row. Now, leave a three spaces gap in the center of the matrix on the 10th row. Repeat until you reach 19th row, during your construction hold an .

Fill the 20th row leaving a 4 spaces gap in the middle. When it's due, swap the coming tetrimino for your previously held
and inmediately paste it on the 4 space gap of the 20th row.

Then just wait for any of the 3 square tetrimino (
, , ) to fill the 10th row gap. Hold an again and wait until you see the chance to place it in the first row.

GENERAL TIPSDuring your construction you will encounter many issues, mostly the unnecesary tetriminoes (Nee: , , ). The gaps below the 9th row and the second row would serve as storage. If you run out of space use carefully the gaps between the 11th and 19th row. In this fashion you will have plenty of time to wait the key tetriminoes, However you need to be cautios not to block the first row. Remenber, you don't need to beat the 40 line limit to earn this trophy.

If you want to see how is it done, according with the aforementioned method, please click the spoiler below

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Clear as Water
Perform a Bravo (clear your matrix)

A BRAVO is 50% luck and 50% planning. As stated on the title is clearing the matrix at any stage of the game.

BASICS There is no perfect way to get this trophy done. However, choosing any variant which use the gravity effect on level 1 will help towards the matrix clearance.

EXECUTIONKeep your game as low as posible. Hold a , , , or to wrap up the final figure. Avoid the , . Due to it's shape, is quite difficult to place it as a final tetrimino.

I choose for the spoiler's video MAGNETIC. This was performed during the rounds on level 1 aimed to unlock Lockpick.

Toggle Spoiler

The second video was made during a round trying to beat my own score. By the time I saw the tetriminoes wrapping around the final , I wasn't recording. So, I pause, set the equipment and record the I trayectory to its final place. The rest of the game can be skipped, there is nothing else interesting to see.

Settings: MARATHON Level 1.

Toggle Spoiler

Clear at least 2 lines with a piece swapped to you in Shared (additive)

[This online feature is again 50% luck and 50% planning. As stated on the title is clearing 2 or more lines with a swaped tretrimino asked by you and given by your game co-op partner in the same gameroom. For the record: Yes, this trophy can be boosted on a private match. Still the execution remains exactly the same.

BASICS[The matrix enlarge by 2 spaces on the center, sharing with your game mate the 2 aforementioned gaps. To ask for a tetrimino swap press

EXECUTION There is actually 2 ways to get this trophy, First one: Leave no gaps but just one in your far right side (or far side left depending on which side are you playing) and swap (Press ) your present tetrimino for an . If your partner didn't left a gap as well, you'll be able to make a Tetris, unlocking the trophy in one game.

The second way is doing the same ( asking your game mate for swaping pieces ) but asking for (
, , . , or ) In order to clear DOUBLES or TRIPLES. If you manage to clear any combination of DOUBLES or TRIPLES as long they sum up two lines ( two DOUBLES, two TRIPLES, ect ) on the same gameroom, the trophy will still unlock.

If you don't have anybody to boost this trophy, Search the Tetris forum
here. Patience is the key.

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Unlock all Variants

[In order to unlock all variants you need to meet the next requirements

GENERAL TIPSPlay all the variants on level 1 to unlock this trophy, having as a goal the following requirements. As long as you meet the conditions, it doesn't matter if you meet the 40 lines limit. The only trophy which the difficulty level matter is FLASHLIGHT and you do need to meet the 40 lines criteria. This is easily obtainable playing GRAVITY on level 10. During the gameplay, If you make a mistake, gravity would give you an extra change to clear it.

Several variants can be unlocked at the same time as long as you meet the requirements. The very first game in the roadmap is an example of this.

You need to play at least twice some variants. One time below the 10 level towards Lockpick. the other in level 15 (Exceptions of RADICAL which hasn't difficulty level and MARATHON which difficulty increases until reaching the 15th level) in order to get the VETERAN feat, towards Achiever and Advanced.

If you haven't started the game yet, check this section. That will give you a structured guideline to beat the game eficiently

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  • Already unlocked

  • Already unlocked

  • Already unlocked

  • Complete a variation in under 4 minutes to unlock FLOOD

  • Clear 400 lines to unlock LEDGES

  • Clear ORIGIN variant to unlock LASER

  • In the GRAVITY variant, clear 6 lines or more in one turn by using gravity to unlock MAGNETIC

  • Complete 3 different variants to unlock SCANNER

  • Make four Tetris line clears in a single game to unlock SPLIT

  • In SCANNER, clear 8 lines or more in one scan to unlock CHILL

  • Complete any variant at level 10

  • Complete all other variants to unlock RADICAL

Pass 100 lines to opponents on any multiplayer mode (additive)

As stated on the title, is all about sending 100 lines to opponents in any multiplayer mode, during online battles. It's pretty much self-explanatory. The advice here is to choose Battle online because games tends to last longer in opposition to Timed Battles which have a 2 minutes timeframe.

Here is a video showing the unlocked feauture

Toggle Spoiler

Surpass a Friend on Next Best Score

It will unlock when you challenge any highscore in any variant.
EXECUTION Follow this route: SINGLE PLAYER > CHALLENGE > (The game will prompt you to connect to the EA server if you haven't already) > Choose any variant > Choose a Friend score > Beat the lowest score there.

GENERAL TIPS If you donít have any friends who owns Tetris, please refer to the Cheats, glitches and exploits for a way to boost this trophy. It doesn't matter if you have already score higher than your friends, just challenge a low score and the trophy will unlock nonetheless.
The following spoiler contains a video acquiring this trophy

Toggle Spoiler

Get a Tetris within 3 seconds of a friend getting a Tetris in Team Battle

This trophy is 50% luck and 50% planning again. This trophy is divided in 2 sections: get a Tetris and send a Tetris almost at the same time.

EXECUTIONAt the early stages of the battles, wheter you're attacker or defender, try to make a Tetris as your first move. Focus on that, because in that way your opponents/friends will also attack/react trying to make Tetris as well. The name of the game here whether you loose or win is to make as many Tetris as you possibly can. In no time you will be earning this trophy.

GENERAL TIPSChoose Team Battle and won some battles. Why? when you beat battles your level increases, pairing you up against people who meet 2 criteria, 1st availability and 2nd level. More level increases the chance to get a Tetris, because your oponents are equally or more skilled than you, which increases the chance of gaining the first part of the trophy.

Toggle Spoiler

Finish all 4 Multiplayer modes online

This is the easiest online trophy. Select the Multiplayer option and finnish one game of each of these game types: Timed Battle, Battle, Shared, and Team Battle. You don't have to win these, just complete them.

Toggle Spoiler

Trigger Happy
Send 12 or more lines to one opponent in under 5 secs in Battle, Timed Battle or Team Battle

That sounds difficult, isn't it? but the trophy's legend can be a misleading statement. The 5 seconds begin to count on the very first successful line you clear onwards (singles also counts). This trophy is 100% planning. Good news: This trophy can be boosted on private offline sessions. The following spoiler, contains instructions in how to achieve this.

Toggle Spoiler

However, if you don't have a willingly offline partner to play. Try the next method instead.

BASICSSettings are: Multiplayer, Timed Battle, one contender. Why? if you don't succeed at the first time (which is very likely to happen) you will start a new game in 2 minutes and one contender is more manageable than 5 guys grinding Tetris all around. Besides, the one opponent option is actually previous records from all around PSN in your current level, hence you can pause allowing more than enough time to polish the strategy.

EXECUTIONBuild normally, leave no gaps but one on either side and do not make any lines yet. When you reach the 16 row (or above) hold an , wait until another comes up, send the first one, then the one you have previously held. That would make 8 lines in less than a second. After that, you have pretty much 4 seconds to send the last 4 lines. You also have to win the battle.

To see how is it done click the spoiler below

Toggle Spoiler

GENERAL TIPSIn order to gain enough experience to get this trophy, some of my friends did as follows: we set some private Timed Battle gamerooms, then one just wait without attacking (just some SINGLES) until the other practice. That will build confidence and will increase the average TPM by the time you try to achieve the trophy.


This excerpt is entirely taken from help section of Tetris. This will explain some of the most common terms used in the present guide. Other sources has been used in order to clarify concepts.
AGRESSIVENES Your tendency to use hard drops ()
BACK-TO-BACK Clear lines by making consecutive novelty moves. Lockdowns, T-SPINS and MINI-T SPINS do not break the BACK-TO-BACK sequence
BEST LEVEL Your highest level reached in MARATHON
BEST SCORE Your highest scoring MARATHON game
BEST TPM Your highest average TPM rate following a succesful game
BRAVO Clearing the matrix completely
BROKEN LINES In Battle, do a novelty move, a BRAVO, a TRIPLE or a doble to send broken lines to your opponent. These lines have one space missing, which must be filled to clear them
BROKEN/SOLID LINES Lines send to an opponent in either timed battle, battle or team battle. They may be solid or broken depending on the game mode[
CASCADE After a lock down, gravity pulls loose tetriminos down, possibly clearing more lines
CASCADE STREAK Your longest consecutive streak of cascade line clears
COUNTER ATTACK Clearing 2 or more lines just before receiving broken/solid lines prevents the attack by nullifying the lines received with the lines you are just sending. The player who sent the least lines receives a quantity of broken/solid lines equal to the difference between both attacks. (Explanation. You send a Tetris, I send a Triple. 4 - 3 = 1. So I receive 1 Broken/solid line)
DOUBLE Clearing 2 lines simultaneously
EASY SPIN Check this website
GAME TIME Your total time spent playing the game. Does not include time spent in menus, viewing replays or loading
GAMES PLAYED Your total amount of games played
HARD DROP Dropping a tetrimino instantly to the bottom of the matrix, causing an inmediate lock down which cannot be maneuvered and earn extra points
INITIATIVE Your average response time to each new tetrimino
KNOCK DOWN You Get knock down in timed battle when you top out and have solid lines in your matrix. The knock down is earned by the attacker who sent the most lines to you, and your matrix is cleared of sold lines. If you knocked down 3 times, you lose
LEADERBOARD The highest score available per variant in Tetris.

Fill an horizontal line, with no gaps in between to clear it. Clear lines to score points and accomplish the game's clear clear line goal
PSN PlayStation Network
TETRIS + LINES CLEAR Clearing more than 4 lines simultaneously
TOTAL POINTS Your total amount of career points
TRIPLE Clearing 3 lines imultaneously
UNCLEARABLE LINES In Battle, solid lines appear after 2 minutes. They cannot be cleared and slowly flood the matrix
VIRTUOSITY Your tendency to use novelty moves, such as Tetris line clears and T-SPINS
WARINESS Your tendency to use single line clears


The present game walktrought wouldn't be a reality without the valuable input, help and support of: soultrekkerswife (I had to reset her stats to test some of the things here, that's truly gamers love and she's the best part of me !), mr_matanza (The other account in which I beat the game and record in a terrible quality the videos used here in order to meet the deadline. I will replace the videos really soon.) gremlin-pils, izzieze (their patience is their best trail besides of being both real troopers.) ladeuff from playfire who help me to overcome the glitch in my account related to the next trophy issue,, and the official tetris online page, All the contenders in MPN and my new friends in DGS, whose soul's retro night actually convinced me to buy this game. Last but not least, ONUOsFan His accurate tips, and fast response to my annoying requests and his eternal patience improves the final result greatly and all the staff of http://www.ps3trophies.com ! Great (expletive deleted) page mates !
This guide will be available in spanish, french and japanese really soon.
Thanks for reading !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

People who have collaborated in some other ways after this statement was written::

Guit4rH3roGir - On her youtube channel you can check how to boost this trophy on a private session.

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