Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: For Naoko. For peace. Shinobi Forever! A Clash With Evil Brawn Over Ninjutsu
Glitched Trophies: No glitches

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order!
  • With the default controls, the actions are:
  • for Ninjutsu
  • for Attack
  • and to Jump
  • There is a small cheat to get infinite shurikens, what you have to do is go to the Options at the start menu of the game itself, and set the Shurikens option to 00. When left alone for 10 seconds, the 00 will turn into an infinity sign.
  • You can change the game difficulty to Easy in the Options, but be aware that the game is still oldschool tough.
  • On level 4-2, there will be a conveyor belt at the start. What you can do is double jump and fire your 8-way Shuriken attack to reveal a 1-Up off to the side of the conveyor belt. This actually gives you two lives, so you can jump into it and die and still receive one extra life. You can repeat this forever to get as many lives as you want, which can be very useful for using the Mijin Ninjutsu on bosses as it takes away one of your lives to use it. Be sure to save the game every now and then to make sure you don't lose a couple minutes of progress getting these extra lives!
  • The game gives you the ability to save anywhere at any time, so make use of it! If you get halfway into a level, save so you don't lose all that progress if you die!


  • You're going to want to set the game difficulty to Easy, then use the infinite shuriken cheat. Start the game up and focus on beating it without using a continue. This is pretty easy with the ability to save the game any time, anywhere. The Mijin Ninjutsu is really effective on all the bosses, except for the final boss who it doesn't work on at all, so save your Ninjutsu for the boss fights. You should get every trophy in this playthrough
  • If you don't have every trophy, you likely didn't get The Traps of Neo Zeed or Impenetrable Wall Just play the first level until you get these, as they are cumulative. You should now have your 100%!



For Naoko. For peace. Shinobi forever!
Rescue Naoko without using a continue.

After making it through the very long and confusing maze of 8-2, you will end up at the final boss in the game, Zeed himself. This guy is very hard because your Mijin Ninjutsu has no effect on him, instead you will have to get close to him and wait for him to fling his hair to the side in a straight line to attack him. The other thing you need to know about this fight is that the wall will continually go down in the background, and it will crush your girlfriend if you do not stop it. There is one thing that can do it; on either side of the room there is a black space that you can shoot to stop the ceiling from coming down. You will have to make sure to continually hit it so your girlfriend doesn't die and you will get the good ending required for this trophy, and you must also not use a continue (losing all your lives) through the whole game. This is easy because you can save at any point and restart if you mess up. Check the spoiler for a video that can help you out with a great strategy for the fight, although it requires you to do the infinite lives trick from level 4-2.

Toggle Spoiler


A Clash With Evil
Defeat the Round 1 boss without using the 8-way Shuriken Attack.

The best way to get this is to not use any Ninjutsu through level 1 until you get to the boss. The only way to hurt this guy is to hit his head when he swings his sword, and it is tough to do because if his sword hits you it will take away two blocks of your life, thankfully because you have the Ninjutsu saved you will be able to beat this guy in two hits (at the cost of two lives, but there is an infinite lives trick you can use later in the game to make it very easy.) Pause the game with at the start of the fight, and select the Mijin Ninjutsu. This does a lot of damage at the cost of one life, but it will take away half of his health. Just use it twice and you won't have to worry about anything!


Brawn Over Ninjutsu
Finish 6-1 without using any Ninjutsu.

6-1 is easy for the most part, except for one very frustrating point near the end of the level. You will be in a small opening between buildings and you must jump onto the the metal bars between the two. There is a large gap in between the two metal bars you must jump from, and the trick is to get to the very edge of the bottom bar, the the higher top one, just so you're barely about to fall off, then time a double jump to where you need to go. I suggest saving at the very edge so you can reload if you screw up. Once you have managed to do this, you have nothing to worry about. Just remember not to use any Ninjutsu the whole level, and also don't kill any of the women so you can earn Beautiful Assassin at the same time as this.


Beautiful Assassin
The dancing lady in Chinatown must not be defeated!

This trophy refers to the women that appear throughout 6-1, all you have to do is avoid killing them to earn this trophy when you complete the stage. Their attacks do a t of damage, so I advise you to walk underneath them when they do their jump kicks. You should avoid using any Ninjutsu as this could potentially kill them if you use the Kariu or Mijin Ninjutsu.


Shinobi Has Fallen
How was that dive into the waterfall?

You can only get this trophy on level 2-1; all you have to do is fall down into a hole. If you're worried about losing a life, make a save game just before you jump in and reload after you get the trophy.


Shuriken Rain
Use 300 Shuriken.

A trophy that will take a little time, but you can still get this fairly early into the game, and it is made easier with the Infinite Shuriken trick. All I can say is to j ust fire away and the trophy will be yours after you have fired 300.


Behold! Emblem of Blue!
Appreciate the SEGA logo.

This will be the first trophy you get, and you don't have to do anything, just watch the SEGA logo at the start of the game.


The Traps of Neo Zeed
Trigger 10 bombs.

The bombs are hidden in boxes throughout the levels, and they must be opened with your shurikens. To get this trophy, you can't just break open a box and walk away when you see it's a bomb, you must watch it explode. Once you have seen 10 explosions this trophy should unlock.


Miraculous Ninja Arts
Use all four types of Ninjutsu in one game.

All this trophy requires is for you to use all 4 types of Ninjutsu in one game, but you can only use a Ninjutsu once per level (Whole level, not just the part you use the Ninjutsu in) unless you find a Scroll that lets you use another one. I found a little trick to doing this fast, all you have to do is make a save game, use a Ninjutsu, and die. When you die, you're allowed to use a Jutsu again, so you can use the second one, and then you can repeat this until you have used all 4. When you've gotten the trophy, reload your save data to get all your lives back.


Impenetrable Wall
Guard 10 attacks with your cross-guard.

The cross-guard is achieved by getting the Pow powerup spread throughout every level, once you have it your shurikens will be powered up extremely, and you will have some shurikens in a cross when you move that are able to block other shurikens fired by enemies. This only works when you're moving, so be sure to save when you get the powerup and also not run into any enemies. A good place to get this if you haven't gotten it through regular play is the very first level, 1-1, because you can get it very early in the level and most of the enemies fire shurikens, another thing to note is that I believe the trophy is a bit glitchy. It took me more than 10 blocked shurikens to get the trophy, so I didn't unlock it until almost the end of the game, 8-2.


Shuriken Starburst
Demonstrate Joe Musashi's 8-way Shuriken Attack.

This trophy can be done in the first level, all you need to do is a double jump, which can be achieved by jumping just at you reach the top of your jump. While you're doing a double jump, press the button you have assigned for shurikens to fire 8 of them.


Shinobi Watches
Stand atop the brick pillar in 3-1. Ninja style!

You can get this at the start of 3-1, as you walk a little ways into the level, you will notice a brick pillar in between the two fences. You will need to double jump all the way to the top, this is tricky and will take a few tries but once you have done it you will be standing at the top of the pillar. Save if you'd like, and then use any Ninjutsu to receive this trophy.

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