Players: 1 or 2 local coop
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: Around 15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None reported yet

[top]Tips & Strategies

The Baconing is much like to 2 previous Deathspank games in both controls and gameplay, so if you are a fan of the series you will jump in to this with ease. However if you are new to the series or want to get a few pointers look below.

Learn to use !: Use the shieldblock and reflect as much as possible in you first playthough, not only for the trophies but it will help you a lot when you replay the game in insane mode.
Use your map: Press to look at the map, this will help you to get to every corner of the map for outhouses and chests.
Herocards: When you level up you will get to choose between several herocards. Health and damage should be you 1st choice, then reflect and movement. The last 2 card you can take if you have no other options.
Lost and Found: If you get stuck on a quest and seem to be missing an item, it might just be in the lost and found chests. The lost and found chests can be found in various locations, but always near questgivers.

Z.I.M.O.N. Channels: This seem to give people some headaches so here a video on how to get through it. Thanks to Mr1986anthony

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1. Start up a game on any difficulty.
2. Every time you pass some chickens use a bit of time shield bashing them, so you don't have to grind at the end of the game for Bashing Success
3. Do every side quest and kill everything you see for Predator and Stay On Target.
4. Try and use every opportunity you get to reflect ranged attacks for Reflectology
5. When you are done with your first play through you should have every trophy except the insane difficulty one, if not go back and finish it off.
6. Start up a new game on insane difficulty for Death Blossom


Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
Program a Replicator.

You will get this early in the game when doing the quest "Reprogram Replicator".

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Bashing Success
Shield Bash 1000 Times.

To Shield Bash simply hold and release after a second or two. A good place to do this is at the "Rainbow's End Outhouse", there are lots of chickens to bash around.

To check your progress you can look in the "Book o Stats" in your inventory.

Quote Originally Posted by simula67 View Post
One tip for the shield bash... if a single shield bash hits multiple enemies, you get credit for each enemy hit. You don't actually have to perform the move 1000 times if you are in a good spot (like the Rainbow's End outhouse that was mentioned).

Never tell me the odds
Perform a 10x attack chain.

You can build up attack chains by alternating between weapon attacks, melee or ranged.

A real easy way of doing this is going to "Rainbow's End Outhouse", and shoot chickens alternating between your normal shooter and elemental bolts.

Blade Ruiner
Kill 100 Cyborques.

There are loads of cyborques throughout the game so this this trophy will come naturally when progressing through the game. Any enemies with a name starting with cyberque will count towards this trophy.

This should pop around the time you face the first boss "Mineorque". If you don't get it at the boss don't worry, there a lots of cyborques later on.

Who Wants to Live Forever?
Become a God.

Complete the side quest "Twelfth Labor"

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Reflect 100 Ranged Attacks.

This can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it. Hold and let go of it just when the arrow/missile is about to hit you. It will say "Perfect Reflect" if you get it right.

A good place to get this done is in the Forest of Tomorrow area, there are lots of trees and tobbacy plants.

To check your progress you can look in the "Book o Stats" in your inventory.

Stay On Target.
Reach Level 20.

If you did every side quest and killed everything, you should have this by the end of game or be really close to level 20.

If you havent reached level 20 by the time you complete the game, all you can do is grind kills on high level enemies.

Game Over Man!
Beat the game on any difficulty.

Like the description says beat the game on any difficulty so you can continue to Insane difficulty.

If you are having trouble in any parts of the game look in the Tips & Strategies section of this guide.

Are you not entertained?
Become the Tournament Champion.

Once you get inside the forbidden city the Red Princess will ask you to fight in the Arena. The main story quest requires you to do the first 3 rounds of it, but there are a total of 20 rounds to complete before you are champion. Keep fighting in the arena until it gets too hard, then return every 3 or 4 levels to get the most experience out of it.

Remember to bring lots of grenades and invulnerability orbs if things get to though.

Take a #3
Find all 41 Outhouses.

The outhouses in the baconing are much easier to find then the previous Deathspank games. Go to every corner of the map and do all side quests and you will find them all easily.

If anyone have a screenshot of the outhousemap i would appreciate if you could send it to me. Peden

Death Blossom
Beat the game on Insane difficulty.

To unlock Insane Difficulty you need to complete the game once on any difficulty

Insane is not really that insane, it is harder but never really frustrating. Using shield bash and reflect will held you a lot, and always go prepared in to battle. Stock up on potions and fill up your healthbar before entering battle.

If you are looking for general tips on completing the game look in the Tips & Strategies section of this guide.

Kill 2000 Enemies

If you don't have the 2000 kills by the time you finish the game, go back to the early parts of the game and slay low level enemies until the trophy pops.

To check your progress you can look in the "Book o Stats" in your inventory.

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