Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (if you start the game on Super Hero)
Collectible Trophies: Bookworm, Lover, Special Agent, Investigator, Reporter, Hunter of Killers
Missable Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies


This game introduces the Hero/Menace system. You can choose whatever you like as this will not effect trophies. I suggest that you choose Hero as it will make the game a little bit easier. To get Hero points finish successfully the crimes mini games. On the other hand to get Menace points don't play any of the mini games.


You can heal anywhere the game; just keep pressing the button.

Sonic Pulse and Ionic Webbing:

These are the best upgrade you can get. Try to get them as early as possible they will help you when playing on Super Hero and also to get experience points that are used to upgrade Suits.


Step 1: Finish game on Super Hero difficulty

I suggest starting the game on Super Hero difficulty. In this mode the game isn't extremely hard. While playing this also start upgrading the suits as this will make it easier later. Also try collecting all audio journals and photo challenges tat are found during the missions.

Step2: Lower difficulty to Human

After lowering the difficulty, go for the combat challenges, pick up all the audio journals and photo challenges in free roam. Also finish all related number of crimes.

NB: Don't lower the difficulty before finishing the game on Super Hero difficulty, as then you will not be able to get the Super Hero related trophies if you change the difficult again, and you have to start a new game to get the relevant trophies.

Step 3: Clean Up

Go for all remaining trophies, that you didn't get before.


Does Everything a Spider Can!
Unlock all trophies

You will get this after getting all other trophies.

Completed the game on Human difficulty

Complete the game on Human Difficulty.

For more info please refer to Super Hero

Completed the game on Hero difficulty

Complete the game on Hero Difficulty.

For more info please refer to Super Hero

Super Hero
Completed the game on Super Hero difficulty

This is the hardest difficulty you can choose. I suggest that you start the game on this level as the game is not that hard.

Once you finish the game on this difficult you will also get Hero and Human.

First get rid of all enemies that have fire arms as they are the most dangerous for your health. When playing in this difficulty don't' be afraid to use the Healing ability.

When you have a bunch of enemies to defeat either use stealth take downs or else Sonic Pulse. With Stealth take downs you can defeat the enemies one by one. While with the Sonic Pulse when it is fully upgraded you make the enemies unconscious.

Collected all Spider-Man comic books

To get this trophy you will need to collect 285 out of 300 books. to make this a little bit easier upgrade Acuity skill to level 3 as it will start showing the books on the mini map a circle with a dot in the middle. Also when you are close to one you will hear a "charm" sound. Also use Spider Sense by pressing the button, and you will be able to see them trough walls.

For this trophy to be easier you may want to get the Hornet suit, as the will show the books on the mini map when you are further thatn the other suits. This is not necessary as you can still get all the books without having the Hornet suit.

Retrieved all parts of Black Cat's journal

In total there are 10 journals these can be found during the missions and also in free roam. Here is a video to help you find them all; thanks to PowerPyx.

Toggle Spoiler

Special Agent
Retrieved all parts of Menken's journal

The photo for this trophies have to be of black suited man.

For more info please refer to Reporter.

Retrieved all parts of Detective's journal

For this trophy you have to photograph the tablet of the police officer which is found on the bonnet of the car.

For more info please refer to Reporter.

I'm on a Roll!
Achieved a combo streak of 42

To get this trophy you have to get a combo of 42 strikes. If you get hit you will loose the streak so whenever you see the spider sense on Spider man Head (either white or red) immediately press to evade.

This is best done in one of the combat challenges. Usually you will get this trophy without even trying but if you are finding it difficult here is a video by PowerPyx to help you out.

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Stay Down!
Performed 15 signature moves

Please Refer to Master of the Web for more details.

Destroyed 20 body armors

You will know you are fighting an enemy with body armor as he is wearing a yellow vest, also you will not do any damage if you try to defeat him with

After defeating Kraven you will get the Ionic webbing ability. To get this trophy just press on these enemies until there armor shatters. Although you don't have too you can upgrade the Ionic Webbing to level 3 to make this easier.

After breaking their armor you can defeat the enemies as you wish.

Know Your Enemies
Unlocked all character bios

Trophy cannot be missed.

You will get this trophy automatically after defeating the last boss. Although it isn't necessary for the trophy you can see all the figurines in Stan's Shop.

Completed all photo challenges

There are a total of 30 photo challenges that you have to complete to get this trophy.

Note: To be able to get this trophy you have to finish the game.

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All Tied Up
Defeated 50 enemies by performing stealth takedowns

To get this trophy you have to defeat 50 enemies with out them noticing you.

To perform a stealth take down just go behind and enemy that is not aware of your presence and press as soon as he glows purple.

Hunter of Killers
Photographed all Cletus Kasady symbols

For this trophy you have to take a photo of "CK" that is written with blood on the walls that are found near to the murders.

For more info please refer to Reporter.

Drop It!
Disarmed 50 enemies

This is another easy trophy that you will probably get without even trying. To disarm an enemy you have to press when facing an enemy. After you have upgraded this, when disarming an enemy it will also "stick" the weapon to the floor.

Defeated Shocker

Story related, cannot be missed.

To defeat this boss simply press button, and when he attacks just evade as usual with :triangle: the the spider sense glows white you have to evade so you are out of reach of Shocker as he will hit you if you remain close by.

At one point during the fight 3 platforms will come up, and Shocker will go on top of one of them to charge his sonic blast, simple face the direction he is in and press and Shocker will fall to the ground. From her on just repeat the above method.

The Hunter, Hunted
Defeated Kraven

Story related, cannot be missed.

To get this trophy you have to defeat Kraven. Simply keep on attacking him and evade his attacks. At one point Kraven will throw a flashlight and blinds you for a sec. He will then hide in one of the trees, simple use spider sense with , when you find him press to web rush him and continue attacking and evading.

Lovers' Quarrel
Defeated Black Cat

Story related, cannot be missed.

As the fight begins, press so you will dodge her attack, as if she hits you, you will lose a large part of your health. Following this just keep on attacking and evading.

Cat Women is very agile so you will be able to hit her you have to web pull her with , then attack her. After some time she will teleport to a new location in the museum, to find her use spider sense. Once you find her wither web pull her or web rush her and continue your attack.

Is It Over?
Defeated Cletus Kasady

Story related cannot be missed

At one point you catch the killer, that's been killing all the criminals and you have to fight him.

The fight is pretty simple. When the fight begins just press the button to disarm him, then continue till the end beating him up with

You are Under Arrest
Defeated Kingpin

Story related cannot be missed.

Normal fight and sonic pulse wont effect this boss. What you have to do is used sonic pulse on him, stay close to a wall and sonic pulse him to make him charge at you, once he gets close to you evade the attack so he hits the wall.

He will be stunned and this is your chance to do some damage. After he recovers repeat the process again.

At one point of the fight 2 armored guards will come in for the fight. At this point you have to fight both the armored guards and also Kingpin. What I suggest is that at first focus on killing the guards. Be on the look out for Kingpin attacks and dodge them until you dispose of the guards, when this is done refocus on Kingpin.

Repeat this process when three more armored guards will come in. After defeating them focus again on Kingpin.

Be on the lookout for Kingpin's attacks, apart from the normal attacks, he has also a laser attack which is long range and can hit you anywhere you are. Just dodge it and continue with the fight.

The Green Goblin
Defeated Green Goblin

Story related cannot be missed.

Before the fight begins you have to chase him around the city until he stops on top of a building.

When the fight begins the Green Goblin is surrounded by drones. To do any damage web shoot the drones and then press to throw the drone at Green Goblin, this will make him fall from his jet. When he is on the floor just damage him normally by pressing the button. After some time he will go back on his jet.

Repeat this process again and again until you defeat him.

While fighting the Green Goblin he will throw bombs at you, evade these as they will damage your health. At one point the Green Goblin will charge at you just doge it and press so you can continue your attack.

Switch Off
Defeated Electro

Story related cannot be missed.

Before fighting Electro you have to destroy four generators that are protecting him. The generators are easy to destroy and you know where you have to go as they are all marked. While going to destroy the generators you are being attacked by the automated drones. You can defeat these drone by web rushing them.

When the actual fight begins you have to web shoot him, when you are promoted press to web rush him; this is your chance to inflict some damage on Electro. When he starts charging move away from him, and repeat the process again.

When he has roughly a quarter of health left you have to chase Electro while avoiding his "electro balls", you can counter these "balls by wheb shooting them.

The last part of the fight takes part on a roof, to defeat him just web shoot him and hit him. Be careful as Electro will start throwing electricity waves at you and if they hit you, apart from damaging you the disable your ability to use any of your web attacks.

Now It Is Over
Defeated Carnage

Story related cannot be missed.

The first part is a fight against Cletus Kasady, this is any easy fight and you finish the fight pretty quickly. After this Cletus Kasady will fully transform into Carnage, and this is where you will get your trophy.

At first just Sonic Pulse him and attack him him like all bosses. He will eventually start going from pole to pole, to defeat him in this phase you have to Sonic Pulse him, to deal more damage to him when he comes down from the poles, use fire by web pulling the levers, as these will deal a lot of damage.

At one point you have to fight another 3 "carnages", they fight the same way as carnage but have less health. After dealing with them you will start fighting against the real Carnage, just repeat the above process until you defeat him.

While fighting him dodge any attacks as usual, be especially careful when you are fighting the 3 "carnages", as he will start throwing stuff at you that you have to dodge.

Unlocked all suits

To get this trophy you have to unlock all 13 suits, you start off with 3 suits and you must unlock the others.

Here is the list of how you get the others:

Toggle Spoiler

Here is also a video show you know how the suits look like:

Toggle Spoiler

Completed all hideouts

You will be able to start the Russian Hide Outs, once you finish "Into the Den" mission. The icon for the Russian Hide Outs is a purple eye.

To get this trophy you have to defeat all 5 hide outs.

The way to get this trophy is by defeating the enemies via stealth mode as much as possible, as if you go all out the awareness level will go to the max and you will fail the mission.

The objective of this mission, is not to defeat all the enemies but to arrive next to the suit and unlock it, so if you manage to do this without defeating all the enemies you will still get the trophy.

Here is video showing you this:

Toggle Spoiler

Completed all combat challenges

There are a total of 12 challenges, that can be found by interacting with the arcade machine at Stan's Comic Book Store.

All challenges have 4 waves, to complete the challenges you have to defeat all the enemies. Some are simple enough, you have to defeat all the enemies, while other have an extra challenge to them; you have to defeat all the enemies but wither without getting hit, without the ability to use healing etc.

I suggest you do this after you finish the story, so you will have the majority of the upgrades and also to play this on Human difficulty as it might be a little bit challenging if you try to complete it on Super Hero.

Here is a video will the challenges:

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Can't Hit Me
Achieved 30 multidodges

A multidodge is when you evade two attacking enemies at the same time. You will know is a multidodge as 2 enemies will glow red when fighting.

To achieve a multidodge you have press the button twice. To get this trophy simply multidodge 30 times.

Usually you will get this by the end of the story mission and get it without even going for it. But in case you don't get it, you can still get it after completing the game, either in the combat challenges or the fights in free roam.

Also note that you can get this trophy by farming it on 2 enemies.

Timing is Everything
Achieved 100 critical hits

To achieve a critical hit you must press the attack button; as soon as the previous hit lands. You will know you got a critical hit as the enemies will get confused much faster.

Most probably you will get this trough out the story without even trying, but if you need to grind this, the combat challenges are a good way.

There is no way to know exactly how many critical hits you performed.

Lightweight Champion
Defeated 100 enemies

For more info please see Heavyweight Champion

Middleweight Champion
Defeated 300 enemies

For more info please see Heavyweight Champion

Heavyweight Champion
Defeated 500 enemies

For this trophy you just have to defeat 500 enemies, anyway you like. You will get this without trying, with all the challenges and the story enemies, you don't have to grind.

If somehow you don't get this, doing the combat challenges is a good way to get this trophy.

Hero of the People
Saved 50 civilians

To get this trophy you just have to rescue 50 civilians.

These can be from any side mission involving civilians; burning buildings, car chases and rescues

Ultimate Spider-Man
Reached maximum levels for all suits

This takes the longest of all the trophies to get.

There are a total of 13 suits in the game (excluding DLC)

The best way I found to do this is by starting the game in Super Hero, and finish everything (story missions, and side missions).

Also don't change the suit until you Max it out. If you have a suit just max it out and then go to another suit especially if doing the Russian Hide Outs.

Once you finish the story and all side missions. Do the combat challenges.

Once this is also done do deadlocks side mission, the best way to get most XP is either to stealth take down or use the sonic pulse and then press the button.

Here is another way to upgrade all suits:

Toggle Spoiler

State of the Art
Unlocked all concept art

To get this trophy you have to :
  1. Finish the story
  2. Complete the Combat Challenges
  3. Collect all comic books

True Hero
Heroism to the maximum

To get this trophy you have to reach the maximum level on Hero.

To do this simply complete side mission (deadlocks, rescues, burning buildings, car chases) until you reach maximum level.

Please note that if you leave a lot of time between one side mission to the other your hero level will start to go down as you will not "solve" the crimes.

Completed 10 deadlock situations

Deadlock Missions are those with an icon of a gun.

Simply successfully finish 10 of these and you will get the trophy

Completed 10 building on fire situations

The icon for this is fire. Simply successfully finish 10 of these to get the trophy.

I recommend doing this on Human difficulty as you will get more time to save the civilians, also use spider sense by press so you know where all the civilians are

Guardian Angel
Completed 10 rescue situations

The icon for this is a person. Again just successfully finish 10 of these to get the trophy.

Completed 10 petty crime situations

The icon for this is a fist. Simply successfully finish 10 to get the trophy.

For this trophy you have to defeat all the enemies; starting from 2 up to 5 enemies.

Completed 5 races

There are 15 races in all, that you must finish to obtain all the suits. To get this trophy you have to finish 5.

The objective of the races is to go trough all checkpoints in the time limit.

If you are finding some some of the races hard with web swinging, just enter web rush mode by pressing and holding the button and manually web rush to all checkpoints; while you are in web rush mode the timer will not go down.

You can also do this by web rushing the checkpoints, simply face the checkpoint and press

Toggle Spoiler

Master of the Web
Performed 50 signature moves

To get this trophy you have to perform 50 signature moves.

When in combat raise your combat meter to above 15, the color changes to red, the enemies will get stunned; this is indicated by a "sphere" above their head; when in this state press :circle: to web the enemies and end the fight. When you finish the enemy this way you have performed a signature move.

You can get this on any type of enemy except brutes.

Friendly Fire
Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him

When fighting Carnage there are 3 levers that you can web pull, when pulled fire starts coming out from the pipes that are connected to the levers. Simply damage Carnage with fire 3 times to get the trophy.

A good way to do this is when Carnage starts going from pole to pole. See in which pole Carnage is web pull the level underneath him, and sonic pulse Carnage so he falls in the fire.

Here is an alternative way provided by PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Acquired the Seismic Blast ability

Story related cannot be missed.

You get this after defeating Shocker

Acquired the Ionic Web ablity

Story related cannot be missed.

You get this after defeating Kraven

Aerial Break
Destroy any armored enemy using Web-Strike

The first time you can get this id during the mission the Kingpin of Crime

You will see an armored guard, simply press to destroy the armor and then press

You can do this on any armored enemy

Toggle Spoiler

Completed a hideout without being spotted

To get this trophy you have to complete a Russian Hide Out without being spotted once; awareness bar must be at zero.

To get this analyse your surrounding and watch the enemies before going for a stealth take down, here spider sense is your best friend.

You can get this on all Russian Hide Outs.

If you are on the last Russian Hide Out and you didn't get this so far, if you get caught just restart the mission until you get this.

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