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Players: 1-3
Online Trophies: Strength of Our Alliance
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3, a playthrough for each difficulty (non-stackable)
Collectible Trophies: The Lidless Eye
Missable Trophies: Friend to the Ring-bearer
Glitched Trophies: Many deeds, great and small


Thanks to CircularGaming for the money glitch video.

Thanks to the Achievement Hunter Community (particularly Soothsayer57 and Deathreau) for the Lidless Eye video.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Single Playthrough Clarification
A number of these trophies say that you must complete a certain objective in a “single playthrough.” This can be a little misleading, because what they actually mean is a single save file.

Collect and hoard all armour pieces that belong to a set, making sure that you have at least one of every set for each armour piece.

Farin OP
When I first started this game, I kept reading and hearing everywhere that I should use Farin the Dwarf Champion because “he’s just so over-powered.” I didn’t really pay much attention because I thought surely it can’t be that much of a difference. It wasn’t until my third playthrough that I finally decided to check it out for myself, and let me just say this: he really is OP.

Farin has an ability for his Crossbow called Explosive shot that, when upgraded fully (and buffed by increased Dexterity), does insane levels of damage. Like 1-shot kills on Trolls levels of damage. Oh, and the ability does splash damage as well.

Once you’ve completed Herb-master , Relentless , and Fell-Handed , switch to Farin and just speed through the game.
Whenever you level up, put the majority of your points into Dexterity (increases ranged damage) and Willpower (gives you more energy), and soon you’ll be unstoppable.

Boss Fights and General Combat Strategies
You may look through this guide and see that some trophy descriptors, particularly the ones that pertain to boss fights, are fairly anemic. That's because, truth be told, the combat in this game is pretty damned simplistic. You hit bad guys a lot, and eventually they die; some need to be hit for longer than others; some will fight back, in which case you should do your best to not get hit. There's no room for tactics, and no enemy has any real elemental or damage-type (physical/magic/ranged) weakness. Just slash away and have fun.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are glitches in this game, but they are all avoidable. See Many deeds, great and small and The Lidless Eye for more information.


Playthrough 1 – Normal
Playthrough the campaign on normal difficulty. Use this playthrough to learn the layout of levels, complete all the side-quests, and earn all story and character-related trophies as well as any miscellaneous ones.

Playthrough 2 – Heroic
Use this playthrough to finish off any other miscellaneous trophies you missed in your first playthrough (with the exception of The Lidless Eye , which you cannot earn in this playthrough).

Playthrough 3 – Legendary
By this point you should have every trophy unlocked, unless you missed The Lidless Eye in your first playthrough, in which case you can get it in this playthrough. Otherwise, just run through as quickly as you can.


Warrior of the North
Earn all trophies for Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Where there's life, there's hope
Revive a fallen ally.

When a player character loses their entire HP, they’ll go into a downed state, during which they can be revived by pressing and holding . To unlock this trophy, simply revive one of your party members. It does not matter if they’re AI or player-controlled.

You will get this through natural play.

Kill 200 enemies in a single playthrough.

To earn this trophy you must kill at least 200 enemies.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs.

See Bane of Mordor for more information.

Sudden Fury
Perform 3 critical hits within 10 seconds.

When an enemy has sustained enough base damage, or is stunned, they will be opened up for a critical hit (indicated by a golden triangle icon above their head) which you can execute by pressing . To earn this trophy you must perform three such hits within the space of ten seconds (start counting from the first hit).

Note: the indicator will not remain indefinitely – if you fail to perform a critical hit within a reasonable amount of time, the indicator will disappear, and you won’t be able to perform a crit.

You’ll most likely earn this through natural play, but if you’d like to work towards it, you best bet is to go after large groups of low level enemies like goblins or spiderlings. Attack them as a group using area-of-effect (AoE) abilities (like Eradan’s Cleave or Farin’s Sweeping Attack) so that they receive equal damage, then once you see critical indicators appear, start mashing .

Strength of Our Alliance
Slay one enemy together with 2 other players.

Note: This trophy requires that you play online with two other players.

The description for this trophy can be somewhat misleading. What it actually requires is that you perform a critical hit combo on a single enemy with two other players. The attack does not need to kill the enemy.

Here’s what you do:
First, you need to be playing an online game with two other human players. If you don’t have two friends with a copy of the game, post in the Official Boosting Thread to find other players. If you can, use a microphone, because for this trophy timing and communication are essential.

Next, you’ll need to isolate an enemy, preferably one with a large amount of health - something like a troll, a berserker, or a boss is ideal – and have all three players start attacking it using basic attacks () until a critical hit indicator appears.

When the crit indicator appears, all three of you need to perform a critical hit at the same time. If your timing is off, you won’t join the combo, and this trophy won’t unlock. To perform a critical hit, press once the yellow critical indicator appears above the enemy’s head.

If you time it correctly you’ll deal massive damage, get a nice XP bonus, and unlock this trophy.

Discover 25 secrets in a single playthrough.

Throughout Middle-earth there are hidden deposits of loot and other riches for you to find, and each of the three playable characters has a different method of finding these secrets.

Eradan the Ranger can spot glowing footsteps that lead to hidden Ranger equipment caches; Andriel the Lore-master can see glowing blue glyphs; and Farin the Champion can see mineral veins which contain gold.

To earn this trophy you must find twenty-five such secrets. Just keep your eyes open as you progress through the campaign and you’ll have no problem finding all the secrets that you need.

Tip 1: Eradan and Farin have, by far, the most number of secrets.

Tip 2: Each scroll from the Cult of the Lidless Eye counts as a secret. Completing the side-quest will net you seven secrets. See The Lidless Eye for more information.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs.

Slot an elfstone into an item.

Elfstone’s are War in the North’s version of socketable items (like gems or runes), and you’ll find them throughout the game, either as loot or in shops. To earn this trophy you must socket any Elfstone into any piece of armour or a weapon which has an open socket.

While in Hero Mode, perform a streak of 50 hits.

To enter Hero Mode you must perform a successful critical hit. Once you have, you’ll notice a hit counter on the side of your screen which will increase each time you hit an enemy; the higher the counter, the more XP you gain from kills. Taking damage will reset the counter and take you out of Hero Mode. To earn this trophy, you must get fifty hits on enemies while in Hero Mode without taking any damage.

This is much easier than it sounds; just make sure to keep swinging, and block and dodge any incoming attacks. This will most likely come from natural play.

Now for wrath, now for ruin!
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously.

To earn this trophy you must kill four enemies with a single attack. This is much easier than it sounds, and you’ll almost definitely get this through natural play. Obviously this needs to be done with Area-of-Effect (AoE) attacks or abilities, so keep that in mind. There are two main methods for this trophy: turret sequences, or Farin’s Explosive Bolt ability.

Throughout the campaign there are a number of sections when you’ll be forced to man a crossbow turret which fires explosive bolts. The first few times you’ll be firing at hordes of goblins, all of which will die in a single hit, so wait until you see a large bunch and then fire in the middle of them.

Farin’s Explosive Bolt is probably even easier. The ability allows Farin to fire an explosive crossbow bolt that does insane amounts of damage. Fire the explosive shot into a group of anything and watch them pop.

Troll's Bane
Slay the wild snow trolls.

While traversing Mount Gundabad, you’ll encounter three giant snow trolls. Simply kill all three to progress through the story and earn this trophy. There’s not really much to say except don’t get stomped on.

Unlock every active-cast ability in one character’s skill tree.

Each character has two kinds of abilities that they can purchase with Skill Points which are earned by leveling up: Active-cast abilities (abilities that you need to activate by holding either or and pressing either , , , or ) and Passive abilities (which are always active and increase things like your base stats).

To earn this trophy you must place at least a single skill point into each of a single character’s active-cast abilities. You’ll need to reach around level 20 before you have enough skill points to do this.

The abilities in question are:
  • Champion - War-cry, Sweeping Attack, Crushing Blow, Shield Bash, Whirlwind, Earthshaker, Heavy Bolt, Shield Charge, Indomitable Spirit and Explosive Bolt
  • Lore-Master - Sanctuary, Word of command, Empower Staff, Tempest, Shielding Light, Smite, Wrath of the Eldar, Heal, Sundering Command, and Burst of Light
  • Ranger - Evasion, Ranger Strike, Heavy Shot, Onslaught, Dual Strike, Cleave, Elusive Foe, Assail, Volley, and Piercing Shot
Since a number of the active abilities are rubbish, you’re probably not going to want to purchase them, so instead buy a couple of Respec Tokens from a vendor. Once you reach level 20, use a token to reset all your skills, buy all the ones you need, confirm them, wait for the trophy to pop, and then use another respect token.

Achieve at least 1 rank in a tier 3 skill.

In each character’s skill tree there are three branches, and a total of three tiers (each row is a tier); each ability in the skill tree has a number of ranks, which you can increase by investing additional skill points.
To earn this trophy you must invest a single skill point in any tier 3 ability and confirm it.

Like a Thunderbolt
Deal 3000 damage with a single ranged strike.

To earn this trophy you must deal at least 3000 damage with a single ranged attack. If you’re following this guide, you’ll easily get this trophy while playing as Farin. To increase your ranged damage, upgrade your character’s Dexterity stat. Using a ranged ability will count towards this trophy.

Deal 1500 damage in a single melee strike.

To earn this trophy you must deal at least 1500 damage with any single melee attack. While you can do this with any character, I would recommend that you do it with Eradan the Ranger. To increase your melee damage, upgrade your character’s Strength stat. Using an active ability will count towards this trophy. Critical hits will count towards this trophy.

Living Shield
Absorb 25,000 total damage during the course of 1 level.

To earn this trophy you must take, not block, 25,000 damage over the course of a single level. Unless you’re really bad, it’s unlikely that you will earn this through regular play. The best place to do this is in Fornost, on Legendary difficulty (may also work on Heroic).

As you progress through the level, you’ll eventually start to find red coloured bombs (around the time that you're ambushed by the suicidal goblin sappers). When you find your first one, take off all your armour and then melee attack the bomb or shoot it at point-blank range. The bomb will deal 25,000+ damage to you, and most likely break any armour you have equipped.

Many deeds, great and small
Complete 15 quests in a single playthrough.

There are a total of 16 side-quests throughout the campaign, and you must complete at least 15 of them to unlock this trophy.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs. Quests must be completed during the playthrough in which they were started, however.

Note: some of these quests can be glitched, so be aware. Glitches have been explained where applicable.

Prologue - Bree
Forewarned is Forearmed
Questgiver: Otto Aster at The Prancing Pony
To complete this quest you must find Grof the Dwarf and convince him to start selling arms to the people of Bree. You can find him in the main street, standing by his wagon. Once you’ve convinced him, return to Otto to turn in the quest.

Otto’s Arsenal
Questgiver: Automatic in Bree
This quest will become available once you complete ‘Forewarned is Forearmed’. To complete it, you need to sell roughly a dozen weapons to Otto. Keep selling him low-level gear until the quest is complete (you will not get the notification telling you that the quest has been completed while you are in the shop menu).

Rowlie’s Gift
Questgiver: Rowlie Appledore at The Prancing Pony
Rowlie wants you to get a locket repaired for him, and then have it delivered to Idona Bellflower. First, locate the Blacksmith, Elmund Brushwood, and have him repair the locket (it will cost you 1 silver). With the locket good as new, travel up the main street to find Idona (she’s standing to the right). Give her the locket and see her reaction, then report back to Rowlie.

Chapter 1 - Fornost
The Seer’s Words
Questgiver: Lootable in Fornost
As you progress through Fornost, loot everything you can. Eventually you’ll stumble upon an unreadable Tome. When you reach Rivendell, speak to Elrond about it, and he will give you a gift.

Work of Westernesse
Questgiver: Lootable in Middle-earth
Throughout the game you can find three ancient artifacts hidden inside breakable containers (barrels, crates, etc.). Once you have all three, take them to Angmir the Elven Blacksmith in Rivendell, or Buri the Dwarven Blacksmith in Nordinbad to turn in the quest.

Cult of the Lidless Eye
Questgiver: Lootable in Middle-earth
See The Lidless Eye for more information.

Chapter 2 - Sarn Ford
Questgiver: Silanna the nurse in Sarn Ford Main Tent
If you speak to Silanna, she will tell you that she needs Athelas plants to treat a Ranger afflicted with the Black Breath. Athelas plants can be found throughout the Barrow-downs, though you only need a single one. Once you have it, return to Silanna to turn in the quest. Be sure to turn the quest in as soon as you can; if you take too long, the Ranger will die.

Chapter 2 – The Barrow-downs
The Last Sons of Cardolan
Questgiver: Automatic in The Barrow-downs
Upon defeating the first Barrow-wight (the mini-boss that throws rocks at you), three tombs will open up. You must clear out all three tombs to complete this quest.

Chapter 3 - Rivendell
Elf Stones
Questgiver: Angmir the Elven Blacksmith
Speak to Angmir and ask him what he’s working on. Eventually he will ask you to find a whole bunch of stones so that he can enchant them. You’ll find the stones as you play and loot normally. Once you have found all the required stones, return to Rivendell and show them to Gloin the Dwarf. Afterwards, take them to Angmir to turn in the quest.

The Poet
Questgiver: Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo can be found sitting on a bench in Rivendell. Talk to him to receive the quest, then speak to Arwen (who can be found standing on the bridge) to complete it.

The Chronicler
Questgiver: Bilbo Baggins
After completing ‘The Poet’, speak to Bilbo again. He will ask you to regale him with tales of your adventures, and that you return later to tell him more. Visit Bilbo every time you return to Rivendell, and make sure to guide the conversation towards Dragons and Flattery. When you meet Urgost at the end of The Grey Mountains, you’ll be able to flatter him. Doing so will net you a gift and complete this quest.

Glitch: there is a glitch in this quest where the dialogue option to initiate the previous quest, ‘The Poet’ - “Tell me about your writing” - is available for a second time if you do not have any updates to report to Bilbo. If you select this dialogue option, Bilbo will ask you to take his poetry to Arwen again. While you are unable to do this (Arwen has no option to take it) and the quest won’t appear in your log, you will no longer be able to flatter Urgost.

Questgiver: Arwen in Rivendell
While speaking to Arwen to complete ‘The Poet’, you can also receive this quest. She will ask you to find 5x Miriloth Bloom, 2x Gilivor Crystals, and 1x Mountain Honey, all of which are located throughout the Coldfells. Once you have found all eight items, wait until you reach the next area, The High Moors, then return to Rivendell and speak to Arwen to turn in the quest.

Questgiver: Arwen in Rivendell
Once you have turned in ‘Miruvor’, Arwen will ask you to find her Mithril. It can be found in chest inside a cave in the Alpine Pass - Mt. Gundabad (Chapter 4), but it is hidden behind a wall that only Farin the Champion can see. Once you have collected it, return to Rivendell and speak to Arwen to turn in this quest.

Chapter 5 – Nordinbad
Gorin’s Gratitude
Questgiver: Gorin the Dwarf
After speaking to Gorin about the dragon, speak to Galar the Dwarf merchant to receive your reward and turn in this quest.

A Gem No Mind Can Yield
Questgiver: Buri the Dwarven Blacksmith
Talk to Buri until he tells you about his Belt. He needs you to get him a Black Pearl, which you can find in breakable containers (barrels, crates, etc. ) throughout Mirkwood. Once you find it, return to Buri to turn in this quest.

Chapter 5 - Mirkwood
The Captive
Questgiver: Glorhirin the Captive Elf
See Friend of the Woodland Realm for more information.

Kill 150 enemies with war machines in a single playthrough.

War machines are those large crossbow turrets which you’ll occasionally need to man in order to defend an area. To earn this trophy you must kill a total of 150 enemies using these turrets. When you do get an opportunity to use one, make sure that you shoot absolutely everything you can see and you should earn this trophy either during your first playthrough, or shortly into your second.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs.

Equip all parts of an armor set.

This trophy can be a real pain in the ass. As you play through the game, you’ll get hundreds of pieces of armour, either picked up as loot, or purchased from a vendor. Some of these pieces will belong to a set, like Marksman, Warlord, Bowmaster, and Dragon Fire. To earn this trophy you must equip Headpiece, Shoulders, Body, Gloves, Leggings, and Boots armour pieces all belonging to a single set.

It’ll take you a while to collect all the pieces you need, so whenever you find an armour piece from a set, or can buy one from the store, make sure that you do, and hold onto it, making sure to keep one of each. Basically, if it’s a part of a set, and you don’t already have it, keep it.

Note: some armour sets can only be equipped by specific characters.

Keen-eyed Marksman
Kill 50 enemies with headshots in a single playthrough.

To earn this trophy you must kill a total of 50 enemies by headshotting them with a ranged attack.

Farin is the best character to use for this because, if you’re following this guide, you’ll be upgrading his Dexterity a whole lot, meaning that he’ll be doing a lot of ranged damage. The best enemies to target are low level mobs like goblins, as well as any ranged enemies like orc archers.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs.

Swift-winged Warrior
Summon Beleram 10 times in a single playthrough.

Once you rescue Beleram in Fornost, you’ll be able to summon him to your aid by holding , aiming at an enemy, and pressing . You can only summon him in outdoor areas, and only if you have a Great Feather, which you can find throughout the game in chests and as loot from enemies.
With the exception of bosses and some giant enemies on Legendary difficulty, Beleram will kill anything you target, including trolls, so you should definitely avail yourself of his services. Simply summon Beleram 10 times to unlock this trophy.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs.

Warrior Exemplar
For one character unlock every skill that provides a modification to War Cry, Sanctuary or Evasion.

Each character has a distinct special ability: Eredan the Ranger has Evasion (which makes him go invisible), Andriel the Lore-master has Sanctuary (which creates a healing sphere which protects you from ranged attacks, and Farin has War Cry (which increases his armour, health, and melee damage). In the respective skill trees, each character also has skills that tweak or improve these main abilities. To unlock this trophy, you must place at least a single skill point in each of these skills for a single character.

They are:
  • Ranger - Onslaught, Respite, Smoke and Flame, Stealth Mastery, and Elusive Foe
  • Lore-Master - Healing Light, Sanctuary Master, Wrath of the Eldar, and Forceful Fire
  • Champion - Dwarf-armour, Taunt, Retaliation, Fortitude, Abundant Harm, Indomitable Spirit, Battle-fury, and Battle-ready

Defender of the North
Achieve level 10.

Very simple. Earn enough experience to reach level 10. You will earn this through natural play.

For more information, see Champion of the North .

Champion of the North
Achieve level 20.

In the grand scheme of things, level 20 is nothing, so don’t be fussed about this. You’ll definitely have it by the end of your first playthrough.
You earn experience by killing enemies and completing quests, with bonus points awarded for critical hits and hit streaks.

Once you reach level 20 with any of the three characters, this trophy will unlock.

Create 15 potions in a single playthrough.

To earn this trophy you must create a total of 15 potions.
Each character can create potions, but only Andriel the Lore-master can find and harvest the various ingredients needed to make them. Playing as Andriel, you can find ingredients throughout the world of Middle-earth (they’ll be glowing light blue), and you can harvest them by pressing .

Now here’s the thing: potions are probably the most useless thing in the game – they’re entirely unnecessary, so don’t bother trying to create specific potions; just mix all the ingredients you find together to make whatever potions you can and get this done as quickly as possible. If you run out of inventory space, just start drinking them, or drop them.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs.

Eagle Savior
Defeat Agandaûr without the aid of Beleram.

To earn this trophy you must defeat Agandaûr, the final boss, without calling Beleram using a Great Feather.

If you’re following this guide then it doesn’t really matter what difficulty you do this on, because, regardless of the difficulty, Farin will make short work of Agandaûr on his own.

Bane of Mordor
Kill 600 enemies in a single playthrough.

600 kills sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. You’ll easily have this by the end of your first playthrough. It doesn’t matter how you get the kills, just that you get them. You can check your progress by pressing and navigating to your gameplay stats.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs.

Amass 25,000 coins.

To earn this trophy you must have found/earned a total of 25,000 coins. You do not need to have 25,000 at once.

If you do this legit it might take you a while. Fortunately, there’s a fantastic glitch that’ll net you thousands of gold in a very short time. All you need to do is mail your social security number and credit card pin number to…

How to make a lot of gold really fast:
  • Step 1: find a piece of armour or a weapon that sells for a decent amount of money.
  • Step 2: go to a vendor and choose to sell your items
  • Step 3: when selecting which item to sell, highlight the valuable item from Step 1
  • Step 4: hold as if you were going to move that item to another slot, and then press to sell it. As long as it’s being “moved” you can sell it infinitely, so just start mashing that button. When you let go it will be removed from your inventory.
To see it being done, check out this video:

Expert Treasure-hunter.
Locate 5 gilded treasure chests in a single playthrough.

Throughout the game there are dozens of chests which contain various types of loot. Some of these chests, distinguishable by their starkly different appearance, contain higher quality gear and more coins than regular chests. To earn this trophy you must find five of these special chests. There are dozens scattered throughout all the levels so you won’t have any trouble finding at least five.

Like all trophies that are supposed to be completed within “a single playthrough,” they actually just need to be completed within a single save-file, which encompasses all three playthroughs.

Victorious in Battle
Complete a playthrough on at least Normal difficulty.

Unlike most games, difficulty-based trophies do not stack, so you must play through The War in the North on Normal, Heroic, and Legendary difficulties to earn the respective trophies.

Simply beat the game on normal difficulty to unlock this trophy.

Against All Odds
Complete a playthrough on Legendary difficulty.

To earn this trophy, beat The War in the North on the highest difficulty: Legendary.

Playing through with Farin and his Explosive Shot, it shouldn’t take you more than four to six hours to beat Legendary. Remember to keep a good supply of health and mana potions, and all your experience points into Dexterity, and always keep an eye out for more powerful crossbows to upgrade to.

The Lidless Eye
Complete the investigation of the Cult of the Lidless Eye.

To earn this trophy you must complete the side-quest ‘Cult of the Lidless Eye’ by finding all seven Sorcerer’s Scrolls and returning them to Elrond in Rivendell. You must turn in this quest before you fight the battle of Nordinbad, otherwise Elrond will not offer you the appropriate dialogue option. To be safe, make sure to choose to travel back to Rivendell after speaking to Urgost the dragon.

Glitch #1:
The fourth Sorcerer’s Scroll is found inside a chest during Chapter 4 in Mt. Gundabad. For some reason, the chest will not appear if you’re playing on Heroic difficulty, meaning you can only complete this quest on Normal or Legendary.

Glitch #2:
As you collect the Scrolls, the game will keep track of them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t distinguish between unique scrolls and duplicates, so if you collect the same scroll twice, it will count both towards your tally (you can end up having 9/7 scrolls, for example). You must collect all seven unique Scrolls to complete this quest and earn this trophy.

Scroll 1: Fornost Battlements
Scroll #1 is dropped by the first Orc Mage you kill in the Battlements. At this point you won’t actually have the quest. When you reach Rivendell, speak to Elrond (choose “I found this scroll”) to receive the quest.

Scroll 2: Ettenmoors - Coldfells
Early on in the level, you’ll come to a part where a bunch of Orcs will jump over a gap to attack you, and to your left will be a cave with a Troll inside. Defeat those enemies, then drop down to the stream below you, and follow it all the way down to find a bunch of breakable containers and the chest containing Scroll #2.

Scroll 3: Ettenmoors – High Moors
Shortly after the previous scroll, you’ll be running up a hill when a band of Orcs come bounding down towards you. At the top of the hill will be a little stone bridge, and there will be an Orc Mage on it. Kill him to get Scroll #3.

Scroll 4: Mt. Gundabad - Interior
This Scroll is found in a chest inside Mt. Gundabad (unless you’re playing on Heroic, in which case it isn’t found anywhere). After you defeat the Troll and break the lever, you’ll climb up one tower, cross the gap, and then climb down another tower (they have these giant chains running through them, you can’t miss them). When you reach the bottom of the second tower, exit to your left (towards the first tower) to find a chest which contains Scroll #4.

Scroll 5: Mirkwood
When you arrive in Mirkwood, you’ll be immediately attacked by Wulfrun, a more powerful Orc Mage. Defeat him to collect Scroll #5.

Scroll 6: Urgost's Lair – Grey Mountains
After running through the mountain, you’ll eventually reach some sunlight. There will be a long bridge in front of you that crosses over a waterfall to your right, and a whole bunch of enemies waiting for you. Some will run over the bridge towards you, others will sit on the other side just shooting at you. There will be two mages: one on the left, one on the right. The one on the left will drop Scroll #6.

Scroll 7: Urgost's Lair
At the end of the level you will have to fight the Carn Dum Captain. Kill him to collect Scroll #7. Return to Elrond as quickly as possible to turn in the quest and earn this trophy.

To see it being done, check out this video:

Hero of Legend
Complete a playthrough on Heroic difficulty.

Unlike most games, difficulty-based trophies do not stack, so you must play through War in the North on Normal, Heroic, and Legendary to earn the respective trophies.

Simply beat the game on Heroic difficulty to unlock this trophy.

Friend to the Eagles
Help free the Great Eagle Beleram.

As you progress through the first level, Fornost, you’ll come across a giant eagle named Beleram, chained to a stone slab, being taunted by goblins. To free him, simply attack the chains that hold him down.

Join forces with the sons of Elrond.

This trophy will unlock during Fornost, when you join up with Elladan and Elrohir, the elf twins.

Tharzog's Bane
Defeat Agandaûr's lieutenant Tharzog.

Tharzog is a big orc chieftan that you’ll encounter at the end of chapter one. He wields a two-handed sword and wears an Uruk helmet. Stab him a lot until he dies – he’s not a particularly difficult boss

Discover what happened to the missing Rangers.

This trophy will unlock once you have completed the Barrow Downs.

Begone, lord of carrion!
Defeat the Barrow Wight Lord.

To earn this trophy, simply defeat the Barrow Wight Lord - the final boss in the Barrow Downs. He uses easy-to-avoid ranged attacks, but also stays out of melee reach until the end of the fight, so you'll need to attack him with your own ranged attacks.

Trusted with the Secret
Learn of the Ring of Power and the plan for its destruction.

You will earn this trophy shortly after arriving at Rivendell.

Slay Bargrisar the stone giant.

Bargrisar is a giant stone… giant. Defeat him to earn this trophy.
Just hack away at his feet, making sure to perform a critical hit when you get the chance, and when he telegraphs an attack, roll out of the way.

Help destroy the citadel within Mount Gundabad.

You’ll earn this trophy after you successfully defend the Gate Chamber long enough for the Dwarfs to activate their weapon and destroy the Mountain. Make sure to use the War Machines which are located on either side of the area, and always target the biggest enemies first (namely the trolls).

Wulfrun's Bane
Defeat the Sorceror Wulfrun.

When you arrive in Mirkwood, Wulfrun will attack you. Defeat him to progress through the level and earn this trophy.

Friend of the Woodland Realm
Free the elf from his captors in Mirkwood Marsh.

To earn this trophy you must complete the side-quest ‘The Captive’.
During Chapter 5 - Mirkwood, you will find Radagast's Staff. Picking it up will take you to the next area, the Woodland Marshes. As you progress through this section of the level, make sure to explore the map fully until you find Glorhirin, the captive Elf. Speak to him to free him and begin his quest, The Captive. "Quest" is a bit of a strong term in this case, because there isn't really much of a quest at all. See, when you free Glorhirin, he'll run off to try and find his friend, while you continue playing through the chapter like normal.

When you reach the end, you'll face off against Saenathra, the giant spider. After you've killed it, look around the area to see Glorhirin again, and speak to him. He'll tell you that his friend was killed, and will offer you a piece of his fallen companion's armour. Choose one to complete the quest.

Slay Saenathra.

At the end of Chapter 5, your party will be attacked by Saenathra, the giant spider. Defeat her to earn this trophy.

Friend to the Ring-bearer
Speak with Frodo in Rivendell.

Frodo can only be found in Rivendell during your first visit. After the conversation with Elrond and Gandalf, run over to the outdoor dining hall area. It’ll be filled with NPCs and vendors that you can talk to. Frodo is nearby, standing next to a railing on the edge of the map. Speak to him to earn this trophy.

If you leave Rivendell and then return, Frodo will no longer be there, and you’ll have to wait until your next playthrough to get this trophy.

In the Dragon's Den
Meet a dragon and survive.

At the end of Chapter 6 you will meet Urgost the Dragon. This trophy will unlock after you the cutscene and your conversation are complete.

Help weather the siege of Nordinbad.

At the beginning of Chapter 7 you’ll be thrown into the defence of Nordinbad. Wave after wave of enemies will spawn, all with one goal: to destroy the main gate. To earn this trophy you must successfully defend the gate through all waves.

Tips: on easier difficulties this section is not particularly difficult, but if you’re playing on your own it can be a real nightmare on Legendary. For the first few waves you’ll want to use Eradan and his Volley ranged ability, which allows him to fire multiple homing arrows in a single shot – an especially useful ability for dealing with those pesky Goblin Sappers. When you reach the wave with the Trolls, you’ll reach a checkpoint, meaning you can save your game and quit to swap out to Farin, after which you can just spam his Explosive Shot to make short work of the Trolls.

Hero of the North
Defeat Sauron's Lieutenant Agandaûr.

You’ll earn this trophy for defeating the final boss: Sauron's Lieutenant Agandaûr. He’s not a particularly difficult boss, so treat him like any other. Hit him a lot and avoid his attacks. When you defeat him this trophy will unlock.

Note: you can earn Eagle Savior during this fight. See the trophy description for more information.

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