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Online Trophies: none
Online Pass Required for 100%: no pass
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: no cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-20 hours, depending on existing progress
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: none
Difficulty Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: none
Glitched Trophies: no glitched trophies per se, but glitched quests in the existing game may preclude certain trophy requirements

Hearthfire is the second installment of DLC making its way to the PS3 version of Skyrim. Hearthfire isn't a story-based DLC; it adds no real questlines or additional areas to explore. Instead, Hearthfire allows you to purchase land and manage your own homesteads out in the wilds of Skyrim. Prepare to gather materials, construct a home, and build a life with new features like child adoption, estate management, and... well, no, that's pretty much it.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Lacking any story, collectables, or missable trophies, this DLC pack isn't one that really requires you to be mindful of any confusing miscellany. However, there are a couple things that you'd do well to keep in mind:
  • Do not try to complete this pack on a save where any of the Jarls currently in power dislike you. This generally means you've murdered someone they care about and/or are a person of ill repute - the Thieves Guild they tend to tolerate, but if you're in with the Dark Brotherhood, or support the opposing side of the Civil War, they won't be openly friendly to you. Even if you're a Thane of their Hold, this may preclude you from buying one or more of the properties and therefore preventing you from getting Landowner, Land Baron, Architect, and/or Master Architect.
  • Your homestead will occasionally come under attack by bandits, giants, dragons, and all manner of nasty creatures. While they can't do any damage to your homestead itself, they can and will kill anyone in residence there since it IS full-fledged combat. Keep this in mind before moving your spouse and children out from the city if you really care about them - also be prepared to occasionally buy new livestock.
  • When it comes to gathering materials for your house, I recommend overbuying. Most of what you need is fairly cheap, and not to be found near your homestead, so it's a good idea to stock up before heading back to build.
  • Additionally, if you recruit one of your followers to be your steward, you may simply pay them a small fee of Septims to furnish the rooms in your home. I recommend going this route, because while it takes some time for everything to arrive to appear in your home, it is ultimately cheaper and less time-consuming than tracking down all the materials you need.

[top]Potential Glitches and Fixes

Hearthfire itself doesn't have many glitches, especially since it doesn't add any new questlines or story to the game. However, certain quests from the vanilla game are required completions before you can successfully purchase land, and if a glitch prevents you from finishing them you may be locked out of purchasing certain homesteads. Some of the missions in question:

  • Rare Gifts - given by the Jarl of Falkreath. This mission is one of many 'Rare Gifts' missions triggered by the radiant quest system, and you can only have one open at a time. occasionally, even if you complete another, the Jarl won't assign you this one. It is generally required by Siddgeir to become Thane, but if you oust him via the Civil War that can fix things. Alternatively, starting a new character in order to successfully complete the mission may be required.
  • Waking Nightmare - given by the Jarl of Dawnstar. This quest is notoriously glitchy, and hated by many because of the fact it's needed for the Daedric Artifact trophies. There are a number of ways this mission can glitch, but most commonly Erandur, your guide, will freeze and be unable to climb a flight of stairs once you're inside the structure. Reloading an earlier save and completing different quests before moving onto this one can occasionally fix the glitch, but you'll always need to reload one before your initially spoke to him. Alternatively, starting a new character in order to successfully complete the mission may be required.
  • Missions Assisting the Citizenry - while doing favors for the citizens in order to become a Thane of a given hold, sometime certain tasks don't always count toward your total. However, there are an overabundance of available chores that count toward this, so it really isn't a significant issue.

It is also worth noting that issues encountered in Dawnstar may be circumvented if Dawnstar ever changes hands through the Civil War questline. This may occasionally reset quest progress in Dawnstar, and more commonly can lead to you automatically being offered the option to purchase land, even if you haven't completed any of the requisite quests at all. Regardless, the ultimate fix for any glitches encountered is to make a new character - it sucks, but the trophies themselves aren't glitched, so if you keep running into problems it would be wise to try with a different playthrough.


Proud Parent
Adopt a child

In order to adopt a child, you need a have a home that is properly furnished. This means either outfitting one of the purchasable homes (Breezhome, Honeyside, Vlindrel Hall, Hjerim, Proudspire Manor, and/or Severin Manor) with a child's bedroom. This can be done through whichever steward you bought the property in question from as an upgrade.

Alternatively, if you'd like your homestead to be your family home, you need to have a chest and a proper bed for your future child. This means building a Child's Bed and a chest in either your hall, or in the Bedrooms built on the stead's west wing. Once you've built both items in either location, you're ready to begin the adoption process.

To adopt a child (you can have up to two, and only human children are available), you may either pick one you run into in your adventures, or you may visit Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. You can only adopt a child there, though, if Grelod the Kind is dead, so you'll likely have to kill her outright if you haven't completed the Dark Brotherhood questline already and intend to go through the Orphanage.

Additionally, there are dozens of children living in happy homes across Skyrim that would be sent to the orphanage in the event that their families die. This means that if you see a child you love in the care of another family, and you feel especially devious, you can arrange for the death of their parents yourself and pick them up at the orphanage later. Keep in mind that if the child actually witnesses you murdering their real parents, they won't be available for adoption.


Street Urchins:
  • Alesan - in Dawnstar around the mines
  • Blaise - at Katla's Farm in Solitude
  • Lucia - by the Gildergreen in Whiterun
  • Sofie - in the Grey Quarter of Windhelm
Default Orphans:
  • Runa Fair-Shield
  • Hroar
  • Samuel
  • Francois Beaufort
Waiting for an Accident:
  • Aeta - Skaal village; guardians are Oslaf and Finna
  • Braith - Whiterun; guardians are Amren and Saffir
  • Britte - Rorikstead; guardian is Lemkil
  • Clinton Lylvieve - Dragon Bridge; guardians are Azzada Lylvieve, Michel Lylvieve, and Julienne Lylvieve
  • Dorthe - Riverwood; guardians are Alvor and Sigrid
  • Eirid - The Frozen Hearth; guardians are Haran and Dagur
  • Erith - Left Hand Mine; guardian is Daighre
  • Frodnar - Riverwood; guardians are Hod and Gerdur
  • Grolnach - Heartwood Mill; guardian is Grosta
  • Hrefna - Darkwater Crossing; guardians are Tormir and Sondas Drenim
  • Knud - Katla's Farm; guardians are Katla and Snilling
  • Minette Vinius - Winking Skeever; guardians are Sorex Vinius and Corpulus Vinius
  • Sissel - Rorikstead; guardian is Lemkil
  • Skuli - Old Hroldan; guardians are Eydis and Leontius Salvius
  • Svari - Solitude; guardians are Greta and Addvar

Buy a plot of land

Simply buy any of the three purchasable pieces of land.Each one goes for 5000 Septims. For more information, refer to Land Baron.

Build three wings on a house

Fully build all three additions to a house and this trophy will unlock. For more information, see Master Architect.

Land Baron
Buy three plots of land

Purchase all three available pieces of land at 5000 Septims each for a total of 15,000. This trophy will unlock upon purchasing the final property; you don't need to develop any of them at all.

The properties are as follows:

Windstad Manor Lakeview Manor Heljarchen Hall
Location: Above the salt marshes of the Hjaalmarch, where the noble Horker doth roam. Overlooking Lake Ilinalta, situated partway between Riverwood and Falkreath. Perched upon a rocky mountain slope within the snowy confines of The Pale. Near Loreius Farm.
Prerequisite Quests:
  • Laid to Rest (acquired from Jarl Idgrod or Jarl Sorli, depending on the Civil War)
  • Become a Thane of Falkreath (this will involve completing any combination of the following quests, depending on the Civil War)
    • Rare Gifts
    • Kill the Bandit Leader
    • Assist the Citizens of Falkreath (complete three of the following misc. tasks)
      • Selling vegetables at Corpselight Farm
      • Delivering ashes to the Hall of the Dead for Thadgeir (Dengeir's house)
      • Retrieving Runil's journal from a random location
      • Selling firewood at Half-Moon Mill
      • Investing in a store
      • Stealing a private letter from Lod of Dengeir
      • Completing A Daedra's Best Friend
      • Completing Ill Met By Moonlight

Note that completed the Dark Brotherhood questline may negatively influence your reputation with Jarl Siddgeir, thus preventing your acquisition of this piece of land. If possible, don't complete the Dark Brotherhood questline until after you've purchased this land. Alternatively, hold off on becoming Thane until after the questline is done, not before. This will allow you to regain favor with the Jarl, although it isn't always 100% effective.
  • Waking Nightmare (acquired from either Jarl Skald or Jarl Brina, depending on the Civil War)
  • Kill the Giant(acquired from either Jarl Skald or Jarl Brina, depending on the Civil War)

Note that occasionally progressing the Civil War questline will bug this land and allow you to purchase it without completing the requisite quests (generally when trading the city for Markarth to secure peace in Season unending). This can be useful for people affected by any glitched quests.
Purchased From: Aslfur (default), or Pactur (if you sided with the Stormcloaks and completed the Fort Snowhawk quest). Either one will be found in the Highmoon Hall in Morthal, although occasionally Pactur will glitch and stay in the vicinity of Rockswallow Mine. Nenya (default), or Tekla (if you sided with the Stormcloaks and completed the Rescue from Fort Neugrad quest). Either one will be found in the Jarl's Longhouse in Falkreath. Jarl Skald (default), or Jarl Brina (if you sided with the Imperial Legion and/or traded Dawnstar for Markarth to secure peace in Season Unending). Either one will be found in The White Hall in Dawnstar.

Master Architect
Build three houses

Simply erecting a cottage on each available piece of land won't do; you need to fully build all three wings at each site for this trophy to unlock. You do NOT, however, need to purchase all available upgrades and furnishings.

Once you have added a Main Hall to your homestead, you'll be able to select what kind of structure you want in the east wing, the west wing, and the north wing of your manor house. Note that you can only choose one per wing per homestead, and that you can't tear down and/or remodel any portion of your home, so choose carefully! Your options are as follows:


Wing Stone Lumber Clay Nails Fittings Locks Hinges Features
Library East 16 24 9 34 3 3 6 A handful of chests and many, many bookshelves
Armory East 18 14 3 14 3 3 6 Many chests, tables, armor mannequins, and weapon displays. Additionally, archery targets may be placed outside.
Kitchen East 14 18 3 20 2 2 4 Barrels for food storage and replenishable food
Trophy Room North 14 18 3 20 2 2 4 Display stands for trophies and stuffed enemies, including frost trolls, hagravens, and dragon skulls.
Alchemy Tower North 16 24 9 34 3 3 6 A second Alchemy Lab, copious quantities of ingredients, storage for those ingredients, and strongboxes.
Storage Room North 18 14 3 14 3 3 6 Numerous chests, shelves, and barrels; a handful of display stands and cases.
Bedrooms West 18 14 3 14 3 3 6 Chests and beds for children. If you haven't refurbished an existing home in one of the cities, this is necessary for child adoption. See Proud Parent for more information.
Greenhouses West 14 18 3 20 2 2 4 Large planting boxes useful for growing alchemical ingredients, and a few storage solutions for them.
Enchanter's Tower West 16 24 9 34 3 3 6 A second Enchanting Table, copious quantities of Soul gems, storage for those Gems, and strongboxes.

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