Players: 1.
Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required: None.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A.
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 Hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: N/A.


A House Divided
is the second episode in the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead.

Continuing immediately after the events of All That Remains, Clementine is thrust into the middle of a dispute between the cabin residents and the search party out looking for them. This impending quarrel sends the survivors on a long trip north where they stumble upon an old ski lodge inhabited by a few new faces, and one we all know too well.

Player choices made in Season 1, 400 Days, and previous episodes will affect the decisions in further episodes of Season 2.


1) Playthrough - There are no missable trophies in this episode of Season 2. Simply completing the game will reward you with all eight possible.

2) Move on to the next episode -

[top]Tips & Strategies

L2 Button - Pressing L2 highlights all the interactive people, places and things in an area.

Action Wheel -
Instead of having the plain button prompts while you're exploring, the actions you can perform are displayed in a color coordinated wheel. Green/triangle, red/circle, blue/X, pink/square.


New Morning
Helped someone through a difficult time.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I (If you saved Pete)
After being bitten in running off into the woods, Clem and Pete will find shelter in a inside a small truck. Pete will then ask for Clem to hand him the saw on the floor of the truck. Upon handing him the tool, he hastily decides not to cut off his leg, thinking he would just bleed out by the time they returned to the cabin. That morning after spending the night in the truck, Clem wakes to find a Pete on the verge of turning. After a short conversation as Clem, you can convince Pete to say goodbye to Nick. Once Pete is convinced, he will distract the zombies allowing Clem to escape.

(If you saved Nick)
After escaping with Nick, he'll block off the door of the cabin with a crate and Clem will be able to search around. Looking behind the large piece of plywood, Clem finds some jars filled with whiskey. The two spend the night inside and Clem is awoken by Nick throwing empty jars come morning. Following a conversation you can convince Nick to distract walkers so Clementine can escape.

The Intruder
Talked to a stranger.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
Once Clem reaches the cabin, she meets up with Carlos and Rebecca inside. There she finds that Luke and Alvin are out looking for them. After the two gather some guns, Carlos asks Clementine to look after his daughter Sarah while they're out. Agreeing, Clem goes up to Sarah's room where she will surprise Clem by taking a Polaroid of her when she enters.
The two will chit-chat and you'll have the option of taking a photo of Sarah too, then she will reveal she also found a gun underneath the house along with the camera. Playing around with it, Sarah will see who she thinks is Luke outside the Cabin. Sarah then notices its not Luke and hides with Clem out of view.

The mysterious person will make for the front door where you'll have the option to open or lock the door. Either way he enter the cabin and begin to bombard Clem with questions. The man who reveals himself as "George" snoops around the cabin and continues to ask about the group Clementine is with, all while trying to avoid some of Clem's questions.

Further on "George" will see something on the second floor and goes to check it out. He will enter Sarah's room, where she is hiding under the bed. If you did take a picture of Sarah, "George" will discover it on the floor, and will warn Clem not to trust her new group just before leaving in a hurry.

Moving On
Left the cabin.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walktrough - Part III
Shorty after "George" leaves, the group returns and Clem tell them of the stranger that arrived. The group will think it was a man named Carver and that he was looking for them. Sarah will show her father the photo of her and ask where it came from.

Here is the first of five major decisions Take the blame or Do not take the blame for the photo.

Carlos later convinces group they will have to pack up and leave, headed north. Along the way, Rebecca will speak with Clem and the group will eventually come across Pete or Nick's whereabouts.

If Clem was with Pete, the group will find his mutilated corpse. If Clementine was with Nick, they will find him inside the cabin, alive and well. Afterwards they will continue on their way north.

Over the Bridge
Found a way across the water.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part IV
Five days of walking later, the group will come across a bridge. Clem and Luke will go to clear the bridge and kill a few zombies on the way. Halfway across, Luke nearly falls off into the river along with being attacked by a small horde. After some QTE actions, the two manage to save themselves in the scuffle.

A Stranger
Met someone on a bridge.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part V
Once on their feet, the two come across an armed man who berate them about being assholes. The bridge man is soon convinced that they are of no harm. Suddenly, Nick will appear thinking the man was lethal. Despite Clem and Luke's outcry, he shoots the man in the neck, killing him almost instantly.

Old Friends
Made it to the ski lodge.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VI
The rest of the group finally comes across the bridge. Alvin will then ask Clem to search the small cabin for any food for Rebecca. Gaining control to search the cabin, Clem will come across a hunting knife with an embroidered sheath. In turn you'll use it to open the chest on the floor to reveal it contents of canned food. On cue, Alvin will walk in and snatch it right up and asks to keep the transaction on the down-low. Once a decision is made, a few zombies will come from the woods, pushing the group toward the ski lodge.

Once the group arrives Clem will check the view for any followers and finds some lights shining on the far end of the bridge. Off to alert the group, she sees that they are being confronted by more armed survivors. After wedging herself through the crowd, she finds Kenny, still alive, among the new faces.

After catching up with Kenny, helping with Christmas ornaments, and talking to Walter, dinner is served where you'll have to make your second of five major decisions. Sit with Kenny or Sit with Luke.
Once chosen, a conversation will spark and the opposite group will eventually come to sit with Clem. A short argument with Kenny and the old group will ensue, and the mental state of Kenny will become very apparent. Shorty there after, Walter will take Clem outside for a nice little chit-chat.

Past Midnight
Settled things with a new friend.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VII
Speaking with Clem, Walter will go on about how he believes the world is still a salvageable place and talks about his missing partner Matthew. After turning a corner, they see a woman trying to peek through a window into the lodge. Kenny wonders in on the group and is immediately suspicious. Despite the suspicion Walter winds up giving her a large box of food and sends her on her way.

Back inside, Luke will tell Clem that the guy Nick shot on the bridge was Walter's partner Matthew. Luke teaches Nick of the new find, and warns the two not to tell Walter. He then distracts Nick and tells Clem to hide the knife she took from the cabin by the bridge. When she goes to take it, she finds it with Walter who is standing on the front porch. Clem will speak with him and he will ask how Matthew died and if Nick is a good man or not.

This will trigger you third and fourth major decisions of the episode. Told Walter the Truth or Did not tell the truth.
Further on; Convinced Walter to forgive Nick or Didn't convince Walter to forgive Nick.

Nick, filled with sorrow, will then walk out to Clam and Walter on the porch. Walter will then begin breaking down and asks for Nick to tell him what happened himself. He'll then throw the knife away as the storm cases the giant power windmill to spin erratically.

Completed Episode 2: "A House Divided"

Story Related, Cannot be Missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VIII
The group rushes out to see the cause of the ruckus. They then proceed to go stop the windmill from attracting any zombies from the woods. Kenny and Luke go off somewhere as Clem is left to fix the windmill. After opening the service hatch, Clem can take the key on the right and discontinue the windmills operation. As this is happening, the others provide cover and Nick begins to struggle. Depending on what you told Walter earlier, he will save Nick or let him be eaten.

After fending off some zombies and running inside, machine-gun fire opens up outside as Carver's group arrives and finishes off the horde. Carver walks in and orders his group to go inside and hols everyone prisoner. Meanwhile; Alvin, Rebecca and Clem are hidden upstairs debating what they should do next.

Here is your final major decision of the episode; Surrender (Save Carlos) or Find Kenny.

Both will result in the salvation of Alvin (if you surrender quickly enough), Walter's death and the surrender of Kenny after the firefight that injures Carver. Afterwards, Luke is still missing and is presumed a runnaway. He then orders his people to take the survivors back to their home where...

Next time, on the Walking Dead...

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