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    A great guide.

    This is a great guide. There is just one thing I noticed that I thought I should mention. The Soul Tear trophy is missable. After defeating Durnehviir the first time then exiting the location where you just fought him, he resurrects him self and talks to you, if you panick and attack him and kill him before he talks to you, then you can not summon him and you can not learn Soul Tear on that character , you missed your chance. Unless you quickly realize your mistake and load back to a previous autosave. Everything else is in this guide is great and very helpful. Well done.

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    The only other thing that is wrong is the puzzle in the "Lost to the Ages" mission. it is bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right, then bottom middle. Just thought I would mention since I am doing it right now.

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    For Auriel's Bow I do believe it has to be the bloodcursed arrows, since that's the only way it's unlocked for me unless I had been doing it wrong.

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