Online Trophies: 1-Strength of our Alliance
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3-One for each difficulty
Collectible Trophies:The Lidless Eye
Missable Trophies: Eagle Savior and Friend of the Ring Bearer
Glitched Trophies:None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Use Farin and his explosive crossbow shot to make second and third playthroughs ridiculously easy. Put most of your attribute points into dexterity and almost all enemies will go down in one shot, including trolls. Bosses will take 3-4 shots a piece. I flew through legendary difficulty in 4-5 hours blowing away everything easily.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


1. Play through on normal difficulty to get all story related trophies and try to get all accumulation trophies.
2. Play through on heroic difficulty.
3. Play through on legendary difficulty.
4. Use level select to get any other trophies that were missed.


Warrior of the North
Earn all trophies for Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Pretty self explanatory, acquire all other trophies to unlock the platinum.

Where there's life, there's hope
Revive a fallen ally.

Occasionally one of your companions will die and need to be revived. Simply go over to them and hold the x button for a couple seconds to revive them. When Farin's war cry ability is upgraded that can be used to revive as well.

Kill 200 enemies in a single playthrough.

See Bane of Mordor for more information.

Sudden Fury
Perform 3 critical hits within 10 seconds.

A yellow triangle will appear over the head of a weakened enemy. When the triangle is visible press the triangle button to execute a critical hit. Do this three times in ten seconds to get this trophy. Easiest with smaller enemies like goblins or spiders.

Strength of Our Alliance
Slay one enemy together with 2 other players.

This is the only trophy that is online only. You have to get into a game with two other players and all execute a critical hit on the same enemy at the same time. Easiest with bigger enemies like trolls or uruk-hai because they can take a few critical hits before they die.

Discover 25 secrets in a single playthrough.

Each character has their own way of discovering secrets. Farin will see yellow cracks in walls, Andriel will see blue circles on walls, and Eradan will see white footprints on the ground. You can play through each level with each character to discover all secrets in every level. There are more than 25secrets in the whole game so you don't really need to go out of your way to find them.

Slot an elfstone into an item.

You will find elfstones through normal play, either by killing enemies or looting chests. Go into the inventory, select the elfstone you want to use and select the weapon or armor that you wish to place it into. Not all gear will have open slots in which to put an elfstone.

While in Hero Mode, perform a streak of 50 hits.

Hero mode is entered when a critical hit is successful. Every successful attack thereafter adds to the hit counter. Get the hit counter up to 50 to get the trophy. Being struck by a heavy attack or letting a few seconds pass between attacks wil cause the counter to drop to zero and hero mode to dissipate. Easiest to do against large groups of enemies as long as you can roll and avoid attacks. Also the giant Bargrisar can be knocked down giving plenty of time to get up to fifty while he is recovering.

Now for wrath, now for ruin!
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously.

Each character has an area of effect attack that can be used on groups of weak enemies to kill four at the same time. Farin's explosive crossbow shot is also effective at getting this trophy.

Troll's Bane
Slay the wild snow trolls.

Story related trophy. On Mount Gundabad a troll will burst through a wall and two more will be in the cavern behind it. Kill all three to continue and acquire this trophy.

Unlock every active-cast ability in one characterís skill tree.

Each character has several abilities that use power and have different button combinations to use. Use your level bonuses to unlock all of them for one character for this trophy.

Achieve at least 1 rank in a tier 3 skill.

Skill points need to be spend on the first tier and second tier to unlock the third tier. Once a third tier has been purchased this trophy will unlock.

Like a Thunderbolt
Deal 3000 damage with a single ranged strike.

Put enough points into your dexterity and this will come naturally with time, although it might not happen until your second or third playthrough.

Deal 1500 damage in a single melee strike.

This should unlock on your first playthrough naturally with time. Put points into strength and use critical hits to achieve this trophy.

Living Shield
Absorb 25,000 total damage during the course of 1 level.

This is probably one of the last trophies to get. Easiest against the wild snow trolls on your third playthrough. Keep getting hit by them and healing yourself and don't attack them until this unlocks.

Many deeds, great and small
Complete 15 quests in a single playthrough.

There are several quests that are story related and you can't avoid so you only need to find another seven or eighth to get this. Each town that you come across has people that can be talked to and some will offer quests. None of them are too difficult or time consuming. Just explore everywhere to find as many quests as possible.

Kill 150 enemies with war machines in a single playthrough.

There are several opportunities to use war machines to fend off waves of enemies. Simply kill as many as possible each time the oppotunity presents itself and this will unlock near the end of the game.

Equip all parts of an armor set.

There are several different kinds of armor sets with names like Marksman, Alliance, and Dragonfire. Equip helmet, breastplate, boots, gloves, and greaves of the same set to get this trophy. Luck is a big factor in this. Every time you enter a store check all armor that they sell and buy named armor sets to acquire as many as possible. Don't sell any of them unless you have duplicates until you get this trophy, then you can get rid of them all to free up your inventory. Might not happen until your third playthrough.

Keen-eyed Marksman
Kill 50 enemies with headshots in a single playthrough.

Aim for the heads of weaker enemies to get this. You will know you're successful when you get a headshot or bullseye bonus. You can replay the first area to farm headshots.

Swift-winged Warrior
Summon Beleram 10 times in a single playthrough.

Beleram is summoned by using one of the great eagle feathers against enemies. Feathers are picked up from dead enemies and looted from chests. Use him ten times to unlock this trophy.

Warrior Exemplar
For one character unlock every skill that provides a modification to War Cry, Sanctuary or Evasion.

If playing as Farin every skill that affects war cry must be unlocked and purchased. If playing as Eradan every skill that affects evasion must be unlocked and purchased. If playing as Andriel every skill that affects sanctuary must be unlocked and purchased.

Defender of the North
Achieve level 10.

This will unlock about halfway through your first playthrough.

Champion of the North
Achieve level 20.

This will unlock either near the end of the first playthrough or at the beginning of the second playthrough depending on how thoroughly each level is explored.

Create 15 potions in a single playthrough.

All characters can create potions, but only Andriel can find ingredients. There will be a bluish glow around certain plants that can be harvested. Collect enough plants that can be combined with each other to create 15 potions.

Eagle Savior
Defeat AgandaŻr without the aid of Beleram.

This trophy is missable. Agandaur is the final boss of the game. Simply avoid summoning Beleram during the final battle to unlock this trophy.

Bane of Mordor
Kill 600 enemies in a single playthrough.

This trophy should unlock on the first playthrough, especially if you replay through some levels to find secrets.

Amass 25,000 coins.

Simply have 25,000 coins in your possession at one time to unlock this trophy. It should come about through normal play by looting treasure chests and selling any unwanted gear.

Expert Treasure-hunter.
Locate 5 gilded treasure chests in a single playthrough.

Gilded chests are slightly different colored than normal chests and are found in secret locations for the most part. There are several of these spread across all levels so it shouldn't be too difficult to get this even if you are not looking specifically for them.

Victorious in Battle
Complete a playthrough on at least Normal difficulty.

Simply beat the game on normal difficulty to unlock this trophy.

Against All Odds
Complete a playthrough on Legendary difficulty.

Beat the game on heroic difficulty to unlock legendary difficulty then beat the game on legendary to unlock this trophy.

The Lidless Eye
Complete the investigation of the Cult of the Lidless Eye.

Potentially missable if you are not thorough when playing the game. The first is in Fornost when you are required to knock the siege weapons off of the wall. The second is in the Ettenmoors after you fight the first troll. After jumping over the gap follow the river down to the end to find a chest with a scroll. The third is in the Ettenmoors when a bunch of goblins and orcs are defending a bridge. One of then will drop a scroll. The fourth is in Mount Gundabad after destroying the chain and going up the first tower. The scroll is in a chest on a ledge outside the second tower. The fifth is in Mirkwood carried by Wulfrun. The sixth is in Urgost's Lair carried by a sorcerer who is near a waterfall. The seventh is in Urgost's Lair carried by the uruk-hai chief before meeting with Urgost. If any one of them is missed they can be found by going back to the level that they are supposed to be in. I believe they also count as secrets.

Hero of Legend
Complete a playthrough on Heroic difficulty.

Beat the game on normal to unlock heroic difficulty then beat the game on heroic to unlock this trophy.

Friend to the Eagles
Help free the Great Eagle Beleram.

Story related trophy that will unlock in Fornost when Beleram is freed from the four chains that are binding him. There are several waves of enemies that will try to stop you from breaking the chains. Simply kill them all in succession.

Join forces with the sons of Elrond.

Story related trophy that will unlock when you come upon the two sons of Elrond in Fornost and join forces with them. After a conversation with them they will join your group and help fight off enemies for a while.

Tharzog's Bane
Defeat AgandaŻr's lieutenant Tharzog.

Story related trophy that will unlock at the end of Fornost when Tharzog is defeated. He will call upon other warriors to aid him in his battle. It's probably a good idea to finish them off before focusing on Tharzog.

Discover what happened to the missing Rangers.

Story related trophy that will unlock in the Barrow Downs when you find out what happened to the missing rangers. This will happen right before the fight with the Barrow Wight Lord.

Begone, lord of carrion!
Defeat the Barrow Wight Lord.

Story related trophy that will unlock in the Barrow Downs when the Barrow Wight Lord is defeated. He will summon several skeletons that need to be defeated before he will show himself. He will also use a wave attack that can be avoided by hiding behind a pillar to avoid being knocked down.

Trusted with the Secret
Learn of the Ring of Power and the plan for its destruction.

Story related trophy that will unlock in Rivendell after talking with Gandalf and Elrond. Discuss with them about your part in helping the ring bearer to journey to Mount Doom.

Slay Bargrisar the stone giant.

Story related trophy that will unlock at the end of the Ettenmoors when Bargrisar the giant is defeated. First off, attack his leg to bring him down to all fours. When he is down attack his hands to expose his head. Attacking his head will do the most damage, but he can be defeated by just hitting his legs, it will just take much longer. Use rolls to avoid his stomps and hand swipes.

Help destroy the citadel within Mount Gundabad.

Story related trophy that will unlock when the citadel is destroyed in Mount Gundabad. There will be several waves of enemies that need to be defeated before they get to the dwarves. Use siege equipment to finish uruk-hais and trolls as quickly as possible and let your teammates kill off the smaller creatures.

Wulfrun's Bane
Defeat the Sorceror Wulfrun.

Story related trophy that will unlock at the beginning of Mirkwood Forest after Wulfrun is defeated.

Friend of the Woodland Realm
Free the elf from his captors in Mirkwood Marsh.

Potentially missable if Mirkwood Forest is not fully explored. There is a camp of uruk-hai with a captive elf in the depths of Mirkwood. Defeat all uruk-hai and talk to the elf to free him and unlock this trophy.

Slay Saenathra.

Story related trophy that will unlock at the end of Mirkwood Forest when Saenathra is defeated. Every once in a while she will summon more smaller spiders to distract you. It's easier to deal with the smaller spiders before going back to the boss.

Friend to the Ring-bearer
Speak with Frodo in Rivendell.

Potentially missable if Rivendell is not fully explored. After arriving in Rivendell for the first time explore in order to find Frodo before he leaves for destroy the ring. Talk to him to unlock this trophy.

In the Dragon's Den
Meet a dragon and survive.

Story related trophy that will unlock after conversing with the dragon in its den. It's just a conversation and a cut scene, no fighting against the dragon.

Help weather the siege of Nordinbad.

Story related trophy that will unlock when the siege of Norbinbad has been stopped. There are several waves to the siege and each count as a checkpoint when cleared. First is just a bunch of enemies, then siege towers that must be destroyed by your siege equipment. After that you must protect the doors from goblin sappers and trolls. Finally you must finish the commander of the enemy forces to stop the siege.

Hero of the North
Defeat Sauron's Lieutenant AgandaŻr.

Story related trophy that will unlock when the final boss Agandaur is defeated. There are two parts to this battle. In the first part he will summon either a frost troll or a fire troll when his health bar is about halfway gone. Finish the troll to get back to fighting Agandaur. The second part he will fly around and shoot magic at you so prepare to shoot with your long range attacks until he lands and then attack him with melee.

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