Players: 1

Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: There are no cheat codes.
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-20 hours, depending on how powerful your character is.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.
Collectible Trophies: Hidden Knowledge.
Difficulty Trophies: No.
Missable Trophies: Hidden Knowledge, Stalhrim Crafter, Dragonrider, Raven Rock Owner, Solstheim Explorer.
Glitched Trophies: No.

[top]Tips and Strategies

New Enemies

Dragonborn adds a whole new island for you to explore to Skyrim, and in doing so, adds a couple of new enemies as well. Here is a detailed list of said enemies and a little explanation of what they do:
  • Ash Guardian - A summonable creature, similar to Flame Atronachs, but looks more like a stone-like being.
  • Ash Hopper - Big spider-like insects that pop out of the earth.
  • Ash Spawn - A human-like being made of ash, capable of using fire magic. Some of them also carry swords, axes and the likes.
  • Burnt Spriggan - A red-colored Spriggan capable of using Fire spells.
  • Bristleback - An oversized boar that offers little resistance.
  • Dwarven Ballista - Another Dwarven machine. It's small and looks like an insect and shoots powerful projecticles capable of piercing your armor.
  • Lurker - A type of Daedra. Looks like a Giant made of swamp. Capable of dealing high melee damage as well as ranged damage.
  • Rekling - Primitive, small, blue humanoids that attack in groups and sometimes ride Bristlebacks. They throw Spears at you.
  • Seeker - A Daedra that looks like an octopus. Capable of using the power of the Thu'um and of summonig another Seeker. Although they're relatively weak, in groups they can be deadly.
  • Serpentine Dragon - A new type of Dragon that you may randomly find. There's also one guarding Saering's Watch.
  • Werebear - Similar to Werewolves. When first found, they'll be in their human form and will then transform.
  • Cloacked Spiders - This Spiders are cloacked in in various elements (Flame, Forst, Poison, Shock), so when attacked, they deal damage to you.
  • Jumping Spiders - Similar to Cloacked Spiders, these Spiders use various elements and jump at you from inside their pods, dealing elemental damage.
  • Exploding Spiders - Elemental spiders that jump straight at you and explode, dealing element damage.
Do note that Lurkers, Seekers and Dwarven Ballistas may appear as Lurker Vindicator/Sentinel, High Seeker, Seeker Arbitant and Dwarven Ballista Master. These are obviously much more powerful than their normal counterparts and the higher your level, the more likely it'll be for them to appear.

New Items

Since Solstheim is a whole new place, it also includes some new items for you to acquire, including Armor, Weapons and the like.
  • Stalhrim - This is a new metal with which you can forge. This means you may craft both Light and Heavy Armor, Bows, Shields, one-handed Swords, Axes and Maces, and two-handed Swords, Axes and Maces. Stalhrim Armor is pretty much the second best, just before Daedric (for Heavy Armor) and Dragon (for Light Armor). Weapon-wise, it is as powerful as Ebony, but weights less.
  • Nordic - Same as Stalhrim, you may forge a new Armor Set as well as weapons.
  • Bonemold - A new Armor Set, including Light and Heavy variants, but unlike Stahlrim and Nordic, it has no weapons.
  • Staff Enchanter - Special Enchanting Lab that lets you place Enchantments on Staves. Accesible by completing a quest for Neloth.
  • Heartstone - A quasi-heart-shaped stone that you may mine from Heartstone deposits. It is only used to enchant Staves on the aforementioned Staff Enchanter.
  • Netch Leather - A bizarre-looking Leather used to craft Bonemold armor.
  • Albino Spider Pod - This can be used to create different Spider types to launch at enemies, cuasing elemental damage.
  • Chitin Plate - A strong plate used to craft Bonemold Armor.

New Food and Ingredients

Among the many new items are a bunch of new ingredients and consumables:

  • Ash Hopper Leg.
  • Ash Hopper Meat.
  • Ash Yam.
  • Boar Meat.
  • Cooked Boar Meat.
  • Flin.
  • Horker and Ash Yam Stew.
  • Matze.
  • Shein.
  • Sujamma
Ingredients (and their effects):

Ingredient First Effect Second Effect Third Effect Fourth Effect
Ash Creep Cluster Damage Stamina Invisibility Resist Fire Fortify Destruction
Ash Hopper Jelly Restore Health Fortify Light Armor Resist Shock Weakness to Frost
Ashen Grass Pod Resist Fire Weakness to Shock Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Sneak
Boar Tusk Fortify Stamina Fortify Health Fortify Block Frenzy
Burnt Spriggan Wood Weakness to Fire Fortify Alteration Damage Magicka Regen Slow
Emperor Parasol Moss Damage Health Fortify Magicka Regenerate Health Fortify Two-Handed
Felsaad Tern Feathers Restore Health Fortify Light Armor Cure Disease Resist Magic
Netch Jelly Paralysis Fortify Carry Weight Restore Stamina Fear
Scathecraw Ravage Health Ravage Stamina Ravage Magicka Lingering Damage Health
Spawn Ash Ravage Stamina Resist Fire Fortify Enchanting Ravage Magicka
Trama Root Weakness to Shock Fortify Carry Weight Damage Magicka Slow

New Shouts and Spells

Among the new additions, Dragonborn adds quite a nice number of Spells to your arsenal, plus four new powerful Shouts.
  • Bend Will - A new Shout that lets you pacify enemies and even Dragons, allowing you to ride them.
  • Battle Fury - A new Shout that enchants your allies' weapons, allowing them to attack faster.
  • Cyclone - A new Shout that summons a twister, causing chaos among your enemies and sending them flying.
  • Dragon Aspect - Probably the best new Shout. It increases your attack power, defense and the effectiveness of your Shouts.
  • Ash Rune - A new Rune spell that paralyzes enemies for 30 seconds.
  • Ash Shell - Pralyzes enemies for 30 seconds.
  • Bound Dagger - Summons a Dagger for 120 seconds.
  • Conjure Ash Guardian - Let's you summon an Ash Guardian to guard a place until destroyed. However, if you do not have a Heart Stone with you at the time of summoning, it'll be hostile.
  • Conjure Ash Spawn - Let's you summon an Ash Spawn to fight by your side for 60 seconds.
  • Conjure Seeker - Let's you summon a Seeker to aid you in battle for 60 seconds.
  • Freeze - A Destruction Spell that launches an Ice Spike, dealing 20 points of Damage to both Health and Stamina, and slowing down enemies for 15 seconds.
  • Frenzy Rune - A new Rune spell that frenzies enemies for 30 seconds.
  • Ignite - A new Destruction Spell that ignites people for 15 seconds, dealing 4 points of damage per second.
  • Poison Rune - A new Rune spell that poisons enemies, dealing 3 points of damage per second during half a minute.
  • Whirlwind Cloack - Enemies near you have a chance of being sent flying away for 60 seconds.


Arrive on Solstheim

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

After downloading the DLC and firing up your game, travel to any of the nine major cities in the game (Winterhold or Riften, for example). There, you'll be greeted by two strange masked guys that'll talk to you, ask if you're the Dragonborn, and attack you once the conversation ends. Both cultsist are easy to get rid off, and their only attacks consist of basic magic spells such as Sparks, Flames and Healing, so they ought to offer no opposition. After killing them both, loot their bodies, for one of them contains a letter called "Cultists' Orders". After reading it travel to the mark point at Windhelm's docks. Here, talk to the ship captain and intimidate/persuade him (if possible) or pay him 500 Gold so he agrees to take you to Raven Rock.

After the loading screen, you'll find yourself witnessing the boat arrive at the Raven Rock docks while the boat captain wishes you good luck. As soon as the boat stops moving and you gain control over your character once again, the trophy should pop up.

Congratulations, and welcome to Solsthein.

The Temple of Miraak
Complete "The Temple of Miraak"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.

Upon arriving at Raven Rock, talk to anyone and ask them for Miraak. Some of them will say they remember a Temple, and soon afterwards a marker that leads you to the Temple of Miraak will be added to your map. Walk your way to the Temple and you'll finish the Dragonborn quest. Soon afterwards, you'll meet Frea, who turns out to be one of the few people not to be brainwashed. She'll say you both need to travel further into the Temple and find out what's going on. Inmediately afterwards, two cultists will greet you by coming out from the Temple. Dispatch them, go down the stairs and enter the door.

The dungeon is pretty much the same as all the Ancient North Tombs you've ran across before, full of Draugr and Cultists (depending on your level, you might run into quite a few Draugr Deathlords) and the typical traps, ranging from the swinging blades to the falling lodges and what-not.

After countless traps, Cultists and Draugrs, you'll eventually reach the Temple of Miraak Sanctum, which thankfully isn't as large as the previous segment. Make your way through the dungeons murdering more Draugrs and Cultists and you'll eventually reacha Dragon Wall, containing the new (and awesome) shout known as Dragon Aspect.

Soon afterwards, the place will tremble and quite a few Draugrs and a Gatekeeper will come out of their tombs. Murder them, take the Temple of Miraak Key from the Gatekeeper and use it to open the locked door behind the Tomb that's below a Dragon's skeleton. Now all that's left is to keep walking through the corridors, opening doors and secret passages and you'll eventually reach a large stairway surrounded by eery statues. Equip your bow and take out the few Skeletons and Draugrs hanging around, then move on and you'll be greeted by (depending on your level) a Draurg Deathlord or a Draugr Death Overlord. Show him why you're called the Dragonborn and take him out.

Proceed through the hidden passage located behind the big rock with a chest inside it. Keep walking and you'll reach a bizarre chamber where a book called The Black Book resides. Read it and you'll be transported to another realm, where you'll find yourself powerless infront of Miraak and his Cthulhu-like minions. After a small chat where he'll make fun of you, you'll be brought back to your realm by the Cthulhu wanna-be's. Afterwards, simply talk to Frea about what happened and the trophy will pop up.

The Path of Knowledge
Complete "The Path of Knowledge"

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

You'll unlock this mission after completeing The Fate of the Skaal, which starts after you complete The Temple of Miraak.

First you'll need to travel to the South-Eastern region of Solstheim, where you'll find a bunch of gigantic mushrooms. One of them houses a Dark Elf known as Neloth. Talk to him and he'll offer some info about the Black Books and their connection to the Daedric Prince of fate and knowledge known as Hermaeus Mora. After a quick chat and some interesting information, he'll say the Black Book you're searching for lies in Nchardak, a gigantic Dwemer ruin located North-East of where you're located.

Make your way to the marker and murder the Reavers and Rieklings standing in your way and wait for Neloth to open the door. Once inside, he'll show you where the Black Book lies and soon afterwards he'll open yet another door with a lever inside it. Pull it and you'll be on another part of the dungeon. Keep following him and he'll talk to you about the city you're in and what-not, until you eventually reach two blue-glowing Control Pedestals. He'll place Dwemer Control Cube in one of them and explain how you'll need to get another 4 of those to activate the Boilers that'll open the way towards the Black Book. Follow his instructions and you'll soon find yourself acquiring the first Control Cube on the first room you visit.

Keep walking and get rid of the Dwarven Spiders that appear. Now cross the small bridge infront of you and place one of your Control Cubes on either of the Control Pedestals. This will cause the water level to lower a little, which will result in more annoying Spiders and Spheres appearing, as well as a Centurion on the lower level. Get rid of them, go down the stairs and place your other Cube in the Pedestal that's right infront of what looks like a conveyor belt. This will cause parts of the Conveyor Belt to raise, forming a stari that leads to a door. Open it, go to your left and grab your third Control Cube.

Afterwards, go back to the higher level and take your other Control Cube from the Pedestal, so the water level goes up once again. Now follow Neloth and swim across the collapsed stairs. Get rid of the Dwarven Spider and watch out for the Dwarven Ballistas on the upper level infront of you (they can pack quite a punch, depending on difficulty). Now simply walk a little more, destroy the Centurion that's waiting for you to appear, and you'll find your fourth Cube, and after taking it, the water level will rise. Now get to the upper level through the stairs and place one of your Cubes on the Pedestal, lowering a bridge towards the initial portion of this room. Now head back.

Once you return to the Great Chamber, place two of your Cubes on the two Pedestals so the water level goes down once again. Gow down the ramps, destroying Spheres and Spiders as they show up, and follow Neloth to the right-hand path, where you'll be greeted by two Ballistas. Take care of them and open the door to the Aqueduct with one of your Cubes.

Once in the Aqueduct, follow the ramps that are besides the hallway you just came from and go to the upper floor, where three Pedestals are located. This is a puzzle in which you'll need to place your 3 Cubes in a certain order so you may lower all 3 bridges. The left-hand Pedestal will lower the left and middle bridges, the Pedestal in the middle will lower the bridge on the left and the right-hand Pedestal will lower the middle and right bridges. Simply use the right-hand Pedestal first and the middle Pedestal second to complete the puzzle. Yes, it's that easy.

Now quickly make your way through the bridges, fighting a bunch of annoying Spiders, Spheres and even some Rieklings on your way. Once you reach the last bridge, head up the stairs and make a turn to your left to find another Pedestal. Place one of your Cubes and the water level will go down once again. Neloth will say you should go down and find the last Cube while he waits there. Jump to the lowest part and make your way to the Pedestal, place your Cube and go through the Door. The next room has a lot of traps, the first one being a pair of jumping doors that'll swing their way at you as soon as you step on a switch on the door (so avoid stepping on it, or if you have the Light Foot Perk, don't bother with it). The other trap consists of a pair of swinging blades, which should be no problem to avoid if you closely make your way around by staying close to the walls. Open the door by placing a Cube on the Pedestal and grab the Cube that lies inside. This will case the water level to go up once again.

Swim your way back and Neloth will take the other Cube, causing the water level to rise even more. Swim back to the entrance with Neloth and go back to the Great Chamber. Grab one of the Cubes you left at the uppermost level and place it alongside the other 3 on the Pedestals infront of each Boiler. This will cause a bridge right infront of you to collapse, and yet another Centurion will appear. Take care of it and Neloth will say he'll go check if it worked, so follow him back to the Reading Room. Once here, press the button that's right infront of him and after a nice lights show, the Black Book will be yours to take and the trophy will pop up.

At the Summit of Apocrypha
Complete "The Summit of Apocrypha"

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

In order to unlock this quest, you must first finish The Path of Knowledge and The Gardener of Men.

After Storn meets a tragic end at the hands of the asshole known as Harmeus-Mora, you'll be able to unlock all three words of the Bend Will shout, so do so. Now, you'll be asked to read the Black Book: Walking Dreams, which will take you to Apocrypha so you may fight and murder Miraak.

After reaching Apocrypha, walk straight and read the book titled as Chapter I. Once you're transported to this new place of Apocrypha, walk up the stairs and fight the two Seekers that appear. After getting rid of them, walk through the bridge and take the book titled Boneless Limbs, which will open up the way to the next area by reading the book Chapter III.

Walk straight and fight, yet again, another pair of Seekers. After getting rid of them, go to the right and walk up the stairs so you may take the book calledDelvin Pincers, opening a door that's right next to where you started at, and behind it lies a Scyre. Activate it and a new path will open up. Walk through it and you'll eventually reach a place full of bridges and a couple of Seekers. Take care of them and go pick up the book called Prying Orbs, opening a door. Go through it and open the book Chapter IV.

As per usual, this place has two Seekers floating around. Swiftly murder them and move on. Once you pass the Font of Magicka, you'll reach a dead end, but worry not, the dead end will start moving back and will open a new way, which happens to be another dead end that acts the same way. Once it is done moving back, return to where you previously were, and you'll notice it now looks different. Dispatch the Seeker standing in your way and make your way up through the stairs, which will lead you to a book named Gnashing Blades. Pick it up and a new way will open up. Go through it and the dead end infront of you will start moving, letting you proceed. Murder yet another pair of Seekers and move on until you reach a Scyre. Activate it, and go through the new passage. You'll eventually reach a chamber with a glowing light coming out of one of those sticky goo ponds, and a Lurker will pop up. Fight it and then move on towards the Scyre that lies on the other side. Activate it so a new door will open. Proceed down the tunnel and you'll reach the book Chapter V.

Keep wakling and murder the Seekers infront of you, and you'll stand before a giant pillar with Pedestals placed around it. Place each of the books you took across the place in each of them. Place Gnashing Blades on the first one, and from right to left, place Prying Orbs on the second one, Boneless Limbs on the third one and Delving Pincers on the fourth one. This shall make a new book appear right below the giant pillar in the middle of the room, named Chapter VI.

On this new area, move up the stairs and you'll find yourself in an open area with a couple of Seekers. Kill them both and go towards the opposite end (where they originally were) and you'll find a Dragon Wall with another word for Dragon Aspect (possibly the last one you need). After absorbing it, Sahrotaar, a Dragon, will appear. Use the Bend Will Shout to subdue him, and he'll congratulate you for your awesomeness and say he'll take you to Miraak.

The next portion consists of you riding Sahrotaar around Apocrypha while killing Seekers and Lurkers. Simply switch around targets with the analog stick and command Sahrotaar to murder them by pressing . After killing them all, he'll let you land at the top of Miraaks gigantic tower, where Miraak awaits.

Miraak is a Dragonborn that loves to use Magic, which he's good at thanks to carrying a Staff. He'll also use Dragon Aspect as soon as possible, so fight fire with fire with your own Dragon Aspect. After a while, he'll start using a sword, so watch out for his melee attacks. Also take note that during this battle, Sahrotaar will help you by randomly spitting Ice on Miraak's face.

After nearly killing and dropping his health to about 1/4th, he'll run like a girl and let his Dragon, Kruziikrel, handle the show. Murder him so Miraak, once again, steals a Dragon Soul from you, regenerating all his life. Once again, kick his ass and when he's about to die, he'll run and let another Dragon, Relonkiv, fight for him. Take it out, and you'll see how Miraak regenerates his whole life once again. This time, after running away, it'll be Sahrotaar who'll fight for him, so quickly kill it. Yet again, see his whole life will be regenerated, so start attacking him again.

After he's almost dead, Hermaeus-Mora will show up and impale Miraak with one of his tentacle (spare the dirty thoughts), say how you'll be his new servant and kill him. Congratulations, with Miraak dead, you've completed the quest and this trophy will pop up. Loot Miraak's skeleton to pick up his whole Armor Set and weapons if you wish to have them, and open the Black Book: Walking Dreams, which will cause a bunch of floating symbols to appear. These symbols represent all 18 Skills, and choosing one of them will clear all the perks you have for that skill for the cost of a Dragon Soul, letting you re-use your perk points and spend them differently this time around.

Dragon Aspect
Learn all 3 words of Dragon Aspect

This trophy is missable.

One of the new additions to Skyrim in this DLC is the powerful shout known as Dragon Aspect. This shout will, with the first word, cover your arms with a mystical-looking armor that'll alow you to deliver more powerful blows. The second word will make the armor cover you completetly and will increase your defense. The third and last word will increase the potency of your shouts. This Shout can turn your already overpowered character into a complete monster, so it's highly recommendable to get all three Words, especially if you're playing on the highest difficulty.

The first Dragon Wall lies at the Temple of Miraak, which you'll visit upon arriving at Solstheim for the first time (if you're follwing the main quest-line, that is). It lies deep inside the dungeon, about two thirds from the exit. You'll know you've reached it when you find a room surrounded by Tombs (with one of them being overlooked by a Dragon skeleton). After absorbing the Word, Draugrs will come out of the tombs and fight you. Simply take care of them and loot a Key from the one called Gatekeeper to proceed.

For more information about this dungeon, go look at the trophy description for The Temple of Miraak.

The second Dragon Wall is inside the Raven Rock Mine. It lies almost at the end of the dungeon, at the other side of a small pool fo water, and is protected by a powerful Dragon Priest named Zahkriisos, so make sure you're prepared for the fight.

For more information about Raven Rock Mine and how to reach the Dragon Wall, look at the trophy description for Raven Rock Owner.

The third and last Dragon Wall lies at Apocrypha, Hermaeus-Mora's domain. In order to reach this specific part of Apocrypha, you'll need to read the Black Book: Walking Dreams and have completed The Path of Knowledge and The Gardener of Men. Once at Apocrypha, you'll need to proceed throughout the place by reading the Chaptered books lying around, but do note that in order to access them, you'll need to pick up four books named Boneless Limbs, Delvin Pincers, Prying Orbs and Gnashing Blades. After a while, you'll eventually reach a room with a big Pillar standing in the middle, and four Pedestals surrounding it. Place, from right to left, Gnashing Blades, Prying Orbs, Boneless Limbs and Delving Pincers on all of them so the Chapter VI book appears below the Pillar. Read it and you'll reach a place that contains the Dragon Wall.

For a better detailed walkthrough of Walking Dreams, read the trophy description for At the Summit of Apocrypha.

Hidden Knowledge
Learn the secrets of 5 Black Books

This trophy is missable.

Black Book are rare items found throughout the DLC (two of them being mandatory for quest progression). They're mystical items created by Hermaues Mora that'll send you to his realm, known as Apocrypha. In order to unlock this trophy, you must find 5 of those books, go to their respective areas of Apocrypha and complete the level/challenge/dungeon, which will also grant you a new Power or Bonus. There are a total of 7 Black Books throughout Solstheim, but, again, you only need to find five of them.

The following is a list of their locations of all the Black Books:

Black Book: Epistolary Acumen.

This book is one of the few you'll get from playing through the story. In this case, you find it inside Nchardak during the quest The Path of Knowledge. For more info as to how to obtain it, check the trophy description for The Path of Knowledge.

Black Book: Filamnent and Filigree.

This book is located inside Kolbjorn Barrow, and it becomes accesible when finishing the quest Unearthed. In order to start this quest, move south from Raven Rock and you'll reach Kolbjorn Barrow, finding a Dark Elf called Ralis. He'll ask for help in funding his expedition (1000 gold coins), so accept. After a few days, you'll receive a letter from him, saying there's been trouble. Go there, go inside the Barrow and murder the Draugr. He'll ask for more funding and the same process will repeat itself four more times. Once you've finally finished the quest and killed the Dragon Priest Ahzidal, proceed through the door and you'll eventually reach the Black Book. Take it.

Black Book: The Hidden Twilight.

This Black Book lies inside Neloth's house, in Tel Mithryn. In order to gain access to this portion of his house (and the Staff Enchanter), you'll need to first finish the quest The Path of Knowledge, return to Neloth and run some errands for him. Afterwards, talk to him at his home and after some useless conversation, he'll open the door towards the Book.

Black Book: The Swallow Regent.

The book lies inside White Bridge Barrow, located north of Raven Rock next to a mountain. The dungeon is the generic Barrow type and is crawling with Draugr and has a Dragon Wall for Cyclone, which is guarded by the Dragon Priest Dukaan.

Black Book: The Wdinds of Change.

This book lies inside Bloodskal Barrow, which is accesible from Raven Rock Mine and throughout the quest The Final Descent (for information about this quest, look at the description for Raven Rock Owner).

Black Book: Untold Legends.

This one is hidden inside the cave called Benkonferike. It is located North-East of Raven Rock, South the location of Bend Will's Dragon Wall. This is one fo the easiest dungeons containing a Black Book, since it isn't guarded by a Dragon Priest and doesn't even have a Dragon Wall.

Black Book: Walking Dreams.

This is most likely the first Black Book you'll stumble upon. It lies inside The Temple of Miraak, at the end of the dungeon. For more information regarding this place, read the trophy description for The Temple of Miraak.

Stahlrim Crafter
Craft an item out of Stalhrim

This trophy is missable.

In order to forge something out of Stalhrim, you'll first need to finish the quest A New Source of Stalhrim, which you can unlock after completing The Temple of Miraak, The Fate of the Skaal and Cleansing The Stones.

After finishing The Temple of Miraak and beginning The Fate of the Skaal, follow Frea to Skaal Village and talk to Storn, who will ask you to unlock the Shout known as Bend Will so you can free the minds of Solstheim's people. Follow your marker towards the Dragon Wall and fight off the Draugrs standing guard, as well as a Serpentine Dragon. After killing it, Miraak will steal its soul and leave. Now go near the Dragon Wall to learn this new shout. Go to the Wind Stone marker on your map and use the shout on the Stone. This will cause a Lurker to pop up. Be careful and make sure not to kill nor let the Lurker kill any villagers, for this can potentially screw you out of a few missions. Once you're done, go back to Skaal Village and report to Storn. He will mention how there are four other Stones to cleanse, starting the quest Cleansing The Stones.

Go to each of the Stones marked on your map (Sun, Beast, Earth and Wind), and use the Bend Will shout on all of them, which will make a Lurker appear. Kill it and them move on to the following Stone.

Once you're done, head back to Skaal Village, and you'll find two people talking about how someone went missing. Interrupt their talk and they'll mention how Baldor Iron-Shaper has gone missing, and they'll ask you to find him. Follow your marker towards a hut that's being guarded by four Thalmor Guards. Kill them all, enter the hut, go down the stairs and talk to Baldor. He'll ask you to either kill or persuade a Thalmor named Ancarion so you retrieve a map containing the location of a Stalhrim deposit.

Go to the marker and a Thalmor Guard will talk to you and ask what you're business is. Tell him you just wish to speak with his captain. Find Ancarion and try persuading or intimadting him to leave. If you fail at either, you'll have to kill him and his guards. As soon as you take care of that, read the map on your inventory to reveal the location of the Stalhrim deposit. Now head back to Skaal village and talk to Baldor. He'll say how grateful he is and mention you can now use his forge to create Stalhrim weapons and armor.

Note: There is a bug/glitch for this quest. If you already finished the quest The Gardener of Men, you won't be able to hand the map back to Baldor until you finish At the Summit of Apocrypha, meaning you won't be able to forge Stalhrim weapons and armor until you're done with the main quests. If you wish to beat Miraak with Stalhrim weaponry or whatever, it is recommendable to take care of A New Source of Stalhrim before this.

The following is a list of all the Stalhrim things you can forge, and what you need to forge them (do note that Baldor will sell all the required items, as well as some merchants around Raven Rock):

Stalhrim Armor
3 Leaher Strips, 6 Stalhrim, Quicksilver Ingot
Stalhrim Battleaxe
5 Stalhrim, 2 Leather Strips
Stalhrim Boots
2 Leather Strips, Quicksilver Ingot, 4 Stalhrim
Stalhrim Bow
3 Stalhrim
Stalhrim Dagger
Stalhrim, Leather Strip
Stalhrim Gauntlets
2 Leather Strips, 3 Stalhrim, Quicksilver Ingot
Stalhrim Greatsword
5 Stalhrim, 3 Leather Strips
Stalhrim Helmet
2 Leather Strips, 4 Stalhrim, Quicksilver Ingot
Stalhrim Light Armor
3 Leather Strips, 5 Stalhrim, Steel Ingot
Stalhrim Light Boots
2 Leather Strips, Steel Ingot, 3 Stalhrim
Stalhrim Light Bracers
2 Leather Strips, 2 Stalhrim, Steel Ingot
Stalhrim Light Helmet
2 Leather Strips, 3 Stalhrim, Steel Ingot
Stalhrim Mace
3 Stalhrim, Leather Strip
Stalhrim Shield
Leather Strip, 4 Stalhrim, Steel Ingot
Stalhrim Sword
2 Stalhrim, Leather Strip
Stalhrim War Axe
2 Stalhrim, 2 Leather Strips
Stalhrim Warhammer
5 Stalhrim, 3 Leather Strips

Tame and ride 5 dragons

This trophy is missable.

One of the things that Dragonborn adds to the world of Skyrim is the ability to tame and ride Dragons, thing that TES fans have been waiting for a long time. In order to do so, you simply have to complete a couple of story-related missions so you fully unlock all three words for the new Shout known as Bend Will. Once you do, you'll be able to fly (randomly) around Skyrim while riding a Dragon.

The first Word for Bend Will is accesible right from the start. After travelling to Solstheim, you can either complete The Temple of Miraak and start the quest The Fate of the Skaal in order ot be told where the Dragon Wall lies, or go on your own to the Dragon Wall's location. For the explorers, simply head to the North-East portion of the island, and you are bound to stumble upon the location. Do note that the place is guarded by about four Draugrs (and depending on your level, they all might be Deathlords) and a Serpentine Dragon, who will attack both you and the Draugrs.

Once you deal with the Serpentine Dragon and Miraak steal its soul from you, go to the Dragon Wall to learn the first word. Now, you'll need to complete a few main quests in order to fully unlock the shout.

After completing The Temple of Miraak (for more info on this quest, look at The Temple of Miraak's trophy description), start and complete The Fate of the Skaal. Afterwards, start the new quest called The Path of Knowledge (for information regarding this quest, look at The Path of Knowledge's trophy description). After doing so, you'll have to read the Black Book: The Gardener of Men and complete the 'level'. Once done, head back to Skaal Village and talk to the Shaman. Tell him what happened and he'll agree to help you, resulting in Hermaues Mora murdering him, stealing the Skaal's secrets and giving you the other two words for Bend Will. Unlock all three words, and now you shall be able to to subdue Dragons so you may ride them.

The first Dragon you'll most likely subdue lies in Apocrypha, after you start the quest At the Sumit of Apocrypha. However, you may go find and subdue five Dragons before heading there. Simply fast travel back to Skyrim and go to any of the Dragon Shrine locations you've previously discovered. The Dragons guarding the Dragon Walls will most likely have respawned by now, so simply wait for them to land (or stop moving) and Shout at them with Bend Will. This will make them bow down to you, so simply head towards them and press to ride them. Now simply land, dismount the Dragon and fast travel to another Dragon Shrine to repeat the process.

For those wondering how to control the Dragons when riding them, I'm sad to say that you can't really tell them where to fly to, so they'll simply fly randomly in circles. The only thing you can do is tell target an enemy by pressing , order your Dragon to attack that target with , and tell it to land by pressing .

Do note, however, that if you Fast Travel while on a Dragon, you'll re-appear while riding the Dragon. One thing to know, though, is that you can not fast travel from Solstheim to Skyrim (or vice-versa) while riding a Dragon.

Raven Rock Owner
Own a house in Raven Rock

This trophy is missable.

In order to earn this trophy, you'll first need to complete three quests: March of the Dead, The Final Descent and Served Cold. Completing all three will make the man in charge of the town acknowledge you and your actions and he'll give you a house.

March of the Dead can be started by walking South of Raven Rock, until you meet Captain Veleth, who is being attacked by a couple of Ash Spawns. Get rid of them and talk to him. He'll mention how the city has been suffering from constant Ash Spawn attacks and ask for some help. Agree to help him and loot the Ash Spawns you just killed - one will carry a letter with the information you need. Talk to Veleth once again and he'll ask you to go to Fort Frostmoth, which is located to the East. Once you arrive, kill the Ash Spawns and enter the Fort, which is a very straightforward dungeon.

Once inside, you'll find a bunch of Ash Spawns guarding the place. Get rid of them and loot the few rooms you can visit until you find the Fort Frostmoth Key. Use it to keep advancing until you find General Falx Carius, who has apparenly returned from the dead. Murder him and the few Ash Spawns that he has with him, and then leave the fort and report back to Veleth at Raven Rock. He'll say he's thankful and what-not and you'll have finished the first quest you need.

Next is The Final Descent. You may start this quest by going North of where you start at Raven Rock and entering the Raven Rock Mine. Here, you'll find a couple of people arguing. Either listen to them argue or simply talk to the man (named Crescius Caerellius). He'll ramble on about his suspicions and after a few sentences ask for your help to find his descendant's journal. Agree and carefully go down the stairs behind him.

Keep going down and killing a few Frostbite Spiders on your way. Soon, you'll eventually reach the bottom. Now proceed through the spiderwebs and keep walking straight. You'll reach a few cyrpts, so watch out for the "sleeping" Draugrs, which might even be Deathlords depending on your level.

After walking a little more, you'll reach a cercular room with Draugrs sitting on chairs. Only one of them is actually dead, so prepare to fight them. Once you're done, go through the iron door and keep walking. You'll pass by a Stahlrim Deposit and an Alchemy Lab and after going up a ramp, you'll be attack by two Soul Gems. Quickly grab them to avoid any more damage and heal yourself. Now keep advancing, open the Iron Door and get rid of the three Draugrs that are roaming this room. Go up the stairs, go all the way to the other side and activate the switch to get rid of the bars on the other side. Go through it and to your left will be a Spell Tome: Ice Parks. Take/ignore it and go to your left. up the ramp and prepare to get attacked by another Soul Gem. Quickly grab it and move on, following the gusts of wind.

You shall eventually find a chamber. Drop and go loot the skeleton that lies infront of you, where you shall find Gratan Caerellius's Journal and a sword called Bloodskal Blade. Grab both and equip the Blade. Slide from left to right while doing a charged attack to launch a red beam, and use it to hit both horizontal red markings on the archawy around the door. Now use a normal charged attack to launch a vertical beam towards the two new vertical markings on the archway. Once again do the horizontal slash to hit the two new markings, and finally, use one final vertical slash to fully open the door.

Make your way through the trap-filled hallway and activate the lever to open the way to the final part of the dungeon. I highly recommend you to save right now, just in case. Keep walking and you shall find a Dragon Wall, containing one of the words for the awesome Shout known as Dragon Aspect. Now, prepare to fight Zahkriisos, the Dragon Priest. Take note that this Dragon Priest can shoot very powerful lighting spells and even summon the Cthulhu-like enemies known as Seekers, which are capable of using the Thu'um, so be careful when fighting him and try to kill him as fast as you can.

Once you kill him and loot his body, go activate the lever located at the left-hand side of the room (when looking at the Dragon Wall) to open the gate that leads you to the Black Book: The Winds of Change. Read it and you'll find yourself once again in Apocrypha. Now re-read the Black Book so you return to Solstheim and go up the stairs infront of where the Book once was. Exit the door at the end so, which leads to Bloodskal Barrow. Kill the Reavers that are lurking around and go towards the door that leads back to Solstheim. Now simply walk/fast travel to the Rock Raven Mine once again, and talk to Crescius to turn in the quest. Congratulations, now you're missing only one more quest so you may own a house in Raven Rock.

Go to Raven Rock and wait for Captain Veleth to approach you. He'll say the Councillor's advisor Adril Arano wishes to speak to you. Either find him wandering the town, or go to Morvayn Manor. He'll say he suspects there's someone trying to murder the Councillor and will ask for your help to uncover the truth. Now go find Geldis Sadri at his Inn, known as Retching Netch Corner Club. He'll mention he has a plan to figure out who the supposed spies are and tell you to wait at the Ulen Ancestral Tomb. Go there and just wait for someone to appear, who turns out to be a Dark Elf named Tilisu Severin. Talk to her and ask whatever you wish, and then go report back to Adril. He'll give you a key and ask you to search her house for clues.

Once you enter Severin Manor, you'll be attack by Tilisu Severin and Mirri Severin, so kill them both. Loot them both so you get a key to the Severin Family Safe, which is on the last room on the lower floor. Inside it, you'll find a letter called The Ulen Matter. Go report back to Adril and he'll ask you to go to the Ashfallow Citadel alngside two of his best guards. Proceed to the marker on the map (located East of Raven Rock) and you'll find the bodies of the two guards. Kill the Morag Tong Assassins guarding the place and enter the Citadel.

The place is full of traps and pretty much consists of a single hallway with a bunch of gates blocking the path, each guarded by two or three Morag Tong Assassins. Kill them all and simply search for the chains to to lift the gates, and you'll eventually reach the last room, where Vendil Severin and two more Morag Tong lowlives lie. Quickly dispatch them as if they were a bunch of insignificant bugs and now go back to Raven Rock.

Report to Adril once again and he'll say how grateful he is and how the Councilor Marvyn wants to offer his thanks. He'll say how grateful he is and how money isn't enough to recompensate you for your actions, and he'll proceed to give you Severin Manor, since the previous owners have just been murdered by you.

Congratulations, now you own a house in Solstheim and you've unlocked a new trophy.

Solstheim Explorer
Discover 30 locations on the island of Solstheim

This trophy is missable.

The Dragonborn DLC adds a whole new island for you to explore, called Solstheim. The island itself isn't very big, and can be fully explored in a matter of hours. However, the place still contains quite a rather long list of locations (over 50), so earning this trophy will not be a real problem, even if you only stick to the trophy-related quests.

Below is a list of locations around Solstheim and a map (ignore the locations' names, they're on another language):

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