Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (chapter select) Trophies stack
Collectible Trophies: 2 BFFs, Picked Clean
Missable Trophies: No, chapter select

[top]Tips & Strategies

Flash Light

If playing on Survivor, try to be stealthy when you can. You don't have to kill all the clickers or stalkers if you don't need too.

Collect everything you see. Resources are very limited this time around.

Aim right and good. Bullets are rare. Aim for the head if you can.

Use the Stalkers and Clickers AGAINST Hunters. If you see hunters around, throw something to get the attention of the stalkers/clickers and let them fight it out.


There is no real need for a road map.

Play through the little DLC story. There is chapter select if you miss a conversation or a collectible, so don't worry.

Best thing to do is to play it on Survivor, this way the trophies stack and you won't need to play multiple playthroughs.


Donít Go - Easy
Finish Left Behind on Easy

See Donít Go - Survivor

Donít Go - Normal
Finish Left Behind on Normal

See Donít Go - Survivor

Donít Go - Hard
Finish Left Behind on Hard

See Donít Go - Survivor

Donít Go - Survivor
Finish Left Behind on Survivor

All the difficulty trophies stack. So as long as you start on Survivor, you will unlock the other three (Easy, Normal, Hard) after you have completed Survivor. You have to wait till after the credits and until you are back at the main menu. Slowly each trophy will pop, may take a few seconds though.

Survivor in this DLC isn't as extreme as the main game.

There isn't a lot of enemies in this DLC. When you do encounter them though, they will take a lot of health from you if attacked. Just like in the main game, Clickers can kill you as soon as they get to you. Stalkers are a bit harder to kill but can be manageable and Hunters can kill you within 2-3 shots from their gun.

You will want to try to be stealthy throughout the game when there are enemies around. Avoid them if you can. There isn't really a lot of supplies around for you to craft things, nor is there a lot of bullets around. Use what you have carefully.

All optional conversations found in Left Behind

There are many different conversations in the game. Some count and some do not. There are 14 conversations that count towards this trophy. Keep an eye out for an Ear and to know when you must start the conversation.

Chapter 2
  1. When traveling with Riley in the first house, you will need to go up the stairs, then climb through the hole in the ceiling, the continue to follow Riley until you come across a Firefly symbol on the wall behind a couch. Go over to it and press to start the conversation.
  2. When you get to the next building with Riley, walk down the escalator then go behind it. On the wall you will see a poster for Affordable Getaways. Go over to it and press to start the conversation.
  3. Right after the Getaways conversation, go to the left side of the area and walk to the bench where you will see a sign with water guns on it. Press by the sign.
  4. When you run down the escalator, stay close to Riley as she will turn around briefly. When she turns around, press when it appears.
  5. While walking, you will see a yellow FEDRA tent. Go inside the tent and head back to the little desk in the back. Hit to start up the conversation about Winston.
  6. After you exit the tent, go to the bench in front with the horse saddle on it. When prompt to, hit .
  7. While in the Halloween shop, go to the back where you will see some costumes hanging up. Turn slightly to the bookshelf and press when you see the bottle with eyes in it.
  8. When Riley puts on the Vampire mask and says her line. Don't walk away. Wait for to appear to continue the conversation.
  9. Go down one of the isles in the Halloween store until you find the green mask. Press to put the mask on and turn to Riley. The should appear.
  10. On the counter near the front of the store, you will see a purple display. Go over to the display Skelesser and press .
  11. You have to shake the skull a total of 8 times. After doing so, Riley will come over and give it a turn.

    Chapter 4
  12. Within the lighted up mall, you will see the carousel. Go over to the carasel and hit when prompt to.
  13. After the Carousel ride, Riley will give you a pun book. When off the carousel you will be prompt to either read jokes from the book or quit. Keep pressing until you can't anymore.
  14. When you and Riley light up the mall, go to the right and down some stairs until you see a small photo booth. Hit when next to the booth to get it started.
Conversation Video Walkthrough by Powerpyx

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Picked Clean
All Left Behind collectibles found

Combination Note - On the second floor in the Pharmacy. Go behind the counter and it will be lying on the floor. This will also have the combination for the lock to the American Princess Store located next to the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Key - After you take off the lock to the American Princess store, head to the back corner where you will find the dead pharmacist. Search him to locate the key in his pocket.

Pharmacist Note - Same as the Key above. Collect after you have the key.

Salon Note - After you open the door in the Pharmacy, you will be directed towards a military helicopter. On your way there, you will pass into a salon. Around the desk and straight, you will see a body on the ground. The note is between the legs.

Wanted Poster - As you are walking up the stairs with Riley, you will end up in the room at the top. Instead of following Riley in the room, walk over to the table to pick up the wanted poster.

Warning Note - Once you get past the Brick throwing contest, go down the stairs with Riley. When you enter the hallway with yellow walls, turn left into the room. On the desk straight ahead is the note.

Atrium Note - When you get back to trying to figure out how to get to the helicopter, go to the right and then take a right again. On the floor almost all the way to the back is the note.

Generator Note - Go through the maintenance doors and continue to follow the hallway out. You know you are in the right spot when you see a Coca truck.

Atrium Recorder - When you get through the store with multiple enemies by opening the gate, slowly make your way over to the gate in front of the escalator. Once opened, go to the top and head left. The recorder is next to the small bed.

Kitchen Note - After you have turned the lights on in the mall, head out into the room with Riley. As you enter the room, right behind the carousel is the kitchen. You must jump over the counter and you will find the note on the left side on another counter.

Crew Photo - After you have collected the medical supplies from the helicopter, head down the hallway. There is a side room you can enter on the right side, it will say *coming soon*.Go into the door and around the corner where you will see a body on the floor. This is BEFORE you jump over the small barricade and run into hunters, so if you ran into them, you went to far

Duct Recorder - After you take out the people (not stalkers, real people) head down the small hallway until you reach the vent you must crawl through. Follow the blood trail in the vent to the body where the recorder is.

Collectibles Video Walkthrough by Powerpyx

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Nobody's Perfect
Played Jak X Combat Racing

When you have restored power to the mall with Riley, head upstairs into the arcade. Go over to the left side and back a bit to see the racing game. You will know which one to sit in because will appear next to it. You don't really have to do anything but sit there, it's just a small cutscene.

Video Walkthrough by Powerpyx

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Angel Knives
Defeat Black Fang without getting hit

Again, inside the arcade, approach the fighting game machine and press . Riley will make you close your eyes and pretend you are playing. Watch the screen for the buttons.


+ +

+ +

After these sequences, the next 5 can be randomized. Two of the new moves are

Most of the time, it's these moves the follow

+ +


The final blow is
Hold +

Video Walkthrough by Powerpyx

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Win the water gun fight

This scene is after the arcade. You will head into a different room where a cutscene will happen. After the cutscene you will start to spray water at one another. This is NOT the part. After this, you will begin the water gun fight. Riley will run and hide and you will count to 5. Don't try to be sneaking or anything, just run around and as soon as you spot her, fire. It's a 2 out of 3 game, so make sure to get her twice.

If you miss this trophy, you will need to play the WHOLE chapter again.

Video Walkthrough by Powerpyx

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Brick Master
Win the brick throwing contest

You will encounter this challenge not to far into the game. When you are in the mall with Riley, you will enter into the Halloween store. Once you exit the store, Riley will call you over to the edge and bring up the game. From here, you will need to break all the windows on the Red car. There are bricks all over the area, so go over to one and pick it up with . Run back to the edge and aim with at one of the windows and the to throw. There are 6 windows total. There are 2 on each side, one on the roof and then the windshield.

Video Walkthrough by Powerpyx

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