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[top]Tips & Strategies


First of all you need to know what cards are the best and what is most likely going to make you win. The hands are from best to worst (click spoiler tag below):

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[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



The Power of Suggestion
Use a "Suggestion" Cheat to assemble a full house or greater

When the flop is down (the first 3 cards to be played on the board) and your only one card away from a full house, use a Suggestion cheat and pick the card you need. Keep trying this until you get the trophy.

You Low Down, Dirty #@^%!
Win a hand by using the "Guaranteed Win" Cheat

This is very hard to get and is all about luck. Keep trying and as soon as you get 30 cheat points, choose the Guaranteed Win cheat and hope for the right roll. You get points after every round.

Sticky Fingers
Steal another player's chips

Use the Steal Chips cheat and complete the mini-games to successfully get this trophy.

You're Missing The Point Here
Win a hand with a Straight or better without using any cheats

Again, based on luck!! Remember what a straight is? For example your cards would be 8, 9, 10, jack , and queen of any suit. No cheating!

Nosey Parker
Use the Target X-Ray Cheat on another player

When you have enough cheat points, use this cheat to pick a player's cards you want to look at. Complete the mini-game and "ding" - you have another trophy!

Use five or more Cheats in a single hand

Just keep using a cheat that only requires 5 cheat points. I'd wait until the second hand to start so that you will have the maximum cheat points (30), which you will need to complete this trophy.

Use Cheats to go from a High Card to a Straight or better

So when you have a king, for example, use any of the cheats to aid you (i.e. swap with the deck or another player to "earn" a straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, or a royal flush). If you don't know what these are, there are examples of these at the top of the guide.

Come Out and Play
Win five consecutive PvP games initiated by other players

To make this easy, learn the moves, practice, and learn which cheats are best to use in each scenario. I think the best cheats are Player Swap or Deck Swap.

Something's Fishy Here...
Win a hand with 5 of a Kind

When you have 3 or 4 of the same card, keep using the Deck Swap until you get what you need and win the hand (which you will if you get 5 of a kind).

Cheater For Life
Complete all levels of Career Cheat 'Em

Just complete all levels, really. To make this easy learn the moves, practice, and learn which cheats are best to use in each scenario. I think the best cheats are Player Swap or Deck Swap. Remember that as you progress, your opponents become harder and smarter.

Like a Bad Rash
Win a hand after folding and then using "Unfold"

Basically when you have a good hand, fold and then quickly use the "Unfold" cheat. The mini-games will be hard so just keep practicing and you'll get it eventually.

Luck O' the Draw
Increase your hand to a Straight or above using Player Swap or Deck Swap

Just keep using the Deck Swap cheat and pick the cards you need for a straight. Refer to the "tips" section at the top for proper descriptions.

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