Players: 1 - 3 (offline coop)
Online Trophies: none
Online Pass Required: nope
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: no cheats available
Estimated Time to 100%: 15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 5
Collectible Trophies: The Whole Story
Missable Trophies: ...most of the trophies are 'missable' but since you have to beat the game 6 times for 100% you shouldn't run into any issues - see the roadmap for details
Glitched Trophies: none


You need to beat the game twice with every character to unlock all the trophies. Given that you can play with three characters at a time this makes a minimum of 6 playthroughs for 100%. There are some other things to consider though. Every character has to visit the Fortune Teller in The Hillbilly's Carnival for Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies and you need a specific combination of characters for Weight of the Beast. There are lots of different combinations, below is my suggestion.

1st Playthrough: The Hillbilly, The Knight and The Time Traveller
  • Get Well Done during the Gift Shop Level.
  • At the end of the Gift Shop make sure to take the Postcard with you for Shoplifting. Carry it through the whole game for Remorse!
  • In The Knight's Castle make sure to get Royal Buffet
  • At The Hillbilly's Carnival you can get Weight of the Beast with this combination of characters. You should also start working on Don't Fill Up on Fortune Cookies
  • In The Mine let the Miner blow you up for Fire In The Hole, start working on Creamed Corn.
  • In The Time Traveller's Museum you should get Smells Like Team Spirit out of the way.
  • Visit The Zoo and record some elevator music for To Soothe a Savage Beast.
  • Finish Creamed Corn while you are on The Island.
  • Back in the Gift Shop put the card back for Remorse, then finish Return To The Giftshop for What You Always Wanted. Go for the Bad Endings first.

2nd Playthrough: The Hillbilly, The Adventurer and The Twins
  • At The Hillbilly's Carnival make sure to continue working on Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies.
  • Walk Like an Adventurer in The Adventurer's Pyramid.
  • Break things for Such Bad Children in The Twins' Mansion.
  • Finish your playthrough with the bad endings for The Twins and The Adventurer and the bad ending for The Hillbilly. You should now have all of the hillbilly's cave paintings!

3rd Playthrough: The Hillbilly, The Scientist and The Monk
  • Now you can finally unlock Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies at The Hillbilly's Carnival
  • Get Hazardous Work Environment while you are in The Scientist's Silo.
  • Break some bridges for Embrace Impermanence at The Monk's Temple.
  • Finish the game with the last two bad endings to unlock Corruption and Win-win-win-win-win-win-win.

NOW is the time to check your cave paintings. You should only be missing the paintings for the good endings by now. If you are missing any other paintings make sure to get them now!

4th - 6th Playthroughs:
  • Clean up anything you might have missed.
  • Use your favourite characters to go for Who Wants To Live Forever.
  • Get all the good endings for Redemption. This should also unlock The Whole Story.
  • 100%


What You Always Wanted
Reached the bottom.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.
You'll be awarded this trophy after beating the game for the first time. While the game isn't too hard you might get stuck once or twice because some of the puzzles are a bit tricky. If you are running out of patience I can recommend this well-structured step by step walkthrough by gamesradar.

Who Wants to Live Forever
Nobody died.

This is way easier than it sounds. All you need to do is to beat the game once without anyone of your party dying. It's a good idea to try this on your 5th or 6th playthrough because you'll know the game pretty well by then. IF you should die just quit via XMB and load your last save. However, the automatic checkpoints are few and far between, so you might want to choose Save & Quit before approaching a section you know you've had trouble with before. This way, you'll lose next to no progress if you really should screw up.


After you have given all three trinkets to the shopkeeper he will open the door to the cave for you. Before you proceed make sure to pick up the Postcard. The trophy will pop right after you've jumped down into the cave.

Remembered it's wrong to steal.

You really have to carry that postcard through the complete game. It's not that bad though, just don't forget where you dropped it if you needed your hands free and make sure you got it on you before leaving an area for good. I did this on my first run. Getting over with shit, you know...

Everyone reached the bottom.

Beat the game with all seven characters and this trophy will unlock. It doesn't matter whether you finish with the good or the bad ending.

Saw the good in everyone.

In order to obtain this trophy you'll need to achieve the 'Good Ending' with all seven characters. To watch the good ending you'll need to give your special item back to the gift shop keeper at the end of the game. He'll try to talk you out of it so you'll need to talk to him three times before you finally agrees. After that just leave the cave empty-handed. Your reward will be another cave painting. Unlock all seven good endings and your trophy will pop.

Saw the darkness in all our hearts.

In order to unlock this trophy you'll need to achieve the 'Bad Ending' with all seven characters. The bad ending kinda is the default ending of the game. Just grab your special item from the gift shop keeper and leave the cave using the long ladder. The dark side has won and your reward will be another cave painting. Unlock all seven bad endings and your trophy will pop.

The Whole Story
Collector of forgotten dreams.

Cave Paintings can be found on the walls throughout the game. They are hidden in plain sight and it shouldn't be possible to miss them. However, you need to activate them for it to count. Once activated they'll reveal a piece of background story of the characters currently in play. You'll get the last cave painting for beating the story. This is where the story line splits, because there are two endings. The Cave Paintings that have been collected can be viewed from the pause menu. If you should have missed a painting with a character when going for ending A you can still get it while going for ending B, making this trophy really hard to screw up.

NOTE: The locations of the painting are always the same, but the characters they represent may change based on which characters are in play. However, there are a couple of unique paintings which will always represent the same characters. You can only unlock those if you have this specific character in your party.

Well Done
Sacrificed oneself for ultimate flavor.

In the very first level of the game you'll encounter the crystal beast blocking your path. Fix the Hot Dog machine and get a Hot Dog, then throw it onto the spikes near the crystal beast. Now just jump over the spikes; the beast will kill you, roasting the Hot Dog in the process. Ding! Trophy. Yeah, it's that easy. If you need some visual aids check the video I made; it's hidden in the spoiler box below.

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Royal Buffet
Where did the King go anyway?

This trophy is related to the Knight's story line, The Knight's Castle. After you've successfully beaten the level the king will run off to tell his daughter the good news. He's in for a little surprise. Just follow him to the princess' chamber and see what happens. Ding! Another easy trophy is yours. Check out my vid in the spoiler box:

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Weight of the Beast
The scale reveals a baleful figure.

You need to play with The Knight, The Hillbilly and The Time Traveller to obtain this trophy. At the Carnival, grab the Sledgehammer, the Wrench and the Barbell. Have each character hold one item, then hop on the scale. It should say 666 and your trophy will unlock. If you prefer visual aids check out my video in the spoiler box.

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Fire In The Hole
3 die by the Miner's hand.

In The Mine you'll encounter a crazy miner who is a tad aggravated because you caused a little cave-in and he lost his precious mine carts. In order to convince you to get them back the crazy old f#%k will start throwing dynamite at you. Simply go down there with all three party members and let him blow you up and this trophy will unlock. There is another video in the spoiler box below, showing you what to do.

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Walk Like An Adventurer
Pantomimed an ancient hieroglyph.

Near the beginning of The Adventurer's Pyramid there is a picture on the wall, showing three ancient Egyptians. All you have to do is to place your three characters in front of that picture and they will do the pantomime automatically. Check out the video in the spoiler box below for the exact location.

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Such Bad Children
Broke things.

You can obtain this trophy in The Twins' Mansion and there are actually two ways of unlocking it. One way would be jumping around on your parents' bed until it breaks.... or you could topple over the bookshelf in the living room after you've obtained the Skeleton Key, which you should do anyway since there is a cave painting hidden behind it. You don't have to do both, either action will unlock the trophy.

Smells Like Team Spirit
Everyone is gross.

In the future of The Time Traveler's Museum there is a dinosaur exhibit down in the basement. Interact with it and it makes you smell like a dinosaur. Eww! Get down there with you whole party and press that stinky button. Voilá, another trophy. Check out the video in the spoiler box.

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To Soothe A Savage Beast
Captured crusty melodies.

At the beginning of The Zoo you'll obtain a Tape Recorder. Its battery is gonna be dead, but you'll find a way to fix this. Instead of recording the crystal beast climb up to the beginning of the level again and record the elevator music. Just drop the Recorder to start recording. Pick the Recorder up and drop it again right away for instant playback and instant trophy. Check out my video in the spoiler box below.

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Hazardous Work Environment
Slipped, where wet.

In The Scientist's Silo you'll find a danger sign.... the slippery-when-wet kind of sign, ...kinda. Actually, it's a slippery-where-wet sign which makes the floor slippery wherever you place it. Place it near the edge and then just walk past it and you'll have a little accident, landing on your bum on the lower level. Ouch! But at least there is a trophy to ease your pain.

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Embrace Impermanence
Broke bridges.

There are two bridges in The Monk's Temple. The first one is story related; you'll need the feather and all three party members to break it. Make sure to take the feather with you and keep it at one of your characters.The second bridge can be found on your ride on the magic carpets. It's on the right hand side, there is also a cave painting in that area. Break the second bridge and the trophy will unlock. Check my video in the spoiler box below.

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Creamed Corn
Food-based destruction.

You'll find two cans of corn in the game. The first one can be found in The Mine, it's one of the things the miner is going to throw at you before he starts tossing sticks of dynamite at you. Chances are you don't have to do anything here, the miner will blow up the can without your help. One down, one to go. The second can can be found on The Island, it's behind the crate on the other side of the island. You'll need to take it down to the three explosive barrels and place it between them. Once you've successfully blown up the second can of corn the trophy will unlock. Check out my video in the spoiler box below to see how it's done.

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Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies
Peered into everyone's fate.

This trophy is the reason why all seven characters have to visit The Hillbilly's Carnival. :stare: Repair the fortune teller and make sure to interact with him with every member of your party! Obviously the Hillbilly has the be a member of your party, so you can only bring two new characters on your next playthrough. This means you have to visit the Carnival with three different parties in order to unlock this trophy. Once the last fortune is told your trophy will unlock right away.

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