Players: 1
Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required: None.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 Hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: N/A


All That Remains
is the first episode in the followup season to the universally acclaimed Telltale's The Walking Dead.

Set months after "No Time Left", attacks by scavengers split up Clementine and her friend Christa whilst lost in the woods. She is later rescued by two strangers, who take her back to their group in a secluded cabin. However, no one trusts Clementine and she must go out of her way to win them over.

Player choices made in Season 1 and the 400 Days DLC will affect the decisions in Season 2. Although "400 Days" is not a direct part of the story line, the players actions in 400 Days will affect some elements of Season 2.


1) Playthrough - There are no missable trophies in this episode of Season 2. Simply completing the game will reward you with all eight possible.

2) Move on to the next episode -

[top]Tips & Strategies

L2 Button - Pressing L2 highlights all the interactive people, places and things in an area.

Action Wheel - Instead of having the plain button prompts while you're exploring, the actions you can perform are displayed in a color coordinated wheel. Green/triangle, red/circle, blue/X, pink/square.


Split Decision
Completed Episode 1: "All That Remains"

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VIII (Final)
On their way to the river, Nick catches up to Pete and Clem on the trail. The two guys bicker on about a few things before stumbling on a massacre. Here you can search the area for any useful items and inquiries.

Eventually, Clem will come across her missing backpack next to a man who is still clinging to life. She asks him where Christa is but the man instead motions for a drink from her water bottle. You may give him a drink or not, but soon afterward, Pete is attacked by a zombie and bitten on the ankle.

With the firing of his rifle, more zombies emerge from the woods. Now comes your final major decision of the episode. Leave with Nick or leave with Pete.

Next time on the Walking Dead...

River Runs Cold
Arrived at the shore.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I
After the prologue, the episode jumps forward to show Clementine and Christa around a campfire cooking a weasel. After some moody conversation, Christa heads off to look for more firewood, leaving Clementine by the fire.

Regaining control, you can search through your backpack where you'll find a photo of Lee, her old drawing of Kenny, Katjaa and Duck and a lighter. Once you've picked through everything, use the lighter to tend to the fire.

You find that the fire isn't quite enough to cook the skewered weasel and you can search around the campsite for kindling. Grab the log that's close-by and add it to the fire.

Clementine will then hear a noise and will venture out to find Christa being held at gunpoint by bandits. Once you regain control, you'll be faced with the first major decision; Sneak Away (Didn't Stop) or Cause Distraction (Save Christa). After your decision, one of the bandits will make chase and go after Clementine.

You'll fight through the forest using quick-time events as the struggle intensifies. Eventually, you'll push the bandit into the reach of a nearby zombie, which then grabs and kills him.

Back on her feet, Clementine is approached by a horde coming from the woods. Trying to back away, Clementine slips and falls into a river and is swept away. Waking up the next day, you find her washed a shore on a small beach.

Found a campsite.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
Once awake on the river bank, you regain control and have the opportunity to view your surroundings. Climb up the rivers edge, where you can investigate further, then head into the woods.

After a short journey, Clem will come across a dog named Sam and exchange a brief encounter. Sam will then lead her to the abandoned camp of his previous owners.

On the Path
Met new people.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part III
Clem will enter the campsite and you will regain control. Here, you can search around the area for food and clues to the lives of the camps previous owners. Eventually, Sam will begin to bark for Clem's attention. Tied to a tree with a knife sticking out of its arm, will sit a zombie at the edge of the camp area.

After some short nostalgia, you can reach for the knife, or pick up the branch sitting next to the zombie. Once the zombie is done for, pull the knife out of its arm and Clem will sit down with her can of food. Use the knife to open it and Clem will begin to chow down.

Seeing her eat, Sam will begin to beg for the can. You can choose to feed him or not, but either way Sam will attack Clem, biting her arm. After grabbing her knife, you'll fight the dog through a series of quicktime events, and after multiple stab wounds, Clem will kick Sam away.

Getting back on her feet, Clem will find that Sam fell onto a metal frame that pierced right through his body. You now face your second major decision; Kill Sam or Leave him to suffer.

Once a decision is made, Clem will eventually head off into the woods again, now with a severe bite wound on her arm. She wonders for a while until succumbing to the exhaustion of pain and blood loss.

Clem nearly passes out in the middle of a group of zombies, and is almost immediately attacked. In the middle of attempting to fight back, she is saved by two passerbys named Luke and Pete. The two then carry her out of harms way.

Now What?
Arrived at the cabin.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part IV
Once Luke and Pete set off with Clem, Luke notices the wound on her arm. He immediately assumes it to be a walker bite and begins to discuss with Pete over what to do. As Clem, you can plea to the two that it's a dog bite rather than Zombie bite but the two will still argue over the next course of action. Eventually, Pete decides to take her to their cabin, where she can be seen to by a doctor.
Nearing their cabin, Clem blacks out and later awakens as several of the cabin's inhabitants people argue over what to do with her. Given an option to butt into the conversation, Nick, who's holding a rifle, is startled and accidentally fires off extremely close to Clem. The group will then argue even further in the face of your pleas for help even if it meant immediately leaving afterward.

Finally, the group's doctor, Carlos, come out to examine Clem's bite wound. Unable to discern whether or not she was bitten by a zombie or a dog, the group decides to hold Clem in the shed until morning to learn if she will develop symptoms of the infection.

Clem pleas further, but is ultimately shoved into the cabins shed for the night.

Got what you needed.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part V
Once in the shed, you have the freedom to look around as you please and you will find a spool of fishing line to help close your wound. On the left side of the shed, pull down the fold-out table and climb on top. From there, you can reach the hammer on the upper shelf. Clem will reach for it, but the shelf will break, and she will take a nasty fall into here bitten arm. After getting upright, remove the fallen shelf and grab the hammer from underneath, then use the hammer in the far right corner of the shed to escape.

Clem will crawl out into the dark woods and see distant zombies shuffling though the trees. Make your way around the house to the far porch and use the hammer again. but on the plywood that is blocking the entrance to the crawlspace of the house. Head under and you'll come to a hatch that leads to a storage closet where you'll use your tools to pop it open.

Now inside, you can leave the closet and listen in on the group still arguing in the kitchen on the left. Once you've had your fill, head right and up the stairs where there are three different rooms. Take a left from the stairs to the first bedroom, and you'll find it empty of occupants. You can search around the room as you please, but on the desk is a bundle of rags for make-shift bandages.

After you got what you came for, head down the small hallway and take the door on the left. Inside is a bathroom with a medicine cabinet, shower, and a linen closet. Crack open the cabinet and grab the single needle. As soon as you do, one of the group, Rebecca, will rush toward you direction. Choose to hide in either the closet or the shower, and she will eventually leave giving you the means to check the last room.

Head straight across the hall to the final room and you'll find Carlos' daughter Sarah. Though she is forbidden to speak with you, you can convince her to help you and eventually give you the final component, peroxide. Hesitant at first she will agree to the transaction once you make the third major decision of the episode; Be Sarah's friend or choose not to be Sarah's Friend.

Once chosen, Sarah will let you go on the preface of you not telling her father she helped you, and Clem will leave her room without raising an alarm. Now, head back down the stairs and back into the closet. Clem will make her way back to the shed on her own with all the things she needs to clean, suture, and bandage her wound.

Still. Not. Bitten.
Took care of yourself.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VI
Now that Clem has crawled back into the shed, she can now perform in impromptu suture on herself. She will put all of the items on the workbench and lay her arm to rest readying for wound for cleaning.

Firstly, use the peroxide to douse the wound and disinfect the area. Clem will flinch and scream in light of the wounds reaction, but now you have to go to work. (Not for the squeamish.) Take the needle and the fishing line and run the line through the needle's loop. With the needle ready, hold the given action button and use the directional ques to bring the flesh back together. Repeat until the wound is completely closed.

Lastly, go for the rags to bandage up. Clem will accidentally knock them off the table onto the floor which triggers a zombie attack when when attempts to pick them up. Fight the zombie as it breaks through and makes a fun at your life by grabbing a free brick from the floor. Once you're out of it's clutches, grab the rake on the floor to the left and impale the zombie onto the hanging anchor. Before it gets up, grabs the hammer from the workbench and smash the zombie's brains in.

In light of the commotion, the group bursts in to find Clem un-turned and covered in zombie goop. Seeing that she was telling the truth all along, they invite you in to further care for your wounded arm.

Headed Out
Headed out with the group.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VII
With Clem now allowed into the cabin, Carlos examines and bandages her arm and scolds her for dealing with his daughter. Luke, offers Clem a meal, and two have a heartfelt conversation about her past with Lee and the survivors.

Further on, Nick enters the room to apologize to for his behavior earlier and for almost shooting her at point blank range. Once his offer of apology is through you can decide in the fourth major decision to Accept his apology, or Reject his apology. This choice is immediately followed by a harsh back and forth with Rebecca with some unfriendly exchanges.

The next day, Clem and Pete set out on a fishing trip.

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