Players: 1-4 both co-op and online
Online Trophies: Yes, but it would be easier just to plug in a separate controller.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-15 hours
100% Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 1/2......You get the pencil about half way through the game which you will need to get to higher places in the earlier levels.
Collectible Trophies: Fancy Fashion, Squiggle Hunter, Paparazzi, Storyteller
Missable Trophies: None, you can go back and replay any level.
Glitched Trophies: None


The Fancy Pants Adventures is a downloadable game based off a flash game on the PS Store. It is a 2D platformer with a very unique artstyle, where everything looks like it is hand drawn with colored-pencils. Your ultimate goal is to save your little sister from becoming the leader of the pirates. Every level feels very unique from caves, to beaches, to tombs. The gameplay is very floaty, sort of reminiscent to LittleBigPlanet in a way. There are tons of collectibles to find so this game is sure to keep you busy.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • When you get the pencil around the middle of the game, if you attack while in midair you can a slightly longer distance which can help you reach some of the farther places

  • When you are doing the challenges there is a mode called golf. You must kick this snail shell into a hole. If you want to get gold, never kick it while it is in midair. It will end up going all over the place, so wait until it is still on the ground.

  • You have many different attacks from sliding, jumping and swinging your weapon.

  • If you come across a place that seems like there is no way to get there, then go back to the previous level and see if there is another exit.

  • Most importantly, be FANCY!


1. Start with just playing through the whole story finding as many collectibles as you can.

2. Go back and replay any levels that you did not find everything in.

3. Play World 1 and 2. Find all the collectibles.

4. Challenge Mode-Get a gold medal on ever challenge and don't forget to plug a second controller in and win in a tournament.

5. Just keep running through the story as fast as you can until you have very costume piece.


Complete 100% of the Game

This trophy will require you to get 100% on every level in story, world 1, and world 2. To get 100% you must find every star and squiggle. You also must find all the hidden rooms along with completing the micro-challenges.

Big Brother
Story Mode Completed

Just simply complete the story mode. The story is relatively easily with the exception of this one part where you are standing on moving platforms in a tomb.

Better than the developers
Get a gold medal in all the Challenges

The challenges consist of races, golf, combo, and "collect everything" mini-games. You must beat the gold target time for every single one to get this trophy.

In this event your are racing against the clock. You will most likely not get this on the first try as the races require you to learn the area. Time all your jumps and you should be able to get all gold in the races without too much of a hassle.

In this you are just trying to get the highest score possible by doing trick(which is basically just jumping around). Honestly, the easiest way to do these is to simply just jump around like a maniac. Jumping off walls and jumping backwards awards you with more points, while collecting squiggles along the way keeps your combos high.

Golf is basically you kicking a snail shell into a hole with a flag beside it. These can be very frustrating because there is really no indicator to how hard you are kicking it and sometimes the shell will get behind you which results in you kicking in behind yourself. Luckily, there is a large amount of time for these stages. So hopefully you can get these as well without pulling your hair out. Jumping on top of the shell is a great way to get it up to a surface above you, and just running into it at high speed can send it flying to where it needs to be.

Collect Everything
These missions are the most varied. You could get stopping on sand castles or collecting green squiggles. Once again, a few tries and you should have these done. The trick here is too find the shortest route between everything.

Fancy Fashion
Collect all the customizable items

I would definetly save this trophy for last. It will take the longest amount of time to get. This requires you to get all 141 pieces of clothing. After you get 100% in a level you will be taken to a podium where you will choose your prize. I would not choose the ? door, because this seems to give you repeats sometimes. So after you have gotten 100% on every level just keep playing through them until you have every piece of clothing.

Squiggle Hunter
10000 Squiggles collected

I would save this one till last when you are getting all the pieces of clothing. 10,000 squiggles is not all of the squiggles in the game. It is like double that. So when you are running through the levels getting all of your clothing try to pick up as many squiggles as you can. Eventually you will get enough to earn this trophy. You will probably get this before collecting all of the clothing.

Collect all 60 stars

There are stars hidden throughout story, world 1, and world 2. There can only be up to three stars in any level. They are not too hard to find. You can get stars by completing micro-challenges, finding hidden doors that lead to other parts of the level, or simply just finding them floating around in the level itself.

Fancy Fanboy
Complete world 1 and 2

After you have beaten the story, World 1 and 2 will be unlocked. These are not nearly as long as the story and you will need to 100% both of them to get Obsessed. These levels also contain stars that you will need to collect in order to achieve :bornze: Papparazi.

Collect all 9 Message Bottles

These are a lot easier to find than the stars. There are 9 of them hidden throughout story mode, and trust me they will be no problem to find. Above every level door it will tell you if you have found the message bottle for that place yet.

The Champion
Win a tournament on your home arcade machine

Tournaments unlock when you are playing with more than one person. The easiest way to do this is just to hook up another controller, go to the arcade machine, and select tournament. Just finish all five races with player one and this trophy will be yours.

The Olympian
Get one gold medal

Just get one gold medal in challenge mode. Simple as that. Challenge mode consist of races, golf, combos and "collect everything" mini-games. Just beat the gold medal target time for one of them.

The Newbie
Get 100% in one Level

Just find everything in one level. This means all squiggles, stars, message bottles, hidden rooms, etc. You will eventually have to do this for every level so this one is no big deal.

The Juggler
Juggle a shell 10 times before it touches the ground

The easiest way to get this trophy is explained in this video. This spot is located in the level of the main story, Rolling Bayou. You must go to the challenge room beside the giant frog with a mustache.

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