x 1 x 3 x 5 x 42
Players: SP 1, COOP 2-4
Online Trophies: Nope, everything can be done offline
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 campaign + 1 1/2 Vendettas + 6 Hit List missions
Collectible Trophies: 2 Mmmm Essence! Relic Hunter
Missable Trophies: 9, Free the Mind, Don of Darkness, One Man Army, Decisions, Decisions, The Bird is the Word, Carnie Kid, That's Why I'm the Boss, Relic Hunter, Romantic but there is chapter select and NG+, just make sure you don't screw up the ending.
Glitched Trophies: N/A
Online Pass Required: Nope, there is no online pass

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are listed in XMB order. This will make it easier for you to navigate through the guide.
  • If you need help with the Vendetta campaign or any of the hit list missions check the boosting thread for a partner The Official The Darkness II Boosting Thread
  • Stay in the dark, you won't be able to regenerate health if you are in the light or use your darkness powers and abilities.
  • Use your abilities like the gun channeling, swarm and black hole on big groups of enemies or when you are in danger. Its a life saver!
  • Eat hearts to make sure you are on full health before continuing.
  • Use cover to avoid bullets.
  • Always aim for the light sources first when in a fight, like the street lights and even the guys with the light guns and the flashbang grenades too as this will hinder your chances of survival.
  • You can use your powers at the same time for to kill more enemies quicker.


Here is what nauGie considers to be the best and most enjoyable way to Conquered the Darkness:

First Step: Beat the game on a difficulty of your choice
There is really no need to play on Don difficulty on your first playthrough, as you need to beat the game in NG+ anyway if you are after the plat. The easiest thing to do would be to start on Thug difficulty. Not only will this make the game a walk in the park, you will also receive more essence on that difficulty, which will come in handy on your second playthrough. Just walk through the game and enjoy this beautiful piece of story-telling. Try to get One Man Army while you are playing on Thug difficulty. You could also get rid of some kill trophies like Karma's a Bitch, 2 Guys 1 Pole, Skeet Shot or Versatile Killer. Don't worry about the other kill trophies (Kill 50/100 enemies doing this and that...), you probably won't be able to get all of them in your first playthrough, but those kills stack across multiple runs. Just make sure to get this Black Hole as soon as possible, getting 50 enemies sucked up can be a pain.
Oh, and make sure not to screw up the trophy for beating the game. Check Free the Mind for details.

Second Step: Beat NG+ on Don difficutly
After you've beaten the game select New Game+ and set the difficulty to Don. All your Talents, Essence and Relics will carry over, making Don difficulty a walk in the park. Make sure you get all the missable trophies in this playthrough. Collect any Relics you might have missed for Relic Hunter. Clean up the remaining kill trophies and the mini-game trophies ( That's Why I'm the Boss and Carnie Kid). Near the end of this playthrough you should be able to obtain Truly Talented. Beating NG+ will net you Don of Darkness and At Home in the Dark. If you are still missing any storyline trophies no worries, there is always chapter select.

Third Step: Beat Vendattas and max out your character
Chose one of the four characters and beat the Vendattas campaign. This can be done either online of offline, while it is more fun with company of course. Make sure you really like the character you've chosen, because you gonna spend 1 1/2 playthroughs with him or her, as you won't be able to acquire enough essence for Embraced the Darkness in one playthrough. So once you are done, start the Vendattas campaign right over again with the same character and continue to acquire all the talents. After this, you should have the five story related trophies for this campaign ( Burned His Mansion, Coward, Bonnie & Clyde wannabes, Should Have Called 555-2368..., The Brotherhood Crumbles) one trophy for playing a mission with the character you've chosen and Embraced the Darkness. You are almost there.

Fourth Step: Beat six Hit List missions, using the remaining MP characters at least once
Now there are only six short Hit List missions between you and plat. Note that you need 2 or more people for some of those missions. However, there are solo missions as well, in case you don't like other people. Make sure to use the other three MP characters at least once for a mission to obtains the remaining three character trophies. Select the mission Enter the Gauntlet to obtain Whipping Boy and We Interrupt This Program for Technical difficulties. Beat those two and four other Hit List missions and proceed to the Fifth Step:

Fifth Step: Admire your new
...then put it on your shelf and move on to the next one

[top]All Video Guides are provided courtesy of PowerPyx

You might wanna thank him, or rep him, or even subscribe to his youtube channel. To make all of this a little easier for you here is a list of useful links:


Conquered the Darkness
Unlock all trophies

This sure is one of the easier platinums. However, and more importantly, it's awarded for getting all the trophies in a really awesome game. So get a nice plat without feeling like a whore. Well, if you're feeling like a whore after obtaining an easy plat you actually need to think about what the word 'game' means but that's a different story.

Cheque Please!
Survive the hit

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 2: Payback. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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I'm Just Getting Started
Find and interrogate Swifty

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 4: Q and A. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Escape the Brotherhood
Survive the interrogation

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 7: Deal with the Devil. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Storm the Mansion
Take back your mansion

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 8: Home Invasion. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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One Flew Over...
Return to reality...?

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 9: The Awakening. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

Toggle Spoiler

Sweet Revenge
Avenge your Aunt Sarah

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 11: Saying Goodbye. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Date Night
Protect Jenny

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 13: Fun and Games. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

Toggle Spoiler

Allies in Strange Places
Escape the asylum with help from the inside

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 14: Strange People. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

Toggle Spoiler

Back in the Saddle
Rescue Jackie from the Iron Maiden

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 15: Rat in a Maze. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Step into Hell...
Defeat Victor

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will obtain this trophy at the end of Chapter 17: Last Stand. Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Free the Mind
Finish the game on any difficulty

This trophy is missable!
Like all story related trophies it will be discussed in a spoiler box. There is a point in the storyline where you can decide to finish the game prematurely, check the spoiler for details.

Toggle Spoiler

Don of Darkness
Finish the game on Don difficulty

Although you can play on the "Don" difficulty on your first playthrough it is recommended that you complete the game on "Don" difficulty on your second playthrough on new game + so that you have all your upgrades from your first playthrough readily available which makes things alot easier and you need 2 playthroughs anyway so you might aswell get used to the game and start this difficulty with more upgrades.. The don difficulty is still a bit hard parts in the game so you will need to be patient with the game and play cautiously as the enemies can and will gang up on you and if you aren't prepared for them they will kill you. If you having troubles on this difficulty i have uploaded my playthrough on the "don" difficulty here you can use this to help when you get stuck and see some tactics against the bosses in the game and other hard spots too. As long as you use hearts to heal and the executions to get your ammo back or for more health, then you should be ok if this is second playthrough. Remember to be patient on this difficulty.

At Home in the Dark
Finish all chapters in New Game+ on any difficulty

You will need to beat the game once to be able to start New Game +. I recommend that you beat the game on either normal or easy for your first playthrough of the game. Once you have beaten the game, go back to the main menu and you will get an option for New Game + this will start the campaign from the start but you will keep all your upgrades and your abilities from your first playthrough at the start of the game making it much easier that it would be. Make sure to chose "don" difficulty if you have not beaten the game on that difficulty yet for the Don of Darkness . Complete all chapters again and you will get this trophy, if you need further help on how to beat the game on the "don" difficulty check Don of Darkness for more information.

One Man Army
Kill 25 enemies while being dragged from the restaurant, without dying or restarting checkpoint

This trophy is missable!
In Chapter 1 - Dinner Out you will be in the restaurant enjoying some dinner until you get hit by the brotherhood (the bad guys in the game). You get injured in the crash and Vinnie will come to your aid, as he is dragging you away from the fight you will get the opportunity to defend yourself and Vinnie with an M1911 pistol. You will need to kill 25 enemies in the orange overalls before you reach the kitchen to get this trophy. I recommend going on "Thug" difficulty for this as it only takes 1 or 2 bullets to kill them on this difficulty, you will need to kill at least 17 before you get the dual wield pistols and remember to aim for the enemies in the background who aren't necessarily shooting at you too as they will count towards this trophy too. If you need any further help watch the video below.

Toggle Spoiler

Decisions, Decisions
Refuse to cooperate with Victor in the Interrogation

This trophy is missable!
...and you can only get it in Chapter 7 - Deal With the Devil. The good thing is: This trophy requires no skills whatsoever... you don't even have to press a single button. Come to think of it... is that really a good thing? ...hmm... Well, whatever, during the interrogation the bad guys will try to force you to decide which of your friends is going to be executed. Just keep hanging around there and do nothing. They will still execute one of your friends after a couple of seconds, but at least you got a trophy to help you to get over your loss.
Need some visual aids? PowerPyx made a vid for you:

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The Bird is the Word
Avoid being run over in the parking garage

This trophy is missable!
This trophy can only be achieved in the parking lot in Chapter 8 - Home Invasion. You will be fighting your way through a parking lot to your mansion, keep advancing until the enemy uses a van's headlights against you. Kill everyone in the area first and make sure to save your gun channeling for this trophy, once you have cleared the area equip your dual wield weapons (preferably automatic weapons like the mini uzi and the ump) turn the corner where the van was and a car will try to run you over. Activate your gun channeling ability at this point and shoot the car as much as you can!!!! If successful the car will fly over your head and crash into the wall, trophy achieved.

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Carnie Kid
Earn a score of over 1000 in each of the carnival games

This trophy is missable!
You can only obtain this trophy during Chapter 13 - Fun and Games. Mini-Game time! During this carnie level you will have to play two shooting gallery games. You will have to earn a score of 1,000 or more in each of those games in order to obtain this trophy. The first game is Duck Hunt. Concentrate on the ducks on the middle and on the top row and 1,000 points won't be too much of an issue. The second Mini-Game is about shooting cardboard figures. Only shoot the bad guys and make sure not to kill the sheriff or the bartender. You can shoot the bottles, the guns on the wall or the bull's horns as well for some easy extra points. An advise for both games: If you screwed up, just restart from the last checkpoint. If you want to see how it is done check PowerPyx's video:

Toggle Spoiler

Impish Delight
Kill 15 enemies while playing as the Darkling

In two parts of the game Chapter 6 Strong Silent Type and Chapter 15 Rat in a Maze you will control the side kick the darkling. Whilst controlling the darkling you have to kill 15 enemies with either the execution or the slash. Although the parts using the darkling are more stealth based you can just run in and kill one enemy at a time as they enemies won't respawn even if you die, so you can just pick them off one by one if you wish. I recommend using the execution moves to eliminate your foes with the darkling as it kills them the quickest and is the easier way of killing them too. This probably will take you 2 playthroughs to get as there isn't many enemies around the darkness to kill whilst using the darkling, so just kill as many as you can in your first playthrough and then finish the trophy off in the second playthrough. Warning the darkling can't survive in the light do try to avoid attacking enemies in or around the light.

Kill 50 enemies with Executions while playing as Jackie

Vulnerable enemies can be grabbed with and executed with , , or . To 'prepare' an enemie for his execution you'll have to shoot a couple of rounds or to thow some objects at him. You will know when he is ready when you can see his heart glowing in his chest. At the beginning of the game only the execution (aka eecution) will be available. You can purchase the other execution techniques at the upgrade menu. This is highly recommended, since those moves will get you new ammo, health or a demon shield. See Talent Show for details on how to purchase Talents in The Darkness II.

The Swarm King
Kill 50 enemies who are swarmed while playing as Jackie

Swarm is one of the abilities in the darkness 2 that you will need to buy with essence at an upgrade point. Once you have have bought the ability you can use the button to send a swarm of bugs to distract your enemies giving you an opportunity to get close and shoot them. You can use anything to kill the enemies whilst they are being swarmed by the bugs but they have to be swarmed for your kills to count towards this trophy, i liked to use the swarm ability first then as they are distracted shoot and kill them using the Gun Channeling ability to finish them off. Note: This can only be achieved in the single player campaign whilst using Jackie

The Old Gibber
Kill 100 enemies with Gun Channeling while playing as Jackie

The first thing you have to do in order to obtain this trophy is to purchase the Gun Channelling Talent at an upgrade altar. It's one of the first Talents available and it will be yours for a mere investment of 1,000 Essence. Once you obtained that talent you can press to channel your Darkness powers through your guns for some seconds. You're weapons will do a shitload more damage during this time while not using any ammo. After you used that ability you'll have to wait for it to cool down before you can use it again. However, there are other Talents reducing cooldown time and increasing the time Gun Channelling lasts. Another upgrade even allows you to shoot through walls while channelling! Use this power whenever it's possible and you will be able to get this trophy in no time.

Suck it Up
Kill 50 enemies with Black Hole while playing as Jackie

The black hole is another ability Jackie can learn but its a bit different to the Gun Channeling ability and the Swarm ability as you have to kill enough enemies to be able to use this ability. Once you have killed enough enemies you'll be able to pick up a black hole off their corpse instead of taking their heart with the button. Once you have done this throw it near a group of enemies and watch them fly into the black hole, also shooting nearby enemies will help them go closer to the black hole sucking them in too. Finding black holes instead of hearts on your dead enemies is rare so i suggest you buy this upgrade as soon as you can as it can be a pain to get the black holes when there is enough people around to kill with the black hole. I noticed that you got a lot more black hole drops on the last mission of the game so its a good place to farm black hole kills there if you're struggling for kills with your black hole. Note: you can only get this trophy in the single player campaign playing as Jackie.

Cut and Run
Kill 50 enemies with the Demon Arm Slash attack

Hold and move vertically or horizontally to perform a slash attack with your demon arm. Slash 50 enemies with this move and the trophy will unlock. I really love guide writing and I would like to add more to this description... only there's really nothing more to it.

Ready for the Big Leagues
Kill 50 enemies with thrown objects

This trophy is really easy if you're aiming for it. Pick up any object that has a purple glow on it like, poles, fans, car doors etc and throw it using the crosshair in the middle of the screen to throw it towards your enemies. You pick up an object using the button and throw it with the button too, but please not that you will drop any object you're carrying if you move into the light or get hit by the light, so make sure you stick to the shadows. Kills for this trophy will also carry over to New game+ so if you don't get it on your first playthrough you can get it on your second.

Dark Akimbo
Kill 100 enemies while dual wielding 2 different guns as Jackie

Obviously you need to have two different small guns in order to obtain this trophy. Pick up a handgun and an Uzi for example and press do dual-wield them. Any combination of small weapons will work, just make sure you are not wielding the same type of weapon in both hands. After you killed your 100th enemy this way the trophy will unlock.

That's Why I'm the Boss
Impress Dolfo in two different ways

You can meet Dolfo on the balcony of your mansion. It's that fidgety guy who looks like he's got a monkey on his back. You can meet him during chapter 3, 5, and 12. Talk to him and choose 'Spend time with Dolfo' to start the mini games. There are two mini game: the Drinking game and the Pigeons hunt.
  • Drinking This game is available in Chapter 3 and Chapter 12. You'll have to shoot 13 bottles off the banister in under 10 seconds or less.
  • Pidgeons This game is available in Chapter 5 and 12. You are on a little vendetta mission; you'll have to kill at least 20/24 pigeons before the time is up.

Note: I encounterd a little glitch with this mini games: I missed Dolfo in Chapter 3, so I did my 24 pigeons in chapter 5 and came back for the bottles in chapter 12. However, after I had beaten the bottle challenge I didn't receive my trophy. I checked the pigeons game and it said my best score was 0. So if you missed Dolfo in Chapter 3 you can skip him in Chapter 5 as well, otherwise you'll have to do the pigeons mini-game twice. Doing Drinkig in Chapter 3 and Pidgeons in Chapter 5 works perfectly though.

If you wanna see how it is done check the video by PowerPyx in the spoiler box below:

Toggle Spoiler

Karma's a Bitch
Kill a shielded enemy with his own shield

The first opportunity to obtain this trophy will be during Chapter 8 - Home Invasion. You will meet your first shielded enemy near the beginning of the mission on the balcony. First you'll have to shoot a couple of rounds at the shield; you'll know when you've done enough when you see the dark coating break. Now you can grab the shield with . Don't throw it yet though, as it won't kill the guy in one hit. Shoot him a couple of times to weaken him, when he is stunned and you can see his heart glowing in his chest throw the shield at him with . Ding! Trophy. If you messed up you could either restart from the last checkpoint or just wait for the next opportunity. You'll meet plenty of those shield guys from now on. If there are any questions left check the video in the spoiler box:

Toggle Spoiler

2 Guys 1 Pole
Kill 2 enemies with one javelin

This trophy can be done pretty much anywhere you just need a pole and to line up 2 enemies. I got this trophy whilst facing the crane boss Swifty, about half way through the boss fight with Switfy, 2 enemies will drop down near the crane on the right side and you can line it up easily if you're quick. You will need to be quick to find 2 enemies in a line and aim a pole at them so be patient and only go for it if you can find a pole. Watch the video for a good example too!

Toggle Spoiler

Versatile Killer
Kill enemies in 5 different ways within 30 seconds

This is much easier that it sounds and can get this trophy as early as in Chapter 2 - Payback. Of course you could get this anywhere in the game, but why not getting it done early? Here is the strategy for Chapter 2. All credit goes to PowerPyx, I just list what he did in his video, which you can watch if you toggle the spoiler box below.
  1. Anaconda Kill - After you have to throw a box at an enemy to stun him, grab him with and execute him with
  2. Headshot - Another thug will open a door; simply put a bullet to his head.
  3. Impaled - Head outside and grab the parking meter with (it's glowing purple). Throw it at an enemy by pressing again.
  4. Sliced - Use near a car to rip one of the door off its hinges. Aim at an enemy and press again to slice him in half.
  5. Demon Arm Kill - Near an enemy hold and move vertically or horizontally to slash him with your Demon Arm.

Perform these 5 kills in under 30 seconds and the trophy will unlock. If you screw up just restart the last checkpoint, you'll be right before the first enemy again. Check the video in the spoiler box to see how it is done.

Toggle Spoiler

Skeet Shoot
Throw an enemy into the air and kill him with gunfire before he lands

This can be done as early as chapter 2 when you get your first weapon in the barber shop. To do this you will need to stagger an enemy to be able to grab them first, you can do this by shooting them in the leg, once they are staggered they will have a white glow on their chest indicating you can grab them. Grab them with the button and throw them up in the air also with the button, then shoot them before they hit the ground and make sure you kill them whilst they are in the air or it won't count. This trophy can be hard if you're trying to do this indoors, so try to do this in open areas.

Toggle Spoiler

Jackie's Got Talent
Purchase a Talent in the single player campaign

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
During the Chapter 2 - Payback the Darkling will make you buy the talent Heart Eating. It's only 50 essence, so do him the favor; you can proceed in the game and the trophy will unlock.

This Kid's Got Potential
Max out 1 of Jackie's Talent Trees

You will get this as soon as you purchase every upgrade in on of the 4 talent groups. The execution group, the extra powers group, the abilities group or the gun proficiency group. I suggest you purchase all the upgrades of the abilities group as the black hole trophy Suck it Up can be a pain to get as the black holes are rare to find and get kills with. Look at Talent Show for more.

Truly Talented
Max out 3 of Jackie's Talent Trees

You will get this as soon as you purchase every upgrade in 3 of the 4 talent groups. See Talent Show below fore more information on the four talent trees.

Talent Show
Max out all of Jackie's Talent Trees

There is a total of 28 talents to buy which will require 36,800 essence to unlock them all and an extra 100 essence if you got the DLC with it too which included to more talents for Jackie. You will need a second playthrough to get enough essence for every talent, its impossible to do this trophy in 1 playthrough. The best ways to get extra essence is to find and collect all of the relics as you'll get 300 essence for everyone you collect and there is a lot of relics you can get so make sure to check Relic Hunter so you can get all the relics and lots of essence. You'll get essence for every kill you get, eating hearts and for shooting out lights, so try to be more careful how to kill your enemies to maximize the amount of essence you get for each kill. The best ways to get essence is to either to use an execution move or to use your demon arm slash and eat their heart for 35 essence per kill. (20 for the demon arm kill and 15 for the heart)

Here is a list on the different ways you can get essence and how much you get for each one: (some of these can be obtained in the same kill)

Toggle Spoiler

Mmmm Essence!
Pick up 5 Relics in the single player campaign

There is a total of 29 relics in The Darkness 2. After you've found the first 5 of those relics you're gonna be awarded this trophy. See Relic Hunter below for details on the locations of the artefacts.

Relic Hunter
Find all 29 Relics in the single player campaign

This trophy is missable
...but don't rip your hair out if you miss one or two relics on your first playthrough. All relics carry over to NG+, which you will have to beat anyway if you are going for plat. Just try to get the remaining relics in NG+. You can always hit to check how many relics there are in your current level. Moreover, chapter select will be available after your first playthrough, giving you another opportunity to hunt down any missing relics. Pretty un-missable for a missable trophy, isn't it? Powerpyx produced an excellent video guide for the locations of the 29 relics, it's in the spoiler box at the end of this trophy description.

Chapter 2 - Payback (2 Relics)
#1 - Roanoke's Bane - When the Darkling gives you the mini Uzi destroy the fire door and the first relic is right infront of you.
#2 - Yhwh's Lament - When you go down into the subway, go down the stairs until you reach the platform, turn around and look behind the stair case to find this relic.

Chapter 3 - The Family (1 Relic)
#3 - The True Revelation - In the mansion go up the stairs, turn left and enter the first room you see. The relic is on the drawer.

Chapter 4 - Q and A (5 Relics)
#4 - Sister of Light - In the snooker/pool bar in the side arcade room to the right and you'll find it on the floor. Kill everyone in the room first.
#5 - Dark Man - You'll go outside to a scrapyard with lots of scrap cars and you'll see a billboard on a building saying "salvage". The relic is near a broken down bus to the left and a talent point.
#6 - The Trinity - After beating Swifty go up the crane and head into the trailer behind it, the relic is in there on the floor.
#7 - The Graven Image - In the Warehouse you will come to a room with a conveyor belt, jump over the conveyor belt and head into the room there, the relic is on the floor.
#8 - Chime of Deliverance - In the Shipping area with all the crates and forklifts in, there is some side rooms on the left side of the room. The relic is in the first side room that you can get into and is in the left hand corner.

Chapter 6 - Strong Silent Type (2 Relics)
#9 - Brothers of men - As soon as you step out of the car on your way to the brothel (Lucky mannequin), go straight ahead and behind the lorry, the relic is there. (Not the lorry nearest to the lucky mannequin, the other one)
#10 - The Key of Mictlan - Once you see the map with all the brotherhood's targets, go through the double doors to your right as you exit the room with the map in. The relic will be on a couple of crates near the left side wall.

Chapter 7 - Deal With the Devil (2 Relics)
#11 - Thumb Screws - After you manage to get off the cross in the brothel, immediately turn to the left and you'll see the relic.
#12 - Fool's Phylactery - You'll escape the brothel and continue along the rooftops to find a way to get to ground level, as soon as you get to the metal stairs look to your right and you'll find a metal balcony with a relic on it. You'll need to grab the relic with your demon arm .

Chapter 8 - Home Invasion (2 Relics)
#13 - Winged Demon - As soon as you get to elevators from the parking lot, turn the other way and head into the CCTV room, the relic is there on the floor.
#14 - Blinding Sun - When you are taking back the mansion and reach the kitchen area, turn into the room on the right and the relic will be in that room to the left side corner.

Chapter 11 - Saying Goodbye (2 Relics)
#15 - Cain - When attending Aunt Sarah's funeral, go straight ahead instead of talking to Jimmy the Grape and look behind the statue of the woman and the relic is behind the bushes there.
#16 - Engraved Skull - As you continue through the cemetery you'll go through a corridor with little lights on each side. There will be lots of small buildings (Crypts), the relic is behind the first crypt you see which is on the left hand side of the area.

Chapter 13 - Fun and Games (6 Relics)
#17 - The Lantern of St. Anthony - Once you are in the carnival area look around for the cotton candy store, once you are there go behind it and look near the overturned vending machine, the relic is close by there.
#18 - Af and Hemah - After exiting the tunnel you will return to another carnival type area, you'll see a big tower and a shop for funnel cakes. Take a U-turn to your right and go up the stairs there and you'll find the relic in the corner.
#19 - The Ambysmal Maw - After being ambushed and playing the second mini game in the carnival, go to the room to the left of the stall where you played the mini game, the doors will be open now after the ambush and you'll be able to find the relic inside.
#20 - Crescent of the Sun - On your way to the roof of the building you'll see a window with metal bars on it, the relic will be in this room. First turn around the corner and shoot the lights out and kill all the enemies in the area then go into the surveillance room through the back entrance (opposite to the metal bars) and the relic will be on the table.
#21 - Siddahartha's Tears - This next relic is in the same room as the truck that the Darkling will jump into to drive through the wall, but first go to the other side of the truck you will see the relic on an elevated step.
#22 - Mark of Cain - As you enter the house of horrors ride you will see a cart to get on to ride the house of horrors ride, but first go into the room opposite of this and collect the relic there on the floor.

Chapter 15 - Rat in a Maze (2 Relics)
#23 - Pope John XII - This relic you will have to get whilst playing as the Darkling, you will head downwards through the fireplace and fall into some tunnels, as you exit the tunnel you will come out to a underground base. Go straight ahead to the room with the wooden planks on the top of the doorway, the relic is found in here. Make sure you avoid the two guards partolling outside the room.
#24 - Reliquary of the Blessed - You will find this relic on a table in your dad's former office where you get the model1887 shotgun. As you first enter the room the relic is to your immediate right.

Chapter 16 - Homecoming (2 Relics)
#25 - The Silent Knight - When you go up towards the attic of this rundown building you'll have to pull the wall down with your demon arm to create a walkway. After you have pulled the wall down you can head to your right, where the wall was and you'll see the relic there.
#26 - Deceiver's Grasp - You will head up more stairs later in the level after a upgrade point and see a hole in the floor, move along the left side of this hole making sure you don't fall down through it and go towards the windows, the relic will be behind some wooden planks, grab it with your demon arm to get this relic

Chapter 17 - Last Stand (1 Relic)
#27 - The First - In this chapter you will be chasing victor, once you get to the upgrade point in this level, break through the wooden planks blocking the way. Drop down the ledge and turn to your right as soon as you can, go towards the wall and you'll see a relic tucked in the corner.

Chapter 19 - Heart of Darkness (2 Relics)
#28 - Prism of the Brothers - When you arrive in hell you'll see Jenny is on a platform trapped in by some rocks. Continue up the hill until there is a path with some steps on your right hand side, follow this path and you'll find the relic to the right of the bench there.
#29 - Ashes of the Unnamed - The last relic is on your way up a spiral path, the darkness will say "your soul is lost" and send 2 enemies after you. Once you have killed these two enemies, turn to your right and the relic will be there near where the first enemy spawned.

Use these descriptions and the video to make sure you don't ever miss a relic

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[B]Using the PS3 browser? Click here for the video:

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Using the PS3 browser? Click here for the video: Relic Hunter

Real guys know how to dance

This trophy is missable!
In Chapter 4: Q and A you will meet Jenny (or a vision of her) in a diner. After some chit-chat the jukebox will start playing one of her favourite songs and she will want to dance with you. During this dance, you'll be prompted to press to kiss her. I know she is hot and this is pretty tempting, but if you want this trophy simply don't kiss her. After the song ends she will walk away and the trophy will unlock.

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For those using the ps3 browser click here Romantic

Burned His Mansion
Kill Luigi Palladino

This trophy is related to the Vendetta Campaign and can't be missed.
You'll have to kill Luigi at the end of the second Vendetta mission. He'll be hiding in his trailer, hoping all his thugs will protect him from you. Destroy his hopes by killing everyone, then blow him up. Boom: Trophy!

Kill Cedro Valdez

This trophy is related to the Vendetta Campaign and can't be missed.
During the 4th mission of the vendetta campaign you will have to fight and kill Cedro Valdez. He'll be wearing heavy armor that you will have to destroy with your bullets and your demon arm slash. Once his armor is destroyed continue to shoot him and he'll die soon enough. You'll finish the mission and get the trophy.

Whipping Boy
Kill Frank Marshall

This trophy is related to one of the Hit List missions. From the main menu, select Vendettas and then Hit List. Choose the mission Enter the Gauntlet from the Frank Marshall mission set. Basically, you have to kill a shit-ton of thugs before Frank shows himself. Kill him as well and the trophy will unlock.

Bonnie & Clyde wannabes
Kill Jean-Luc Lambert and Amelie Dubois

This trophy is related to the Vendetta Campaign and can't be missed.
You will face this duo during the 6th mission of the Vendetta Campaign. Before you get to this fight you have to clear out the docks of all the enemies. The boss fight against Jean-Luc Lambert and Amelie Dubois is a 3 part fight, you will have to fight with these guys in 3 different locations. After you have hurt them enough they will flee to another section of the docks where you'll have to follow them and continue to fight them. They will keep fleeing until they flee inside the nearby building with the two separate rooms and you will finally be able to kill them there without them being able to flee again. The best way to deal damage to these two bosses is to concentrate on one boss at a time and use your guns and abilities to your advantage. They will disappear after taking some damage and reappear close by so only fire a couple of bullets at a time so you don't end up shooting the walls instead and wasting ammo. Also try and use your abilities on both of the bosses at the same time, so you can do more damage than just using your ability on one of the bosses. Be aware there won't be as many enemies to get health back from, when you are actually facing the bosses so if you can leave a few dead enemy's hearts lying around you can use them to your advantage when you are facing the bosses too.

Technical difficulties
Kill the NewsWatch 6 team of Tom Dawson, Bud Langley and Sara Stephens

This trophy is related to one of the Hit List missions. From the main menu, select Vendettas and then Hit List. Choose the mission We Interrupt This Program from the News Team mission set. During this mission you'll have to fight your way through the news station until you encounter Bud Langley, Tom Dawson and Sara Stephens. You'll meet Bud in a hallway, the other two guys inside. However, after you've killed them you won't get your trophy right away. First you have to deal with some reinforcements . Keep killing everything that moves until you get the Mission Complete message. You're trophy should unlock now.

Should Have Called 555-2368...
Survive the battle against the Hell Beast

The Hell Beast, is a large dragon type monster that you'll have to face at the end of the Vendetta campaign. This boss is pretty simple to kill really, all you have to do is dodge his attacks and shoot all your bullets into him as fast as you can. A good way to avoid the hell beast's attacks is to use the pillars for cover, the hell beast won't be able to hit you when your behind the pillars. Once he has finished his attack move out from behind the pillars and shoot him a bit more until he goes for his next attack then hide behind the pillar again, rinse and repeat .I did this with 3 other players helping me and they were all max level and he didn't last long so i suggest you doing it coop and on the Thug difficulty too makes it easier. If you start to run out of ammo there is an ammo stash behind the hell beast and eat hearts if you start to lose health from the dead enemies in the room. The best character to use for this boss is Shoshanna as her "Arm of the night" does a lot of damage if you charge her attacks on the boss and won't run out of ammo too, the rest of the characters you should just use your guns and your abilities like black hole and swarm etc to do more damage to the hell beast. Once you have defeated him you'll also get the The Brotherhood Crumbles .

If you are wondering about the reference of the trophy name check the spoiler below

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The Brotherhood Crumbles
Complete Vendettas Campaign

This trophy is related to the Vendetta Campaign and can't be missed.
You'll be awarded this trophy after successfully beating the final boss in the Vendatta Campaign. See the Should Have Called 555-2368... for details on this boss fight.

Dark Ninjutsu
Complete a mission as Inugami

Inugami is one of the four playable character in the Vendettas part of the game. It's the ninja guy with the awesome sword Kusanagi. Complete one mission with this character and the trophy will unlock. It can be any mission at all, either a hit list mission or a campaign mission; just as long as you complete the mission you'll get the trophy. Inugami's special Darkness ability is the Swarm. Use it to distract enemies, then quickly move up to them and execute them with your Kusanagi for some juicy essence.

Hell Hath No Fury...
Complete a mission as Shoshanna

Complete one mission with Shoshanna, the female of the group with the sawn-off shotgun or "the arm of the night" and the gun channeling ability. It can be any mission at all, either a hit list mission or a campaign mission; just as long as you complete the mission you'll get the trophy. The best way to use Shoshanna is to use her sawn off shotgun's charged shot to inflict big damage on more armored soliders and boss fights and to use her gun channeling ability to clear out more crowded rooms and to inflict more damage on boss fights without losing any ammo.

It's 12pm Somewhere!
Complete a mission as Jimmy

Jimmy is one of the four playable character in the Vendettas part of the game. It's the big Scottish guy with the funky clothes. He wields the unique Dark Axe. Complete one mission with this character and the trophy will unlock. It can be any mission at all, either a hit list mission or a campaign mission; just as long as you complete the mission you'll get the trophy. Jimmy's special Darkness ability is pretty useless if you ask me. All he can do summon a Darkling. Meh. At least his Dark Axe can be fun. You can throw it with and manually retrieve it by pressing again. You can do damage on both ways. If you don't manually retrieve it it will come back to you on its own after some seconds.

Voodoo is More Than Dolls
Complete a mission as JP

Complete one mission with JP Dumond, the old guy with the midnight stick and the black hole ability. It can be any mission at all, either a hit list mission or a campaign mission; just as long as you complete the mission you'll get the trophy. The best way to use JP is to use his black hole ability to clear out large groups of enemies that are close by to each other, and to use his midnight stick to send enemies into the air and finish them off with your guns.

Embraced the Darkness
In Vendettas, acquire all the talents for one character

Each of the four playable character in the Vendettas campaign has unique talent trees. You'll need to beat the campaign more than once in order to max out a character, so be sure to make the right choice as you will stick with him or her for quite some time. You'll be able to obtain this trophy after approximately 1 1/2 playthroughs. Just like in story mode brutal kills will earn you more essence than running through the game with guns blazing, so make sure to use your special abilities and your execution moves. Of course you could also play hit list missions after you beat the Vendetta story line to obtain the remaining essence, but I'm quite sure that simply starting over will be much faster.

You've Made My Hit List
Complete 6 Hit List exclusive missions

There is 10 hit list missions in total to complete but for this trophy you only need to complete 6 of these missions. Luckily if you have no friends there is 6 offline hit list missions that will get you this trophy so you don't need any online help. The other 4 hit list missions requires you to have 2 or more players to start and complete the mission. The list below shows what missions can be done offline and what missions require you to have an online partner.

  • Enter The Gauntlet
  • All Clear
  • Time To Take Out The Thrash
  • We Interrupt this Program
  • Storming
  • Snatch And grab

Online partners required:
  • Corpses Canít talk
  • Destruction Delay
  • Everything Burns
  • The Heis

The hit list missions are pretty simple to complete it only requires you to go to a building clear out the area, activate some stuff and kill everyone else, there isn't much strategy to completing these missions. Just make sure to stay in cover, stay in the darkness and use your darkness abilities if you start to take a lot of damage. The difficulty doesn't matter either so you might aswell choose "Thug" difficulty and if you have an online partner or can join other people's games they'll make it quicker too.

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