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Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-13 hours
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[top]Tips & Strategies

Welcome to the guide, I won't bore you with details here in the introduction, but I will explain as much as possible on how to achieve the trophies. Please leave the criticisms and/or praise in a PM to me as the posts in the guide need to be reserved for those with questions. Take heed, go ahead and pay the $1.99 for the DLC so you can get all the trophies as they are needed in order to achieve most of them.

Here is a great GUIDE for the game, thanks to www.mahalo.com for making a great guide. If you follow if and practice a few times you will get the Hyper Clears everytime!


[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Stage 1-1 Cleared

This will be your first trophy, select stage 1-1 and save those people.

Stage 1-4 Cleared

On the mission select screen select stage 1-4 and complete the level.

Stage 2-4 Cleared

You need to clear Stage 2-4 to earn this.

Stage 3-4 Cleared

Clear Stage 3-4 and this will be yours.

Three Stars
Achieved Three Stars on a Stage

You have to achieve three stars on any level. The easiest way to achieve this trophy early in your collection is to achieve three stars on stage 1-1. An easy way to get three stars on most levels is to find 3 or all of the VIPs in the stage and also make the survivors' line as long as the target number of survivors need to be. For example (save 800 people) make the line 800 people long and turn them in as a group of 800.

10,000 Person Coin
Total survivors rescued has surpassed 10,000

Over the course of the game you will acquire 10,000 surviors, especially trying to get all the VIPs and the three stars per stage. Warning, this only applies to people saved into the ship and when you complete the stage.

100,000 Person Coin
Total survivors rescued has surpassed 100,000

You will earn this over time. The best way to get this is in either stage 1-1 or stage 2-x where the clear requirement is 3000 survivors.

Demo March
3000+ survivors led to Escape Zone at once

Like a mass protest on the steps of the Capitol of Washington D.C., you need to lead 3000+ survivors to the Escape Zone at once. This is easily done in the DLC content stage 2-x.

Ladies' Man
15 female VIPs rescued

You have to rescue 15 different FEMALE VIPs. After each stage you can look to see which VIPs you have rescued, look through and count how many women you have and go after the women.

Secret Service
All VIPs rescued from stages 1-1 to 1-4

This one is a little difficult to explain. You have to save ALL VIPs at once for stages 1-1 to 1-4. So to reinerate, get all the VIPs saved and then get the target number of survivors.

Top Secret Service
All VIPs rescued from stages 1-1 to 4-X

As with the description above save all the VIPs for levels 1-1 to 4-X.

777 fireworks launched

Launch 777 fireworks, this is done by completely encircling an occupied building. You will know if you have achieved this by people cheering and seeing the sparkly fireworks.

Rescue Ship Trophy
Over 100 rescue ships called in

You have to complete (call in the rescue ship) 100 times. This is the lengthy part because if you prepare ahead of time you can complete the levels in under 50 called rescue ships. Just keep replaying level 1-1 to 1-4 until this is done.

Stage 4-3 cleared

Beat stage 4-3.

Achieved ★★★ on stages 1-1 to 4-X

To earn this one you need to achieve three star completion for stages 1-1 to 4-x. Once i find a good guide and maps I will post them.

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