Players: 1
Online Trophies: 6 Online Only: Rampage, Upsetter, Champ, Everlasting, Highroller and Bank.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No, Cheat codes only work in single player but do not affect trophies.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20 - 30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 with some clean up needed.
Collectibles Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None, all fights can be selected and replayed.
Glitched Trophies: None

The Fight: Lights Out! is a fitness based boxing simulation game released during the launch of the Playstation Move. You play the role of a street brawler looking to raise up in the ranks to gain the respect of the underground circuit. This game was designed to show off the precision of the Playstation Move and all your movements are translated 1:1 on the screen for a realistic boxing feel. You should note that if you are considering this game you are required to use 2 Playstation Motion Controllers at all times. There are no exceptions and the game won't start without it.

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. Training your new fighter is the most important thing you can do in this game. You should spend a good amount of time in the gym doing the activity you are best at. By doing this you will earn valuable skill points which are used to increase your fighters attributes like strength, endurance and chin. You will need these upgrades to move on in the game and to defeat the stronger opponents. The more time you spend training, the easier it will be to win and nail fights.

2. Don't forget to check out some of the accessories you win after fights. Some of them will add stat points to your fighter making your leveling easier. Look out for studded gloves or brass knuckles as examples of the kind of accessories that will help your fighter out.

3. Betting is the best way to earn money quickly in this game. You can access the betting menu by going into "multiplayer" and then select "watch and bet". Find a game that is going on and bet as much as you feel comfortable betting. All the odds and multipliers are shown so you can see how much you can win and who is most likely to win.

4. Before you dive into the multiplayer play through the single player first. In the single player you will gain new moves and abilities that will help you in the long run. If you push hard through the story not focusing on nailing fights it shouldn't take long at all.

5. Boosting Strategy: If you do decide to boost, which wouldn't be a bad idea seeing as how weak the online community is, the following is a decent strategy where you and one other person can get most of the trophies. You and your boosting partner should create a separate account. Second step is to pick an arena to fight in. Something to note is your multiplayer profile does not carry over between arenas. Basically you could be level 500 in underpass but a level 10 in old school. Once you chose the arena, Player 1 should switch to your main and Player 2 should switch to their alt. Player 1 beats up Player 2's alt till level 300. After you hit level 300 you will not be able to connect to each other anymore since new player protection kicks in when you are 300 levels higher than the player you are trying to connect to. At this point Player 1 switches to their alt and Player 2 switches to their main and boosts to level 300. Now they switch again and Player 1 switches to their main and Player 1 defeats Player 2 to level 500 + 5 fights for Everlasting. Then Player 2 will defeat Player 1 till they get to 500 switching in alts as necessary to make sure the main characters are within 300 levels.


1. Create your character, fight the first opponent in the campaign a few times to get some money and immediately hit the gym before you do anything else. Get at least 150 to 200 skill points to start off with and distribute those points into strength, technique and endurance. This will give you a fairly even offensive fighter. You don't have to worry too much about defense now, no one in the first few tiers are going to give you too hard of a time.

2. Start the single player campaign and start fighting people. Through the campaign you'll earn money which you will need to train your fighter and heal damage. Take on the first 2 tiers of the game and by this point you should have a number of dirty moves to use and some cash at your disposal. At this point you may start to have trouble defeating opponents so you should use all the money you earned to level your character as much as possible. You will have plenty of money to really focus on making the best fighter you can. Exactly how much is up to you but I would suggest getting a couple of statistics into the 50's or 60's but feel free to go higher if you have the money to train.

3. After you get your fighters stats up higher continue with the campaign and nail those fights you had trouble nailing. You will find these matches much easier since you can hit harder, take less damage and move faster then they can. Just repeat steps 2 and 3 when you have problems moving on in the game. When you have several stats in the 90's no one should give you too much of a problem.

4. After you beat the campaign and nailed all your fights head over to the multiplayer section and take on all newcomers. This will take a very long time since the online community is weak but focus on making as much money as you can and winning. You will have to win about 80 - 90 fights to make it to level 500 online. If you lose a fight you will lose ground and have to make that up on your way up the ladder. A good tip for those looking to do this without boosting is check the stats before each random match you play and pick your fights accordingly. You won't take a penalty for leaving a fight in the lobby but once you start the fight you have to fight to the end.


Win all trophies

Just like the description says, get all the other trophies in the game and get this one free.

Land a really, really hard hit

The trophy unlocks when your hardest hit deals 500 HP worth of damage. You can monitor your progress in the stats section in the extras menu. Having 50 points in the strength category and 25 in the accuracy category should give you the attributes to pull this off. All you have to do is get in close, execute a dirty move and catch the opponent with his guard down. After a couple of tries that should work. If you are still having trouble try fighting in a lower tier or going after a fighter with a lower rank. This can also be earned online against a friend, just repeat the steps above.

Knock someone out really fast

Achieve this by knocking your opponent out in under 5 seconds. This isn't as hard as it sounds just use dirty moves and land them squarely in the head. As long as your strength and accuracy are in the 30+ range this should be easy. Again if you are having trouble with this go back to the gym and power up or fight a weaker opponent. You can also do this one online against a friend.

Win a fight with less than 5% health remaining

All you have to do for this one is beat an opponent to where it will only take one hit to knock them out. Let them hit you until your meter is barely visible. Once that happens back off quickly and throw a fast punch to end the round. This is very simple and can be done online as well as in the single player so if you aren't comfortable playing the cpu, take on a friend to do this.

Knock out 10 opponents with the Hammer fist punch

You will unlock the hammer fist punch after you defeat your first opponent. From there just defeat 10 opponents with the hammer fist being the last punch you use. You may use other punches or dirty moves during the fight but as long as you end with the hammer fist that will count towards this category. You may earn this online with friends or you can also boost this by fighting the same opponent 10 times.

Knock out 10 opponents with a spinning move

You obtain the spinning punch after you defeat the end boss or in other words the top fighter in the top tier. Once you learn the spinning backfist use it as the finishing move for 10 fights. The trophy can be obtained online with a friend or repeated 10 times in a lower fight.

Knock out 10 opponents while grabbing

You will unlock the grab move by defeating the boss of the first tier. From there just defeat 10 opponents with the grab move being the last thing you use. You may use other punches or dirty moves during the fight but as long as you end with the grab move that will count towards this category. You may earn this online with friends or you can also boost this by fighting the same opponent 10 times.

Win a fight with a hit percentage above 95%

This trophy is made much easier by raising your accuracy and increasing your strength. All you have to do is land 95% of your punches / dirty moves by the end of the fight. You can miss one or two but if you miss more then that you should restart the match. It is best to stay in close to your opponent with one controller and punch with the other. Keeping your opponent in front and center of your punching hand will ensure that you land the strike. Try to use dirty moves since they land more often then not and they do more damage. Lastly do not start a punch or dirty move when your opponent is throwing a punch. The punch will land causing you to stop the punch and it will count towards your punch total. Try to land a punch and move to the side and throw another punch.

Win a fight using only clean moves

The game considers clean moves to be straight punches, hooks and uppercuts. From your fighting stance simply punch with the move controller straight in front of you the whole first fight and this should pop right after you won. The first fight is very easy so it shouldn't take much to put him down.

Win a fight using less than 30% clean moves

The game considers dirty moves to be elbows, hammerfists and anything you'll unlock as you fight through the campaign. You will unlock your first dirty move after you finish the first fight which happens to be the hammer fist. To do a hammer fist simply hold the T button on the controller you wish to use the maneuver on, start from your midsection and swing your arm like you were going to hammer in a nail. To be safe, use the new move for the whole next fight and this will pop as soon as you win the match. Your dirty moves are much more powerful than your clean moves so this should come easily.

Stun an opponent 6 times, and then win the match

Only dirty moves can stun an opponent but there are some dirty moves that stun better than others. Moves like the bull charge, headbutt, and spinning backfist are better at stunning than others. All you have to do is use these moves until you successfully stun the opponent 6 times and then win the match to earn the trophy. You can earn this online with a friend or during the campaign depending on what is easier for you.

Throw 25 punches in 15 seconds, landing more than 50% of them

The best way to take on this trophy is to get in close during your first fight and swing for the body with both hands. To do this, hold the move button on either controller and tilt that controller towards your opponent. When you are right on top of him throw straight punches towards your opponents stomach as quickly as you can for at least 15 seconds. Make sure that you are landing most your punches. If your opponent starts blocking swing for the face and go back to the body. This is not just about speed but as long as you stay in close this should be easy. Don't worry about your stamina bar for this, the power of your punches is not taken into consideration.

Win a match with more than 99% health remaining

For this you will have to go the whole fight without taking damage. If you follow the same strategy as the Surgeon trophy this should come right along with it. Just keep your opponent centered and in front of your punching hand, throw a solid punch, move away from his attack and attack again. If you have trouble with this try fighting in a lower tier, go after a lower ranked opponent or raise your accuracy and strength.

Defeat an opponent with 50% higher rank

The easiest way to do this is to fight online. You automatically start out with a rank of 10 when you start the game. This means that when you go online to fight all you have to do is beat someone with a rank of 15. This may sound like a tough challenge but it isn't too bad especially if you have been hitting the gym. This could also be done in the campaign by moving up the ladder as soon as it comes available and fighting the boss. Whether online or offline as long as you beat someone 50% higher rank than you, you should get this.

Win 10 ranked matches in a row

Ranked matches are located in the "multiplayer" area of the main menu. Simply pick any area you wish and defeat 10 challengers in a row. This may be the same challenger 10 times, 10 individual challengers one time each or any combination of the two.

End someone's 5+ ranked online victory streak

Go to the ranked matches section of the "multiplayer" menu. Fight opponents there until you defeat someone who has won 5 or more matches in a row. This is a luck based trophy since there is no way to know how many fights someone won in a row.

Take a lot of damage

For this trophy you need to take 100,000 HP (Hit Points) worth of damage. You can see your progress in the extras section of the main menu. There will be a category for how much damage you took. After about 20 or so fights you should have this if you are taking some damage each fight. Damage taken is cumulative over online and single player so no matter what mode you are playing it all counts towards this trophy.

Reach top rank in an online tournament

The top rank online is 500, just like the single player, but it will be a little more difficult to get to this point then the single player campaign. It all depends on your opponents and how high they are ranked. The higher the opponent is ranked the more points you'll get for defeating them. Either way, to get this trophy you will have to fight online and fight often to get your rank up to 500. Remember to keep your stats up, use stat boosting accessories and keep your guard up to help you win more fights.

Reach top rank in an online tournament and defend your spot 5 times

This is dependent on getting the Champ trophy first. Once you reach rank 500 you will have to win the next 5 fights in a row to maintain your rank. If you lose one fight you will have to get back up to 500 and start defending the title once again. Chance are if you are at 500 you won't have much of a problem defeating opponents to defend your title.

Win a lot of money

This trophy requires you to earn and hold a total of $1,000,000 dollars. Money is earned at the end of successful fights. Other ways of making money include taking your winnings online to bet them on other fights. Go into the "multiplayer" mode and then to "watch and bet" to take advantage of this feature. There are limits to how much you may wager in the betting mode but it is by far the fastest way to make money in this game.

Complete all the career events

There are a total of 100 events in your career (single player) so for this trophy all you have to do is win all 100 fights. The fights are broken up into 10 tiers and there are 10 fights in each tier. To win the fight you only have to knock the opponent out, you do not have to nail the fight to get credit towards this trophy.

Nail all the career events

Nails are different side missions to accomplish during your current single player fight. They are found on the screen right before you start fighting. These tasks are usually things like "Use less than 1% dirty moves" or "Do not take more than 25% damage". As long as you accomplish that goal during the fight you will nail it and get 2 stars over the match. For this trophy you have to nail all 100 fights. You may repeat any fight as often as you'd like and you can also skip fights you didn't nail and come back to them later. The game is very flexible when it comes to fight order and nailing fights. Remember you can always boost your stats and come back to nail a fight later if you are having trouble.

Reach a really high rank

For this you have to reach a rank of 500 either in single player or multiplayer. You gain rank points everytime you defeat an opponent and you usually get 3 or 4 per single player match. This should come naturally playing through the story line especially if you try to nail a fight before you move on.

Survive a lot of rounds of Endurance sparring

To earn this trophy you must endure 20 rounds of endurance sparring which takes about 10 minutes to achieve. Endurance sparring can be found under the training menu in the single player section. In this mode you will fight a number of fighters one after the other and all you have to do is survive. The key here is defense and dealing enough damage to your opponent to get the new guy in. If you let your opponent get inside on you they will dish out a fair amount of damage hurting your chances of finishing the sparring match. If your opponent sneaks in on you, use a dirty move to stagger him and back off creating space between you and your opponent. Then rush in and do some damage and back out again. Keep this up for 10 minutes and the trophy is yours. Remember if you are having trouble with this use a different training technique and spend those skill points on the Chin category. This will allow you to take more punches so you'll have more time to counter the opponents attacks.

Upgrade your skills a lot

This trophy requires you to upgrade 3 of your skills to 90 or above. To do this you must first train your fighter to earn skill points. Then from the main menu go into the "fighter" menu then to "attributes". There you will see 6 sub categories to spend your skill points on. Simply raise any three of these categories to level 90 and the trophy is yours. Something to keep in mind is that your base stats have to be 90 or above. If you are wearing stat boosting accessories it will appear that you reached 90 but you are really in the 80's.

Win a lot of online bets

For this trophy you have to go into the "multiplayer" section and then to "watch and bet". Find a match that's going on and bet on the person who will win the fight. If you do this correctly 25 times, on your 26th bet the trophy will unlock. You should get this on your way to the "Money" trophy as online betting is the quickest way to earn a lot of money.

Get stunned 6 times, but win the match

This trophy is similar to the Punisher trophy but instead of stunning someone else 6 times you yourself have to get stunned 6 times. You have to earn this during the single player campaign. During the campaign, it is best for you to earn this during a top tier fight. The tier bosses tend to do more dirty moves that stun than the regular tier fights. All you have to do is fight them till they have very low energy and back off. They will persue you but almost all the bosses will pause before doing a dirty move. Wait for the pause and move a little closer to the boss and take the stunning hit. Do this 6 times and its yours.

Have a lot of people bet on you and win

This will unlock when 50 bets have been placed on you to win and you won the fight. Basically people in the "watch and bet" section will have to choose your fight to bet on, they will have to bet on you and you will have to win the match. Repeat this 50 times and you are all set.

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