Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-6 hours


First Win!
Win a pricing game.

This is a very easy trophy. Just win the first round of any game to get on the stage.

Party Animal!
Play a Party game.

This is a very easy trophy, just start up a 2-player party game. Both players can use the same controller if you don't have 2.

Showcase must go on!
Win a Showcase.

The Showcase is the prize package that you bid on at the end of each game, that is if you win at the Showcase Showdown. To win just get closer than your opponent to the actual price of your Showcase without going over.

End a show with no strike.

This must be done in 3 strikes mode. You don't need to win all 4 rounds, just the 1st and 3rd rounds because those are the ones you receive a strike for losing.

Double Showcase!
Win a double Showcase.

For this trophy you must come within $250 of the actual price of your Showcase without going over to win both. Below are some totals for some of the prize packages:
  • Aico Fireplace, Bar, Juke Box, Hot Tub $18,325
  • $1,000 Cash, Trip to Bahamas, Trailer $24,308
  • Heartland Range, Kiyack, 2007 Chrystler 300 $33,376
  • Ice Cream Cakes, Dinning Room, Dinner Ware, Snowmobile $14,897
  • Portable DVD Player, Yamaha Dirt Bike, 2007 Ford Fusion $21,493
  • 1 Year of Burritos, Dinning Room, Dinner Ware, Wave Runner $18,583
  • Garden Tools, Pool Table, Chevrolet HHR LS $19,407
  • 1 Year of Bread, Dinning Room, Dinner Ware, 42" Plasma TV $13,684
  • Dinning Room, Dinner Ware, Ice Shaver, Trip to Fiji $24,354
  • "The Doors" CD's & Stereo, Refrigerator, Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS Coupe $25,625

Money Maker!
$50,000 total winnings in one show.

For this just try to win both Showcase's. More times than not you will get this by winning both. To win both Showcase's just come within $250 of your Showcase.

Suit Up!
Create a complete custom character.

This one is a little tricky with the wording. What you actually need to do is dress your created character completely in unlockable items. You can tell what items are the unlockable ones because they are the bottom 2 rows in each category of item.

Second round!
Complete 2 shows in a row.

This must be done in regular mode, not 3 strikes mode. Just win 2 games including the showcase back to back and the trophy is yours.

Big Spin!
Score $1 in one spin at the Showcase Showdown.

There is no for sure way of doing this to my knowledge, but I find if you go around mid-way in to the 90 spot then quickly spin, your chances of getting the $1 spot are better.

Get a price exactly right.

This is done on Contestants Row. Just get the price exactly right and "Ding" you got a trophy. Below are the prices for some of the items on Contestants Row:
  • Inline Skate Equipment $810
  • Titan Luggage $900
  • Napoleon Waterfall $1,000
  • Yamaha Piano $3,195
  • Camcorder & Digital Camera $1,060
  • Samsung Digital Camera $1,350
  • 27" Olevia TV $899
  • Spa from Comfort Spa $1,499
  • Night Owl Nightvision Goggles $699
  • Refrigerator Freezer $1,349
  • High Definition Portable VCR $1,400

Bid sniper!
Win 20 games of Contestants' row.

This is done easiest by going to the trophy icon from the main menu after you have won 1 round of Contestants Row and then playing and winning 20 games.

On the ball!
Put the ball in the hole from the furthest position.

This is not hard at all. When bidding on the prices, just guess the most expensive item first then guess the cheapest item second, as this will ensure that you are putting from the farthest distance. Then just line up your shot and putt (don't worry if you miss the shot you will get a second attempt).

In the plink!
Drop the chip and land on the $10,000 spot.

This trophy is pure luck. Just try to get as many prices as possible correct to give yourself more chips to drop and therefore a better chance of hitting it.

Price Master!
$200,000 total winnings.

This is done easiest on 3 strikes mode. Just make sure to win the 1st and 3rd rounds so you don't get a strike and after about your 3rd round you should get this depending on how expensive your prizes were.

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