Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: Make sure you download the update, some people have reported their saves getting corrupted

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[top]Road Map

All trophies will unlock as you progress through the game. I have listed exactly what you need to do to advance through every chapter, but only use the tips if you are stuck or are just trying to speed run the game. I have done my best to leave out all spoilers but this is a game that is meant to be explored. Take your time and talk to each character and enjoy your surroundings, because you only live once...or do you


Georgia's First City
Complete chapter 1 of episode 4.

The first chapter just has some choices for you to make. Depending on how you choose to answer them will affect your relationships later on in the game. Once you escape from the zombies and make it to the house the trophy will unlock.

Down by the River
Complete chapter 2 of episode 4.

Gaining Access to the House
-Once you gain control of Lee again go over to the garage and pick up the shovel.
-Go over to the front door and look down at the Pet Door
-Beside the Dog House there is a small grave. Use the shovel on the grave.
-Grab the collar off of the dog.
-Go back to the Pet Door and use the collar.

Inside the House
-After you enter the house you will gain control of Lee again and now it is time to start checking doors.
-In the living room there are 2 doors, one on each side of the giant family portrait.
-Exit out to the hallway and open the door next to the stairs
-After the small scene head upstairs and it is time to make another decision

Getting a Boat
-When you finally gain control of Lee again walk over to the Telescope and look at it.
-Now walk back and you should see a Convenient Stand with a cash register, ignore it and cross the street until you arrive at a Newspaper Vending Machine next to a blue car. Use your wrench on the machine to get a Quarter.
-Go back to the Telescope and use the Quarter on it.
-Scan all the way over the left and you will see a person in an orange hoody on top of the building.
-Sneak up to the Convenient Stand and look over the counter.
-It is now time for some more decisions that will once again affect the rest of the game.

Run Away!
-Once you are in control again select Kenny's hand
-Now run down the alley and push the dumpster out of the way
-Select the Manhole cover
-Grab the Climbing Pick and then select the Manhole Cover again to unlock the trophy.

Support Group
Complete chapter 3 of episode 4.

-Once back in control head down the stairs and continue down the sewer until you can head down a large tunnel on the left
-Head to the left and you will see a Pipe (ignore it for now) and continue down the sewer until you see some Zombies.
-Head into the passageway on the left and turn the valve to the Right ()
- Press to remove the valve
-crawl towards where the water is pouring out and now you will be able to turn left down a new tunnel
-Use the Climbing Pick on the door and make you way back to Pipe from before and place the Valve on it and turn it to the Right ()
-Hurry back to the passageway you came out of and wait for all the Zombies to have passed you by (you will see the screen turn red if you get too close)
-Once they are all gone head on over to the last Zombie crouched by a grate.
-A hand will grab you from below, so quickly use the Climbing Pick on it and then kill the approaching Zombie
-Climb the stairs and use the Climbing Pick on the Ladder
-Now grab the Sign and climb through the hole
-Be prepared for more decisions and a trophy

Bedside Manor
Complete chapter 4 of episode 4.

-Once you have control of Lee again, go downstairs for a scene with Kenny
-Leave the living room and head out the Backdoor to earn another trophy.

Georgia's Last City
Complete chapter 5 of episode 4.

-Walk over to the shed and look at the Shed Door
-Open Shed Door for a surprise
-Time for some more decisions
-Alright we are finally in Crawford. Head on over to the guard to initiate the next scene and the next trophy

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Complete chapter 6 of episode 4.

-Alright we are in a school full of Zombies and none of us are a hot cheerleader with a chainsaw...I have a bad feeling about this

Getting the Battery
-Once you are in control again, head out of the classroom and walk down the hallway until you see Molly
-Follow Molly and select the door to exit to the alley
-Walk down the path until you see a shed.
-Go inside the shed and look in the top-right hand corner.
-Climb on the shelf to get out of the shed
-Try to lift the garage door
-Walk to the far end of the alley and look at the fence, after the scene walk back the way you came for another scene
-Hurry and jack up the garage door and get inside
-Walk to the far side (by the jacked up car) and select the lift panel
-Walk back over to Molly and ask to borrow her hook
-Walk back over to the panel and use the Climbing Pick on the Hydraulic Hose
-Hurry and unscrew both the Negative and Positive Terminals. Then detach both Terminals and lift out the Battery.
-Select the Truck to climb on top of it
-Look up and shoot out the Skylight and then reach for Molly's hand and climb out
-When you jump off the roof, make sure you quickly grab Molly's hand again

Getting the Fuel
-After the scene, walk down the hallway and talk to Vernon
-Walk back the way you came until you hear a music sting and Kenny yells "a little help"
-Try to close the door and when prompted shoot the Zombie in the head and grab the axe on the ground to secure the door

Getting the Medicine
-open the door and leave the room
-Head back towards where you talked with Vernon and Krista
-Quickly shoot all the Zombies in the head before they get you
-After the scene walk over to the desk and select the Medical File
-Walk over to the Video Camera and put the tape in and watch the scene
-Now head out to the hallway and take a right past all the lockers to get back out in the alley
-Once again head into the shed and climb on the shelf to get back over the fence
-You will see the doctor crawling away, so simply put boot to head and collect your tape
-Go back in the Nurse's office and watch the new tape
-After the scene, exit back into the hallway and walk towards the classroom
-Time for some more decisions

I GOT A SHOTGUN (For you RE fans out there )
-Keep backing up and if Zombies get to close shoot them in the head
-When you fall through the stairs it takes 3 pulls on your leg to get you free. Make sure to look up and kill any zombies that get too close though
-Keep climbing and killing Zombies until you get to the top
-Time for one more big decision and a trophy

The Morning After
Complete chapter 7 of episode 4.

Once again this chapter is all decisions. Just answer how you see fit and once it is over the trophy will unlock.

Complete Episode 4: "Around Every Corner"

-Head over to Clementine's hat and pick it up
-Pick up Walkie Talkie
-Make some final decisions to finish up Episode 4 and get your last trophy

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