Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
DLC Available: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-30+ Hours
Platinum Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Glitched Trophies: N/A
Collectible Trophies: Yes, On The Fly, Librarian, Tech Savvy, Corporate, Journalist, Amazing Spider-Man,
Difficulty Trophies: Yes, Peter Parker, Vigilante, Spider-Man
Missable Trophies: None, Chapter Replay option


The Amazing Spider-Man video game created by Beenox studios and Activision is set to take place directly after "The Amazing Spider-Man" film. It will tie into the movie as a direct sequel to events that occur that sees Spider-Man in Manhattan watching over the apartment of his friend, Stan(Lee). Game begins with Gwen and Peter sneaking around the labs of Oscorp to check out some things they are doing which results in some cross-species escaping thanks to their reaction to Peter's spider genes. Lab becomes under lock-down and the cross-species escape into the city infecting the civilians. Also, Alistair Smythe activates some of his robot droids programmed to kill cross-species and lets them loose on the city as well to hunt down the creatures, causing great harm so Spider-Man must help to protect the citizens by stopping both the machines and cross-species.

After the beginning events of the game, Gwen is infected and Peter/Spider-Man must save her and the rest of the scientists by freeing Dr. Conners. The goal is to create an antidote and save the city. Prepare for an "Amazing" ride the tells and wraps up a few points from the movie in an unique story created. You will face off against several prime faces from the original comics, including Rhino, Scorpion, and Felicia Hardy and some cameo Easter eggs for a few other minor characters mentioned. The game features several new innovations into the Spider-Man games including the quick Web-Rush ability to instantly zoom to different points using your Web-Shooters and the combat system reminiscent to the Batman games by Rocksteady.

[top]Warning Notice

SPOILER WARNING: This Trophy Guide will contain spoilers to "The Amazing Spider-Man" film and gameplay. Read at your own risk.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Here will be information regarding tips to help your playthroughs, unlockables, and other bonus materials.


  • Spider-Man? Where?: When enemies are looking at the walls and ceiling to find you, they won't be looking on the floor. Use that to sneak up behind them and stealthily take them down. to Stealth takedown. Same button for your Web-Rush abilities.
  • Eye of the Spider: In combat, Web-Rush can give to time to examine your bearings and spot objects you can interact with. Hold to enter Web-Rush mode.
  • The Ceiling Less Traveled: Try taking up stealthy approaches when in a room with tons of armed guards. It saves life.
  • Stick to it: Don't forget the Wall Blast ability. It can take out multiple enemies without any breaking of sweat.
  • Eyes on the Prize: In combat, watch Spidey as you fight. If a white Spider-Sense comes up, counter. If it's red, then better get out of the way.
  • Stuck in the Web: Web-Shots can easily incapacitate foes and provide an upper hand when fighting bosses and Hunters. Don't overlook them.
  • Fight or Flight: Use your Web-Escape ability with to jump around back and forth to stand out of reach and range of enemies attacks while trying to recover health. Helps on Hard playthrough greatly. Remember you don't have to fight everything.

Bonus Costumes
These costumes will be unlocked based on different game features as you play. With the exception of the first two uniforms, all outfits will become available in your game automatically. You must complete Chapter Three to acquire the game camera and then seek out certain locations in the city to find Spidey Symbols. Snap a picture of these and the outfits will become unlocked in your home permanently.

Costume Unlock trick
Set your console time ahead to August, 2012 or any time later than that. Stay offline while you do this trick and then load up your game. All the symbols will become available. Take a picture of the symbol and then the costume will unlock.

  • Cross-Species Outfit:
    • Unlocked from completing the game once.

  • Black Suit:
    • Unlocked from achieving 100% Game Completion.

  • Scarlet Spider:
    • Time Sensitive Location. Take a picture of the specific Spidey symbol in the city to unlock.
    • Toggle Spoiler

  • Negative Zone:
    • Time Sensitive Location. Take a picture of the specific Spidey symbol in the city to unlock.
    • Toggle Spoiler

  • Big Time:
    • Time Sensitive Location. Take a picture of the specific Spidey symbol in the city to unlock.
    • Toggle Spoiler

  • Symbiote Spider-Man Suit (Raimi Movie Outfit):
    • Time Sensitive Location. Take a picture of the specific Spidey symbol in the city to unlock.
    • Toggle Spoiler

  • Future Foundation:
    • Time Sensitive Location. Take a picture of the specific Spidey symbol in the city to unlock.
    • Toggle Spoiler


One Playthrough/Difficulty Selection
For the quickest platinum, you will want to start the game on Super Hero Difficulty. Completing the story will unlock all Story-Related trophies throughout the game and all three difficulty completion trophies: Peter Parker, Vigilante, and Spider-Man. You can't change the difficulty partly through the game otherwise will disable the trophies above that difficulty you dropped it to and you will only achieve Peter Parker for completing it on Human Difficulty.


After that, as you head through every area, check for which collectibles you will need to collect. If you miss anything you're able to replay the Chapter from your apartment at any time. Also, be sure you take pictures of all enemies and bosses you encounter to achieve the concept art trophies and achieve: On the Fly, Librarian, Tech Savvy, Corporate, Journalist, and help towards Amazing Spider-Man. In the following section, view the Collectible Roadmap for a full list in order of all areas of the game and collectibles.

Also, you will need to complete all sidequests and challenges located throughout the city. Each will become available to play after you finish Chapters of the main story and will be marked on your map HUD with unique icons, i.e. cars, helicopter, blimp icon, etc. Compete all of these to achieve most of the remaining trophies either as you play or put it off until the end of the game. Completing some of these will unlock Concept Art so you will have to finish them also to achieve Amazing Spider-Man. Complete all challenges and sidequests unlock: Sanitized, Peace of Mind, Car Hopper, Negotiator, The Camera Loves You, A Dash of Spider, and Gladiator.

Unique Trophies
Last you will need to complete different things such as the bonus boss fights that aren't story related. This includes the battle with Rhino in the sewers and the battle with Iguana: Apparent Defeat and Down for the Count. Also you will need to achieve a 42 hit combo to achieve the I'm on a Roll!. Also, you will need to perform certain abilities and number of abilities to achieve FYI I'm Spider-Man, Haymaker, Keep it Together, Stick to the Plan, Sky Captain, and All Tied Up.Also, during boss fights you will need to take a photo of them all and certain fights desire you to finish without doing somehting. S-01 fight, you need to complete it without touching the ground to achieve The Sky is the Limit and then when you fight the Hunters throughout the city or in the story, you need to finish the fight without using your Web-Shooters for Clean Victory. As you play, you will continuously defeat enemies working towards the total enemies defeated trophies Lightweight Champion, Middleweight Champion, and Heavyweight Champion. In addition, you will need to finish up by completing the game to unlock all abilities for purchase and acquire them all for Ultimate Spider-Man.

[top]Collectible Roadmap

Main Chapter Collectible Walkthrough
Follow each chapter in order to acquire all collectibles as you play through. For specific groups of collectibles, please refer to the relevant trophy.

Video By PowerPyx Productions showing how to acquire ALL In-Door Collectibles in the game

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Chapter One: Oscorp Tower

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Chapter Two: Beloit Psychiatric Hospital

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Chapter Three: Oscorp Archives

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Chapter Four: West Pumping Station

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Chapter Five: Oscorp Tower Part 2

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter Six: Oscorp Biological Labs

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Chapter Seven
  • NONE

Chapter Eight: St. Gabriel's Bank

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter Nine:
  • NONE

Chapter Ten: Oscorp Robotic Facility

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Chapter Eleven: Conners Makeshift Lab
  • Audio Evidence: Near the entrance of Connors' lab, in plain sight.

Chapter Twelve: Underground City

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter Thirteen: POST GAME Peter and Gwen
  • NONE

Sidequest Area Collectibles
Train Docking Station

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Water Treatment Facility

Toggle Spoiler

Oscorp Research Labs

Toggle Spoiler


Does Everything a Spider Can!
Unlock all Trophies

To acquire this trophy, you will need to complete and obtain all other trophies in the game. Good luck!

Peter Parker
Complete the game on human difficulty

To achieve this trophy, complete the main game on the Human (Easy) Difficulty setting. Available from the start of the game. You can NOT change the difficulty towards the end or it will disable the difficulty trophy for the setting you were on.

Complete the game on hero difficulty

To achieve this trophy, complete the main game on the Hero (Normal) Difficulty setting. Available from the start of the game. You can NOT change the difficulty towards the end or it will disable the difficulty trophy for the setting you were on.

Complete the game on super hero difficulty

To achieve this trophy, complete the main game on the Super Hero (Hard) Difficulty setting. Available from the start of the game. You can NOT change the difficulty towards the end or it will disable the difficulty trophy for the setting you were on.

On the Fly
Collect all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages

There are 600 Spider-Man Comic pages to collect sitting around the city, with another additional 100 that float through the air. As you collect them, they will respawn after a time in select locations so don't fret that you won't be able to collect specific pages.

The floating ones, you will have to Web-Rush into and as you get near the page, a small QTE will occur. You will have to press just as the circle closes around the button option. Once it has, tap and you will snag the page. If you miss simply turn Spider-Man back around and go for it again. Once you get the hang of it, these will become very simple. As you acquire so many pages, you will acquire some old Spider-Man comics that may be viewed and read from the game. This is a nice addition for big time fans to catch up on several of the comics relating to the enemies Spider-Man has faced and fights during this game.

Tips for Finding Comic Pages
  • Search for them on the Night Time Chapters so you can see the glow much easier.
  • Pages will sometimes respawn so you don't have to find them in specific locations.
  • After you acquire 500, they will begin showing up on your map from your Spidey-Sense as you get near them.
  • As you collect pages, the game auto-saves so in case you die, or quit you will not have to reacquire them again.
  • Listen to the humming noise as you ascend and web-sling around buildings. This will help clue you in on their locations.

Collect all magazines

These are random magazines that are found throughout each Chapter in some of the interior areas of the game you will go to. Find them all to acquire this trophy. Collecting magazines will also grant you additional experience so helps to level up a bit.

Chapter One: Oscorp Tower Magazines
  • NONE

Chapter Two: Beloit Psychiatric Hospital Magazines
  • Magazine 1: At the beginning of the chapter, in the entryway to the break room from the control room.
  • Magazine 2: After Web Rushing up to the balcony Conners said to, head into the room behind the guard and look in the corner for this.
  • Magazine 3: After the fight with the dumpster-toss tutorial, under the office window near a drink machine (you might have thrown the machine).
  • Magazine 4: After exiting the first air vent after the switch, before using the second, drop into the connecting room and grab the magazine.
  • Magazine 5: When you reach the burning hallway, after climbing over or around the first fire, drop down and pick up this magazine.
  • Magazine 6: In the storage room, right of the exit.
  • Magazine 7: Directly opposite of Magazine 6, near some lockers
  • Magazine 8: After taking out the first armed patient, head into the connecting fiery hallway and climb over the blaze, then drop down to get this.

Chapter Three: Oscorp Archives Magazines
  • Magazine 1: When you're done beating up the guards in the first area, Web Rush up to the above area, take out the guard, then look right to find this.
  • Magazine 2: After smashing the window with the large crate, look to the left under the broken window.
  • Magazine 3: After fighting the shield-guard, grab this from under the side window.
  • Magazine 4: In the hazardous trench in the room after snapping the Oscorp box picture.
  • Magazine 5: On the only enemy-free platform in the large server room, near a locked door.
  • Magazine 6: Near the locked entrance to where Whitney was held captive.
  • Magazine 7: Follow the left wall back and see this behind some crates
  • Magazine 8: On a stack of crates near the warehouse exit.

Chapter Four: West Pumping Station Magazines
  • Magazine 1: After reaching the intersection after the first slimey hallway, head down the right turn to see this on a cinder block.
  • Magazine 2: When your first infected enemy is defeated, hop over the short wall on the right and see this amongst the slime on a red pipe.
  • Magazine 3: In corridor 43, on the milk crate table in the back-right corner
  • Magazine 4: After entering the acid hallway Vermin just went through, head down the branching path on the right to nab this Magazine.
  • Magazine 5: After the stealth-takedown-fest, when you reach the large corridor with the divider lines, head up through the ceiling gap and follow the chasm to a ledge with this.
  • Magazine 6: In the back-left corner of the second battle area in the first Little Italy Junction (the first area after Vermin goes back into the sewers).
  • Magazine 7: Go through the green-sided square tunnel with the acid, then go all the way to the end of the tunnel to grab this.
  • Magazine 8: Upon entering the green tunnel used to continue and defeating the enemies, pull the subway car out of the Prince St. tunnel, then head all the way to the back of the tunnel.

Chapter Five: Oscorp Tower Part Two Magazines
  • Magazine 1: In a nook on the right side of the lobby.
  • Magazine 2: On the floor near the force field generator.
  • Magazine 3: On the reception desk of the second elevator lobby (after climbing up an elevator).
  • Magazine 4: Behind on of the force field generators around the chamber.
  • Magazine 5: On a desk on the raised area on the right of the gun turret room.
  • Magazine 6: On a desk in the second laser security room.
  • Magazine 7: On a drafting table in the quarantine area, below your entry vent.
  • Magazine 8: After defeating all the scientists in the lab, the windows will explode revealing gunners. The magazine is in one of those niches.

Chapter Five: Sidequest Train Docking Station Magazines
  • Magazine 1: On a row of crates that wraps around a corner beside the subway car.
  • Magazine 2: On the second level of the large room after moving the train car.
  • Magazine 3: When you enter the second transformer tunnel (before moving the train car), this is on the floor in front of a tool cabinet.
  • Magazine 4: On the ground beyond the slime, near the wheel, through the doorway the second transformer opens.
  • Magazine 5: On a blue crate in a corner of the room opened by the wheel. You can see this when you enter the room.
  • Magazine 6: In the short tunnel behind the back-right train car.
  • Magazine 7: In the same dead end as Photo 3, look left behind the entrance column.
  • Magazine 8: After the corridor with knee-high water, look on the double blue crate left of your entry point.

Chapter Six: Oscorp Biological Labs Magazines
  • Magazine 1: On the control board of the control room in the beginning area.
  • Magazine 2: Up by the exit of a vent, near the removed cover. If you enter through this vent, it's left below your entry.
  • Magazine 3: In the third room (back right), use the vent on the second level. It'll be stashed in here.
  • Magazine 4: Smack dab in the middle of the elevator that comes up after demolishing all four locks.
  • Magazine 5: After free-falling down the elevator shaft, find this in the first corner on the right.
  • Magazine 6: Next to the second generator, the one behind the door that's locked.
  • Magazine 7: On the floor in the circular area with the scientists.
  • Magazine 8: After exiting the second ventilation chasm, check the outer edge of the botanical area.

Chapter Eight: Sidequest St. Gabriel's Bank Magazines
  • Magazine 1: In the bank lobby, on the second level on the right side from the glass that shatters.
  • Magazine 2: When the glass shatters in the lobby, this is on the small structure in the back-right corner.
  • Magazine 3: After the SWAT team smashes through the lobby ceiling, find this magazine hidden in the attic space.
  • Magazine 4: Inside the large vault, in the corner by the second vault on the left of the entrance.
  • Magazine 5: Next to the soda machine at the farther end of the station after the subway crash.
  • Magazine 6: After you see Felicia and the getaway truck from the safety of the vents, upon exiting the vent, look all the way to the left of the first ceiling beam. Who put that there?
  • Magazine 7: On your way to the garage, find this on the left side of the hallway.
  • Magazine 8: With Felicia on your back (bet you feel special), look right just before getting into the elevator to find this.

Chapter Ten: Oscorp Robotic Facility Magazines
  • Magazine 1: After Smythe's chat with Connors, head into the assembly area behind you and find this on a ceiling beam.
  • Magazine 2: On top of the crate on the right of the elevator full of Sentries.
  • Magazine 3: When you drop through the hole in the elevator, hit the bottom, then look up. There's an active fan up there. Gum it up and snag the collectible.
  • Magazine 4: On the console opposite the one with your phone and web-shooters when you collect them.
  • Magazine 5: After all the pipes, behind the elevator with the 04.
  • Magazine 6: In the gray hallway after the hangar, head into the first room and see this on the desk.
  • Magazine 7: After moving the reactor, find this where the reactor once sat.
  • Magazine 8: Turn left at the fiery room with the broken window and head all the way down the oath to get this on a rack.

Chapter Twelve: Underground City Magazines
  • Magazine 1: Look on the first floor of the area with the fallen bus, next to a red shipping crate.
  • Magazine 2: After exiting the crawlspace and entering the pump station (you'll see Nattie swim around), head to the right to find this on a barrel.
  • Magazine 3: After going on the red pipe and gumming the fan after pulling the first wheel, find this on a workbench on the far side of the second pump room.
  • Magazine 4: After beating Nattie, head left at the fork. Crawl through a crawlspace, and find this on a crate right of the entrance.
  • Magazine 5: After beating Nattie, head right at the fork. In the two-tiered area, look for this in the blue dumpster right of the entrance.
  • Magazine 6: When traversing between the shanties after the narrow green slime tunnel, find this on a ledge to your left on the second dwelling.
  • Magazine 7: After exiting the crawlspace and spotting the Hunter, look behind the crate with the "Irish Pub" light.
  • Magazine 8: Just inside on of the tunnels on the second layer of the room with Gwen's hunter. The ledge has green goo on it. If you collected all magazines, Librarian will be awarded.

Tech Savvy
Collect all hidden Tech Pieces

These are Oscorp Tech pieces that are found throughout each Chapter in some of the interior areas of the game you will go to. Find them all to acquire this trophy. Finding tech pieces will acquire you additional tech points used in upgrading Spider-Man's abilities and can unlock new potential powers.

Chapter One: Oscorp Tower Tech Pieces
  • NONE

Chapter Two: Beloit Psychiatric Hospital Tech Pieces
  • NONE

Chapter Three: Oscorp Archives Tech Pieces
  • Tech Piece 1: When the level begins, stealthily take down the guard, then jump on the supply pile by him to find this.
  • Tech Piece 2: After the fight in the larger area ("Anybody bring a deck of cards or something?"), up on the balcony with the yellow railing.
  • Tech Piece 3: Tucked in a corner next to a stack of crates near the "entrance" of the larger area.
  • Tech Piece 4: On some crates near the exit, beyond the hazard trench.
  • Tech Piece 5: Head in the ventilation shaft on the left wall after exiting the guard-filled area.
  • Tech Piece 6: Against the wall behind the security console (facing the console, right) that turns off the laser floor.
  • Tech Piece 7: After watching Whitney get interrogated, follow the railing left and drop down to find this in a pit.
  • Tech Piece 8: When protecting and/or carrying Whitney, head up to the balcony up and right of the incinerator, and into the room a guard emerged from.

Chapter Four: West Pumping Station Tech Pieces
  • NONE

Chapter Five: Oscorp Tower Part Two Tech Pieces
  • Tech Piece 1: On the lab table below your starting point.
  • Tech Piece 2: By the containment chamber in the middle of the force field room.
  • Tech Piece 3: After deactivating the force field, in the open elevator with a 2 on it.
  • Tech Piece 4: On the top of an orange bench near where you entered.
  • Tech Piece 5: When in the crawlspace from elevator with a 3, in the first nook on the left.
  • Tech Piece 6: Near the crawlspace exit, around the last corner.
  • Tech Piece 7: On the left side of the empty room with the gun turret.
  • Tech Piece 8: In the hallway after the turret room, simply on the ground for the taking.
  • Tech Piece 9: Out in the open in the middle of the exit from the quarantine area.
  • Tech Piece 10: In plain sight after the first ceiling turret you see when escaping OsCorp.
  • Tech Piece 11: In the hallway with two turrets, in a nook on the left.
  • Tech Piece 12: After exiting the lab, check the nook on the right made by the small room.

Chapter Six: Oscorp Biological Labs Tech Pieces
  • Tech Piece 1: Right when starting the mission, don't leave that beam! A Tech Piece is to your left on the beam.
  • Tech Piece 2: Behind the DNA statue in the middle of the lobby you open with the control console.
  • Tech Piece 3: On top of the clear air duct in the back of the area with the four columns that rise out of the ground.
  • Tech Piece 4: On top of a cabinet in the back-right corner of the room.
  • Tech Piece 5: Find the ventilation duct on the second floor of the first room, and look for this inside.(This room is the second room if going clockwise).
  • Tech Piece 6: After fighting the enemies in the chasm (Spidey will say, "Got to get through!"), head in the open door and see this hanging out in the corner by the railing.
  • Tech Piece 7: Along the wall in the hallway you jump down to by dodging a thing of lasers. This is by Piece 6.
  • Tech Piece 8: On the floor of the second laser wall and turret area, the room after OsCorp manual 4.
  • Tech Piece 9: On the floor in the circular area with the scientists.
  • Tech Piece 10: After the Hunter saves your life, head into the ventilation chamber. This is on the first piece of rubble you use that's largely intact.
  • Tech Piece 11: On the ground floor of the second ventilation chasm.
  • Tech Piece 12: On the highest tier of the second ventilation chasm.

Chapter Ten: Oscorp Robotic Facility Tech Pieces
  • Tech Piece 1: When in the entrance crawlspace, on the right by the yellow exit vent.
  • Tech Piece 2: On the far end of the conveyor belt you enter after destroying four generators, on top of a robot's head.
  • Tech Piece 3: After the cutscene with you climbing on the glass walkway listening to Connors and Smythe, turn left once you enter a crawlspace and you can go directions besides forwards.
  • Tech Piece 4: Turn left at the T intersection of the same crawlspace as Piece 3.
  • Tech Piece 5: On the back wall of the room Alistaire tosses you into through a window. You should see this in front of you as you land.
  • Tech Piece 6: On the left wall of the second room of sentries after being tossed through the window.
  • Tech Piece 7: After using the platform vehicle to cross the initial gap, use it again to cross the second gap to the catwalk with the Tech Piece.
  • Tech Piece 8: On the side of the area you use the platform vehicle to reach, under the B04 door.
  • Tech Piece 9: After the platform vehicle area, on the red pipe, follow the pipe's first turn and jump to this on the S-03's leg.
  • Tech Piece 10: On the right-side catwalk of the reactor room, right of the console.
  • Tech Piece 11: Turn left after exiting the reactor room, avoid the sentry's laser-sight, then find this behind the sentry.
  • Tech Piece 12: Turn around after Magazine 8 (left past the broken, fiery window) and see this tucked in a corner behind some crates.
  • Tech Piece 13: On the console on the right wall of the room with the fire.
  • Tech Piece 14: In the fan room after the room with fire, continue on the crates past the fan to find this tucked in a corner.
  • Tech Piece 15: Gum up the fan in the same room as piece 14, then head left at the intersection.
  • Tech Piece 16: When you reenter the S-03 hangar from the fan area, after the first leg smashes the catwalk, navigate through and find this guarded by steam vents to web up on the left. If you haven't missed any Tech Pieces, Tech Savvy should pop.

Collect all Oscorp Manuals

These are Oscorp Manuals that are found throughout each Chapter in some of the interior areas of the game you will go to. Find them all to acquire this trophy.

Chapter One: Oscorp Tower Oscorp Manuals
  • NONE

Chapter Two: Beloit Psychiatric Hospital Oscorp Manuals
  • NONE

Chapter Three: Oscorp Archives Oscorp Manuals
  • Oscorp Security Manual 1: On the ground in the second guarded area, you probably went over this area when you went to attack the guard across from the entry point.
  • Oscorp Security Manual 2: Upon exiting the air vent out of the elevator, take out the two guards, and head right to see this in the corner.
  • Oscorp Security Manual 3: Go through the left vent above the catwalk, then look down at the exit, and you'll see it behind a container.
  • Oscorp Security Manual 4: After watching Whitney get busted, this is below the window.
  • Oscorp Security Manual 5: When carrying Whitney into the warehouse, find this in a corner near the entrance.

Chapter Four: West Pumping Station Oscorp Manuals
  • None

Chapter Five: Oscorp Tower Part Two Oscorp Manuals
  • OsCorp Security Manual 1: Look at the open elevator with a 2. Head right into the corner to find this on a bench.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 2: On one of the broken ledges in the containment area.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 3: On the console in the laser wall room.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 4: By the computers on the left side of the quarantine area.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 5: On a computer right of the entrance to the Lab.

Chapter Six: Biological Labs Oscorp Manuals
  • OsCorp Security Manual 1: After opening the doors with the console in the lobby, head up to the second level and proceed through the open door. Someone artfully put this in a tree planter.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 2: Between two large shelving on the first floor of the second room (going clockwise around the four rooms)(Now we head to the third room, still going clockwise)
  • OsCorp Security Manual 3: Entering the third room (back right room), this is in a sink to the left of the entrance.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 4: On the crate in the corner of the first room after destroying both generators to open the door and activating the console.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 5: Exiting the first ventilation chasm into the brief hallway, check out the area on the left for this.

Chapter Ten: Oscorp Robotic Facility Oscorp Manuals
  • OsCorp Security Manual 1: Under an interactive locker on the left wall (facing the elevator)
  • OsCorp Security Manual 2: Just entering the S-03 hangar, take a right and check out the nook behind the shipping crates.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 3: At the top of the crate-stair room on a rack on the left.
  • Photo 3: Head to behind the reactor and snap a picture to remember this moment.
  • OsCorp Security Manual 4: On the ground floor of the reactor room, driving... the... forklift... who authorized that?...
  • OsCorp Security Manual 5: After entering the room on fire after the reactor area, turn left through the lasers and head into the room to find this in a trash bin, where it belongs. If you haven't missed any manuals, Corporate will unlock.

Collect all audio evidence

Acquire all audio evidence collectibles to achieve this trophy. These are scattered throughout the chapters as you play and collecting them will reveal additional information and story behind some characters and events that have taken place. There will generally be two located in each section of the game.

Chapter One: Oscorp Tower Audio Evidence
  • Audio Evidence 1: After learning how to jump, then seeing that creature pull the scientists through the vent, in the next short hallway will be a piece of audio evidence on the ground on the left.
  • Audio Evidence 2: After activating the second security console, Web Rush over the second laser wall, then look right of the exit.

Chapter Two: Beloit Psychiatric Hospital Audio Evidence
  • Audio Evidence 1: On the balcony in the same area as Magazine 3 (after the dumpster fight with the slasher patients).
  • Audio Evidence 2: After Spidey says "fills my good deed quota", head into the lounge area on the right. This is on the wheelchair propping up the fallen bookcase.

Chapter Three: Oscorp Archives Audio Evidence
  • Audio Evidence 1: When you reach the exit of the vent you enter after Manual 2, Web Rush to the one right across, over the balcony, and this is in the vent.
  • Audio Evidence 2: Drop off the entrance catwalk, then look in the nook to the right by the security tower.

Chapter Four: West Pumping Station Audio Evidence
  • Audio Evidence 1: Go into the perfectly round tunnel, then fall all the way down. Web-Shoot the fan and enter the back room to find this on the table.
  • Audio Evidence 2: After crawling through the container, look behind the large blue dumpster.

Chapter Five: Oscorp Tower Part Two Audio Evidence
  • Audio Evidence 1: On the reception desk that's on the wall you entered.
  • Audio Evidence 2: Inside the overturned capsule in the lab.

Chapter Six: Biological Labs Audio Evidence
  • Audio Evidence 1: In the first area, in the corner of the control room.
  • Audio Evidence 2: On the second level of the fourth (final if going clockwise around the rooms) generator room next to a fridge.

Chapter Ten: Oscorp Robotic Facility
  • Audio Evidence 1: In the room with the large amounts of sentries and their doors, hop through the opening in the chain-link fence and find this lying on a dumpster.
  • Audio Evidence 2: In the gray hallway after the hangar, head down right of the crate room past the floor lasers, and grab this. Then run because you probably just alerted two sentries!

Chapter Eleven: Conner's Makeshift Lab
  • Audio Evidence: Near the entrance of Connors' lab, in plain sight.

Chapter Twelve: Underground City
  • Audio Evidence 1: On an overturned white column behind the bus that's fallen through the ceiling.
  • Audio Evidence 2: After entering the second pump room by gumming the fan, find this on the platform beneath the fan.
  • Audio Evidence 3: After beating Nattie, head right at the fork. Turn the corner, defeat the Sentries, and grab this from the nook. If you have not missed any Audio Evidence, Journalist will unlock.

I'm on a Roll!
Achieve a combo streak of 42

Simply chain any of your attacks, Web-Rushes, web-shot, and other abilities into a 42 hit steak to achieve this trophy. Easiest to play on Normal difficulty where enemies won't attack you as often, but they will be a bit tougher than on Easy. Focus on groups if you can manage dodging, but make sure no one in the group with unblockable attacks or guns to have to Web-Escape from to mess up your chain. If you get hit once, the combo is broken and you will be forced to start over. There are tough brute thug enemies that can't be taken down except from signature moves, so use your Web-Rush and strikes to chain combos against one of these enemies.

St. Gabriel Bank Sidequest
When you chase down Felicia Hardy in the bank robbery sidequest, you will nearly catch up to her when she has the bank manager towards the end, before she makes her escape through the subway car that crashes into the building. Here you will get jumped by a large number of enemies, none that will attack with unblockable hits. Simply dodge with whenever they strike you and counter attack while steadily building up your combos. Use your web abilities if need be and switch out with some Web-Escape and Web-Rush Strikes if you need to jump away for a split moment. Don't stop attacking or you may lose your combo and if you are struck you will end it as well.

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FYI I'm Spider-Man
Perform 25 Signature Moves

Simply activate 25 total signature moves during the game to achieve this trophy. Signature moves are activated by pressing on a dazed or dizzied foe. Most normal "thugs" you'll fight through the game can have a signature move performed on them after a few hits. Doing this will instantly incapacitate your foes, leaving you to work on others for those times you get surrounded. If you have your game hints and notices active through in-game settings, you will be prompted to press whenever you can use your signature moves. After so many chain attacks, depending on your ability level-ups, you will be able to chain together more powerful attacks and your signature moves into your combos as well.

Perform a Web-Rush punch

To achieve this trophy, you will have to wait until Chapter Six where you achieve the ability for purchase Web-Rush punch. Unlock this and then target any enemy with your Web-Rush. Just as you get ready to hit them, tap to activate this and Spidey will do a special combo. After this you will achieve this trophy.

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Keep it Together
Immobilize 6 enemies simultaneously with web

You need to unlock and purchase the Web-Hurricane ability. This will be unlocked as you progress in level from completing Chapters of the game and collecting magazines, manuals, and defeating enemies. Once you have purchased the ability, it allows you to Web-Rush Strike with into enemies and press before you strike them to envelop them in webbing. This will stun them for a select amount of time, allowing you to disable groups of enemies. Use this ability on a group of 6 or more enemies to achieve the trophy.

St. Gabriel's Bank Sidequest
When you are completing this area, after you have went through the manager's office and crawled through the vents, you will come to an area, just before catching up to Felicia when she has the manager still. Here you will be attacked by a large number of enemies and one of the earliest times to use this ability effectively. Jump up and strike into them after you have gathered them together and tap to Web-Hurricane around them.

Oscorp Robotic Facility
When you return back here, before you lose your spidey powers during the story, you can find an area where you need to seal four doors that the small robot droids are continuously pouring out of. Wait for a bunch of them to come out, and gather them together. Now Web-Escape quickly away before they jump all over Spider-Man and then Web Strike into them and quickly tap to use the ability. Should be more than plenty and works wonders on these little buggers.

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Stick to the Plan
Defeat 50 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns

Simply takedown 50+ enemies using your Stealth Takedown ability. See All Tied Up for more information.

All Tied Up
Defeat 100 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns

Throughout the game, you will often run into situations that Spider-Man can't handle alone with thugs wielding guns and such. Especially when completing the Research Lab sidequests, all enemies will have guns and you'll be forced into using your stealth takedowns more frequently. Simply get overtop of an enemy on the roof of an area, and once the Web-Rush turns from targeting with a red(Web-Strike takedown) to a Purple meaning stealth, press to automatically drop and one shot the enemy.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock abilities to takedown 2 enemies at once and make Spider-Man harder to detect. Try not to use it on a large group of enemies that are aware of your presence as when you stealth take them down, the other guards, even if didn't see you will be alerted from screaming and noise and are going to open fire or come after you. When you get detected and want to escape back unnoticed, press for your Web-Escape. If you do this in a small room, you may need to tap again to Web-Escape across the room to another location OR Web-Rush to a different point. After they no longer see you, you are free to begin stealth takedowns again.

Who's the Prey?
Clear the first fight against the Hunter robots

This Trophy is Story -Related and cannot be missed.

After defeating Vermin in Chapter Four, you get dragged out of the Sewer into another fight, with one of the Hunter robots. Web-sling through the city dodges it's energy blasts while staying low to create an opening that you can Web-Rush into it to damage the machine somewhat. You will need to do this three times and then you will be able to deactivate the Hunter. Web shoot around dodging it, and if you see it start glowing black and blue electrical energy, GET AWAY ASAP! This will most likely do enough damage to kill Spider-Man so avoid it at all costs, if you get stuck in it, quickly Web-Rush away out of there or just hold/tap to web-sling yourself to safety.

After you defeat this one Hunter, his two buddies will show up making the fight that much tougher. Repeat the same maneuvers as for the first Hunter to defeat this pair. Try to focus on one or the other, to quickly defeat one rather than spread out your attacks and risk dying losing it all and starting over from the start of the battle. After you defeat all three of these Hunters, you will achieve this trophy.

Beating the Odds
Clear the second fight against the Hunter robots

This Trophy is Story -Related and cannot be missed.

During Chapter Nine, when you return to your apartment to see Dr. Conners, you find the place trashed beyond belief. However your visit is short lived as you get attacked by a special designed improved model Spider-Slayer Hunter Bot that grabs you out of the apartment. Prepare for the next encounter of these foes. This time, you'll have to deal with all three at once, including the advanced Hunter bot.

Complete this encounter the same way you did before in the previous battle. Just stay moving. Most of the time, you can actually press to Web-Rush Strike one Hunter and as you jump off of it, you can tap the button again and jump right back to the next one since they're so huddled together trying to kill you. Keep moving and staying slightly close to the ground to make sure you can easily catch when to Web-Rush. After you have destroyed all three, you will complete this battle.

Siege Averted
Defeat the S-01

This Trophy is Story -Related and cannot be missed.

Chapter One
To achieve this trophy, you will need to complete Chapter One, including the boss at the end of it when you first are able to explore the city. Start off sneaking through Oscorp labs with Gwen checking out some more of Conner's work and Smythe's additions. You'll get a sneak peak at some of the robots to be unleashed on the town and many of the enemies you will face later one. After the cutscenes, escape through the labs and rescue Gwen. Here you will be given time to practice some of your web slinging and are introduced to the Web Rush abilities. Pressing will slow down time and allow you to look through Spider-Man's eyes, seeing different points of interest that he can instantly and automatically web sling to or attack. Use this to jump up and save Gwen and then escape the labs.

At times, you will have to go ahead without Gwen to open doors and will be combated with some robots designed to neutralize cross-species. They take Spider-Man as a threat and you must engage them. Use your web shot () and melee () to take them down. At times, the game will prompt you with some markings over top of Spider-Man, to alert you with his spidey-sense that something is coming and to dodge. This is done with . Use this and you can chain counters into your dodges and easily defeat these foes. After making through all the labs with Gwen, you will acquire a cell phone to use for any upgrades, checking quest information, viewing your map, and other things. Spend some points upgrading your abilities and then progress further with the story.

You will be outside and able to swing through the city now. However, your fun is short lived as an earthquake begins and you're alerted to head towards the area marked on your map. Swing over there once you have practices your Web-Rush and web slinging for a bit, and prepare for your first boss fight with the, S-01 Robot Spider. After a cutscene you will begin the battle.

S-01 Robot
For this fight, you will need to destroy different points of weakness on the foe. Start off, by avoiding his laser blast as you web sling around him, and target the areas around his head, like little core units, using your Web-Rush ability. Spiderman will instantly zoom into the area and attack it. There are 3 to start off with, and then as the foe shoots some more, his back end will open revealing a fourth core to destroy. After this, he will begin firing more smaller multiplied lasers from his eyes. After he shoots, you will be able to see these as targets with Web-Rush and repeat like before. This time, you must attack them with and as it charges, you will be prompted to dodge so press when it comes up. Once destroyed, you will be able to continue web slinging for a bit and simply need to repeat on the opposite side.

After taking down the core units and it's eyes, you are shown to target the fan units on it's legs to keep the foe from moving. Web-Sling around the S-01 and target down at the fans with your web shots using . Keep moving to avoid getting blasted and if you are about to get hit, press to pull back towards a surface around you and dodge. After you have neutralized all legs of the foe, you will have a Web-Rush to deactivate it. Press and Spider-Man will zoom down and finish it off with a small in-game cutscene.

During the fight, you may see a quick prompt come up to dodge. Press whenever you see this to dodge missiles that are being fired around. Also, stay alert of what the S-01 is doing. It will generally fire one large laser beam around, slightly tracking Spider-Man in circles. It will only last a few moments, so web sling away and to safety. You can stick to the buildings around you, but staying still is not a wise option as you will become an easy target for the machine.

Big Apple, Big Worm
Defeat the S-02

This Trophy is Story -Related and cannot be missed.

After you complete Chapter Six: Smythe Strikes Back, escaping from Oscorp Tower Part 2, Alistair Smythe sends the S-02 out to destroy the cross-species, namely targeting you. Prepare to tap and do alot of dodging for this upcoming battle.

S-02 Battle Part One
When the fight begins, you will have several red reticules targeting Spider-Man. Web-sling away or tap to Web-Escape to safety and dodge the move. Look for the fan vent on the neck piece directly underneath the S-02's head. Tap when you're close enough to web-shoot this and jam it up. When you do so, parts will fall off and the S-02 will go underground, followed by leaping out at you resulting in a prompt to dodge with . Tap it quickly and then press to Web-Rush Strike the next segment when it prompts onscreen. Repeat this twice, dodging it's blasts as mentioned until you can get into range to web-shoot. After two times, you will finish this part of the fight and have to rescue a helicopter quickly. Press to Web-Rush to it.

S-02 Battle Part Two
After you have destroyed the plating segment twice, the S-02 will go after the helicopter nearby. Quickly press to Web-Rush up to it for the rescue. Now you will view a brief cutscene of Spider-Man riding this machine up to the top of Oscorp Tower. Here you will be face to face with the boss. Battle starts off with your red spidey-sense going off and the machine sending it's tentacles out after you. Quickly press and move your directional sticks or left analog stick to either side to roll and evade the attack. Repeat this while tapping to Web-Shoot the eyes. After you have done it enough, the prompt to dodge will display followed by a prompt to press and Web-Rush the foe's face. Now tap again to pull the core out and attack it to deal damage.

When the fight resumes now, the S-02 will begin using a new attack, it's laser blast that will sweep the entire area. You can tap to web-Escape right as it passes by Spider-Man to dodge it OR simply press and hold to do a long jump and leap over it. Be careful cause it will sweep back a few times. Keep tapping to web-shoot the eyes continuously and repeat the process of dodging when the prompt comes up.

Repeat this one final time and a final event will occur. Now tap when prompted to Web-Rush the antennae here to grab on before getting sucked away by the S-02's final attack. Now tap when prompted as well to climb and hold on. Finally the antennae will break lose going directly into the face of the machine destroying it and completing this battle.

Tomorrow is Saved
Defeat the S-03

This Trophy is Story-Related and cannot be missed.

After you completed Chapter Ten: Oscorp Robotic Facility and escaped back to your home, you will need to rescue Conners who has transformed back into the Lizard and taken off to fight Alistaire Smythe and his latest S-03 machine. Watch a cutscene showing Spidey getting transported to the fight thanks to Whitney Chang and her chopper. Afterwards, Spidey will jump down into the S-03 to destroy it's power supply and regain his powers.

Now you're ready to rip this thing and Smythe a new one. After you jump back up, you will notice several sentry bots attacking you and Lizard trying to open the door as the backup generators are supplying power and working the force field. Destroy enough of these to give you time to get to the door. Tap to open the door with Lizard and a cutscene will show Spider-Man destroying one of the two generators. Repeat again once you have control of Spider-Man. Destroy the second generator and then Smythe will come down himself in his own mechsuit made of Vibranium. This will complete the section dealing with the S-03. Finish the fight with Alistaire Smythe, and you will obtain this trophy after the battle is finished.

Clean Victory
Defeat a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters

After Chapter 3 in the story, you will begin encountering Hunters. These are quick moving flying machines that will use energy blasts to try and take down Spider-Man and other cross-species. To acquire this trophy, you simply need not use your web-shooters during the battle. Just web-sling around until it pops up on screen to Web-Rush and then press to quickly jump onto the machine and damage it. Repeat this three times and then you will be able to deactivate it on the next Web-Rush. Shooting them with your web, will slow them down making the fight slightly easier, but is unnecessary.

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The Sky is the Limit
Defeat the S-01 without touching the ground

This Trophy is Missable! Replay Chapter from Peter's Apartment to retry.

To acquire this trophy, you must beat the S-01 without dropping to the ground at all. This means if you die, you will need to start back over as you will immediately be put on the ground when game loads. If you hit the ground during this challenge, simply press and select retry. For information on how to defeat the S-01, read Siege Averted. The trick is to continuously hold during the fight so that Spider-Man is always in motion one way or the other, while you target the boss's weak points. Near the end when you must take down the legs, let off slightly to that you fall forward to easily aim at the leg joints, but don't get too close to the ground or you risk failing.

Try to avoid aiming for the S-01 when it is shooting a steady laser beam as you may risk getting hit and knocked back OR take large amount of damage. Keep up and in time you will manage. If you are playing on Super Hero Difficulty, try replaying this section later if you continuously fail or get hit and knocked down when trying to complete this optional requirement.

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Apparent Defeat
Defeat Iguana

This is an Optional Boss in the game. The battle will take place in Chapter 5: To Smash the Spider and you'll have a report to investigate some people kidnapping the District Attorney. Go to the marked location on you map and enter the sewers to begin this sidequest.

Down in the sewers, before you make it to Iguana, you'll have to navigate through blocked passageways, poisonous sludge, fan vents, and other tricks. Start off you'll be moving some trains around, so position Spider-Man so that he can interact and pull them out of the way. Whenever you run into a fan vent, get where you can shoot it with your web-shooters and tap until they cease moving and go through quickly before it breaks loose. Many doors will be blocked as well and you will need to resupply power using different electrical terminals. Go over to these, and interact with them to form a web and restore power. You'll see energy and electricity surging through them so you can't miss it.

Towards the end, you'll find a tunnel full of pipes erupting steam and sludge. You'll have to web-shoot the pipes and then jump forward onto the small boxes floating up int he sludge. Do this all the way across the tunnel, being quick as the pipes will soon burn through the web. Once across, you'll find another electric terminal. Restore power and then back track until you see a gate that is open. You'll have to get back to where the path divided and led down to where you just where and to a locked door. It will be open so go on through. After a short ways, you'll find a opening and Spider-Man should make some comment like "here we go" or similar line. Drop down and prepare for the Iguana.

Iguana Battle

The Iguana will have about 10 henchmen with him so be prepared and expecting this to be a time consuming fight. You can go straight for him if you like, but they may swarm you and do quite some damage. The area isn't that big either so you don't have much means of escape. Take down the henchmen first if you want an easier fight against the foe, and when you're ready drop down and wait for him to claw at you. Rapidly tap to dodge these and then open a flurry of punches and kicks yourself. You repeat this until you have knocked out the Iguana.

During the battle if you cling to the roof or across the room, you may see the red spidey sense alerting you about getting hit with something you can't dodge. He's about to shoot sludge at you, so quickly use your Spidey-Escape when this happens OR if you get damaged too much. Simply keep tapping to spidey-escape back and forth to dodge all their attacks and stay out of melee range until your health recovers.

Also, he can use an ear piercing sludge roar, that will briefly stun you and do some damage if you're too close. Escape or roll away from this when you think you see it coming. He will use this at about medium range most of the time while you're occupied handling the henchmen. Stay alert for the Multiple Dodge hint coming up, and start tapping as he's about to do his melee flurry of strikes. This will be when he's open for attacks. Your web will not do anything to him, so don't bother trying to web grab or throw him or shoot from above. After you have defeated the boss, you will acquire this trophy.

Switched Off
Rescue Alistaire Smythe

This Trophy is Story-Related and cannot be missed.

After you complete the Robotic Facility Chapter, you will regain your powers and be able to face Alistaire Smythe in his new robotic tech suit along side Lizard. First note that you can't really do much to him to start off with. Simply dodge his laser blasts while circling around him, constantly shooting your web-shooters at his gun arms to stop them up. After you tangled him, you can circle behind him to Web-Strike his back side by pressing . Afterwards, Lizard will rip off one of the arms. This repeats for a bit until he knocks out Lizard and leaves you to take the full beat down of the attacks. Dodge and use your shooters, tapping to stop up his guns and finally interact the final time on him to rip the arms off and defeat him.

Now view a quick cutscene and you will pretty much save him from dying here and complete this trophy.

Down for the Count
Defeat Rhino in the sewers

This is an optional boss battle during the game.

During the game in Chapter Six, you will be able take a sidequest leading you down into the sewers again to face off against Rhino one final time. You will be tasked with helping the foreman down here get out by activating different controls and changing the flow of the sludge to get rid of it. After you have helped him and went down into the deeper sections of the sewer, you will run into Rhino again.

Rhino Battle

Here you will have a small area surrounded by electrical wires and are capable of interacting with them to form a web and connect the flow of energy. Lure Rhino into charging at you and then dodge over him. Tap to interact and set up an electrical field and lure Rhino into running through this. He will get stuck and you can Web-Strike into him with . Do this and repeat this same set up two more times. After the third attack, he will be defeated and you can view a quick cutscene of Spidey throwing him down into the center core of the energy floor.

Tail? You Lose
Defeat Scorpion in quarantine

This Trophy is Story-Related and cannot be missed.

Chapter Six: Oscorp Labs
This starts you back trying to re-enter the labs of Oscorp and save Gwen and the other scientists that have become infected. Initially, you are to give the antidote to Gwen, but doesn't go as planned since Alistair Smythe takes it and uses it on himself. Luckily for Gwen, it was contaminated and he becomes paralyzed. Fight your way out of the labs and back to your house to confront Conners about this and see if he can fix another correct formula cure. You'll battle through mostly robots and Oscorp guards until you reach the end. For the robots, tap to spray them briefly with web and then you can attack as normal. If they jump onto you, quickly tap to rip them off and hurl them down on the floor.

Easiest way to handle the areas where you become surrounded by the robot droid sentries, is to web-shoot one of them, and then hold to grab and swing them into all the other droids and enemies around you. Keep this up until you can finally escape the area. After you make your way fully through Chapter Six and try to save everyone by giving them the antidote, you will come to meet Scorpion, one of the first cross species you meet in the game and the one to break free because of your presence. Now it's your turn to put him in his place.

Scorpion Battle

When the battle begins, begin wailing with your punches on Scorpion. Dodge when he attacks and you see the prompt come on screen, start tapping the button to evade him, followed by your own counterattack. After a while, he will change up tactics and begin spewing sludge out, covering the area around you. Quickly press to Web-Escape when you see him begin this move and the slime starts flowing to avoid all damage. Now from here, press to Web-Rush Strike back into him continuing your flurry of strikes to down the foe. Soon you will finally subdue Scorpion and can escape.

Defeat Felicia

This Trophy is Story -Related and cannot be missed.

You are capable of finding Felicia Hardy, A.K.A Black Cat during Chapter Eight. Wait while you traverse the city to hear a report on the Spidey-Tracers about a bank break in. Head over to the icon marked on your map HUD and climb to the top to find an opening to get in past the guards noticing. Watch a few scenes with the guards and Felicia and once you have control of Spidey, start stealth taking down everyone. Use this opportunity to take some pictures of the thugs and colonels here for your concept Art as well since they won't be fully alerted to your presence right away. Once you've taken care of all the enemies in the first zone, continue through the bank and you will find a guard who helps you with some information to get ahead. Use the console and then go to the door in the previous main room that has opened and leads out into bank manager's office. Use the air duct and continue through.

Fight past the guards and continue on and you will eventually find a place with a bunch of melee thugs. Use this to acquire your 42 Hit combo needed for another . Afterwards and you catch up to Felicia, a train car will crash through the side of the building. Go through this and continue on taking more enemies. You will finally catch up to her and being your fight.

Felicia Hardy Battle

Start off Web-Escaping away from her initial gun blasts and electricity grenades. If you try to attack her directly from the start, she will dodge and then throw one of these grenades down at you. Dodge it by pressing quickly to Web-Escape away. If you get hit by this attack, Spider-Man will become momentarily stunned and take some damage. Tap as fast as possible and when you see the dodge icon spidey-sense come up, press or to get away. The trick to beating her is to use your Web-Shooters and slow her down and then Web-Rush into her. Repeat this until she changes up tactics and begins throwing smoke bombs down and then shooting back at you.

Dodge her attacks and then crawl along the wall around the corners to find Felicia and catch her off guard. Web-Rush into her and then start your own melee chain of attacks. Repeat this three times or so and she may revert back to using a mix of attacks again. Web-Shoot her to slow down and then attack. Be sure to take a picture of her before you defeat her also. Once she's been beaten, you throw her over your shoulder and then head back to the main lobby of the Bank and turn her over to the police.

Smell you Later
Defeat Vermin

This Trophy is Story-Related and cannot be missed.

Chapter Four
You will encounter Vermin during Chapter 4: Thrill of the Hunt when Conners sends you to get a cross-species DNA sample to formulate a cure. Ofcourse, Spidey's first idea is to go after Vermin, the specimen that bit Gwen in the labs to begin with which involves you doing down into the Sewers of Manhattan. Down here in the dumps, you will have to open valve doors using your web and then speedily cross over before the doors shut so prepare for this slight addition to the game's obstacles. Also, you will begin encountering Infected Enemies who must be taken out with a Signature move and will attack more viciously than some previous enemies you've faced. Traverse the sewers and occasionally you will reach a hub of tunnels. Interact with the center by pressing for Spider-Man to form a spiderweb with strings reaching out through each tunnel path. Cycle through them to see which one is moving slightly, and that is the path Vermin went down. You will mostly cycle through going down a path following him and then getting led back to the center again. After you finally corner Vermin in a dead end, you will get to fight him for his blood.

Vermin Battle

The fight begins with Vermin jumping into the sludge caked around the walls and roof, making Spider-Man have a limited Web-Escape to. Watch his moves and don't stand still for too long. If you do, he will either spit at you or will jump from within the sludge and strike down at Spider-Man, neither being too pleasant. Wait for him to strike you, and dodge his attacks using . Strike back rapidly tapping when you see an opening, but if the red arrows appear overhead Spider-Man get back cause you can't dodge those moves. After you have done enough damage and get ready to take his blood, you will be interrupted by the sentry droids and Vermin escapes, leading you to have to finish the robots and then give chase yet again.

Chapter Four Part Two
You're back in the city, but only momentarily. Follow the waves of rats to get to Vermin's location from here. Jump down into the Pumping Station again and locate Vermin. Repeat the same process as before, going from tunnel to tunnel using your spidey web trick when interacting on the Hub of the tunnels. After you finally track down the flow of the rats, you will encounter the Vermin for one last time. Be sure to snap a picture to remember him by.

Vermin Battle Final
During this last fight with Vermin, he will bring a few extra tricks with him. His entire pack of rats will try to swarm you if you linger too long in one spot, so avoid this by pressing to Web-Escape every few moments. Keep your eyes on him and don't stop too long as mentioned before or he will jump from the sludge at you. Repeat the same dodging and striking him using your combos or to Web-Rush Strike into him for some more damage. After a bit, you will knock him out and get the blood DNA sample needed, however, a Hunter catches onto you. Have a nice ride Spider-Man!

Deeply Sorry
Defeat Nattie

This Trophy is Story-Related and cannot be missed.

Nattie Battle
During Chapter 12, when you're tracking the lizard, you will jump down into a pool of water. Here you will encounter and face Nattie, a girl fused with a Piranha. First note that you will need to periodically interact with the valves by pressing to drain the water, or she will gain the advantage and can recover somewhat as well as it becoming too high and you dying. Simply dodge it's swipes at you and strike back with your own combo of attacks. Web-Escape whenever you need to, but beware the long range spit attack Nattie has, so you won't be entirely safe. After you strike the foe a few rounds, it will screech at you summoning more deformed fish people, that look like Merfolk. Dodge and combat these as they come at you, still remembering to drain the water. When they first appear, use your Web-Rush Strike and tap to immobilize them in webbing to slow a few down to gain advantage over their numbers.

Repeat this process of taking down the henchmen fish people, while still dodging and striking at Nattie after you have dealt with most of them. Don't forget to constantly drain the water as it rises and you will eventually over come the foe. Dodge and Web-Strike her to do some damage and tap to do multiple dodges as similar to the Iguana battle. After you have stopped Nattie, you may proceed forward and find the Lizard.

Welcome Back, Friend
Defeat Lizard

This Trophy is Story-Related and cannot be missed.

During Chapter 12, after you have dealt with Alistair Smythe, you will have to chase the Lizard who has lost control of himself and ran into the sewers after Gwen Stacey. Travel through the sewers to get to Gwen and the Lizard. You will face Nattie while down here so read that trophy and prepare to take down lots of goons and dodge through more of the acid sludge spread all through the sewers. Part way through you will get to a locked door and you will need to drain the water out of the take. Activate the four valves, mostly behind fan vents to stop and drain the water and then drop through.

Also, you will finally find Gwen and have to fight off several waves of thugs here. Use your Web-Rush and immobilize them by tapping when you hit to Web-Strike into the groups to slow them down. Watch out for the spitting goons sitting atop the ledges around the area as she tries to activate the Hunter droid. After you take down one wave, Lizard will show up and grab her. Web-Rush into him quickly and then another wave will begin. take this one down in similar fashion and yet again, Lizard will show up. Repeat and then take down one more wave of enemies and Gwen should have the droid activated now. Hop on and chase the Lizard to the final battle location.

The Lizard Battle
Part One
Don't initially try to strike the Lizard. Dodge his moves, and then Web-Escape onto the wall, but then drop down again, to lure Lizard into the corners against the wall of the area. When he is in position, you can tap to Web-Rush at him and then web him into the wall. Now Immediately turn back to the crash Hunter from the cutscene and press to Web-Rush into it. Now tap to rip it apart to get to the serum before he recovers. After a short time, he will leap at you and the prompt to dodge will pop up on screen. Quickly press it and dodge out of the way. Repeat this again until you have broken the debris free and got the serum. Lizard will jump away down deeper into the sewer tunnels from this point and you will need to give chase.

Part Two

From here, walk through the tunnel until you get to the end and it's barred up. View a brief cutscene of the enemies getting closer to you, and then Lizard dragging Spider-Man through and dropping down onto a new platform. You will notice that several other platforms are raised above and can be Web-Rushed into as Lizard jumps between then and coming after you. Tap to target and web-shoot Lizard and then press to Web-Rush into him on a platform. Start attacking him here and dodge with when the prompt comes up. If you did it correctly, Lizard will be flung over the side and you will try to administer the serum to him. Tap when prompted to try this until Lizard breaks free and flings you over. Tap to Web-Escape to safety quickly and then repeat this process again. Once you have him down this time, you should be able to give him the serum and finish the battle.

Lightweight Champion
Defeat 100 enemies

Simply defeat over 100 enemies and you will achieve this trophy. It will unlock through normal play of the game.

Middleweight Champion
Defeat 500 enemies

Simply defeat over 500 enemies and you will achieve this trophy. This will take more time than Lightweight Champion, but should still come through normal play of the game, especially if you complete all petty crimes you come across and explore many of the research labs.

Heavyweight Champion
Defeat 1000 enemies

Simply defeat over 1,000 enemies and you will achieve this trophy. As you replay chapters and complete sidequests during the game, you will face off against a large number of enemies. If by game completion you don't have this trophy, farm completing any of the research labs, other sidequests, and play any chapters needed until you reach it. Enemies and thugs are located everywhere so take your pick.

Ultimate Spider-Man
Acquire all upgrades

To acquire this trophy, you need to buy all upgrades for Spider-Man including both the Tech upgrades and the abilities. As you progress through the story, you will unlock new abilities to purchase with the tech and experience you acquire. Finding tech pieces or defeating machines throughout the different areas, will unlock new Tech upgrades for you to purchase and give you Tech points spend. Also, you will need to finish all of the sidequests including the challenges and OsCorp labs to unlock all upgrades for purchasing.

Spidey Ability Upgrades
  • Attack Damage
    • Upgrade 1=25% More Damage
    • Upgrade 2=50% more damage

  • Surprise Attack Power
    • Upgrade 1=30% Increase
    • Upgrade 2=60% Increase

  • Combat Boost
    • Upgrade 1=Activates at X10
    • Upgrade 2=Activates at X8
    • Upgrade 3=Activates at X6

  • Combat Fury
    • Upgrade 1=Unlocks Ability

  • Web Bounce
    • Upgrade 1=Unlocks Ability

  • Spider's Thread and Double Thread
    • Upgrade 1=Can Lift One Enemy
    • Upgrade 2=Can Lift Two Enemies

  • Web-Punch
    • Upgrade 1=25% Increase
    • Upgrade 2=50% Increase

  • Web-Hurricane
    • Upgrade 1=Unlocks Ability
    • Upgrade 2=Increases Radius and Duration

  • Power Strike
    • Upgrade 1=Unlocks Ability

  • Artillery Strike
    • Upgrade 1=Unlocks Ability

  • Web Rush Timer
    • Upgrade 1=Increases Web Rush Timer
    • Upgrade 2=Further Increases Web Rush Timer
    • Upgrade 3=Greatly Increases Web Rush Timer

Spidey Tech Upgrades
  • Web Strength
    • Upgrade 1=2X Longer
    • Upgrade 2=4X Longer

  • Rapid Fire
    • Upgrade 1=33% Increase
    • Upgrade 2=66% Increase

  • Wall Blast
    • Upgrade 1=Unlocks Ability
    • Upgrade 2=Reduces the Amount of Web Required

  • Web-Impact
    • Upgrade 1=Unlocks Ability
    • Upgrade 2=Increases Stopping Power and Pushback

  • Suit Combat Resistance
    • Upgrade 1=15% Resistance
    • Upgrade 2=30% Resistance

  • Suit Ballistic Resistance
    • Upgrade 1=15% Resistance
    • Upgrade 2= 30% Resistance

  • Suit Laser Resistance
    • Upgrade 1=15% Resistance
    • Upgrade 2=30% Resistance

  • Suit Acid Resistance
    • Upgrade 1=15% Resistance
    • Upgrade 2=30% Resistance

  • Web-Reach and Web-Cyclone
    • Upgrade 1=Increases the Range and Damage of Web-Reach
    • Upgrade 2=Further Increases Range and Damage of Web-Reach
    • Upgrade 3=Swings an Enemy Around, Damaging Nearby Targets

  • Spider-Tracers
    • Upgrade 1=2X Longer
    • Upgrade 2=Track Beloit Patients

Amazing Spider-Man
Unlock all concept art

This Trophy is Missable, but events can be replayed from Peter's Apartments for any chapters missed!

As you take photos of different enemies, complete chapters, meet new characters, etc.. you will acquire and unlock Concept Art that can be viewed in game. Unlock all to achieve this trophy. You will have to take photos that register of the enemies you fight and bosses. You will have to complete all the photo sidequests throughout the game, complete the game and take photos of all enemies.

Whitney Chang's Photo Op Sidequests
During the game, you will be tasked with searching out groups of three images for Whitney to write her articles on. She will send you a brief descriptions of the image you need to take, as well as the location being marked on your Map HUD. As you complete the story chapters and her photo ops, more will become available.

Friend or Foe
-Where are fans getting their goods?
Look around for a store with lots of Spider-Man advertising and images covering it. Take a picture of the front of the store by the spidey-symbol

- People are rooting for you.
Check the crowd of people to the left of the store for several citizens wearing spidey-masks. Snap a shot.

- I hear there's even a billboard of you now.
Look above most of the surrounding buildings for a big red spidey-symbol covering over an Oscorp sign. Take a photo of this.

Pressing Matters
- Shredded clothes are lying around.
Go to the edge of the rooftop here and you will see these laying over the side of the sign.

-Footprints. Well, they kinda look like dog prints. From a BIG dog.

Nearby on the ground of the roof, you will see the prints heading from the railings over to the door.

- Claw marks on the door.
Look at the door on the roof area here and you will see the claw marks.

Through the Through
- Get me that sunken tent.
Nearby the marked area, you will find a tent that is caving-in in the middle with a biohazard sign on it.

- The little girl was sucked into the ground. Is there a hole left or something?
There will a small barricaded up spot on the ground, with circular indentions in it. Snap a shot of this for the hole.

- Look for nearby police officers asking questions.
Slightly past the tent, you will see 2 officers and someone in a hazmat uniform. Take a photo.

Troubled Water
- A manhole lid was somehow thrown hard enough to encase it in a wall.
Look at the corner of the building, where a citizen will sometimes be standing, pointing at the manhole lid cover cracked into the building.

- The poltergeist came from the fire hydrant. It ripped it open.
Look at the hydrant gushing water and take a photo.

- There's a handprint left on the ground. People say you can't miss it. It's huge!

Look around the nearby area and you can see the giant grey shaded handprint that is sitting on the ground.

Infectious Migration
- The Hot Dog stand. A helicopter saw it on a roof.
Go to the roof of the marked building area on your map. You will see this nearly over turned hotdog stand sitting up here.

- Find the nest. It should stand out.
Right in the corner of the rooftop will be a small "Vulture" nest. Take a photo for your memories.

- Take a snapshot of that good if you can.
Look around the ground up here and you will find a puddle of green goo. Snap a shot.

Life Line
- Show people waiting in lines. it might prepare some to better accent the wait.
Snap a shot of the people waiting in the marked area for treatment. Quite sad.

- Some of them are so sick they can't even stand.
Look around for a group of people huddled together sitting on the ground.

- Needless to say, they reinforced the security. There's alot of unrest out there.
Just outside the treatment area, you will notice more cops. Snap a photo of these guys standing guard.

Spoiled Feast
- I don't know if he took his time, but there's a bench there that suggests he wasn't in any hurry.
Look nearby the marked area for a bench, glowing black. Take a photo of it.

- I guess phone booths can't hide that he's one with powers. I think you'll agree on that one.
Nearby you will find a phone booth oozing black like the void.

- He left some kind of signature. Take a snapshot of that too, please.
Go over past the bench you noticed heading away from the marked area with the phone booth and bench. You will find some writing posted up on the wall past this. Take a picture.

Infectious Overflow
- Find people on the streets that show signs of the disease.
Look nearby the fountain and you will see a man dropped down on his knees. Take a photo of him.

- There's a commemorative fountain out there that shows how bad the situation is. (You'll know what I mean when you see it.)
Look at the fountain shooting off the green sludge. Snap a shot of this disgusting mess.

- We need some positivity too, so get a picture of a citizen showing some gratitude to a staff member of the rescue team.
Look past the area, towards a fence where a citizen and another man wearing a hazmat suit are hugging. Take a photo of these two.

Cat Burglar
- She seems to like cats. Based on the a paw stamp she left.
Look at the front of the store, "Cristina's" and you should be able to see a paw print pasted right there on the window.

- Claw markings go up to the wall.
Look up the side of the building here and you'll find claw marks along side a rope leading down from the roof.

- There's a note in there addressed directly to you.
Follow the rope up to the next roof top of the building. Posted in a window pane up here is a small white note, with a kiss to you Spidey.

Vigil for the Fallen
- Medical staff members are out of their Hazmat suits. Good news, indeed.
Nearby the marked location, you will find a man in a hazmat suit, with one lying nearby on the railing. Take a photo.

- They were invited to higher ground so everyone can thank them accordingly.
Look for the bus sitting nearby. Take a picture of the rescue team atop it.

- Some of your fans figured that police car lights are just the right combination of colors to thank you , Spider-Man.
Look over at the police car to see several citizens waving lights around it.

Enemy Photo Guide
This is a copy of the email Whitney sends you in game showing some locations of enemies. Notice you can take a picture of the S-01 inside the Robotic Facility since you won't have your camera available during the fight. Also, seekers are NOT required for the concept art, neither is Lizard. All other bosses and regular human guards are so be sure to snap pictures of them all. Make sure you get the different small droids too like the medical droid and the combat droid, including the advanced combat droid.

Keep in mind, that most enemies can be found and fought in different locations, however these are listed from in game and are easiest to locate most of them.

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter Photos
Every picture in game you take will also be needed to acquire all concept art. Please view the collectibles walkthrough for more information on where all these photos are located. Try to snap them as you play through each area.

Sky Captain
Chain 10 Web-Rushes in the city

You can perform special web-slinging events, by pressing and going into Web Rush mode. During this, you view the world in slow motion for a time and through Spider-Man's eyes. You can see different points of interest including areas to jump to, comic pages, enemies, and special interactions with objects. To achieve this trophy, you must chain together at least 10 without stopping. When you have access to the city, look around at the buildings and either hold or tap to go zoom in and activate the Web-Rush to the location. Before Spider-Man hits the mark, use Web-Rush again and choose another building nearby. After he chains from landing and immediately jumps off towards the next target, choose another.

You can almost tap to do a quick Web-Rush to whatever you're looking at if you want to do it this way and can react quick enough.
Trophy Video by PowerPyx Productions

Toggle Spoiler

Rescue all infected civilians

After you complete Chapter 4, you will begin seeing infected civilians across the city. They will become marked on your map HUD as small red dots. Simply go over to any of these you see and interact with them to pick them up over your shoulder. Now you just need to get over to the hospital that will be marked on your map HUD while carrying any infected people. After dropping them off here, you will gain experience and can go get more or do any other quests you like.

Peace of Mind
Return all escapees to the police

After you have completed Chapter Three and gathered the research for Dr. Conners, you will see an escaped mental patient outside your room window. Walk over and pick them up with and then go towards the marked area on your map to take them heliport for transport back to the Mental Hospital. You will achieve this trophy when you have returned all ten escapees back to Beloit. After you upgrade your Spidey-Tracers to the last rank, the escapees will become marked on your map HUD as blue/white human icons (identical to the infected icon, except different color).

Car Hopper
Clear all car chases

After completing Chapter Three, you will be able to start the car chase sidequests. You will hear the police scanner reporting different occurrences throughout the city, and sometimes you will see a quest come up about a getaway and car chase. After you hear this, you will see a small car icon on your map HUD, so head for this and go over to the police cars and press to interact and begin the chase. For these quests, you will need to get over to the getaway vehicle (easily done with Web-Rush) and then rapidly tap to shoot web onto the windshield. Be aware though, the assailants will try shooting at you, so if the prompt comes up to dodge, quickly press to avoid getting your spidey brains blown out. Complete all of these throughout the game to acquire this trophy. They will open up as you complete more and more Chapters. As you progress, they will get more challenging and you will have two cars to take out. Quickly from the stat, Web-Rush over to the getaway car and take care of it. Afterwards, look on your map for the car map HUD icon getting away and web-sling through the city over and catch up to them. Repeat same process for this one.

Resolve all police deadlocks

Police Deadlocks are started after you complete Chapter Four. You will begin these sidequests, by Web-Rushing up to the police helicopters that fly over the city and are marked with a small chopper icon on the map HUD. For these, you will need to stop some criminals that are causing a police shoot out. Wait on the Chopper until you're overhead the crooks and you can jump down for stealth takedowns to avoid any unnecessary harm coming to you. Complete all of these through out the game and you will acquire this trophy. As you progress further and get near the last deadlocks, there will be more guards and tougher enemies so keep this in mind.

There are five Police Deadlocks to complete that will unlock as you progress the story and complete the other Deadlock Events.

Call Interrupted
Destroy a Seeker before it can call a Hunter

After completing Chapter 4, you will begin seeing seekers throughout the city. These are small flying robot scanners that will alert Hunters to cross-species' locations. If they see you, they will get away and call a Hunter. Rapidly tap to fire web-shooters at them and disable the seekers before they call for backup. Do this and you will easily acquire this trophy. They will happen upon you randomly so be on the look out and sometimes if you see the hint pop up on screen to fire your web-shooters, quickly look around and focus on them to disable quickly. After you have done this trophy, you can use this as an easy opportunity to acquire tech points by defeating Hunters.

If you plan to get a Seeker photo, be sure to take one before destroying them all through the city as there is a limited number until you have destroyed 100% of them. This may not be required for the Concept Art, but be advised of this if you want 100% game completion.

Trophy Video by PowerPyx Productions

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Friendly Neighbor
Save a hostage caught in a petty crime

After you complete Chapter Two, you can start fighting crime normally as you free roam about the city. Look for the fist icons on your map HUD and get to the area to see some criminal assaulting civilians. Complete any one of these throughout the game and you will achieve this trophy. You only need to complete one of these challenges, but if you complete all throughout the game, you will be closer to achieving 100% Completion, but this isn't required for the platinum.

The Camera Loves You
Complete all XTreme Video challenges

After completing Chapter Three, you will be able to start the XTreme Video Challenges, located in the Blimp overhead the city. Simply Web sling up to these or use Web Rush to get to them, and select to start the challenge. Complete all of these located through the game and you will achieve this trophy. They will be marked on your map HUD as a gray blimp icon when they become available. For these challenges, you will control the camera and must follow Spider-Man around trying to keep him inside the circle reticule as often as possible.

There are 10 XTreme Video Challenges to complete throughout the game that unlock as you progress the story and complete each other challenge.

A Dash of Spider
Complete all XTreme Race challenges

After completing Chapter Three, you will be able to start the XTreme Race Challenges, located in the Blimp overhead the city. Simply Web sling up to these or use Web Rush to get to them, and select to start the challenge. Complete all of these located through the game and you will achieve this trophy. They will be marked on your map HUD as a gray blimp icon, same image as the XTreme Video Challenges when they become available. For these challenges, you will need to Web-Rush and sling through the city to collect flares as your time slowly dwindles away. Collecting flares will give you more time so get to them ASAP during each challenge. Tapping to web rush ahead is the easiest way to complete these challenges and Spider-Man will generally head for the flares. Web-Rush nearby and then tap again to quickly grab a flare and continue onto the next one.

There are 10 XTreme Race Challenges to complete throughout the game that unlock as you progress the story and complete each other challenge.

Complete all Oscorp Secret Research Labs

After completing Chapter Three, you will be able to start the Oscorp Secret Research Lab sidequests located throughout Manhattan. They will be marked on your map HUD as a green medicine vial. Entering the labs, you will be tasked with taking pictures and acquiring data from the computers. Most will be armed to the teeth with guards so be careful and plan ahead when entering these rooms. After completing your objectives, you will immediately go back to the city. You are able to replay these in case you miss anything as well or care to retake the challenge.

Oscorp Lab 1
This lab unlocks after completing Chapter 3. You start off in a warehouse and there's a bunch of glass offices and cubicles with no ceilings, so use the girders and ceiling to perform lots of stealthy takedowns to you aren't turned to Spidey Swiss cheese. After the enemies are down, take a picture through the fence with the red light (Proof of OsCorp Melee combat experimentation). Hack all three consoles around the warehouse and you're done here.
  • Tech Upgrade: Suit Combat Resistance

Oscorp Lab 2
This lab unlocks after unjamming the signal in Chapter 6, and is located at the north side of Manhattan.The best way, once again, to tackle this lab is by being stealthy. Find the perfect opportunities for stealth attacks. Before hacking the consoles after everyone's gone and defeated, take a picture of the red lit room from the central platform.
  • Tech Upgrade: Suit Ballistic Resistance

Oscorp Lab 3
This unlocks after chapter 6. This is like the first lab: lots of glass cubicles with no ceilings. Once again, make stealth a priority and silently take out all the enemies. Behind one of the consoles is a room with a red light. Snap a picture before messing with the console. Activate all three and the lab is done.
  • Tech Upgrade: Suit Acid Resistance

Oscorp Lab 4
This unlocks after the second Hunter fight in Chapter 9, up on the island's northern side. This lab is especially tricky, given there's no place to secretly hide. Take one guy down, it's sure to alert people. Use the girders of the ceiling wisely, and make sure to Web-Retreat after a stealth takedown. Remember, when guards use their flashlights, their line of vision isn't mainly on the ground. USe that to your ultimate advantage. My advice is to go for Double Threads whenever you can. It saves precious life, and that's just one less enemy to fret about. After you've decorated the ceiling with cocoons, snap a picture of the red-tinted room beyond to take a picture of Proof of OsCorp laser experimentation. Activate the consoles and it is done.
  • Tech Upgrade: Suit Laser Resistance

Speed Bump Ahead
Defeat Rhino in the city

This Trophy is Story -Related and cannot be missed.

At the beginning to Chapter Three, you will get a report that some Cross-species is terrorizing the town so make your way over to the marked area on your map HUD. Ofcourse, you see Rhino ripping and raving around sending swat cars all over. As with any Rhino encounter in past games, wait for him to run at you, and press to dodge. Afterward, you can immediately press to Web-Rush into him, dealing some damage. After the second time, you will need to make him crash into the Swat Van nearby and interact with it here to finish him. Spider-Man tosses him in the air and slams him down over the fence. This will complete this quick and very brief encounter with Rhino.

Pest Control
Defeat Scorpion in the city

This Trophy is Story -Related and cannot be missed.

During the game, you will get a report about some disturbance near the docks. Head over to check it out and you will find your buddy, Scorpion here causing trouble again. This battle will be similar to your last fight and experience with Scorpion, except you won't have a roof to web-escape to, and will only have a few objects around you. He will try to claw you, so counter and block these moves, dodging that tail strike of his that comes up last, get in some punches, and if you see him start his spewing trick, jump away to one of the dock poles sitting away or to the containers nearby.

After you do so much damage to him, he will change up his tactics and will leap to the poles himself spitting his toxic sludge at you from a distance. Leap back and forth to dodge these strikes of his, and then finally Web-Rush Strike into him by pressing to knock him down. Now jump down and try to interact with him to knock him back into the police swat van behind the two of you fighting. Otherwise, you will continuously repeat yourself. It may take a few beat downs before he will go into the van knocked out, so keep this pattern up and you will overcome the beast to achieve your trophy.

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