Trophy Difficulty:
Total Trophies: 42
Offline Trophies: 42
Online Trophies: 0
Approximate Dedication: 10-20 hours
Number of Playthroughs Required: 1
Cheats Affects Trophies: No
Difficulty Affects Trophies: N/A


This game let's you rule as Dominic to control the mafia and have your family run the world. Running the world isn't too difficult in this game, as long as you get the proper things out of the way first. I'll teach you what to get and how in this trophy guide.

To find the trophy you are having difficulty with or intended to start off, use your browser search function (CTRL+F/APPLE +F) to find it.


Make your way through most the story way, and always, always be thoughtful of the needed executions and kills to be done. It's possible to do almost everything after finishing the game. Beat some thugs, explode some businesses, run the whole nine yards. Finishing the game will get you all desired story trophies. Absolutely none can be missed.

If you have been doing this during the story mode, it's okay. This will be a lot shorter than doing story mode, surprisingly. You will be wanting to crack all safes, heist all banks, and collect all guns. If you haven't earned all favors, you can get these done after story mode. Completely ignore multiplayer mode. Most people will probably beat you down, it sucks, and, there are no trophies for this part of the game. Do this will reward you a platinum.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Safehouses are Safe
When the police are bagging you up or ruining you during, or in between missions, high tail yourself to the closest safehouse. You can kill police straight out of the window or wait until they leave. The police warrant drops immediately once you're inside. It will save a lot of time, especially hit-and-run tactics when you want to control all the racket rings in express. Don't know where they are? Look up the Don's View.

The Last Mobster
Finished the game? You're not screwed. Just slightly. There are two "Mobsters" remaining in the game. Kill some Mobsters or finish the Executions by going to Casino Imperial in Cuba. The green ones. Wait for them to respawn. It will take a long time to get 750 kills with them.


Platinum Trophy
Act like a mobster, think like a Don.

Complete 10 execution styles.

See Executions in Style .

Executions In Style
Complete all execution styles.

There are some hard-to-work-out executions here. To be quite honest, Table Slam can be hard to work out, or even work at all. Just make sure you cross this list down. It is possible to this after the game in Cuba, if you have not done all executions. But for the best bet, do this during Story. This only works with mafia members.

To prevent waste of material, quote from ConorBL2's thread of the Execution Styles List

Quote Originally Posted by ConorBL2 View Post
Environmental Executions:

High Falls: Throw a victim over a high ledge.
Just go to an area where there are goons on top, grab one and throw him over.

Low Falls: Throw a victim through a ground window.
Grab a goon and, using the Sixaxis, press him against the window and tilt the Sixaxis in an upwards direction..

Table Slam: Slam a victim into a table or counter.
Grab a goon, and tilt the controller left, or right, until he smashes into a table or counter.

Wall Slam: Slam a victim into a wall.
Grab a goon, and when he is against the wall, tilt the controller up.

Road Rage: Run over a victim.
When you see a goon on the road, hop into a car, and drive straight into him, or if he's on the lying on the ground, roll over him.

Weapon Executions:

Get a gun, aim for the enemies head, and pull the trigger. Pretty simple.

Get a gun, but this time, aim for the knee, and pull the trigger.

Aim for the enemy's shoulder. If you hit it, he will drop his firearm. I'm not sure if it has to be the hand holding the gun, or not.

Pistol Standing:
You need to kill an enemy using a pistol. You can just start shooting an enemy with the pistol until he dies; or you can use your stronger weapon(s) to weaken the enemy, and just before he dies, equip your pistol, using R3, and finish him off.

Pistol Kneeling:
You have to shoot an enemy in the knee, with a pistol. Equip your pistol, using R3, aim for the knee, and shoot away!

Shotgun Standing:
All you have to do is kill an enemy using your shotgun. Equip it using R3.

Shotgun Kneeling: Equip the shotgun, with R3. Then, aim for the knee, and pull the trigger.

Magnum Standing:
Just kill an enemy using the magnum. Just keep shooting at an enemy, and you shouldn't have a problem.

Magnum kneeling:
Shoot an enemy in the knee, using the magnum...

Machine Gun Standing:
Kill an enemy, with your machine gun. Simple...

Machine Gun Kneeling:
Yes, you know the drill: equip your machine gun, and shoot an enemy in the knee.

Rifle Standing:
Kill an enemy using your rifle. Just keep shooting at rival mobsters, and you'll be fine.

Rifle Kneeling:
Equip your rifle, aim for an enemy's knee, and fire!

Throw a dynamite at a mobster, using ? [Can I have clarification on how you throw a dynamite?]

Hand to Hand Executions:

Garrote: Get some garrote wire and strangle an enemy, using [Clarification?].

Strangle: Grab an goon, and press R3 and L3 (at the same time) until he dies.

Kill an enemy by punching him to death.

Grab a mobster and punch him, until you s prompted to press R3.

Neck Snap:
You have to sneak up behind a goon, equip the garrote wire, grab the goon, and then turn your controller 180degrees, to the right.

Bare Hand Kneeling:
Shoot an enemy in the knee, and press R3 when you're right infront of him.

Melee and Object Executions:

Nightstick Standing: Attack an enemy until he is weak, then equip the nightstick to kill him.

Nightstick Kneeling: Shoot an enemy in the knee, and equip the nightstick to finish him off.

Take a bottle ( to pick it up) from a compound, or shop, controlled by a rival gang, then throw the bottle at an enemy.

Get a hand-weapon [melee], equip it, and beat your enemy to death.

Bat Standing:
When infront of an injured enemy, equip the bat, and press R3.

Bat Kneeling:
Shoot a goon in the knee, equip the bat, and press R3.

Tire Iron:
Weaken an enemy, equip the tire iron, and press R3.

Tire Iron Kneeling:
Shoot an enemy in the knee, equip the tire iron, and press R3 to execute him.

Pool Cue:
When an enemy is injures, approach them, equip the pool cue, and press R3.

Pool Cue kneeling:
Shoot an enemy in the knee, equip the pool cue, and press R3 to execute him.

Contract Killer
Eliminate 5 made men with the appropriate kill condition.

To take down a family, made men are to be killed in specific ways. It can half-ass ways to defeat them, like taking a specific melee weapon or running them over as your very own men can ruin this. You maybe throwing a Molotov to incinerate the fellow, and suddenly your top cracker smashes a lug in his knee-cap. If you insist on refraining from this, let them guard or attack some crime rig.

Three Crime Rings
Control three crime rings.

Crime rings are given whenever all the rackets of a specific branch is controlled by your family. You must extort a business between you and the rackets. Once all rackets of the ring is completed, you will have to do the next two, four, and all to get the trophies.

Five Crime Rings
Control five crime rings.

See Three Crime Rings .

Control all extortable businesses.

You will need to conduct control to all businesses. Have the access to disable the electricity in the buildings. Kill all mobsters and make reach to the manager. Be sure to get this done to all of them. Nothing can be done except check off all other family-owned businesses. Put guards onto the front of your businesses to prevent take-overs and a longer time to get this trophy.

Organized Crime
Control all crime rings.

See Three Crime Rings .                                      

Crack five safes.

Use Don's View to see all safe's available. It's best to do this after finishing the game. But if you insist on doing this first, when ever you managed to extort a business, take a Cracker to open the same in the area. Usually, the safe is nearby the manager.
> Don's View > More Don's View > The Books

Crack all safes.

See Lockpicker .

Create a mobster using MobFace.

The beginning of the game allows you to adjust your character's appearance.

Let Me Upgrade You
Upgrade one of your made menís skills or weapons.

Go to Don's View and select a made men. Pick one of them and upgrade one of their many skills. It cost money to upgrade. Switch between people with and
> Don's View > Select Made Men

Torch The Joint
Send your men to bomb a venue from the Donís View.

From Don's View, send a man to any venue. It will close the building down, disabling your ability to pursue extortion over it for a period of time.

Pulling The Strings
[Send your men to attack a venue from the Donís View.

From Don's View, send a man to any venue to attack a family. Just by himself, a made men will not capture the business. It will take almost all of them to have succession.

Eliminate three rival families.

Impossible to lose, part of story. The beginning of the game, in New York provides you with one family to burn down. There are two in Florida. To eliminate, a compound must be burnt. It will be open for your destruction when you remove all made men permanently. Another one will form in New York and the last one in Cuba.

2 X New York
2 X Florida
1 X Cuba

Eliminate four rival families.

See Vendetta .

Itís Not Personal
Eliminate a rival family by successfully bombing their compound.

See Vendetta .

Last Family Standing
Eliminate all five rival families.

See Vendetta .                           

Itís Only Business
Eliminate Hyman Roth.

Kill all the families. As part of the story line, you will make your way to the airport in Florida. Rush your way with your best men and kill all mobsters and police men you can. At the end, you will see Hyman Roth hanging at the edge of the hangar. Pull out your best gun and make sure you bust a cap into this skull.

Double Crossed
Eliminate two rival families.

See Vendetta .   

Gun Smuggler
Find a level 2 firearm upgrade.

Read uncreative content below:
Level 2: Sawed-off: Corleone's Compound. From the inside of the compound looking at the front gate, you will see a hedge on the right you can burn with an arsonist. After he torches it you will find it right behind it.

Level 2: .44 Magnum Force: When attacking Carmine Rosato's compound in New York, go upstairs in the tiny foyer before you approach Carmine. The Magnum is clearly visible on a desk.

Level 2: Silenced Pistol: Ryan Roth mission. Found during the mission where he sends you to rescue one of his soldiers.

Level 2: Spitzer Centerfire: Emilio's packing company. It is located on the rooftop just to the right of the owner; an engineer is required to cut the fence.

Level 2: MP38: Granados Compound. Search the second floor.

Level 3: Delta M1911 silenced: Mangano's Compound. Search the second floor. On the kitchen table.

Level 3: Schofield Semi-auto: Global Storage Chop Shop. On the right side of the island, inside the small warehouse.

Level 3: Modified AK-47: Battaglia Masonry. When you enter the room with the safe, turn left to find a ladder leading underground. Follow the tunnel.

Level 3: .501 Magnum Enforcer: Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop. Look at the map to find the lighthouse and go there.

Level 3: Vintovka SR-98: Almeida Compound. On the second floor on a desk.

YouTube- Godfather 2 Secret Weapon Locations

Modified Firepower
Find a level 3 firearm upgrade.

See Gun Smuggler .

Bank Job
Heist your first bank.

Put a car by the bank wall.You need a safecracker, an engineer, and a demolitionist. Let the engineer turn off the lights. Have the demolitionist blow a wall, and not the gas pipes. Gas pipes mean busted bank, not busted wall. Get through the wall and have the safecracker crack at the safe. Taking the money from it makes sure you have the heist done properly. Grab some green off the shelves and get a car out of there to your closest safehouse. Only when you steer clear from the cops this will unlock.

1 X New York
2 X Florida
1 X Cuba

Bag Man
Heist each bank once.

See Bank Job .

750 Sleeping With The Fishes
Kill 750 mobsters.

Do not rush the game. Kill as much as you can while checking out your Execution list. Unless, you want to continue to defeat the Mobsters in Casino Imperial in Cuba. They're in the green. It will take a few so hours.

100 Whacked
Kill 100 mobsters.

See 750 Sleeping With The Fishes .

250 Iced
Kill 250 mobsters.

See 750 Sleeping With The Fishes .

25 Massacred
Kill 25 mobsters.

See 750 Sleeping With The Fishes .

BlackHand Brutality
Kill 25 mobsters only using BlackHand attacks.

Use and to defeat mobsters.

500 Empty Suits
Kill 500 Mobsters.

See 750 Sleeping With The Fishes .

Full Of Lead
Kill 150 mobsters only using firearms.

See 750 Sleeping With The Fishes , make sure you use guns and no blunt weapons.

This Thing Of Ours
Recruit a full family tree.

Get through the story and destroy the rival families. It will eventually allow you to hire, promote, and upgrade made men into proper positions.

Fortified Venue
Max out all guards at a venue.

Take out a venue. Under Don's View, you can put up guards. It will lower the money earned. Simply max out the guards and you can put it back to minimum, or even none at all.

Paying Tribute
Unlock all safehouses.


Right Hand Man
Promote one of your made men to Capo.


Second In Command
Promote one of your men to Underboss.


First Crime Ring
Control one crime ring.

See Three Crime Rings .

Getting Made
Recruit your first soldier.


The Counselor
Accept Tom Hagen as your Consigliere.


Kill Henry Mitchell.

Story-earned. Close to the end of the game.

Accept This As A Gift
Earn one of each favor.

They aren't terribly beneficial, but use them when you can. They are earned for doing very simple bargains through corrupt officials, and other exploiting members.
Granados Sting - Florida
Tony Rosato Sting -Florida
Mangano Sting - Cuba
Almeida Sting - Cuba
Free Made Men From Jail - Cuba
Rapid Recovery - New York
Rebuild Bombed Businesses - New York
Call Off Police - New York
Call Off Police - Florida
Call Off Police - Florida
Rapid Recovery - Florida
Bridge Access to Warehouse - Florida

Welcome To The Gun Show
Collect all level 2 and level 3 firearm upgrades.

See Gun Smuggler .                         

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