Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Wishful Thinker, Not Twice, But 10 Times, Stylizer, Mad Skillz, Matchmaker, Owned!, Happiness....It Sticks!, Challenging, Power Overwhelming, Leet Skillz, Genie, Very Challenging, Uberchallenging, Wish-Master Miracle Worker
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Coug's Tips
Come Mentally Prepared For The Long Haul
To earn this plat, you will need to have a lot of patience. While not hard, many of the trophies are time-consuming and a tad boring at times. If needed, take short breaks to keep from getting frustrated at the pace.

Disable Aging before you even begin.

This gives you all the time you need to master skills and complete challenges such as reaching level 10 of a career with a sim. You can enable it or disable it whenever you need to by pressing and selecting the Options tab.

This is also a must for Child Protege. See Child Protege for more details.

Change the Autonomy Level down to Low Free Will.
At High Free Will, the sim will do things on their own, often interfering with what you want them to do. With Puppet, the sims will just stand about doing nothing; this will cause all of your sims to stand around mindlessly which will add more work to you. Picking Low Free Will gives you a happy medium.

Shorten Sim Lifespan Down To Brief

This isn't really a must but a recommended. If you enable aging so that your sims can grow up a little or, if elderly, die, the Sim Lifespan option determines just how long you have to wait. If you knock it down to Brief, then each stage is roughly three days long.

Spend Your Lifetime Rewards Wisely!
Some rewards are better than others. One of the first and cheapest you should get is Steel Bladder which eliminates the potty need for your sim. You should also work towards getting Dirt Defiant (slows down hygenie need) and Hardly Hungry (slows down Hunger need). A few good rewards to also eventually have are Legendary Host, Fast Learner, Super Green Thumb, Acclaimed Author, and Extra Creative.

Buy The Three Karma Boosts As Soon As You Can!
The three Karma boosts I'm refering to are Karma Boost, Supplementary Karma, and More Karma which are all bought from the Challenge Shop. Each boost helps you earn +1 karma point per wish, which will help you get the most out of each wish.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

While there are cheats for Sims 3, it is highly recommended you do NOT use them. The cheats will disable both challenges and trophies.

Spoot The Magic Llama:
Press then hold at the same time ---. You will get a screen asking if you want to cheat or not. If you choose yes, it will let you save. Save on a different slot.

Now go into Buy Mode and under Decor you will find your magic llama. Place him anywheres and then interact with him.


Coug's Steps To Success

Because this game is very open and things move on multiple levels, there is no one way way to go about earning the Plat. However, I am going to list below a rough idea of what you should be focusing at in different steps. Also, to speed things up, this guide will be based on a full household of six.

Keep in mind that all the while you are following these steps, you need to be working on sim wishes. You will need to complete 1000 wishes before you can earn the plat. Prioritize since you are only allowed four wishes at once; maybe keep two slots just for quick wishes.

Step One: Preperation
Change your options while you are on the title screen. Once you have those taken care of, start a new game. Here you will choose your household and home.

First step is going to be creating your sims. Your first options are very basic: name, looks, clothes. This will be the fun part of the creation process so go hog wild! Also, make sure you are creating styles and saving them for Stylizer.

The most important part will be in the Personality section. Different traits affect how your sim reacts to everyday events such as bad smells, fire, or burglary as well as what they will be successful in such as green thumb (gardening) or atheletic (sports). Choose wisely.

The following traits are considered must-haves and are listed with their related trophy in the parenthesis.

Natural Cook- Sim learns cooking skill faster and have a better quality dish. They will also not burn anything they cook nor will they accidentally catch the stove on fire. (Fit For A King)

Green Thumb-Sim grows better quality items in their garden and also learns the gardening skill faster. They can also talk to plants and even revive dead ones. (Botanical Perfection)

Evil- Sim is, well, evil. (The Reviler)

Kleptomanica- Sim can steal 3 items a day. Sim can also steal candy from any baby or toddler they meet. If feeling guilty, stolen items can be returned via mailbox. (The Reviler)

Mean Spirited- Sim likes to fight and takes pleasure in other's pain (The Reviler)

Angler- Sim catches better quality fish and learns fishing skill faster. (Trophy Fish)

Artistic-Sim learns the writing skill faster (Sim-Author)

Perfectionist-Sim takes longer to write a book but gets better bonus in the end (Sim-Author)

Bookworm- Sim gets a better bonus for books (Sim-Author)

Loner is a helpful trait for any solitary activities such as writing, painting, or fishing as the trait allows your sim to require less socialization.

A few traits that can generally help out a sim are Workaholic, Charismatic, Virtuoso, and Handy. Workaholic allows your sim to be able to work hard at work without stressing which will make getting to level 10 of any career a breeze. Charismatic, Virtuoso, and Handy allows your sims to learn the Charisma, Guitar, and Handiness skills faster.

Second step is to choose a home. You will only have a few choices at first (they're the purple icons); buy the one you think will work for now as you will eventually have to move later. You're finally asked if you want it furnished or non-furnished. Furnished costs a little more; however, non-furnished means you have to buy all the furniture yourself. If you don't like the initial furniture, you can always sell and replace.

Trophies earned in step:
Baby Steps


Step Two: Basics
Before you begin to command your sims, go into the Buy Menu via . You have a limited amount of money so don't worry too much about having the best yet; you can always replace them later.

Buy the following items and place them somewhere on your lot:
Desk (Comfort tab)
Chair for desk (Misc items under Comfort tab)
Computer (Electronics tab)
Mirror (Decor tab)
At least one double bed (Comfort tab)

Note* You can buy other miscellaneous items if you like but these are musts for this step.

Next, go into the Challenge tab via and take a good look around at the challenges ahead of you. Check out Uberchallenging below for more details.

Now go back to live mode via .

Have your charismatic sim practice their speech in the mirror and your future author begin writing a book on the computer. On any other sims, have them just do whatever you would like. If you have two non-related sims who aren't doing anything, have one of them romance the other. Or have a natural cook sim start serving a meal. While your sims are busy, go ahead and check out the seven tutorial boxes that pop up.

During this part, your sim(s) should be throwing out wishes like candy. Go ahead and choose some to complete.

Trophies earned in step:

How You Doin’?


Wishful Thinker

Step Three: Careers and Relationships

At this point in time, you want to start focusing on your sims' careers for their lifetime wishes. If their wish is related to being an author, don't get them a job;instead focus on constantly writing books as their career. Likewise, if you have a gardener sim who doesn't have a career lifetime wish, have them start building gardens or have your Angler start fishing in the local pond.

Once you get the rhythm down, have your Friendly trait sim meet all of their coworks then begin working on the relationships till they're all bffs. For the other sims, meet your coworks as well, but you won't need to get them to best friends. Also, you might wish to choose a co-worker as a possible girlfriend/boyfriend as you won't have to work so hard to make the jump from friend to dating.

If you didn't choose for one of your sims to date their coworker, you need to go out and meet someone. Once you do, you will have to raise their relationship meter up from acquaintance to romantic interest or, even better, girlfriend/boyfriend. Make sure to take them out on a date, invite them back home, dazzle them with your romantic skills, and try for your first kiss and first WooHoo. Eventually you want the relationship to progress to a proposal.

Trophies earned in step:
It's A Date
You Never Forget Your First
Woo Hoo!
Climbing The Ladder

The Big Proposal
Working Friends

Step Four: Skills, Milestones, and Perfect Items

At this point, you should be close to maxing out a skill on one of your sims. You should also be very close to completing at least two of your skill milestones as well. If the answer is no to these two questions, then you need to spend some time working on them.

As you work towards the skills, make sure that your chef, gardener, and angler are working towards their three perfect items trophies: A perfect dish, a perfect fish, and a perfect plant.

Trophies earned in step:

Mad Skillz
Fit for a King
Botanical Perfection
Trophy Fish

Leet Skillz

Step Five: Karma Powers,

Your fifth step is to unlock and buy all the Karma powers, then use the ones you need to for their trophies. If you don't have enough challenge points, then take care of a few challenges.

Trophies earned in this step:
What Goes Around
I Double Dare You
Be Excellent To Each-Other
Not Dead Yet
Epic Fail

Power Overwhelming

Step Six: Money & Children
Home stretch. This is where you should be plush with cash. Move into the most expensive house in town and bring your lot worth up to $350,000. You should have an open spot in your household. Now is the time to have or adopt a baby. Now, when said child is teen, you need to give them a skills lifetime wish and complete it before allowing them to age up to adult.

Trophies earned in step:
Once A Parent, Always a Parent
Home is Where the Simoleons Are

Movin' On Up
Dream Big
Child Prodigy
Master Architect

Final Step: Cleaning up misc trophies and final wishes

At this time, you should have almost every trophy in game but a select few. Clean up the rest and make those final wishes. Ding! Hear that, it's your !

Trophies earned in step:
Sim About Town
That New Car Smell
Not Twice, But 10 Times
This is So Meta
Epic Party
But It's Imflammable

The Reviler
True Wealth
Very Challenging
Uber Challenging

Miracle Worker
Master of Simology


Master of Simology
Unlock all other Trophies.

The pinnacle of your journey. Pat yourself on the back and apply for sainthood!

Baby Steps
Create a household.

This will be one of the first trophies you earn. Before you can really begin playing, you first have to make a household and buy a new house.

For the Household, you can have anywhere from 1 to 6 members who can be related, unrelated, or a mix of both. You can even have one adult sim and five babies!

For the house, you are given a small amount of money and a choice of homes. Any home not purple is out of your range. Pick whichever you feel is best for your sim(s).

Once you've completed these two steps, you will be rewarded with the trophy.

Complete the in-game tutorial.

Once you get to your new home and your sims, there will be seven short tutorial texts pop up in the top right corner. will bring them up in the small box. Once you are done, will close the box and remove it from screen.

If you need the text bigger, you can press to bring up the actual tutorial screen. Also, shoudl you feel the need to return back to these tutorials, simply press and choosing the Lesson tab.

Once you've gone through all seven tutorials, this trophy will pop.

How You Doin’?
Learn the Charisma Skill.

This trophy is very easy, very simple, AND it's a life challenge. There are two methods.

Method One: Take a Charisma class at City Hall. Costs $400 unless it's discounted. Check the paper daily to learn what is discounted.

Method Two: Either buy a mirror for your house in the Buy menu or go to the public gym and use their mirror. Click on the mirror and choose the Practice Speech option.

If you want your sim to practice only until they have learned the Charisma skill, then press on the directional pad to pause time, to bring up the activities your sim is currently queued to do, and then . Once they have reached the next level in Charisma, they will cease talking to themselves in the mirror and move on to the next activity listed.

Wishful Thinker
Complete 10 Wishes.

See Miracle Workerfor details

What Goes Around
Use a Karma Power.

A Karma Power is a special ability you have to make a sim's life better or worst. You start with 3 good (blue) and 4 evil (red) karma powers unlocked; all others will need to be unlocked with their corresponding challenge and then bought at the Challenge Shop. Each challenge corresponds with a trophy so check the individual trophy to learn more about each challenge.

The following is each power, what challenge you need to complete, and how many Challenge points you need to buy the power:
Good Times - Happiness...It Stacks (150 points)
Stroke of Genius - Classy (150 points)
Get Lucky - You Never Forget Your First Kiss (300 points)
Giant Jackpot - Home is Where the Simoleons Are (200 points)
Divine Intervention - I Double Dare Ya (150 points)
Fire Storm - Fun for the Whole Family (100 points)

To use a Karma power, press and choose the Karma Powers mode. The clock up top is how many karma points you have.

Make a best friend.

Like all relationships, this takes work. The stages of friendship are acquaintance -> friend -> good friend -> best friend. You will more than likely need to meet up with your future best friend a few times. Sims with Friendly trait make friends faster.

Sim About Town
Attend a town event.

Town events are location specific oppurtunities. To find the latest, click on the newspaper and choose "Check Weekly Events". There are five different events:

Eating Contest-Little Corsican Bistro
Community Meet and Greet - Central Park
Chess Tournament - Landgraab Library of Learning
Amateur Olympics - Moonlight Bay Memorial Stadium
Neighborhood Grill-a-thon - Park (varies)

It’s a Date
Go on a date.

Once you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, take them out. The simplest would be to get drinks.

If your date is in your house with you, press and choose Town Map. Now either interact with the Little Corsican Bistro or Scowned! Bakery. Choose Get Drinks and then the With Others... option. Check off your date and hit to confirm. Now watch as your sim and their date scurries off to get their drinks. The trophy will ding shortly.

If your date is not in your house with you, then you will have to invite them out via your cell phone. Once you and your date are at the location, you will have to click on the building and choose the Get Drinks option from there.

You Never Forget Your First
Have a first kiss.

If you have two unrelated sims in your household, have one strike up a romance with the other by using the Romantic dialogue options. Try to avoid using the same line over and over again or else your other sim will find him/her boring. Also, keep an eye out for the meter on the left-hand side as this shows how well the sim you are interacting with likes you.

As you progress in your romancing, new options appear. One of those options is "Confess Attraction". If the like meter is full enough, they go from friend to romantic interest. Now attempt your first kiss. You will know if you succeed because you will get a musical cue and the trophy will pop.

Woo Hoo!
Make Woo Hoo.

Like the first kiss, this one will take a little work. Follow these steps and you should succeed quickly:

1-Invite romantic interest over (if doesn't live with you)
2-Relax on bed then invite them to join you
3-Vary between cuddling, kissing, and making out on the bed till your partner finds your sim very alluring.
4-Choose the WooHoo option.

If you are successful, you will get a musical cue, some visual cues , and the trophy will pop. If you are unsuccessful, repeat steps 3 and 4.

Climbing the Ladder
Reach level 5 in a career.

You will earn this as you progress as it is very unlikely that you will have six sims and not one of them has a career lifetime wish. Plus, there are numerous challenges that revolve around differernt careers and their levels. Simply just find a job that benefits the sim and stick with it till you at least get to level 10 of that career.

That New Car Smell
Buy a car.

Press and go into Buy Mode. Choose Buy and then at the bottom is the Vehicle section. To have a car, you first have to buy a Car-Spot Parking Space and place it on your property. Then you can buy any vehicle. The cost of a car ranges from $950 to $150,000 so you will most likely have to save up a bit first.

Not Twice, But 10 Times
Complete 10 Opportunities.

Opportunities are random events that occur either from work, when you are out on the town, or from phone calls you receive. You can accept or deny any opportunity, but it is recommended that you accept the first ten.

Since these are random, there is a wide variety of possible tasks from simply reading a book or working out til fatigued to growing a certain number of fruits/veggies of a certain quality or writing someone's biography.

To see your current opportunities, press , tab over to your wish panel, then press :r: Here you will get a good idea of what needs to be done and in what time frame.

You will need to attend each of the town opportunities at least once for the Downtowner challenge and Sim About Town trophy. See said trophy for more details.

This is so Meta
Experience the Meta.

This is a two part challenge that requires you to watch 10 hours of TV and play 10 hours of computer/video games. Simply sit your couch potato in front of the tv and have them watch TV until you complete the first sub-challenge. Next, hit them with the Super Satisfy karma power to recharge all of their needs (if they need it) and have them play games until the second sub-challenge is completed.

Note that they do not have to be consecutive hours, but it's easier and faster to just do it the above way.

I Double Dare Ya
Explore the catacombs after dark

There are three requirements for this trophy: Mausoleum, after dark, and an adult sim.

First, the Mausoleum is located in the northwestern part of the map. It's the graveyard icon. Clicking on the options gives one called the Explore Catacombs. You can also physically take your sim to the graveyard then click on the building to get the options, but why not shortcut so you can work on other sims at the same time?

Next, you have to wait till dark to do this. The day/night cycle is 12 hours each, and night begins at six pm. This means anytime between six pm and six am should be sufficient. However, get into the spirit of things and try exploring the catacombs at midnight!

Finally, you need an adult sim. You CAN use an underage sim, but they will need adult supervision or else they will be picked up by the cops. So to save yourself a hassle, just use a sim who is a young adult or older.

Write a book.

First off, you will need a computer. If you don't own one at home, you can use one of the free ones at the library. Simply, click on the computer and choose the Writing option. Next, it will ask if you want to improve their skill or write a fiction or nonfiction book. As your writing skill progresses, you gain more types to write, but for now, simply either of the two choices will work. A bar will appear about your sim; once full, they have finished writing the book, and the trophy should pop.

Any sim can do this, but it's recommended that you choose the sim who has the right traits (bookworm, artistic, perfectionist) and/or has a writing lifetime wish.

Epic Party
Throw an awesome party.

Throwing a party is a great way to have your sim meet new people and work on relationships. However, if you want to make your party a success, you need to get the Legendary Host lifetime reward. It only costs 5K and will guarantee your party's success. Also, make sure the sim who throws the party has one or both of the Party Animal and Charismatic traits; they too will up the quality of your party.

If you have a sim who has guitar skills, have them play at the party to help them work on their skills as well as entertain guests.

Partners in Crime
Become a partner of the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse.

Paragon personal Private Charity Warehouse is the center of the Criminal career, located in the north-western part of the map. For this trophy, you need to buy in as a partner. For that, you will need $15,000. Once you have the money, go to the Town Map via and interact with the icon. One of the options you will get is "Become a Partner ($15,000); click on it and your sim will go make you a partner.

Partnership gives you $2500 weekly so it's a good investment once you have the money. Owning the business jumps it up to $4000, but you will need an additional $35,000.

Design and save 20 styles using Create a Style.

This one is fairly simple. You will need to change the color of an item and save the changes 20 times.

You can earn this trophy before you even finish creating your household! Simply press whenever you get the chance. You can change the colors of just about everything from hair color to each of the individual makeup options to every piece of clothing! You may have to hit first before being allowed to select the change color option.

Just don't forget to press again to save your changes.

The Big Proposal
Get engaged.

The next big step in your romantic relationship. Fill up the relationship meter til its full green by romancing your girlfriend/boyfriend. You will eventually get an option called "Propose Marriage". Choose it and soon you will be engaged! The trophy pops shortly after.

Movin’ On Up
Move into a new home.

Moving is a bit costly so try to leave this for when you have extra money to spare. Unless you need room for your sims, it is recommended you wait to move when you are going for Master Architect.

See Master Architect for more details.

Reach level 10 in a Skill.

This trophy is a bit time-consuming. You have to work on a single skill continually until it reaches its max level of 10. There are a few ways to speed this up a little. The Karma power Stroke of Genius speeds up skill learning for a short period of time. The lifetime reward Fast Learner also speeds up learning but permanently.

Once a Parent, Always a Parent
Welcome a child into the family.

There are a coupld of ways to go about this trophy. You can do it the old fashion way OR you can adopt a child.

For the old fashion way, get your two sims on the bed. Instead of choosing the WooHoo option, choose the Try For Baby option. You will know you succeed because after the usual WooHoo sound you will get a little chime lullaby.

To adopt a child, click on your sim and choose the Cell Phone option. Next, choose Call for Service.

Working Friends
Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers.

There are two steps to this trophy. First and simplest is you need a career. Pick whatever suits your sim. Now, when your sim goes to work, choose the option that allows them to meet their coworkers.

The second and longer step is to create and improve a relationship with each co-worker.

Once you've gotten the notice that you've met them all, you will now have to work at your relationships. When at work you can choose the option to talk to your co-works improves your relationship with your regular co-works or to suck up to the boss to improve your relationship with your boss. You can also improve your relationship with your boss through work opportunities that appear. Outside of work, call your coworker(s) and boss regularly, invite them over or out for some one-on-one time, or invite them to parties your sim household is having.

When you have all your co-workers at best friend status, the trophy will ding.

Be Excellent To Each-other
Reach the maximum potential Karma.

Karma Points are the points you earn by fulfilling wishes or at midnight each night if you haven't abused your powers. The max number of Karma Points you can hold is 100. Once you reach 100, this trophy will ding.

Dream Big
Complete a Lifetime Wish.

A lifetime wish is a major wish you chose at either the household creation stage or when your sim turned into a teen. They vary between maxing skills to completing level 10 of a job to having 13 different perfect fish in fishbowls. Whatever flavor your sim has, just work towards that goal. You will definitely get this by the time you earn Child Prodigy since you will have to complete a lifetime wish for that trophy.

Home is Where the Simoleons Are
Raise your household’s value to §35,000 or more.

This trophy simply means that your lot value must be equal to or exceed $35,000. Since item value depreciates in time, wait till you have about that much money before going into Buy Mode. In Buy Mode, your lot value is in the bottom right square. Now raise that value by buying things.

Besides working at a job and doing oppurtunities, there are a few other ways to make some money.:
*Sell paintings your artist sim does
*Write books
*Invest in businesses (partnerships)
*Grown and sell fruits & vegetables
*Catch and sell fish

Not Dead Yet
Resurrect a Sim.

You need a few things for this trophy. First, you need the Divine Intervention Karma Power. To unlock it, you need to complete the 'Double Dar Ya' by visiting the catacombs at night (seevI Double Dare Ya for more details) then you need to buy it in the Challenge shop for 150 points.

Now you need a sim to die. You can be patient and wait for an elderly member to croak. If you have no patients then simply drown a sim. To drown a sim, put them in your pool. Once there, build a wall all the way around the pool so they can't get out. Now, sit back and wait for the Grim Reaper to appear and Voila! Dead sim.

Once a sim dies, their ghost lingers around for 5 days. When that time is up, they are gone for good so you will have to hit their ghost with the Divine Intervention before the time is up. After they are resurrected, the trophy will pop.

Power Overwhelming
Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points.

You must obtain all of the GOOD Karma powers by unlocking them from their respecive challenge then buying them in the challenge store. See What Goes Around for details.

Mad Skillz
Complete any 2 Skill Journal Milestones.

See Leet Skillz for more details.

Leet Skillz
Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.

Under the Skills tab of your panel (press ), you see each individual skill and its progress towards level 10. If you open the skill journal to any skill, you will see more detailed information about that skill. At the bottom of the page is the skill milestones. There are

Star Chef - Prepare 50 meals
World-Class Chef - Prepare 75 meals
Menu Maven - Learn all the recipes (Includes those from Culinary career)

Body Builder - Spend 60 hours doing strength workouts
Marathon Runner - Run 500 kilometers
Fitness Nut - Spend 75 hours on cardio workouts

Celebrity - Acquainted with 25 sims
Personable - Know 50 traits of friends and neighbors
Super Friendly - Have 20 friends
Everyone's Best Friend - Have 10 best friends

Speed Writer - Earn $30,000 in royalties
Prolific Writer - Write 20 books
Specialist Writer - Write at least 5 books of one genre*

*Note* To get the best amount of money, wait to write 5 books in one genre till you have unlocked Masterpiece. Then write 5 Masterpieces.

Master Planter - Plant every type of plant (Including opportunity plants)
Botanical Boss - Harvest 75 Perfect fruits and vegetables
Master Farmer - Harvest 650 fruits and vegetables

Grand Master - Reach the final level of the Chest Circuit Competition
Celestial Explorer - Discover 20 celestial bodies through a telescope
Teacher Extraordinaire - Spend 20 hours tutoring children and students
Skill Professor - Spend 30 hours tutoring sims

Master Guitarist - Learn every song
Guitar Star - Play at 10 parties and venues
Money Maker - Earn $25,000 in tips or opportunities

Electrician - Repair 10 electrical objects
Plumber - Repair 10 plumbing objects
Tinkerer - Complete 10 unique upgrades (Unbreakable, Fireproof, Boost Channels, ect)

Brushmaster - Complete 30 paintings
Proficient Painter - Create 6 Brilliant paintings
Master Painter - Create 5 masterpieces

Amateur Ichthyologist - Catch every type of fish
Commercial Fisherman - Catch 350 fish

This one can only be begun if you catch an insect or pick up a rock. Just look around your yard or parks.

Gem Collector - Collect every type of gem
Metal Collector - Collect every type of metal
Amateur Rock Finder - Collect half of the different types of rocks
Awesomest Rock Collector in the Universe - Collect every type of rock
Butterfly Collector - Collect every type of butterfly
Beetle Collector - Collect every type of beetle

Gain 150,000 Lifetime Happiness Points in one Sim.

As you complete wishes, you gain lifetime points to spend on upgrades for your sim such as Steel Bladder (never has to potty again) or Dirt Defiant (rarely needs to bathe). You will easily gain this trophy as you work your way to completing 1000 wishes.

Also note, the points are accumulative and not at one time; if you spend the points, they still count!

But it’s Inflammable!
Extinguish a Sim on fire.

This is another trophy you will need a Karma power, but this time you will get to be evil. First, unlock and buy the Firestorm Karma Power. Next, SAVE. Getting this trophy may take a few reloads if you are not lucky plus alot of paitence.

Now head to options and make your sims' will power to puppet. This way you have a much better chance of getting your sims to follow commands. You will need one poor soon to be burnt simand one sim with the brave trait. Now put them in a room in your house (or build and place them in a small room out on the property. Once the sims are in, remove all doors so they can't leave and the fire department can't help.

Once done, you need to make a fire. If your soon to be burnt sim has a no to little cooking experience, have them cook in the room on a stove then have them stop cooking when the food is in the oven. Ten to one, this will catch the stove on fire. Once the fire starts, keep commanding your sim to stand near the fire while commanding your brave sim to stay away and not put the fire out. Keep at it until your sim catches fire; you'll know easily by how your sim reacts. Once on fire, have the brave sim put them out.

You can also try to catch the building on fire by using firestorm but make sure the fire has something to catch on and keep it burning.

The Reviler
Become a public menace.

The Reviler is a five part challenge. The five parts are broken up below. Also, Reviler requires a sim with the Kleptomaniac trait, but it is recommended that they also have the evil and mean-spirited perks.

Steal 20 items with a Klepto sim

Your klepto can steal 3 items a day so this will take you 7 in-game days. This counts any items they happen to steal on their own. You can steal from any location that your sim can visit like parks, other sim's houses, even a police car from the police parking lot! Also, you can only steal items after dark, which is roughly between 6 pm and 6 am.

Ahh, Regret
Return a stolen item

Simply click on any mailbox and return one of the items your sim stole.

Big Ol' Meanie
Be mean 10 times

Every sim has the ability to be mean, but mean-spirited and/or evil sims take pleasure in being mean. Also, it is not to 10 different sims; you can be mean to the same sim 10 times.

Public Enemy
Make enemies of 15 sims

This is another simple one. Just be mean to a sim until you get the Fight dialogue choice. If you have the mean-spirited trait, you can immediately choose Declare X a Nemesis for an instant enemy. Otherwise, be mean and fight them until the choice comes up.

That's My Candy!
Steal the candy from 5 babies/toddlers

This one is the tricky one. You have to find a baby or a toddler before you can even steal their candy. If you don't have room in your household for kids or don't want to deal with them, you will need to search the parks for one. Central Park is a good place to find one, but the chance is still slim. If you do have a baby or toddler in your household, just steal from them five times and you're good to go.

Epic Fail
Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family.

This is a Karma power trophy you can work on right away. If you turn off Karma Consequences in the Options menu then you won't be punished for using it

Simply put, you need to hit 13 non-household sims with the Epic Fail power. You must also wait for the power to wear off one sim before you can use it on another. Parks are a good place to find people; so is visiting your neighbors!

Start 5 romantic relationships.

If you have a sim whos lifetime wish is to Heartbreaker or you have five unrelated sims in one household, then this trophy will fairly quickly. If not, it's another accumulative challenge so relationships in future generations also count.

For this you simply need to start up five relationships. When we say relationships, we mean boyfriend/girlfrined. So pick someone, make them your friend, then start romancing them. Once they agree to going steady, you can either dump them and move on to the next person or keep them and choose another household member to find a date for.

Once you've been successful five times, the trophy will pop.

Fit For a King
Prepare a perfect meal.

This trophy will take a bit of time. Dish quality increases based on a sim's cooking skill and practice.

The trait Natural Cook is recommended here. It allows your sim to learn the cooking skill faster, improves the dish quality faster, and removes chances of negative cooking experiences such as burning food or catching the stove on fire.

Buy out a commercial property in town.

This trophy requires you to completely buy out a property. The cheapest and fastest property to buy out will be the Rustic Crust Bakery for $24,000 ($6,000 to partner and $18,000 to buy) so go for it.

Get an insurance check for over §15,000 after using the Firestorm Karma Power.

Make sure you have plenty of money as this will be a bit costly!

First unlock the Firestorm Karma power by completing the 'Fun for the Whole Family' challenge then buy it from the Challenge Shop.

The next part varies depending upon your home. If you have a one-story, place rugs completely over your living room floor then fill the room with Nearly-Perfect Pedestals. They are found in the Misc Decor section of the Decor tab. Place them right next to each other and in spots on top of each other. If you have a multi-story home, build a room on your lot away from your home and fill it instead.

Also move all of your sims outdoors and remove all entrances into the house. This way the fire can burn without interference!

Now I recommend you save. This will probably take you a few reloads to get as the Firestorm is highly unpredictable. Use the power and wait to see where it catches. If it caught in your packed room, wait for it to die down and see what the insurance check says. If you burned enough, you will hear the ding. If not, reload and add more blocks. If it didn't catch where you wanted it to, just reuse the power if you have the points or reload and try again.

Epic Tip From DaveyHasselhoff:
  • Delete ALL your secondary saves in the XMB.
  • Load up your Sims and move them to a Small unfurnished house.
  • Remove the inside walls and fill the house with the most expensive bed, and line all the walls with the flat screen TVs.
  • Make sure all your Sims are outside, then REMOVE ALL THE DOORS!
  • Cast a Firestorm AND DO NOT FAST FORWARD!!!. Use Firestorm as much as you need to keep the burn going but whatever you do play on Normal speed.
  • I had the trophy glitch and did this and got the trophy on the first try and didnt have to start over!

Botanical Perfection
Grow a perfect plant.

Just like Fit For a King, this will take time and repetition. Level 10 of gardening, a sim with the Green Thumb trait and the Super Green Thumb lifetime reward also improve you chance. To improve your gardening skill besides planting a garden, you can read Gardening books or take the class at the Science lab.

You don't have to have a seed to start. You can plant most fruits and vegetables staight from some you harvested. If you want some free fruits and vegetables, head over to McGregor's Community Garden. If you want to start from seed, just look around on the ground in different areas; oftentimes you will find normal quality seeds. If you find unknowns, pick them up for later as they cannot be planted till you are level six.

Once you have your garden planted, keep tending it with your garden sim. You can fertilize your garden to extend the life of your plants, but it has no bearing on quality. Once you've successful raised a perfect plant, the trophy will ding.

Trophy Fish
Catch a perfect fish.

Just like Fit For a King, this will take time and repetition. Level 10 of the fishing skill and a sim with the Angler trait also improve you chances. Besides actually casting a line, you can improve your skill level by reading a skill book or taking the Fishing class at the supermarket.

Now choose your fishing spot. There are several spots at either most parks or at the beaches. You can even create one of your own on your home lot for free via the Landscaping mode then stocking it with fish bought at the store. Anchovies and Minnows are the first and easiest to catch some aim for catching them. They can be caught with just a lure, but if you want to aim for them specifically, Anchovies love tomatoes and minnows go for apples!

*Note also that, at the bookstore, are books specifically for individual fish. BUY THEM! Once you reach the required level, read them to learn how to catch different fish using bait.

Happiness… It Stacks
Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.

You should get this one naturally. Moodlets are the little icons that show you what is currently influencing your sim's mood. There are both positive and negative moodlets. For this trophy you will need five POSITIVE moodlets at one time.

There are tons of ways to get positive moodlets. Simple things like fulfilling a wish or brushing your sims teeth. Or you can go the spa and buy a package which usually gives your sim 3 or 4 positives moodlets when done.

Master Architect
Build a home of at least §350,000 property value on a large lot.

It is recommended that you do not attempt this trophy until you have about $500,000 cash. The reason being you will need to move to the most expensive house lot AND fill it with expensive items. Time depreciates the value of items so buying a bunch beforehand is wasteful.

Now, the most expensive house to buy is the Gothic in the southwestern part of the map for $179,953. Move into it with or without your stuff (up to you). That leaves you with having to spend $170, 047. Your best bet is to buy SimLife Goggles, which cost $9,500, meaning you will only need 18 of them to reach that total. Go into Buy mode. They are found in the Electronics section under Misc Electronics.

Note that in Buy Mode, your household lot value is found in the bottom right box when the catalog is not open. Once it says 350,000+, go back to live mode. The trophy should ding shortly.

Child Prodigy
Complete Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult.

This trophy is a mite misleading. The earliest your sim can get a lifetime wish is in their teens. However, you cannot get a real career for a career lifetime wish til you are a young adult, which is past when you need to complete the lifetime wish. What you are going to have to do is choose a lifetime wish that focusing on skills such as Tinkerer (reach level 10 of both logic and handiness skills) or Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers (reach level 10 of both charisma and guitar skills). Then you will just have to max out whatever skills you have to till you complete the lifetime wish and earn the trophy.

Also, don't forget to DISABLE AGING otherwise you may run out of time!

True Wealth
Gain 250,000 Lifetime Happiness on one Sim.

This will come in time. The points for this trophy are accumulative so you don't need to worry about spending them. Just keep fulfilling wishes

Complete 50 Challenges.

See Uberchallenging for details.

Very Challenging
Complete 100 Challenges.

See Uberchallenging for details.

Complete 150 Challenges.

The Challenges are goals that you can fulfill for points. Unlike wishes, challenges are not specific to one sim so you can have multiple sims working on the same goal to make it go faster. Plus, many of the goals are pretty simple and/or quick so you will have this one done well before those 1000 wishes.

To view the Challenges, press and choose the Challenges and Rewards icon on the right. Here you will find the challenges divided into three catagories: Life, Feats, and Collectibles.

Life Challenges are very straight forward things like going on a date, attending events around town, or doing homework. Majority of these challenges will come quickly and naturally if you are exploring all the options your sims have.

The Feat Challenges deal with completing challenges, wishes, skills, money, and lifetime wishes. These are the challenges you will work long-term on.

Collectibles, despite sounding horrible, are remarkably easy. They are things like tour all the locations of the city, read all the books you can, or cook a perfect dish. These challenges you will work towards as your sim(s) gain levels in their career(s) or as they master their skills.

Complete 100 Wishes.

See Miracle Workerfor details

Miracle Worker
Complete 1,000 Wishes.

Wishes are the spontaneous wants or needs of your Sim. Sometimes it's as simple as buying an item or watching a movie; sometimes it takes time like reaching level 10 of their career or mastering a skill. Because you are limited to only four wishes at a time per Sim, you will need to really think about which wishes you want to fulfill.

Two events that give lots of wishes that are rather easy to fulfill are to either throw a party or to have a baby. Just remember that if you choose to have the baby, you have to care for it or it will be taken away!

This will probably be your final obstacle to the plat as 1000 wishes takes alot of time to fulfill. If you max out your household, it will go a little bit faster.


Special thanks to the following for their help

Luckay for the awesome banner.

DaveyHasselhoff for his advice on Pyromaniac

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