Players: 1

Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No, the Toys can be used to get the trophies.
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-5 hours (depending on how fast you can get "Minimalist")
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + plus the very first level + a Nightime level + Clean-up.
Collectible Trophies: 2 (Balloonist and Page Turner)
Missable Trophies: There is a chapter select so there is no unmissable trophies.
Glitched Trophies: I haven't seen any.

[top]Tips & Strategies

There is really not that much advice I can give since it's an artistic experience rather than a challenging game. There are a few puzzles though.
  • Don't give up.
  • Think abstract.
  • If you're on chapter 2, always look for nearby wines or climbable objects.
  • Search on YouTube if you're totally lost.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are these toys, that may or may not make it a bit easier for you. These do not affect trophies so fire away. They cost balloons though. If you at any given time have all balloons, they will all just unlock for you.
  • Stop Time for Balls (1 Balloon) - Stops time for balls by pressing and then release to fire all balls simultaneously.
  • Balloon Radar (3 Balloons DO BUY WHEN YOU CAN) - Reveals nearby balloons.
  • Unlock Chapters (3 Balloons) - Unlocks every level.
  • Clean Canvas (5 Balloons) - Press and everything you've painted is erased.
  • Concept Art (10 Balloons) - See sketches and models of the game.
  • Hose (30 Balloons) - Press plus simultaneously to wildfire paint.
  • Pick Up Blueprint Boxes (Complete game + 10 balloons) - Press to pick up the blueprint boxes.
  • Sniper Rifle (Collect all Balloons) - Press to get a scope. It has powerful firepower.
  • Prototype Level (Collect all Balloons) - Get the early level that has been made.


Part 1: Get through the games with balloons and pages

You have two options here... Either go through the game, and totally forget everything about trophies, to experience this lovely game without getting distracted by balloons and other irrelevant stuff... Or just get it over with and get the balloons and storybook pages and all that jazz. If you pick the first option, you'll have to backtrack to find the balloons (unless you found them all by pure luck the first time around).

Part 2: Blueprint boxes and minimalistic play

Go back to the parts "The Statue Garden" and "Home" to get these trophies you first can get after playing through the game once.

Part 3: Clean-up

If you're missing something by any chance, get it now.


Finish the Garden chapter.

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed!
This trophy is awarded for completing the first chapter of the game. You'll have to complete three parts where you will have to randomly colour around you to make shapes appear.

Finish the Unfinished Empire chapter.

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed!
This is the longest chapter. There is a lot of water physics and wines to be explored. There is going to be a lot of climbing too. This chapter is also the most puzzle heavy of the four.

Night Owl
Finish the Nighttime chapter.

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed!
This chapter contains two things... deadly spiders and blueprints. Odd combination, I know. The first half of the chapter is making it through the forest without being in the darkness. The second half is creating steps in a blueprint area to proceed. It's the second longest chapter but it is not that puzzle oriented... more practical puzzles oriented.

Finish the King's Dream chapter.

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed!
I do not dare to spoil this last chapter. It is gorgeous, amazing and also a bit funny. It's not hard though so you will not need any help.

Launch a blueprint box 15 meters high.

See "Spaceman " for more information.

Launch a blueprint box 30 meters high.

You'll need three components to get this and "Rocketeer ". First of all you need a place where you can create blueprint boxes. So go to the third chapter and choose the part called "Home". Enter the teleportation screen and you're there. Second of all you need the toy that makes you pick up the boxes. You unlock that power after you completed the game (if you haven't gotten all balloons it will cost you 10 balloons). Third of all you need the Sniper Rifle. You unlock the sniper rifle by getting all of the balloons. If you have all three components in order this is what you do. Create a small box, pick it up and look straight up. Press to bring out the sniper rifle. Shoot the box a couple of times to make it fly high up in the air.

Release all balloons.

There is a total of 64 balloons in the game, below is a list of all of them. You release them by either shooting them or walk into them.
Warning!!! I've tried my hardest to not spoil the game in the guide below, but there may be one or two small spoilers so beware.

Toggle Spoiler

Page Turner
Reveal every storybook page in the game.

These are the golden letters you spray and then there comes a part of the story behind all of the scenery. There are 19 in total and they are all adressed below.
Warning!!! I've tried my hardest to not spoil the game in the guide below, but there may be one or two small spoilers so beware.

Toggle Spoiler

Reach the Watchtower without throwing more than 3 balls.

This is the hardest trophy in the game. If you get this, then the 100% is as good as yours. I'm going to give out a detailed explanation on how to get this. It's hard to describe, so just do it to the best of your ability. It's definitely a good idea to practise this level over and over again until you remember everything in this level.
Before you even begin this, go to the options menu and turn the music all the way down and the sound effects all the way up. You'll have to carefully listen to the steps to figure out if you're moving or not.

Start off by not turning around at all. Move to the left and when you can hear yourself hitting the wall go backwards until you hit the wall again. Now go left again until you hit the wall. Now go backwards again. When you get stopped again move to the right. When you get stopped move backwards. Note that you are now walking on leaves. When stopped move left. If everything is done correctly you will now hear a small drop and if you move a little more to the left you will see the swan's footprints. You can now turn your camera around since you can use the footprints as markers. Walk straight over the first set of footprints and begin to strafe to the right. Use the footprints further away to see if you're making progress. Soon a third set of footprints will be visible. Walk straight over them and get to the forementioned footprints further away. There are two footprints close to each other where you are now. Walk straight over the second set and hopefully you should be walking on a wooden walkway (listen to the footsteps). Turn around and walk backwards using the footprints to see if you're really walking away. When it seems like you really can't walk further away walk to the right. Walk backwards then walk a bit to the right and then move forward, then walk a bit to the right again and lastly walk backwards. Turn around and hopefully you should see a yellow crown. As you hopefully already know the crown is sitting on a bust. Walk behind the bust while not taking your eye off the crown. You should now be behind the bust facing the way you came from. Walk backwards and then to the right to hopefully walk up a slope (you can use the crown as reference to see if you're actually descending + plus the footstep noise changes). Now continue in that direction. It may looks like a wall is pushing you over the edge, but don't worry. It is pushing you, but not over the edge. At some point you can't walk further to the right. Walk forward and you will see some footprints. Align with the footprints and walk forward. When you can't walk forward anymore, jump forward. You will now hopefully hear the footsteps is walking over some rooftiles. Keep walking forward and there will be a drop. Down here there will be a lot of golden objects. See if you can locate the golden pig tail (a curly line) and the unicorn horn (an upwardspointing rod). Walk in between them. Hopefully you should see a golden handle. Align yourself with that golden handle and walk forward a bit, but turn around so you can see the handle and use it as reference. You will be stopped. That's because the stairs you're on turns. Walk to the left and you should see the storybook page you'd uncovered earlier. Walk towards it, but when you see the swan footprints point to the left follow it. You will now be able to see a hot air balloon and some black floor parts. Walk towards it. Fall down and follow the swan and you're done.

Since you don't need the paintballs to open the gates or breaking the wall at the end you can basically mess up three times and use it as a lifeline. You don't have to do it perfectly. Just keep trying and you will eventually get it.

Look at the sleeping King.

In the part called: "The Sea" in the second chapter, you will at the very start see a telescope. Get to it and press . Then move the left analog stick upwards to zoom in. You will see the sleeping King when you have zoomed in the farthest you can zoom in.

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