x 1 x 1 x 14 x 35
Players: 1
Online Trophies: none
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats available at this time.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 100+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, after you finish the primary story quests you are allowed to free roam around the land of Skyrim.
Collectibles Trophies: Yes, you will spend a great deal finding the Daedric Artifacts for Oblivion Walker, Dragon Souls for Dragon Hunter, and Shouts for Thu'um Master. Apart from that you need to 'collect' 100,000 gold and certain quest related items. Please read the entire guide carefully for more details.
Missable Trophies: There are certain Daedric Artifacts that could be considered missable, please refer to the Oblivion Walker trophy description in this guide for more information. Moreover, it's easily possible to screw up War Hero if you decide to complete the main story line before starting the Civil War quests. Last but not least: If you think it is a good idea to sell the Thieves Guild Armor before you obtained all the trophies for this questline think again, or you might n00b up One with the Shadows

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. How to use this guide
I highly recommend reading each trophy in this guide carefully and understand what each is written. This guide spells out what is necessary to accomplish the platinum but its your responsibility to take a few hours a familiarize yourself with this guide. If take the time to study now and often you will reduce any mistakes (Daedric Artifacts in particular) and also simplify the long road in front of you.

2. How to level up and develop your character in Skyrim
Learn to chain your skills together! Example: Archery can lead to killing animals for their hides which can be turned into leather at the blacksmith forge increasing your Smithing skill. Now with the final product you can further use your Smithing skill to increase the value of the object, now find a filled soul gem and an enchantment table to enchant the weapon. You have now increased your Enchantment skill and after you have the shiny new product you can take it to the vendor for sale (thus increasing your Speech skill). It is pretty much that easy. If you are a simple warrior such as myself it would be beneficial to learn Restoration and Alternation skills because of the healing and shields that come with each cast while killing enemies with your trust one handed weapon. That's 3 skills right there. Also wearing a heavy mail and leather helmet will increase your Heavy Armor and Light Armor skill with each hit (killing two skills with one blow).

3. Some general tips and warnings that will make your life in Skyrim easier
  • The Daedric artifact quests are fun but BE WARNED NEVER KILL A DOG!
  • Try not to overwhelm yourself in this game. It will take a while to get used to this game but if you take each trophy one at a time you will see the direct benefits of keeping your hair on your head. Which leads to the final tip....
  • Save often and separate your saves. Save every quest with a new file or every 10-15 minutes that way if you make a mistake you can quickly revert back and not have to play a 2nd time and lose 30 hours of your life because of incompetence.
  • Do the following if you want a quick easy plat: System Settings Gameplay Difficulty Novice
  • Lost in Skyrim? Use this totally awesome map by Gamebanshee


Levels 1-8
This should be your beginning stage where the enemies are easy, the dungeons can be completed with little to no effort, and the primary focus should be on completing a few Main Story Quests and then starting the Miscellaneous Quests. The primary focus here is to develop your character near the Whiterun region as much as possible before venturing north west or west into the other Holds. Complete at the very least the "Bleak Falls Barrow" Main Story Quest which will allow you to purchase a home in Whiterun for 5000 gold. The reason I stress home ownership early in the game is because of the chest that is on the second floor. You can store everything and anything you find in this chest and it will not be deleted. If you want to save materials and weapons do so now. Take on side quests and explore this region for two primary reasons: the enemies are generally weak and allow you to experiment with how you wish to build your character and it's easy to begin using crafts such as Smithing, Enchantments, and Alchemy to earn easy gold. The Merchants in Whiterun restock their gold supply every 48 hours. Once you have earned 5000 gold purchase a home. While in Whiterun I highly recommend beginning the Companions Questline and completing it. If you are a Warrior/Berserker/Melee build it will be most beneficial because you will have access to Trainer who (for a little gold) will help you increase your skills in blocking, archery, one and two-handed weapons, and Smithing. Sticking around Whiterun until you are Level 8 is highly recommended because your skill set will be expanding constantly and also will allow you time to develop an attack scheme that you are comfortable with. Travel around and begin clearing out dungeons that surround the area and if you come across a Dragon kill it and if you start hearing chants look around for walls with lettering to learn new Shouts.

Levels 9-20
Now that you have a core grasping of the game it is now time to travel and loot dungeons. Go ahead and knock out the Standing Stones' Quests and also the College of Winterhold Questline. The College of Winterhold Quest is a great place not only for Magicka centered characters but also for Warriors. Learn Enchantments, give your Armor and Weapons a huge boost while in the College. Also, there are many Dragons, dungeons, and great hunting places to knock out the necessary number of dungeons cleared and also locations found. Once you have finished all of the College of Winterhold quests it is now time to start the Civil War Quest line. Select either the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army and begin/complete that Questline. You will be traveling to various forts, encampments, and Hold cities. Great time to increase your offensive skills and also your armor. Collect the dead enemies' armor and use it for enchantments or Smithing. Once the Civil War Quest line is complete (choose either side it does not alter you game much) it is time to focus on the Daedric Quests.

Levels 21-40
The Daedric Quests are long (about 1-2 hours for each quest) and must be done a certain way in order to earn the artifact. Don't let this happen to you, DONT EVER KILL THE DOG, TRUST ME BRO. The rewards for the Daedric Quests are weapons and armor. These weapons truly make a difference and if you enchant and smith the weapons to the next level you will be invincible. If you finish the Daedric Quest line and are under Level 40 I suggest going after those Shouts. You only need to learn one Word of each Shout but while you are seeking them out you will come across Dragons and other enemies which drop highly valued objects. If you are level 35 and up please direct yourself to the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Quest lines. These two chains will move that level meter ever so closer and also at this point you will start raking in the gold. I suggest by the time you are Level 30 that you only increase your Stamina. You are able to carry more objects with a high stamina and when its time to go for that 100,000 gold trophy it makes sense to have a high weight tolerance.

Levels 41-50
We are done the homestretch now. The few trophies you should have now (100,000 gold, skill to 100, level 50 earned) are intertwined coincidentally enough. If you were melee the entire time now switch over to Magicka or Archery. Especially for Archery go into those Giant Camps and kill them to earn many pelts and also increase your Archery skill (bow used to kill enemies/animals for pelts), Smithing skill will be increased because of the hides you tan to create the leather armor, and finally your speech skill will increase when bartering the created items. That should be your primary focus on these last few levels is chaining your remaining skills together to earn that Level 50. At this point its time to wrap up the main story and any trophies you are missing. To really cut down on your play time I suggest mixing it up every 2nd or 3rd quest. I changed my 4 primary tactics (Magicka/Melee) (2H-Melee) (1H-Melee/Shield)(Archery) often and saw huge skill increases with each rotation. Also, focus on one set of trophies at a time and the game will fly by quickly.


Platinum Trophy
Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy

Well, simply do as the trophy description says and you'll obtain this shiny new plat for your virtual cabinet.

Complete "Unbound"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Unbound is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls V. Like all main quests, it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Bleak Falls Barrow
Complete "Bleak Falls Barrow"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Bleak Falls Barrow is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls V. Like all main quests, it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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The Way of the Voice
Complete "The Way of the Voice"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
The Way of the Voice is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls V. Like all main quests, it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Diplomatic Immunity
Complete "Diplomatic Immunity"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Diplomatic Immunity is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls V. Like all main quests, it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Alduin's Wall
Complete "Alduin's Wall"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Alduin's Wall is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls V. Like all main quests, it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Elder Knowledge
Complete "Elder Knowledge"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Elder Knowledge is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls V. Like all main quests, it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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The Fallen
Complete "The Fallen"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
The Fallen is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls V. Like all main quests, it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Complete "Dragonslayer"

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Dragonslayer is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls V. Like all main quests, it will be discussed in a spoiler box.

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Take up Arms
Join the Companions

The Companions is the first faction you'll come across in Skyrim. You will meet Aela The Huntress and Farkas on your way to Whiterun, they will be fighting a giant on a field just outside of Whiterun. It doesn't really matter if you decide to help them or not, either way you can ask them to join the Companions after the fight is over.

  • They will send you to Whiterun to find Kodlak You can find him in a place called Jorrvaskr, which is to the east on your way to Dragonsreach Palace. Speak to Kadlak.
  • Another member called Vilkas will intervene, questioning your leet skills. Follow him outside and prove him otherwise.
  • After training, Vilkas will ask you to bring his sword to Eorlund, the blacksmith. You can find him right around the corner of the training area. There are some stone steps nearby, leading up to his smithy.
  • Talk to Eorlund and he will ask you to bring Aela her Shield, so he can spend some time with his sick wife. Do him the favour.
  • Bring Aela her Shield. That's it - Kodlak will welcome you to the Companions and tell Farkas to show you your quarters. While you are following him the trophy will unlock.

Blood Oath
Become a member of the Circle

After you have become initiated into The Companions, you are now given the opportunity to join the exclusive "Circle". There are some minor attachments before joining: 1 Quest, acceptance of Skjor's offer, and little post-ritual blood slaying.

When you are a full member of The Companions accept Skjor's quest, Escaped Prisoner, and complete it. After that, The Silver Hand will begin with Skjor ordering you to return to see him at night near the Underforge. Don't worry about where the Underforge is Skjor will show you the path to it at night. Fast forward to about midnight and meet with him outside The Companions' compound. He will lead you to a private area where Aala the Huntress has already transformed into a Werewolf. Listen to Skojr's deal and accept the proposal. Skjor will then slice Alea's wrist and will fill the bowl for you to consume. Consume the blood, which will lead to you blacking out and awakening outside where the Whiterun Guard's will begin to attack you. Kill one and go hide, fast forward to the morning and you will transform back. Everything will be explained the trophy will pop soon after, you do not need to finish the quest to earn the trophy but please do so in order to complete the next trophy.

Glory of the Dead
Complete "Glory of the Dead"

Glory of the Dead immediately begins soon after you complete Purity of Revenge. You will attend Kodlak's funeral and soon after will grab Kodlak's fragment from his room in the basement of the Jorrvaskr. Follow the Circle to the Underforge where it is finally decided to release Kodlak's soul from its Werewolf counter-part in Ysgramor's Tomb. Guess where you are going, once you are in the tomb place the axe into the statue's empty hands and enter the burial chamber. The primary enemies will be ghosts of past Companions and are primarily melee based. Once inside the main burial chamber talk to Kodlak's soul. Kodlak will instruct you to place the witch's head into the fire to initiate a battle with Kodlak's wolf beast form. Melee the wolf from the side and once that is complete talk to Kodlak again. Continue the post quest talking and you will have completed the quest. Also, look for the Animal Allegiance Word of Power close by in the main burial chamber. Remember listen for the chants.

Join the College of Winterhold

It's incredibly easy to join the College of Winterhold, which is the Skyrim version of Hogwarts. Here is what you have to do:
  • Travel to Winterhold. If you don't know how to get there, take a couch for 50 gold.
  • Cross the town; you will come to a bridge. A lady called Faralda will rudely block your path.
  • Ask her was all the fuss about and she will explain about the College.
  • Unless your speech level is really really high you will have to take a 'test' - all you have to do is to cast a minor spell for Faralda - for me it was Healing Hands but the spell will vary. If you don't have the spell, she will even sell it to you for 30 gold.
  • After you successfully cast the spell Faralda will welcome you to the College and the trophy will unlock.

Reavealing the Unseen
Complete "Revealing the Unseen"

After Good Intentions is complete go speak with Mirabelle about the Staff of Magnus. After a bunch of jibber jabbering Mirabelle will hint that you need to head to the Ruins of Mzulft, which is a dwarven dungeon so prepare for your first mechanical enemies and the pesky Falmer (basically Gremlins with weapons). Enter Mzulft and the second area has an Imperial who is moments from death. Listen to his words and then loot the body for the key to Mzulft. Keep heading towards the inner sanctum of this maze eventually leading for a dark cave area. If you begin to see Falmer in the Mzulft Aedrome you are heading in the right direction. Once you find a pack of Falmer (especially with one using Magicka) in a central room kill them all and loot the "chief" for the Focusing Crystal. Head West and fight another boss, the big robot but look for the chest close to him for a key to the next locked door. Enter the Observatory to find Paratus Decimius. Follow him to the Oculary and the first puzzle. Go up the ramp to see 3 blue buttons, dont press anything just yet. Assess the situation, we need to get the light to touch the 3 blue mirrors that are on 3 different rings. You will need to equip a fire and ice spell. Put one of each spell on each of your hands and target the source of the ocular puzzle. Hit the ocular center until each of the 3 light sources are in the middle of each ring. So each ring set should have one light source on it. If you have not learned any flame or ice spell look on the table to find the tomes to learn each spell. Once each ring set has one light source head up to the buttons and have each mirror line up to each light source. Paratus freaks and notices something is amiss back at the College, gee really who didnt see that coming? Continue to question Paratus to reveal the location of the Staff of Magnus at a place called Labyrinthian. Leave Paratus and return to the College of Winterhold quick, Ancano has gone traitor (once again who didnt see that coming) and once the scene unfolds find Mirabelle and finish this quest.

The Eye of Magnus
Complete "The Eye of Magnus"

Now that you have retrieved the Staff return to the College for the final battle. Watch the scene unfold in the Hall of Elements and when Ancano opens the eye he is untouchable. Wait until he attacks you to begin your assault using the Staff. When the eye fully opens attack the eye to damage Ancano big time. Keep moving and dodging Ancano and when the Eye has exposed the light blue center begin the attack on the Eye. When the Eye fully closes its time to his Ancano with your magic or melee. Once that is complete finish the talk with Tolfdir to finish the College of Winterhold Questline.

Taking care of Business
Join the Thieves Guild

To start the Thiefs Guild quest line you need to talk to Brynjolf in Riften first. This will trigger:

A Chance Arrangement
Brynjolf will ask you to steal Madesi's Ring and place it in Brand-Shei's pocket without him noticing. He offers to cause a distraction to make things easier for you. Wait until Brynjolf distracted everyone, then head over to the market stand (press and toggle 'A Chance Arrangement' as your active quest to get a little mark on your radar), press L3 to sneak and make sure you are hidden (=the cursor-eye is closed) before you start picking the locks. You'll have to pick two locks, but both are novice level, so you shouldn't have any issues. Steal the ring from Madesi's Strongbox.

Plant Madesi's Ring: Save your game before doing that! Sneak up on Brand-Shei. Try to get your status to 'hidden' before pickpocketing him. It is possible, just play around a bit with those boxes and the camera angle. Pick pocket him, scroll down to your inventory, select 'apparel' and select the ring. Press to 'give' it to Brand-Shei. Talk to Brynjolf again and you will receive 100 G. He will tell you that there is more work to be done if you are willing to do it. Say yeah and amen to everything to start the next quest:

Taking Care of Business
Brynjolf is puttin you to the test. He promised you more work if you are able to locate him at a tavern called the Ragged Flagon. That's not too hard. First, you need to find The Ratway. Activate the quest and you'll have it on your radar. Tip: Jump down. Cross the little dungeon and kill those annoying bandits, they have nothing to do with the thiefs guild. Once you reached the Ragged Flagon, talk to Brynjolf and he will give you another mission. You'll have to collect the debts of three business owners in Riften, Haelga, Bersi and Keerava. Talk to Brynjolf again for some additional information about the three debtors. The Thiefs Guild has seen better days in Riften, and you'll probably need to convince those customers some more.

Haelga Her weak spot is a statue of Dibella, which is standing just around the corner in her main room. Steal that statue and she will do everything you'll ask for.

Bersi Honey-Hand He won't pay until you destroy his precious dwarven urn. After you've talked to him just turn around, the urn us located on the opposite side from the counter. Keep hitting it until it breaks and Bersi will cooperate.

Keerava First head over to the Bee and the Barb and talk to Talen-Jei. Tell him He might want to talk some sense into Keerava and you should be okay from there.

After you've got the money from those three head back to Brynjolf. Talk to him and the trophy will unlock.

Darkness Returns
Complete "Darkness Returns"

Now that you have entered the Twilight Sepulcher move forward to find Gallus' spirit. Talk to him and he will reveal that you will need to replace the Skeleton Key and you will have to walk the Pilgrim's Path solo. There are 5 Tests:

Test 1:
Simple ghost warriors, take them down quickly.

Test 2:
SAVE YOUR GAME HERE! The reason why I say that is because let's think about this questline. You are a thief and thieves like the shadows. So stick to the shadows here to prepare to take some huge damage to your health. If you have any health spells get them ready in case of a misstep.

Test 3:
Now you will know the answer to this which will make life easy. Approach the statue and look on each side of it for 2 chain switches that are conveniently hidden behind the snake statues.

Test 4:
Fall down the well and just sit there until your character automatically produces the Skeleton Key.

Test 5:
Last test will be you returning the Skeleton Key to Noctural and accepting which kind of role you will be having with Noctural.

Agent of Shadow
For 2 minutes you are invisible when sneaking. Can only be used once a day and if you attack or activate something with you are seen once again.

Agent of Subterfuge
You are able to cast a Fury Spell that will Frenzy any enemy, can only be used once a day.

Agent of Strife
You will spew forth a spell that will damage everyone in its wake for 100 points and will replenish some of your health upon successful contact.

If you are unsure what Agent you want to be don't worry, you can always return to the Sepulcher and select another role. It goes without saying that this is only possible once a day.

Soon after your selection the quest will end.

One with the Shadows
Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory

This trophy is missable!
This should probably go without saying, but do NOT sell the Thieves Guild Armor before you have obtained the last trophy for this questline.

Prepare for pointless quest performing in order to earn this trophy. You need to complete 5 Thieves Guild related tasks from Vex (Burglary, Shill, Sweep, Heist) and Delvin (Numbers, Fishing, and Bedlam). Each one is entirely random but net you 500 gold per completion. Once you have completed 5 quests in each of the four cities (Whiterun, Markarth, Solitude, and Windhelm), Delvin will notify you of a special quest that will give the Thieves Guild the foothold they need. Here are the special influence quests:

Silver Lining
5 jobs performed in Markarth will allow you access to this one. Delvin will notify you to meet Endon in Markarth. Head over there and he will complain about some object never arriving and likely the culprits are another set of bandits. He will tell you that the bandits are in Pinewatch, head over there and pick the Average lock. Wake up Rhorlak inside and you can decide on what to do:

1. Kill him, read his note, and find the hidden switch yourself which is across from the cellar fireplace is an empty shelving cabinet, check to the right of it for a button above a basket.
2. Bribe him and he will open it for you
3. or walk away and open it yourself.

Clear out the maze with bandits and find Rigel Strong-Arm (the bandit leader). Kill him to earn his key and open the treasure room. Find the Silver Mold and the other goodies, return to Endon with it.

The Dainty Sload
5 jobs performed in Solitude will begin this one. Head inside the Blue Palace and talk to Erikur about his problem. Pretty simple, gather Balmora Blue and leave it on a ship. Let's head to the Red Wave ship docked at the East Empire Company and seek out Sabine. Either pickpocket her special key or pay the 1,500 gold bounty. Dive under the bridge to receive the Balmora Blue and its time to head to the Dainty Sload. You can simply kill everyone or sneak into the bowels of the ship to leave the Balmora Blue in the Captain's Chest. Once done return to Erikur and end the quest.

Imitation Amnesty
Head on over to Whiterun and talk to Olfrid Battle-Born. He wants to save his buddy so away we go once again. Head on into the Dragonreach and sneak into the Jarl's chambers. Find the study room and find the letter from Solitude on a table and locate the book and forge the document. Once done Mr. Hunt (Mission Impossible reference) get the hell out and find Olfrid.

Summerset Shadows
Head onto Windhelm to speak with Torsten and look near the House Clan Cruel-Sea. Torsten tells the sad story of his daughter dying and the missing jewelry that he would at least want back. Torsten will give you your first clue, Niranye the merchant. Intimidate Niranye (if you have Speech 25 or more) and she will reveal the location of a band of thieves that are associated with the theft. Head to Uttering Hills Cave and clear it out and find the boss Linwe. Kill him and find the locket. Return to Torsten with the locket and give him closure.

Now that you are all done you will now be elevated to the head honcho and walk away with another trophy.

With Friends Like These...
Join the Dark Brotherhood

First do the following in order to max out the quests for the Dark Brotherhood:

Quest: Delayed Burial:
Follow the road north of Whiterun and you will come across a man named Cicero with a cart. He needs tools for his cart and suggests seeking aid from the farmer right next to him. Head West to the Loreius Farm and speak with Vantus Loreius and explain why you are there. Of course he is suspicious of Cicero so now you are at a crossroads. You can pursuade Loreius to lend Cicero a hand or listen to Loreius and turn in Cicero to a guard. For the sake of the story turn in Cicero to a traveling guard. Get your reward and continue the story.

Now start heading to different taverns around Skyrim and ask about some rumors, eventually you will be told about Aventus Aretino and how weird he has been recently. This is what we want. Head to Windhelm and seek the Aretino residence and head inside. Listen to the demented Aventus and now let's go a killin. Head to the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften and kill Grelod the Kind. Kill her quietly with 0 witnesses and quickly return to Aventus. Leave Aventus and the quest will end, enter a new city and a courier will hand you a note that reads "We Know". Yup your screwed. Well let's get some sleep and wake up to find oh holy crap this moment happens:

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You will now begin the With Friends Like These... quest. You awaken in a shack and are tasked with killing one of the three targets in order to leave. Pick one to die and perform the deed. Once done speak with Astrid and accept the password to enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Remember the phrase, "Silence, my brother" to enter and conduct business with the Dark Brotherhood. Once you have entered the Sanctuary get acclimated and get your assignments and boom trophy.

Bound Until Death
Complete "Bound Until Death"

This quest will come right after The Silence Has Been Broken, seek out Astrid and now its time to head to a wedding to eliminate the new target. Speak with Astrid, Babette, and Gabriella all offer suggestions on how to kill Vittoria. You can do the quiet way or the loud way. Either way you approach it make sure you kill Vittoria during the speech. Now its time to run like hell out of Solitude, do not stop to engage the guards and also Veezara will cover your escape. Once you are able fast travel back to the Sanctuary and speak with Astrid and Gabriella to finish this Quest out.

Hail Sithis!
Complete "Hail Sithis!"

Talk to Nozir and tell him that you've spoken to the Night Mother again and that there was still a chance to kill the Emperor. Travel to Whiterun to talk to Amound Motierre. You will find him in The Bannered Mane. Tell him you have unfinished business with him and he will start stuttering. He will tell you that the Emperor was still in Skyrim. However, you'd have to hurry since he'd already be abord is ship, the Katariah, in the Solitude Inlet. Fast travel to Solitude or to the Abandoned Shack to get to the ship. Use the anchor chain to board it. You will encouter some sailors and a lot of agents, so be prepared. Kill Captain Avidius for the Katariah Master Key and go to kill the Emperor. He was expecting you and won't put up a fight. Fast travel back to Whiterun and report to Amound Motierre. He will be all and - more importantly - he will tell you where you can find your reward: "It is inside an urn, in the very chamber where we first met, in Volunruud." Go there and retrieve your payment of 20,000 gold. Travel to the Dawnstar Sanctuary and talk to Nozir to complete the quest.

Taking Sides
Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army

Join either the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Legion to unlock this trophy.

Joining the Stormcloaks
Travel to Windhelm and talk to Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak. Tell him you know each other from Helgen, you were set free and came to fight the Empire. After your little chat talk to Galmar Stone-Fist (I think you could also talk to him right away... but lets be courteous). He is going to put you to the test. You'll have to travel to Serpentstone Island to kill and Ice Wraith. The Serpent Stone Island is located north-east of Winterhold (east of the College of Winterhold). Kill the Ice Wraith, then return to Galmar Stone-Fist. He will ask you to take an oath. Do this to complete the quest. The trophy will pop right after you took the oath.

Joining the Imperial Legion
Travel to Solitude and talk to Legate Rikke and General Tullius. Take the oath to complete the quest and to receive your trophy.

War Hero
Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall

This trophy is missable!
First of all: If you decide to complete the Civil War quest line before you advance with the main story quests you are fine. Just skip this paragraph and go get your War Hero trophy. However, if you decide (or decided) to play the main story quest The Fallen before tackling the civil war quest line you'll need to plan you decisions carefully or otherwise you will not be able to obtain War Hero. During The Fallen you will be asked to negotiate a peace treaty between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials. Not only will this peace treaty disable the civil war questline till after you've beaten the main story quests, your decisions will also have an effect on the political landscape of Skyrim and thus influence the questline as a whole. Here is what you'll want to do: If you sided with the Imperial Legion (of if you are planning on doing so) you'll want the Stormcloaks to keep Fort Greenwall, because you want to capture that Fort from them later.
For the Stormcloaks it's the other way around: Make sure Fort Sungard remains under Imperial control, otherwise you won't have a Fort to capture later.

Fort Sungard (Stormcloaks)
You have to complete the civil war quests Rescue from Fort Neugrad, Compelling Tribute and The Battle of Fort Sungard for this trophy. Kill everyone in Fort Sungard, once you are done with the slaughtering the trophy will unlock. It is going to be complete chaos and also the game may freeze at times or run at a very slow rate. Keep with your fellow soldiers and do not over-extend yourself. The enemy does come in waves and could easily surround you and cut you off from help in a few seconds.

Fort Greenwall (Imperial Legion)
You have to complete the civil war quests False Front, The Battle For Fort Dunstad, Compelling Tribute and The Battle For Fort Greenwall. The trophy will unlock after you've cleared Fort Greenwall.

General Strategy

It is going to be complete chaos and also the game may freeze at times or run at a very slow rate. Keep with your fellow soldiers and do not over-extend yourself. The enemy does come in waves and could easily surround you and cut you off from help in a few seconds. Once the initial battle begins storm the gates and destroy the wooden barricades. The barricades will slow down your support troops because they will spend precious seconds trying to destroy it when you can destroy it with a melee weapon in 2-4 swings. Once you have taken the courtyard keep moving up the ramparts and take the high cover. This will eliminate the most annoying troop, the archers. Keep swinging and killing and soon you will have the fort.

Hero of Skyrim
Capture Solitude or Windhelm

Battle for Solitude
This if the final civil war quest if you chose to side with the Stormcloaks. Finish this quest and the trophy will unlock.

Battle for Windhelm
This if the final civil war quest if you chose to side with the Imperial Legion. Finish this quest and the trophy will unlock.

General Strategy

In case you haven't noticed Solitude and Windhelm are major Hold cities so now the stakes are higher and the battles are going to be that more interesting. Whichever you choose (if you sided with the Stormcloaks you will be assaulting Solitude, if you sided with the Empire you will be attacking Windhelm). It does not truly matter as both battles will be remarkably similar with the minor exception being the initial attack. Windhelm is only accessible via a large bridge, Solitude you need to travel a long road up a hill.

Either way you hack it take out the barricades and keep moving through the city killing any enemy solider that crosses your path. The Quest Indicator will lead you to the interior of the Hold City and to a mini boss. Take him down and storm inside of each Hold's Great Hall to initiate the final showdown and also kill the leader of each faction. You will then be rewarded for your efforts. Follow your faction leader's instructions and when complete collect your trophy.

Complete 10 side quests

This is simple... once you know what a side quest is. The following types of quests do NOT count towards this trophy:
  • Main Quests (obviously)
  • Civil War Quests (Stormcloakes or Imperials)
  • Guild Quests (Companions, Thiefs Guild, College of Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood)
  • Daedra Quests (see Oblivion Walker)
  • Miscellaneous (everything you find under Miscellaneous in your Quest log

So what IS a side quest then? Well, all the remaining quests are. If you are still unsure about certain quests just have a closer look at the artwork left and right of the quest title in your quest log. All the questlines have different artwork, and so do the sidequests. I screen capped the side quest border for you:

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Of course we also have compiled a nice list for you. Toggle the spoiler for a selection of side quests:

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Hero of the People
Complete 50 Misc Objectives

Things that are too insignificant to count as a real quest end up in this list. You know, things like Bring-this-daggar-to-my-good-friend-Waldo or Hold-my-hair-back-while-I-puke-into-this-ditch-here. There are tons of those mini quests. Just keep talking to the countless NPCs inhabiting Skyrim and you will rack them up in your Quest book pretty quickly. Press and go to Quests Miscellaneous to view your current Misc Objectives. Grind 50 of them away and you'll be awarded your trophy.

Hard Worker
Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food

Chop Wood
A good place to do this is Riverwood. First of all, you'll need a Woodcutter's Axe. No worries though, there is one conveniently lying around nearby. Just after the 'town gate' of Riverwood turn left and cross the bridge. On the other side, turn right and pass the mill. Head up the ramp to the mill and jump down on the other side; you will find a little yard. There is a table with a Woodcutter's Axe on it, just grab it. Now head back to the ramp that led up to the mill. There are some huge logs nearby. Just in front of those logs you'll find a Wood Chopping Block. Use it with .

Mine Ore
There are several places in Skyrim where you can mine ore. I did this near Riverwood. First of all, you'll need a pick axe. If you don't have one and don't want to wait until you find one somewhere just buy one, for example from Alvor, the blacksmith in Riverwood. It's rather inexpensive. Once you got a pick axe, leave Riverwood and keep heading west. You will come to a river. Cross the river heading dead west and you'll come to a path leading up the hills. Follow this path, after 25 yards you'll have to turn right. The path leads further up the mountain and you'll see some stone steps in the distance. Climb those steps and follow the path some more and it will take you to an Iron Ore Vein. Press to mine it.

Cook Food

There are cooking spits all over Skyrim, and you could basically do this everywhere. For the sake of simplicity we'll do this in Whiterun. Enter Dragonsreach (the place where the Jarl hangs around, remember?), head up the stairs and turn left. You will find a kitchen with loads of food lying around. Pick up cabbages, potatos, leeks and tomatoes. Head over to the cooking spit and make a delicious Vegetable Soup.

Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

This is just as easy as it sounds - and just as time consuming. There are hundreds of locked doors in Skyrim, so as long as you are doing more than just running through the main story quests you will come across more than enough locks on doors or chests to meet the requirement for this trophy. Obviously there are almost infinite opportunities to pick pocket in Skyrim. Picking pockets will be a pain at the beginning of the game though, since you won't even be able to steal from sleeping NPC without being caught most of the time. Don't worry, you will level up in no time. Save your game before you try to pick someone's pocket and reload your game if it goes wrong. Always check the percentages. If it is 85 % to steal or higher you most likely won't get caught. Those percentages differ from object to object. It's might be more difficult to steal a ring than it is to steal a lockpick. There are items to increase your pick pocketing skill like The Necklace of Minor Deft Hands or the Ring of Minor Deft Hands which you can find pretty early in the game. You can always check your progress, simply press and go to general stats crime.
Quote Originally Posted by Fox View Post
The "Thief" trophy actually only requires you to pickpocket 50 items - not 50 pockets, despite what the description says. I was able to pick 2-3 things from a person's pocket, and it actually counted as 2-3 pockets picked.

Snake Tongue
Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate

In certain conversations you will have to choose how to respond; you can bribe, intimidate or persuade your interlocutor. You have to use each of the three options successfully at least once and the trophy will unlock. While it all boils down to your speech level, the easiest thing to do is to bribe someone. You'll need a slightly higher speech level to persuade or even intimidate a person. Keep selling stuff to increase your speech level. Once you are around level 25 you shouldn't have any problems finding someone to persuade, around level 30 chances are good that you will be able to intimidate someone, for example Ranmir in The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold (talk to Haran first).

Select a Standing Stone blessin

There are 13 Standing Stones scattered throughout Skyrim. The first Standing Stones you will most likely stumble upon are located southwest of Riverwood, near Anise’s Cabin. Activate your first Standing Ston and the trophy will *ding*. See Standing Stones below for a complete list of all Stones.

Standing Stones
Find 13 Standing Stones

There are 13 Standing Stones scattered throughout Skyrim. Activate a Standing Stone and you will carry its blessing until you replace it with a new blessing by activating another stone. NOTE: Unlike on Glitchbox360 you can't just visit the same stones over and over again for 13 times to get the trophy. You actually have to visit most of the stones. However, the trophy did pop early for me, I already got it after 10 stones. The coordinates refer to the incredible helpful map by Gamebanshee.
  1. The Thief Stone makes you learn stealth skills 20% faster
  2. The Mage Stone makes you learn magic skills 20% faster
  3. The Warrior Stone makes you learn combat skills 20% faster

    Location Southwest of Riverwood, near Anise’s Cabin. You'll probably stumble upon these stones after leaving Helgen. Square F7 on the map.
  4. The Ritual Stone It allows you to reanimate nearby corpses to fight for you. Only works once a day.

    Location East of Whiterun, south of the river, between Whiterun and Valtheim Towers. Have a look at 0:40 in the video below if you are having trouble finding it. I found it a bit tricky to get up there. Watch out for a Novice Necromancer and two Skellys wating for you. Square H5 on the map.
  5. The Atronach Stone Boosts your Magicka and allows you to absorb spell damage; you'll recover it slower though.
    Location South ofWindhelm, near Mistwatch. J6 on the map.
  6. The Shadow Stone It allows you to become invisible once a day "for an extended period of time".
    Location South of Riften, you'll have the little Standing Stone icon on your radar even before you discovered the stone, so just head south and watch for the icon and you can't miss it. FYI: There is an Apprentice Conjurer hanging around. K8 on the map.
  7. The Tower Stone It allows you to automatically unlock locks classified as 'expert' or lower.
    Location Halfway between Winterhold and Downstar. If you are starting from Winterhold: In the middle of the village you will find a passage to the west. It's leading up into the mountains. Keep heading west from there and watch out for the stone icon on your radar an you can't miss it. H2 on the map.
  8. The Lady Stone Under the blessing of this stone you will regenerate health and stamina more quickly.
    Location In the lake west of Riverwood, on a small island. Check the vid below at 2:49. It's square G6 on the map.
  9. The Lord Stone Raises your resistance to both Magicka and physical damage.
    Location You'll find this one southwest of Dawnstar and south of Mzinchaleft, it's in the mountain range on the northern peak. Between G3 and F3 on the map.
  10. The Serpent Stone Gives you a ranged paralyzing poison attack which you can use once a day.
    Location North-east of Winterhold (east of Winterhold College) on Serpentstone Island. K1 on the map.
  11. The Apprentice Stone Under the blessing of this stone you will regenerate Magicka faster, but it will also make you susceptible to magicka damage.
    Location You'll find it north-west of Morthal, about halfway between Morthal and Solitude. Look out for an island in a small water marshland. G3 on the map.
  12. The Steed Stone This stone allows you to carry more. Apart from that, you won't suffer movement penalties from armor.
    Location This one is located north-west of Solitude and north of Wolfskull Cave, on the highest peak of the mountains. Between C1 and D1 on the map.
  13. The Lover Stone This leet stone helps you to develope all skills faster.
    Location You'll find this stone north-east of Markarth, about one third of the way to Broken Tower Redoubt, square B4 on the map.

Here is an awesome video by Gametastik showing you the locations of all the Standing Stones in Skyrim.

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Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link to the video: Skyrim - Standing Stones locations.

Buy a house

The first opportunity to buy a house will occur after the quest Dragon Rising. After you've killed your first dragon, return to the Jarl to brag about it. He will tell you that you earned the right to buy a house in Whiterun. If you want to buy the house talk to Proventus Avenicc. You'll find him somewhere in Dragonsreach. Talk to him and he will tell you that there happens to be a house available. All you need is 5000 gold to call it your home. The trophy will unlock as soon as you purchased the house.

Escape from jail

It's possible to escape from any jail in Skyrim. Some are easier, some are harder. The easiest one by far would be the jail in Solitude. Obviously, to escape from jail you'll need to get yourself imprisoned in the first place. You don't need to do anything drastic, picking someone's pockets or a lock in broad daylight will do. Simply make sure to get caught red handed. A guard will enter the scene, confronting you with your wrongdoing. Don't threaten, bribe or fight, simply tell the guard that you want to be taken to jail.

Once you are in your cell check the back wall. You'll find some loose rubble you can manipulate with . A section of the back wall will cave in, revealing a tunnel which leads outside. You'll get this trophy as soon as you've escaped from jail. However, you still need to regain your belongings, it might be easier just to reload a save game.

Get married

If you want to get married in Skyrim you need an Amulet of Mara first. Travel to Riften and talk to Maramal. You will either find him in the Temple of Mara or, more likely, in the Bee and the Barb. Ask him about the Temple of Mara and if you could have a wedding at the temple. He will offer to sell you an Amulet of Mara for 200 gold. Buy it and put it on.

Now all you need is a partner. There are dozens and dozens of people wanting to get married in Skyrim, and if you are playing the game together with your girlfriend you might be forced to speak to about 20 of them before you are allowed to come to a decision. (She: "Wait, what? You really wanna marry the first guy you meet?!") If you are only doing this for the trophy, like any normal person would, just marry the first willing person you come across. For female characters this would be Marcurio right in the [I]Bee and the Barb[/B]. If you are male you could talk to Aela the Huntress. Remember? That companions chick you met at the beginning of the game? You will find her in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. After you have found a partner meet her/him at the Temple of Mara and get married. Ding! Trophy.

Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion

Make a smithed item
The first Blacksmith Forge you'll come across is in Riverwood. Talk to Alvor the Blacksmith. He will tell you how to forge and improve items and even provide you with material. Just use the Blacksmith Forge and create an item of you choice. An Iron Dagger is as good an item as any; you need an Iron Ingot and a Leather Strip to make one.

Make an enchanted item
To make an enchanted item you'll need and Arcane Enchanter. It's a round table with some bluish symbols and some candles on it. You'll find one in almost every village or town in Skyrim. The first thing you have to do is to learn an enchantment. To do so, you need to destroy an enchanted item to learn its enchantement. It should go without saying, but I'll emphasize it anyway: When they say you have to destroy the item to learn its enchantment they mean it, so think twice before disentchanting something. Now that you have learnt an enchantement you need an item you want to enchant and a filled Soul Gem. You can find Soul Gems all over Skyrim, either filled or empty. There are certain weapons to fill empty soul gems. Of course you can also buy filled Gems. Combine the enchantment, the item and the soul gem and select 'craft'.

Brew a potion
To make a potion you need an Alchemy Lab. This 'Lab' is basically a round table with some test tubes on it. You can find those labs in every village or town in Skyrim. Now you need some ingredients. Those can be herbs, roots, leaves, mushrooms, fish, vermin and so on. You'll find tons of ingredients while roaming the lands of Skyrim. Of course you can also buy ingredients. Combine any two or three of these ingredients and if you are lucky you will discover a new potion. If you want to make something cool combine Ice Wraith Teeth and a Luna Moth Wing for an Invisibility Potion.

Master Criminal
Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds

There are nine holds in Skyrim, each of these holds has a 'capital'. All you have to do for this trophy is to have a bounty of 1,000 gold or more in each and every hold. This is much easier than in might sound. First of all you shouldn't try this unless you have been to all nine cities once, because fast travelling makes this trophy so much easier. The nine cities and their respective holds are:

  • Dawnstar (The Pale)
  • Falkreath (Falkreath)
  • Markarth (The Reach)
  • Morthal (Hjaalmarch)
  • Riften (The Rift)
  • Solitude (Haafinger)
  • Whiterun (Whiterun)
  • Windhelm (Eastmarch)
  • Winterhold (Winterhold)

Before you start you should create a separate save file, because you don't wanna have bounties of over 9,000 gold total all over Skyrim later. Once you have done this, start with a city of your choice. Conveniently, killing any citizen in one of the nine cities will get you a bounty of 1,000 gold. It doesn't have to be a guard, a normal citizen will do. Make sure the bounty counted (you can check by pressing General Stats Crime) then get the f§%k out of there. Keep running until the guards are no longer chasing you. As soon as you are allowed to fast-travel again just rinse and repeat with the next city. The trophy will unlock as soon as you've gotten your 1,000+ bounty in the ninth hold.

Golden Touch
Have 100,000 gold

This is not cumulative, you actually have to hold 100,000 coins at one point of the game for this trophy to unlock. Assuming one coin weighs 1 oz (a fair guess imo) that means you have to carry 6250 pounds (2835 kg) of gold.

Here are some tips on how to earn money in Skyrim:
  • Obviously you can sell stuff. Dragonbones and scales are worth a lot. Even if you are planning on crafting a Dragon Armor at some point (pffft, Daedric Armor FTW!) you'll only need 13 Dragon Scales and 6 Dragon Bones for a complete suit of armor (Armor, Boots, Gauntlets, Helmet and Shield). You might as well sell the rest. Then there is the usual loot like weapons, armor, clothes etc. You can also sell books after you've read them.
  • Don't sell raw materials but finished products. For example, herbs and roots are worth next to nothing, but you'll get a good price for a potion.
  • Get married and allow your wife/husband to open a shop. You will get your share of the profit on a regular basis.
  • Increase your Speech Skill to get better prices for your goods. There are also some other interesting perks in the Speech skill tree:
    • with Haggling your buying and selling prices will be 10 % better for each level. You can upgrade this perk 5 times, Haggling 5/5 will increase your selling prices by 30%
    • With Merchant you can sell any type of item to any kind of merchant with, this will make everything much easier
    • Investor allows you to invest 500 Gold into a shop to permanently increase the amount of money the shopkeeper has (requires speech 70)

  • Join the Thief's Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, there is a lot of money in those quests.
  • During the Dark Brotherhood Quests you will have the choice to kill Cicero or not, Bodi suggests skinning him alive because his jester clothe's give you a 20% price boost.
  • If you followed the Roadmap then you are quite aware that Bodi advocates a high stamina. The reason why is because during the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild Quests you will come across scores of armor and weapons that you can sell for a lot of gold. Specifically the Guild/Brotherhood Armor Sets. Most of the end quest bosses have armor and weapons that can fetch 1000+ gold or more.

Clear 50 dungeons

Dungeons can be camps, Dragon Temples, caves, mines, or whatever. What you are looking for are places that have an entrance from the world of Skyrim. Say for instance you come across X cave. Go inside and kill everything you see and enter every room. This will be considered a Clear and when you look on your World Map at that specific location it will read *Cleared. This is what we are aiming for. When you are near Whiterun move around and start clearing a few dungeons. You do not need to invest a large amount of time on this trophy because if you are aiming for Platinum there will be more than 50+ dungeons to enter because all of the quests you will be doing (Miscellaneous, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Civil War, and Companions) will have you going to plenty of dungeons. Just be sure and have a complete map and have killed everything walking.

Skill Master
Get a skill to 100

Honest Way

This will take you close to 40+ hours to complete and it is truly not that hard. All the while you are fighting make sure to collect soul gems for enchanting, leather and ore for smithing, and also herbs for alchemy. The reason why is because the creation skills increase the quickest and because you will be attacking more than creating the game will reward you more for creation than attack. Personally I was able to earn a 100 skill in Enchanting because of two things: constantly taking light weapons and light armor from my fallen enemies (of course filling soul gems at the same time) and then returning to Dragonreach to use the enchanting table. With the final product I would sell it to vendors and buy more soul gems either already filled or empty. Once you Disenchant a few weapons (which increases your Enchanting Skill exponentially) you will be able to outfit your armor and weapons with some nice extra perks to give you that fighting edge.

Dishonest Way

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Thanks to Gametastik and Memorable for the videos.
Using the PS3 browser? Click here for the first vid and here for the second one.

Discover 100 Locations

There are more than 300 (!) locations to discover in Skyrim, so it's almost impossible not to get this at some point in time. It's pretty easy: The more you explore the beautiful world of Skyrim, the sooner this will unlock. If you want just have a look at this totally awesome map by Gamebanshee.

Read 50 Skill Books

There are more than 90 Skill Books in Skyrim but you only need 50. The best way to identify a Skill Book is the color of the book itself and its price. The brightly colored books will most likely yield you one Skill Point, and don't even bother reading books that are worth less than 50 gold, Skill Books are always worth at least 50 gold (thanks to SniperFox for this tip). I highly recommend finding them along the way and just reading them. People will say wait until you are a higher level to read them but by that point you will have to retrace your steps and attempt to remember where you found that one book. Bump that just read it (no need to take it and weigh you down) and move on.

NOTE: There are two copies of each Skill Book in Skyrim. However, you have to read 50 different Skill Books for this trophy. For example, if you've already read A Game at Dinner in the Hanningbrew Meadery, it doesn't make sense to head over to the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm to read the second copy of this book. If we added both copies of a book we did so for your convenience - just grab the one which is easier to obtain for you. Oh, and another thing: If you've got a skill to 100 already a Skill Book won't add skill points to this skill. However, the book will count towards you total skill books read.

Here are some books it goes Book title - Location (dungeon, city) specifically in a store or wherever

Alchemy Books
1. A Game At Dinner - Hanningbrew Meadery
1. A Game At Dinner - Windhelm - New Gnisis Cornerclub
2. De Rerum Dirennis - Winterhold - Midden Dark
2. De Rerum Dirennis - Clearpine Pond
3. Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim - Markarath - Hog's Cure
4. Mannimarco, King of Worms - Whiterun - Arcadia's Cauldron
5. Song of the Alchemist - Anise's Cabin

1. Breathing Water - Ilinalta's Deep
1. Breathing Water - Winterhold - Kraldar's House, inside a basket on a shelf
2. Daughter of the Niben - Markarth - Understone Keep
2. Daughter of the Niben - Brandy-Mug Farm
3. Reality & Other Falsehoods - Snow Shod Farm
4. Sithis - Markath - Nchuand-Zel, next to Krag's corpse
4. Sithis - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
5. The Lunar Lorkhan - Solitude Lighthouse

1. Father of the Niben - Hunter's Rest
1. Father of the Niben - Wreck of the Brinehammer (lower cargo hold)
2. The Black Arrow, v2 - Whiterun - Drunken Huntsman (under the counter)
3. The Gold Ribbon of Merit - Angi's Camp
3. The Gold Ribbon of Merit - Solitude - Fletcher's
4. The Marksmanship Lesson - Dawnstar Sanctuary

1. A Dance in Fire v2 - Fort Snowhawk
2. Battle of Red Mountain - Tolvald's Crossing
3. Death Blow of Abernanit - Whiterun - Hall of the Dead
4. Warrior - Fort Kastav

1. 2920 Frostfall v10 - Windhelm - Belyn Hlaalu's home
2. 2920 Hearth Fire v9 -Dawnstar - Mortar and Pestle
3. The Doors of Oblivion - Fellglow Keep
4. the Warrior's Charge - Markarth - Jarl's Bedroom

1. A Hypothetical Treachery - Windhelm - Aretino Residence (almost impossible to spot, it's hidden behind a shelf)
2. The Horrors of Castle Xyr - Glenmoril Coven (search for a tent in this dungeon, the book is in a crate inside this tent)
3. Myster of Talara v3 - Winterhold
4. The Art of War Magic - Ravenscar Hollow

1. A Tragedy in Black - Ilinalta's Deep
1. A Tragedy in Black - Glenmoril Coven (On the table with the Arcane Enchanter)
2. Catalogue of Armor Enchantments - Morthal - Falion's House
3. Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments - Whitehall (between two barrels in the room with the training dummy)
4. Enchanter's Primer - Whiterun - Carlotta Valentia's House (next to her bed)
5. Twin Secrets - Treva's Watch

Heavy Armor
1. 2920 Midyear v6 - Morthal - Morthal Guardhouse
2. Chimarvamidium - Darkwater Crossing - Goldenrock Mine
3. Hallgerd's Tale - Whiterun - Jorrvaskr
4. The Knights of the Nine - Hall of the Vigilant

1. Before the Ages of Man - Whiterun - Jarl's Bedroom in Dragonreach
2. 2920, Sun's Dawn, v2 - Movarth's Lair (Northeast of Morthal) on an end table

Light Armor
1. Jornibret's Last Dance - Autumnwatch Tower
2. The Black Arts on Trial - Windhelm - under the bridge in the guard's room
3. Rislav the Righteous - Cracked Tusk Keep
4. The Rear Guard - Solitude - Castle Dour barracks
5. The Refugees - Blind Cliff Cave

1. Advances in Lockpicking - Riften - Riften Jail escape through sewers
2. Proper Lock Design - Markarth - Cidhna Mine
3. Surfeit of Thieves - Riften - Jarl's Bedroom
4. The Wilf Queen, v1 - Dawnstar - Dawnstar Jail

1. 2920, Morning Star - Northwatch Keep (head for the bar)
2. Fire and Darkness - Riften - Esbern's room in the Ratway Warrens
3. The Importance of Where - Markath - Guard's Tower on a table in the sleeping area

1. Aevar Stone-Singer - Morthal - Thonnir's House
2. Beggar - Riften - (on a table near the entrance to the Ragged Flagon)
3. Purloined Shadows - Riften - Honorhall Orphanage (between a bed and an end table)
4. Thief - Bleak Falls Barrow

1. 2920, Rain's Hand - Morthal - Falion's house
2. Mystery of Talara - Frostflow Lighthouse

1. Cherim's Heart - Morvunskar
2. Light Armor Forging - Falkreath - Lod's house (on a barrel in the basement)
3. The Armorer's Challenge - Whiterun

1. 2920, Second Seed - Stonehills - Sorli's House

Daedric Influence
Acquire a Daedric Artifact

See Oblivion Walker below for the locations of the 15 Daedric Artifacts.

Oblivion Walker
Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

Daedric Artefacts are powerful items, and the Daedric quests are really fun. However, it's possible to screw some of those quests up, and at least one might glitch on you (remember to keep at least 5 different save files) so you better us the video and our written instructions to make sure you don't have to do everything all over again. However, don't panic if you just screwed one quest up, there is still hope. It's possible to get two Daedric Artefacts in one mission, and they will both count towards this trophy. See the description for Ill Met by Moonlight below in this trophy description. Oh, and in case you were wondering: A certain key you get during a Thieves' Guild quest does not count as a Daedric Artefact.

Here is an awesome video by Gametastik showing you the locations of all the Daedric Artifacts in Skyrim.

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Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link to the video: Skyrim - Daedric Artefacts locations.

The Black Star (Artefacts: Azura's Star or The Black Star)
  • Starting Location: Shrine of Azura
  • Quest giver: Aranea Ienith
  • Prerequisites: Talk to the Barkeep at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun about rumors.

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Boethiah's Calling (Artefact: Ebony Mail)
  • Starting Location: Shrine of Boethiah
  • Quest giver: Read either the book Boethiah's Proving or find a follow of Boethiah
  • Prerequisites: Must be Level 30 and read either the book Boethiah's Proving or find a follow of Boethiah

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A Daedra's Best Friend (Artefact: Masque of Clavicus Vile)
  • Starting Location: Falkreath
  • Quest giver: Lod/Barbas the Dog
  • Prerequisites: Must be Level 10
  • Missable!

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Discerning the Transmundane (Artefact: Oghma Infinium)
  • Starting Location: College of Winterhold
  • Quest giver: Septimus Signus
  • Prerequisites: Must be level 14 for the second part of the quest

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Ill Met By Moonlight (Artifacts: Ring of Hircine or/and Saviour's Hide
  • Starting Location: Falkreath
  • Quest giver: Mathies
  • Prerequisites: None

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The Cursed Tribe (Artefact: Volendrung)
  • Starting Location: Largashbur
  • Quest giver: Atub
  • Prerequisites: Must be Level 9 and find Largashbur

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Pieces of the Past (Artefact: Mehrunes' Razor)
  • Starting Location: Random Courier
  • Quest giver: Courier/Silus
  • Prerequisites: Must be Level 20 and be stopped by the Random Courier

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The Break of Dawn (Artefact: Dawnbreaker)
  • Starting Location: Statue of Meridia
  • Quest giver: Meridia
  • Prerequisites: Levl 12

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The Wispering Door (Artefact: Ebony Blade)
  • Starting Location: Whiterun/Solitude (if you've done Civil War Quests you need to find Jarl Balgruuf inside of Blue Palace. Nothing much is different.)
  • Quest giver: Jarl Balgruuf
  • Prerequisites: Level 20, must complete Main Quest Dragon Rising

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The Taste of Death (Artefact: Ring of Namira)
  • Starting Location: Markarth
  • Quest giver: Kleppr (Silver-Blood Inn)
  • Prerequisites: None

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The House of Horrors (Artifact: Mace of Molag Bal)
  • Starting Location: The Abandoned House in Markarth
  • Quest giver: Vigilant Tyranus
  • Prerequisites: Might not be available on your first visit to Markarth, in that case leave and re-enter.

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The Only Cure (Artifact: Spellbreaker)
  • Starting Location: Shrine of Peryite
  • Quest giver: Kesh the Cleen
  • Prerequisites: Level 10

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A Night to Remember (Artefact: Sanguine Rose)
  • Starting Location: A random tavern in Skyrim
  • Quest giver: Sam Guevenne
  • Prerequisites: Level 14 at least

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The Mind of Madness (Artefact: Wabbajack)
  • Starting Location: Solitude
  • Quest giver: Dervenin
  • Prerequisites: None

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Walking Nightmare (Artefact: Skull of Corruption)
  • Starting Location: Dawnstar Inn
  • Quest giver: Erandur
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Missable!

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Dragon Soul
Absorb a dragon soul

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will get this trophy during the quest Dragon Rising.
Mirmulnir, the first Dragon you fight in the Skyrim, is ridiculously easy to kill. If you are using a bow you probably won't even lose health. Irileth and the Whiterun guards will also attack Mirmulnir, making this battle a walk in the park. Once the dragon is dead you will receive your trophy.

Dragon Hunter
Absorb 20 dragon souls

Earning 20 Dragon Souls in Skyrim is a simple task, just need to find "named" Dragons. Named Dragons are: Blood, Frost, Elder, and basic. There are Dragon Temples where (every 24+ hour rotation) a Dragon available for the kill. These are different than the Dragon mounds randomly has Dragons but your best bet are the ones that show up randomly near towns and also the Dragon Temples. Remember you must first complete the Main Quest, Dragon Rising in order to absorb Dragon Souls.

Here are the Holds that have Dragon Temples:
1. Hjaalmarch has 2 (one to the South East of Morthal and the other directly South)

2. The Pale has 1 (to the North East of the Dragonreach)

3. Winterhold has 1 (to the South of Winterhold and North West of Windhelm)

4. The Reach has 1 (to the East of Markarath)

5. Eastmarch has 1 (directly South of Windhelm)

6. Falkreath has 1 (directly South East of the town of Falkreath)

7. The Rift has 3 (one is to the direct South of Riften, one is to the North and slight West of Riften, and the third is far East of Riften near a large Snow Mountain range).

Words of Power
Learn all three words of a shout

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Every shout, or Thu'um consists of three words of power. While it is possible to use a Thu'um even when you only know one or two of the words, the result will be rather pathetic.

The first Thu'um you will complete will most likely be Unrelenting Force. The three words of power for that shout are all story related, you will get them during the missions Dragon Rising, The Way of the Voice and Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

See Thu'um Master below of a complete list of all dragon shouts.

Thu'um master
Learn 20 shouts

Remember, as stated above, you need only to learn one word of each Shout to earn both trophies.
If you start hearing the following music you will see the Nordic words on a semi-circle wall, a set of words will turn blue and the music will begin to sound clearer the closer you are to the highlighted words.


Animal Allegiance
1. Angarvunde (The Rift) - Quest: Medresi Dran and the Wandering Dead
2. Ancient's Ascent (Falkreath) - Dragon Temple
3. Ysgramor's Tomb (Winterhold) - Companions Quest Line: Glory of the Dead

Aura Whisper
1. Northwind Summit (the Rift) - Dragon Temple
2. Valthume (The Reach) - Quest: Evil in Waiting
3. Volunruud (The Pale) - Dark Brotherhood Quest Line: The Silence Has Been Broken

Become Ethereal
1. Ironbind Barrow (Winterhold)
2. Lost Valley Redoubt (The Reach)
3. Ustengrav (Hjaalmarch) Quest: The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

Call Dragon
1. Main Quest: The Fallen

Call of Valor
1. End of the Main Quest Line

Clear Skies
1. Main Quest: The Throat of the World

1. Eldersblood Peak (Hjaalmarch) - Dragon Temple
2. Silverdrift Lair (the Pale)
3. Snow Veil Sanctum (Winterhold) - Thieves Guild Quest Line: Speaking with Silence

Dismaying Shout
1. Dead Crane Rock (The Reach) - Daedric Quest: Pieces of the Past
2. Labyrinthian (Hjaalmarch)
3. Lost Tongue Overlook (The Rift) - Dragon Temple

1. Main Quest: Alduin's Bane

Elemental Fury
1. Dragontooth Crater (The Reach) - Dragon Temple
2. Kilkreath Ruins (Haafingar) - Daedric Quest Line: The Break of Dawn
3. Shriekwind Bastion (Falkreath)

Fire Breath
1. Dustman's Cairn (Winterhold) - Companions Quest Line: Proving Honor
2. Sunderstone Gorge (Falkreath)
3. Throat of the World (Whiterun) - Main Quest Line: The Throat of the World

Frost Breath
1. Bonestrewn Crest (Eastmarch) - Dragon Temple
2. Folgunthur (Hjaalmarch) - Side Quest: Forbidden Legend
3. Skyborn Altar (Hjaalmarch) - Dragon Temple

Ice Form
1. Frostmere Crypt (The Pale) - Quest: The Pale Lady
2. Mount Anthor (Winterhold) - Dragon Temple
3. Soarthal (Winterhold) College of Winterhold Quest Line: Under Saarthal

Kyne's Peace
1. Ragnvald (The Reach) Dragon Priest Lair
2. Rannveig's Fast (Whiterun)
3. Shroud Hearth Barrow (The Rift) - Quest: Wilhelm's Scream

Marked for Death
1. Autumnwatch Tower (The Rift) - Dragon Temple
2. Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (Falkreath)
3. Forsaken Cave (The Pale) - Quest: The White Phial

Slow Time
1. Hog's End (The Reach) - Dark Brotherhood Quest Line: The Feeble Fortune
2. Korvanjund (The Pale) - Civil War Quest Line: The Jagged Crown
3. Labyrinthian (Hjaalmarch) - College of Winterhold Quest Line: The Staff of Magnus

Storm Call
1. Forelhost (The Rift) - Dragon Priest Lair
2. High Gate Ruins (The Pale) - Dragon Priest Lair
3. Skuldafn (Other Realm) - Main Quest: The World-Eater's Eyrie

Throw Voice
1. Shearpoint (The Pale) Dragon Temple

Unrelenting Force
1. Bleak Falls Barrow (Falkreath) - Main Quest Line: Bleak Falls Barrow
2. High Hrothgar (Whiterun) - Main Quest Line: The Way of the Voice

Whirlwind Sprint
1. Dead Men's Respite (Hjaalmarch) - Bards Quest Line: Tending the Flames
2. High Hrothgar (Whiterun) - Main Quest Line: the Way of the Voice
3. Volskygge (Haafingar) - Dragon Priest Lair

Reach Level 5

See Master below for some tips on how to level up in Skyrim.

Reach Level 10

See Master below for some tips on how to level up in Skyrim.

Reach Level 25

See Master below for some tips on how to level up in Skyrim.

Reach Level 50

If you are looking at the level 50 trophy as this upward mountain you will never obtain then turn the game off and go back to playing Final Fantasy. Obtaining Level 50 is not a daunting task. The leveling system is Skyrim is based on skill usage. If you use a one handed weapon X amount of times then that skill level will increase one point and your Level bar will increase. Typically, it takes 5-13 Skill Point levels to earn 1 Overall Level. BUT if you only use certain skills over and over then earning the Level 50 trophy will become a problem. The overall focus of the game is to experiment and use multiple skill sets at once.

Example use the following build:
1. Light Armor Helmet (Light Armor Skill increased every time an enemy hits your head)
2. Heavy Armor Chest, Gauntlets, and Legs (Heavy Armor Skill increased every time an enemy hits your body)
3. One handed Mace (One handed weapon increased on each successful hit on an enemy)
4. The other hand is using Magicka (Restoration/Alteration/Destruction/Conjuration)

Using the following build Im able to increase close to 4 skills at one time. Figure out what works best for you and also chain your skills. Go hunting with the bow, take the hide to a Tanning Rack to create leather, with Leather and Leather Strips head to the Blacksmith Forge creating Leather/Hide Armor. With the finished product increase it further at the Blacksmith Table and/or head to an enchanting table to further add some pump to the armor/weapon. Now sell the armor and starting working toward that 100,000.

Skill books are handy but it will help to go scouting for them when your Level 45 and up. You need that last to take you over the edge. Also there are trainers around Skyrim that will help you increase at leave 5 Skill Points IF you have the gold.

Here they are:

Journeyman - Ghorza of Markarth
Expert - Balimund of Riften
Master - Earland Gray-Mane of Whiterun (Skyforge)

Light Armor
Journeyman - Scouts-Many-Marshes of Windhelm
Expert - Grelka of Rifken
Master - Nazir, Dark Brotherhood

Expert - Atub of Largashbur in the Rift
Master - Drevis Neloren of the College of Winderhold

Heavy Armor
Journeyman - Hermir Strongheart of Windhelm
Expert - Gharol of Dushnikh Yal in the Reach
Master - Farkas of The Companions (Jarrkavasor) in Whiterun

Journeyman - Khayla of the Khajit Caravans
Expert - Garvey of Markarth
Master - Delven of the Thieves Guild, under Riften

Journeyman - runil of falkreath
Expert - Phinis Gestar of the College of Winterhold
Master - Falion of Morthal

Expert - Njade Stonearm of the Companions in Whiterun
Master - Larak in The Reach

Expert - Majhad of the Khakit Caravans
Master - Vex of Thieves

Journeyman - Wuunferth of Windhelm
Expert - Sybille of Solitude
Master - Faralda of the College of Winterhold

Expert - Torbjorn of Windhelm
Master - Vilkas of Whiterun

Journeyman - Ahkari of the Khajit Caravans
Expert - Silda of Windhelm
Master - Vipir of Riften

Expert - Keeper Carcette in the Hall of the Vigilant
Expert - Colette of the College of Winterhold
Master - Danica Pure-Spring of Whiterun

Journeyman - Amren of Whiterun
Expert - Athis of Whiterun
Master - Burguk of Dushnikn Yal in the Reach (Orc)

Just use the Speech Glitch

Journeyman - Melarna of Solitude
Expert Trainer - Dravynea of Kynesgrave
Master - Tolfdir of the College of Winterhold

Journeyman - Riverwood
Expert - Aela of Whiterun
Master - Niruin - Riften

Journeyman - Lami of Morthal
Expert - Arcadia of Whiterun
Master - Babette of the Dark Brotherhood

Expert - Sergius of the Colle of Winterhold
Master - Hamal of Markath

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