This trophy guide is my first trophy guide. Please give me feedback so I can improve but be gentle! Thanks for reading!

The Shoot is a first-person oriented on-rails shooter game for PlayStation 3 that uses the PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye peripheral to create a unique motion-controlled arcade gaming experience. Set amidst a movie-themed game setting, players use a single PlayStation Move controller to target appropriately movie-themed enemies and to interact with the gameworld, while the PlayStation Eye camera monitors their location for enemies bent on returning fire of their own. Additional features include two-player support, 480p and 720p HD video support and more.
I have really enjoyed playing through this game, it has provided me with hours of entertainment, and I hope you enjoy it as much as me. Now to the details!

Players: 1-2 (2-Player Local Only)
Online Trophies: None. (Online Leaderboards only)
Multiplayer Trophies: Buddy Movie.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-50 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (If your name is John Marsden)
Collectible Trophies: Off the Cutting Room Floor, Experimental Shooter!
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None
Platinum Difficulty: 6/10

[top]Tips & Strategies

The game and it's aims are fairly simple. Shoot enemies and progress to the end of each scene without losing all your takes(lives). Although the game is easy to progress through and the idea is simple, there is a fair amount of skill involved with getting the more difficult trophies which is why I haven't given the game a lower difficulty score.

There are five tips that are essential to getting a decent score in each movie. These are in no particular order:

1. Try and get as many hits in a row as you can. If you can keep you multiplier at about 50 or higher, you will get the best scores. Obviously, this is easier said than done, but if you can manage to do this, you will stand a good chance of getting gold in the career mode movies.

2. Take your time to line up a shot if youíre not confident of it, but only if you will not be shot yourself in the process, because this will affect your multiplier the same as missing a shot.

3. Donít give up if you miss a shot, you usually lose about 20x on your multiplier, but it will be okay as long as you keep hitting enemies. The multiplier will go back up in time and you will still be getting a decent score for each enemy hit. Try not to shoot wildly, as this will almost always guarantee a low score at the end of the scene.

4. There are some situations where there are enemies hiding behind civilians, if you can lean, do so because it will give you a better angle. Otherwise, you just have to try and get a headshot or shoot whatever is most visible. If you canít make the shot, it is better from a score point of view just to leave it. If you miss, your multiplier will drop or if you shoot the civilian you will lose score AND lose some multiplier.

5. Show Stoppers are the key to a big score. The best way to make the big scores is to firstly learn where all of these come up in each scene, and secondly, make sure you have a big multiplier when you hit these show stoppers. If you can build up your multiplier before hitting one of these, your score will get a nice healthy boost. These usually give you around (10,000 x your current multiplier). So even if your multiplier is only 10x that will net you 100,000. If itís more like 60x, thatís 600,000 from one event alone. It could be even more during a rampage. This is probably one of the big winners in terms of getting it right.

6. I have found that if you re-align the shoot cursor to the center of the screen with circle, you will have an easier time making accurate shots. In addition to this, make sure that you adjust the sensitivity and smoothness of the cursor a bit to suit your preference. I have changed the smoothness so that the cursor is not so jerky as I was missing a lot of shots because of this.

If you are having trouble with any particular level, check out this channel on youtube:

I was going to record some video to go with this guide, but the player on here is better at the game than me, and it was already there.

Thanks to Mahalo Games for the videos.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Sometimes, if you are holding the Move controller too high and point down at the screen, it will do a shockwave instead of shooting even though the pointer is still on screen. So you have to keep the controller fairly level when shooting to avoid wasting shockwaves.

The second scene in Outlawed will be missing both poster pieces sometimes. I myself am having this trouble! I shot one of the two, then saw the second and missed it. Went back next time and it was not there and has not been since. If anyone can confirm their trouble with this it would be appreciated. Also, let me know if/how you fixed it.

At current I know of no cheats or exploits. Let me know if you have discovered or heard anything!


The general order of playthroughs should probably be something like this.
1. Play career once through and get at least silver so that you unlock all levels for score attack and complete the career mode.
2. Next play through all the levels you have unlocked for score attack, aiming for 5 stars in each.
3. Clean up anything you missed, including movie specific trophies and poster pieces.
4. Get the challenge trophies.
5. Get gold in each movie.

Career Mode
Getting a bronze in career on any movie will unlock it for playing in score attack. Getting a silver on any movie in career will unlock the next movie in the career mode, and getting gold will earn you a trophy. It will probably take a few plays of each level in order for you to get any kind of decent score. They are a lot easier when you know what is coming and you know the show stoppers. To get a gold medal in any of the movies, you MUST make good use of show stoppers. Most of your score will come directly from these.

Score Attack
Score Attack will give you the chance to increase your knowledge of each scene so that you can play them well, particularly the ones that you may struggle with. Getting to know these levels inside and out will not only help with getting 5 stars, it will also help you when it comes to getting the gold medals. This is why I say to go for the gold medals last. They are quite hard because you need to be consistent across all four of the scenes and you only get one chance at each scene.

Cleaning Up
Usually, you would do this at the end, but if you have to play through and get the rest of the poster pieces, then you might as well do it now. Each movie has trophies that are specific to them. So while looking for poster pieces, keep these in mind as well.

Challenge Trophies
The challenge trophies are the hardest part of this platinum. You can probably do these at any time that you feel like playing them. They are listed here because you now have all the poster pieces. Some of these trophies are the hardest in the game.

Gold Medal Each Movie
This should be fairly easy now that you have played the score attack mode. Show Stoppers are needed here, and rampages will be pretty massive at times also, combining the two = win.

Cleaning Up Round 2
If you still need to get any miscellaneous trophies. eg Shoot The Shoot, Dead Eye or Just Rewards.


Platinum With a Bullet!
All Trophies Unlocked!

As is normal with a platinum trophy, simply collect all the other trophies to unlock this trophy.

Best Actor - Horror
Achieve Gold in Haunted House Party

This trophy requires you to get a score of at least 3,000,000 in Haunted House Party in Career mode.

Best Actor - Film Noir
Achieve Gold in The Mob

This trophy requires you to get a score of at least 2,000,000 in The Mob in Career mode.

Best Actor - Fantasy
Achieve Gold in Deep Perils

This trophy requires you to get a score of at least 2,500,000 in Deep Perils in Career mode.

Best Actor - Science Fiction
Achieve Gold in Robotomus Crime

This trophy requires you to get a score of at least 2,500,000 in Robotomus Crime in Career mode.

Best Actor - Western
Achieve Gold in Outlawed

This trophy requires you to get a score of at least 2,000,000 in Outlawed in Career mode.

Man With a Name
Complete Outlawed

With this group of five trophies, there is no need to get a high score. You just need to complete the movie without running out of cuts. You will, however need to get a silver in the current movie to unlock the next movie.

Acting Scary
Complete Haunted House Party

See Man With a Name

The Bends
Complete Deep Perils

See Man With a Name

Masked Gangstar
Complete The Mob

See Man With a Name

Robotic Acting
Complete Robotomus Crime

See Man With a Name

On the way...
Achieve 1% of Stars

Simply complete a Score Attack scene. You will get at least one star, which is all you will need for this trophy. You will need to complete each movie with a bronze score in Career mode to be able to play it in Score Attack.

On the up
Achieve 25% of Stars

You will need to achieve 25 stars in Score Attack. In case you haven't figured it out, there are 5 stars for each scene. There are four scenes per movie and there are five movies in total. (5 stars*4 scenes)*5 movies = 100 stars. So you will gain 1% for each star you get.

Home Run
Score 5 home runs in a single round of Deep Strike

Deep Strike is unlocked when you have collected all of the Deep Peril poster pieces. There are rounds made up of 5 pitches each. If you miss the mine that is pitched or if you hit a foul, you will get a strike. If you accumulate 3 strikes it will be game over. These strikes carry over through each round. To get 5 home runs in a single round, you will have to have a perfect round, scoring a home run for every pitch in the round.

What a Sharpshooter!
Shoot 6 bullseyes with 6 bullets in Ricochet Hotshot

In order to get this trophy, you must shoot 6 bullseyes with 6 bullets. The targets you must shoot have a few segments, the very center segment is the bullseye for those not in the know. You must shoot six in a row, this is best done at the start of the challenge where it is easier.

99 Green Balloons
Shoot down 99 war-balloons in City Siege

This trophy is cumulative so you don't have to get 99 war balloons in one playthrough. Depending on how long it takes to get 50,000 points, you should get this in the process or soon after. Note that this is the green balloons that come three in a bunch and fly upwards with a bomb attached, not the blimps that go horizontal.

Jive Turkey
Get 3 strikes in a row in Graveyard Alley

Not as easy as 2 Skeletons, 1 Ball but after you get the hang of it, just bowl fairly straight and fast and you will get there. There is some luck involved, but persistence will net you this trophy. I would recommend just bowling the first three rounds as you have the least obstacles involved. Also, get up nice and close and release the trigger when pointing where you would like the ball to go. That's about all I can do to help, the rest is up to you!

2 Skeletons, 1 Ball
Destroy 2 skeletons with 1 ball in Graveyard Alley

The best round to do this is Round 5, where two skeletons will hop up onto the alley. It is even easier in Round 7 where there are 3. Not sure about future rounds, but Round 7 is fairly easy when you manage to get there.

Getting a Foot in the Door
Complete Studio 101

This is the training stage. Simply follow the nice lady's instructions and youíll finish this in no time at all.

Buddy Movie
Complete 4 scenes of any movie in 2 player Score Attack

This is the only multiplayer trophy in the game. It just requires that you have two Move controllers. And another person to play with, although I'm sure it's quite possible to make it through by yourself using both at once. Probably won't be as fun, but if you're like me it can be difficult to get someone else to join in.

Dead Eye
Reach a multiplier of 99

There are a million and one things that can go wrong between a multiplier of 1 and a multiplier of 99. This is more just a matter of time before you will manage this, but if you are able to get to a multiplier of about 60, you will have quite a few rampages built up. These enable you to build your multiplier without risk of losing any. If you can use several rampages in a row, this will get you the rest of the way without too much of an issue.

Tip from JDizzle0420: You can play through the credits to get this one fairly easily. Just remember that you can't use power ups in the credits!

Shoot every spy-bot and eye-bot in scene 2 of Robotomus Crime

This may sound fairly easy, but there are a few tricky bits in here. Usually when you shoot a spy-bot, there will be an eye-bot coming around some time soon. The eye-bots are really quite small and pose the real problem here. Probably the best way to do this is to go through the first level in career mode and save all your powerups so you can use them from the start of the second scene. There is about four or five of the pairs you need to destroy.

Stand Your Ground
Shoot all rockets fired at you on the subway roof in scene 2 of Robotomus Crime

This is during your journey on the train, just before you get off, you will jump up onto the roof. The rockets come thick and fast so this trophy is a bit of a challenge. Have your wits about you and keep trying once you have it unlocked in score attack and you will get this eventually. The easiest way to get this is to use a rampage when he shows up and just keep shooting where the rockets come out.

Worst. Date. Ever.
In a single play through, shoot the Prom Queen in each scene of Haunted House Party

In each of the four scenes, there is an opportunity to shoot the Prom Queen, if only for a second. Showtimes used at the right time will help with this trophy. It may also be worth mentioning that it is only possible in career mode, as this is the only mode in which it is possible to play through all four scenes in a single playthrough.

Scene 1 - In the last wave of zombies that wander towards you, she will show herself right at the back of the graveyard in a well or something like it.
Scene 2 - As the bats fly out through the wooden door that breaks open, the prom queen will laugh and fly up into the sky.
Scene 3 - Just after the start of the scene, the prom queen will throw a pumpkin at you. Just shoot her here.
Scene 4 - Pretty hard not to hit the prom queen and still complete the scene really!

Everyone's Got a Price
Shoot 5 bags of cash in scene 2 of Outlawed

As it says, this is in scene 2 of Outlawed. You only have to shoot 5 bags of cash, which when you play this scene, you will discover it's pretty darn easy. They are everywhere right from the start of the scene. You can easily get this in the first 30 seconds of the scene.

Just Rewards
Shoot all targets during the credits

A target will appear to either side of the credit roll, alternating between each side. This is quite a long time to keep up the shooting for. At the end there will be a target in the middle before it is finished. If you do not get this the first time, you can replay the credits again at any time by choosing Options from the main menu. Then choose Credits, then the Play button.

Gloves of Steel
Punch 20 targets

The hardest part about this trophy is getting used to punching instead of shooting close range targets. Once you get used to remembering to do this, you will be able to get the 20 targets pretty quickly. There are plenty of chances in each scene to get a punch in. To throw a punch, just flick the controller towards the screen (making sure you don't release it and have to buy a new tv).

Achieve 10 headshots in The Mob

I'm not sure if this must be in one playthrough, but I got it first time and it isn't very hard to get without trying.

Shoot 5 car tyres in The Mob

This trophy is only obtainable in The Mob scene 3. There is a good spot towards the end of Scene 3. There are two stationary cars making for easier targets than those moving cars earlier in the scene. These two cars will give you 4 out of 5 tyres, meaning you only need one more tyre from a moving car.

Treasure Hunter
Shoot 30 treasure chests in Deep Perils

Shooting 30 treasure chests is still relatively simple but 30 is a lot more than 5 so this may not be done on the first playthrough. It is certainly possible though and if you shoot most of them on the way through the movie you will get this one easy. Also check out Deleted Scene 10 in Off The Cutting Room Floor for a good boost.

Jelly Shot
Shoot 5 Jellyfish in Deep Perils

Once again, a fairly easy trophy. You will probably get this without trying, it's not that many to get and you should get it in the first scene. If not, you're bound to get it by the fourth scene as they're everywhere, mostly in the background and edges of the screen.

In the Big League
Achieve 50% of stars

To achieve 50% you must get 50 stars. This is not hugely difficult, you will most likely get this one relatively painlessly.

Spinball Wizard
Reach round 30 in Robotsphere

This trophy requires you to reach round 30 in Robotosphere, which is not to be taken lightly. Once you hit about round 10-12 it starts to get fairly quick and can get a little harder to keep up. If you can get a hang of the way the game works though you should be able to get there in time, it is just a matter of practicing until you are able to play fast enough to keep up really.

The way this game works is there is a core, or sphere, which has targets on it. This core can be spun by holding down the Move button and swiping the Move controller. If you want the core to stop spinning immediately, press the move button with the controller held still and this will hold the core where it is. The idea is to shoot all of the targets in the round. There are three different types of round that will be thrown at you.

The Sequence Round - Shoot the targets on the core in order from 1 to however many there are. It will tell you how many targets there are down the bottom.
The Match Round - Match the targets that have the same symbol.
The Countdown Round - Shoot the targets before they expire. It is a lot easier to find the targets in this one because they have a floating timer above them, even when on the other side of the core.

By the time you hit round 30 you will be at a blistering pace. This is quite a difficult trophy.

City Saviour
Score over 50,000 points in City Siege

Score over 50,000 points in City Siege. This is a reasonably difficult trophy, but you should be able to hit this one with a little practice. The easiest way to get such a high score is to try and destroy as many tanks in a row without missing. This will build up your multiplier, similar to in the game itself, which gives you a lot more score.

Off the Cutting Room Floor
Find and complete all deleted scenes in every movie

There are a total of 15 deleted scenes that can be found through out the game. When a deleted scene is discovered, the game will go off on a tangent and you will see extra enemies. From there it will return to where it left off. There are three for each movie, meaning that the fourth scene in each movie doesn't have one.


Deleted Scene 1: There is a barrel of TNT at the end of the ramp sloping upwards. If you shoot this barrel, it will open the way for more enemies to come through the now opened mine.
Deleted Scene 2: In this scene, about halfway through, you will see a TNT barrel between two vulture. If you shoot this barrel, there will be a whole bunch of vulture that will fly across the screen.
Deleted Scene 3: After being pushed down the stairs, you will turn around and see a bar. There is a bell at the right end of this bar that if shot will summon bartenders and knife throwers that will pop up from under the bar. But watch out because there are ladies that will pop up too.

Robotomus Crime

Deleted Scene 4: Shoot the gas tank thingy that drops from the sky when you see the fourth (and last) security camera.
Deleted Scene 5: Shoot the bomb sitting open in a briefcase on the train. This will blow a hole in the side of the train and enemies will fly by.
Deleted Scene 6: Shoot the gas cylinder that rolls across the ground once you have reached the top of the stairs.

The Mob

Deleted Scene 7: Towards the end of this scene, there is a gas tank that is lowered right up close in front of big wooden double doors. If you shoot this tank, the doors will blow open and you will have enemies coming at you four across and three deep. If you wait for the tank to get halfway across the top and shoot it, you should take most of them out. Alternatively, now would be a good time to use a rampage!
Deleted Scene 8: In the second scene, after heading up the stairs near the end of the scene there is a window propped up by a plank of wood. Shoot this plank and rocketeer enemies will come flying in.
Deleted Scene 9: Just after the boss battle in scene 3, there will be an alley blocked by fruit carts. At some point while in front of these fruit carts, a gas tank will appear. Shoot this to move down the alley and shoot some more enemies.

Deep Peril

Deleted Scene 10: In this scene, there is a turtle that goes past in the background which has a treasure chest on it's back. If you can shoot this chest, you will trigger this deleted scene. This will result in a whole bunch of turtles swimming past, all with treasure chests on their back. Great for the Treasure Hunter trophy.
Deleted Scene 11: Shoot the two barrels under a mast just after the boss battle and don't forget to punch 5 sharks on the nose for a shop stopper!
Deleted Scene 12: There is a torpedo leaning against a concrete wall about halfway through the scene. Shoot this torpedo, and you will get a shot at a whole bunch of those pesky piranhas.

Haunted House Party

Deleted Scene 13: If you shoot the fireworks box that is near the quick draw event, you will go into a scene where gargoyles will appear in the dark. Your cursor will also be a flashlight during this deleted scene.
Deleted Scene 14: Shoot the gas cylinders that are in front of the big double doors. The doors will blow open and you will be faced with werewolves that change as you are trying to shoot them.
Deleted Scene 15: There is a gas cylinder that will roll across the floor, chasing after four vampires. If you shoot this barrel you will trigger the deleted scene. This will result in looking through that door into a small cave and spiders will drop down.

Experimental Shooter!
Find all Show Stoppers

Another collection trophy, this one requires you to find every one of the Show Stoppers in the game. This can be done in either career mode or score attack mode. There are 30 show stoppers which means there are six in each movie. It is the same deal as with the deleted scenes in that there are not any in the last scene of each movie. This means there are two per scene for the rest of the scenes.

Show Stopper List

Trailblazer - Shoot at the camp fire with the pot with a yellow outline. Then after a few seconds the barrels of TNT nearby should blow, incinerating nearby enemies.
Rock, Paper, Gun - Shoot the barrel that is wedged in between boulders above the turret at the end of the scene so that the boulder falls onto the turret, completing the scene. This barrel is launched up to the boulder by shooting the crazy prospector in front of said barrel.
Caught Short - Shoot the first crazy prospector you see and this will blow the house behind it. You will then be treated to a hilarious scene where an enemy is caught with his pants down and is promptly squished by the collapsing house.
Explosive Justice - Shoot the tnt barrel just before the lady runs across the screen to take out the enemies.
Outlaw Obituary - At the very start of the scene, shoot all the men chasing after the ladies as you go down the hall. This one is slightly harder, but if you have a showtime, use it for the last group as there are four. Also, use the barrel there to take out one of the groups.
My Hero - Shoot the locks off all the ladies in this scene. There are only four, all at the end of the scene.

Hi-Death - Shoot all the cameras in scene 1. There are four cameras in this scene, two are in line with each other near the start of the scene. There is another on the other side of the courtyard down low, then there is another up the top where the deleted scene is.
Firefighter - Nearing the end of the scene, after the big sphere blasts through the wall, there is a fire hose on the right side of this building at the first level that you are lined up with. Just shoot the bell on it.
Power Down - Destroy all the floating robots and the little ones that are spawned using a shockwave to get this show stopper.
Double Trouble Destruction - Just use a rampage on the final boss guy in this scene and get the show stopper.
Cut the Comms - Shoot the big cylinder next to a radio tower and this show stopper will trigger.
Spin Cycle - Shoot the little robots that fly around the big flying robot at the end of the scene, when it's shield is down. I did it once, but I'm not sure about this one, have tried it several times and cannot do it again.
*update*Playing through this again recently, I believe that Spin Cycle can be obtained from the flying robots before/around the boss by shooting one of their jets.

Anchor's Away - Shoot the link closest to the anchor itself. The anchor will drop and you get a show stopper.
Hook, Line and Stinker - Shoot all the red barrels that are hanging on platforms. There are three that need to be shot to get this. These are useful for taking out groups of enemies too.
Disassembly Line - After cruising through the warehouse for a fair while, you will go up some stairs. Shoot the red barrel that will blow up the walkway overhanging the warehouse.
She's Going To Blow! - Shoot the Dials on all the tanks in the scene
Rat Trap - There is a ramp made of wood outside the third building from the start of the scene. Shoot it to release jet pack enemies and get this show stopper.
Tearing Down the Scene - Blow up all the tankers on rooftops in this scene. These are the big semi-circles with a yellow outline.

Treasure Hunter - In the deleted scene for scene 1, shoot five treasure chests off the turtle's backs.
Squid Slapper - Punch five of the mermen enemies to get this show stopper.
Jawbreaker - Punch three sharks and you will get this show stopper. There is a point in this scene where you will get the opportunity to do this fairly easily. Sharks will swim at you front on during the scene 2 deleted scene, this is your opportunity to punch them on the nose.
Fool's Gold - Shoot the three treasure chests in the last sunken ship.
Scaled Violence - Just before the spotlight event, piranhas will chase after a diver from left to right, then another from right to left. If you can shoot all the piranhas, you will get this show stopper.
Toxic Trouble - Shoot the barrels in the little hidey hole just before or just after the deleted scene in scene 3.

Shattering Pumpkins - Right after the boss battle in scene 1, shoot all the pumpkins in the tree to get this show stopper. Unless you are fairly quick, you will have to use a showtime. (aka Smashing)
Grave Wave - I'm pretty sure you only need to shockwave and destroy a gravestone in the process.
Hail Mary Shot - Shoot the football player zombie that pops up behind the tombstones near the start of the scene.
Team Wolves - Shoot all of the werewolves in the deleted scene, this is quite difficult as they spin and make it hard to shoot them, especially when they are all facing the same way at the same time. Using a showtime at this point should help, or if you prefer you can use a rampage.
The Bat Pack - When there are heaps of bats flying at you towards the end of the twisty corridor, shoot the explosive barrel on the right to take them out.
Lights Out - Shoot the chandelier about five times after the spiders drop down in the deleted scene, and it will drop down, taking out the football zombies and bats.

Thanks to bigboss645 for some of the Show Stopper locations and Dragon1980 for a tip on Spin Cycle.

The Natural
Achieve Gold in all Movies

For this you must complete Best Actor - Western, Best Actor - Sci-Fi, Best Actor - Film Noir, Best Actor - Fantasy and Best Actor - Horror. You should get this about the same time or just after Screen Sensation.

Hill King
Achieve 100% of Stars

As it says, get all the stars in Score Attack Mode. This means all 100 of the stars, 5 stars in each scene. To get 5 stars in each scene, you need a pretty decent score. This trophy will cause no end of pain. Keep playing the scenes until you know them well enough to get a 5 star score. This may take some time. Generally this score will be over 1 million.

Screen Sensation
Become a Screen Legend

To become a Screen Legend in Career mode, you must score a total of 12,000,000 points across all movies. If you are able to complete all movies with a gold score in career mode you will also get this trophy.

Activate Showtime 5 times on any Scene

As it says, just activate 5 Showtime power ups in one scene. Just spin around on the spot with the controller held out. It also says you can swing the Move controller about your head like a lasso (donít let go of the move controller) but I haven't really successfully made that work.

Sewer Shot
Hit the manhole in The Mob scene 3

Shortly after the Rat Trap show stopper, a manhole will be flung up into the air. To have much of a chance of hitting the manhole in the air, you will need to use a showtime before it shows up. Otherwise, it may be easier to shoot it while it is still seated in the ground. There is a small window for you to make this shot but you need to be quick as it is when the camera is moving, and only half of the manhole is visible.

Shoot the Shoot
Shoot each letter of The Shoot logo

Shoot the five letters in the word shoot at the menu screen. Probably the second easiest trophy in the game.

1 down 9999 to go
Shoot you first target

You will get this trophy in Studio 101 at the very start. The name of the trophy gives you a hint as to more hidden trophies. There is obviously a trophy for 10,000 targets, but there is one at 5,000 targets also.

Livin' On A Prayer
Shoot 5,000 targets

You should get this trophy nearing the end of the career mode. Obviously depends on how many times you have to play each level to make the silver to unlock the next level, but I was playing the Haunted House Party in scene 2 when I got it.

The Trigger Happy One
Shoot 10,000 targets

You should get this mostly just playing through the game, but it is a lot of targets. You may need to farm a little after completing the game for this one, but you should get it by the time you've finished the score attack mode. It all depends on how many times you had to retry each movie/scene.

[top]Poster Pieces

Poster pieces are needed to unlock each of the "Challenges". There is one challenge for each of the movies and there are eight poster pieces for each movie. These eight pieces are split to two for each scene.

The poster piece layout is as follows (this is where each piece will go):

This allows you to know where to put a piece after it is found, but it also gives you an indication of what piece you are missing and about where you can find it.

Now here is what you want to know, where they all are!
Open the spoilers to view the piece locations for each movie.


Collect all the poster pieces in this movie and you will unlock the Sharpshooter Challenge. You will need this challenge for What a Sharpshooter!.

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Robotomus Crime

Complete this poster and you will be able to play the Robotsphere Challenge. You will need this challenge for the Spinball Wizard.

Toggle Spoiler

[top]The Mob

When this movie's poster is completed, it will unlock the City Siege Challenge which is required for the 99 Green Balloons and City Savior trophies.

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Deep Peril

Completing the Deep Peril poster will unlock the Deep Strike challenge. You will need this challenge for the Home Run trophy.

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Haunted House Party

Complete this poster to unlock Graveyard Alley. You will need this challenge to get the Jive Turkey and 2 Skeletons, 1 Ball trophies.

Toggle Spoiler

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