Players: 1
Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required: None.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 Hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Amid the Ruins is the fourth episode in the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead.

In the wake of In Harms Way, Clementine and the survivors are still in the middle of escaping the horde of zombies is they flee from captivity. In the heat of panic and confussion, the group is scattered throughout the mass of oncoming zombies. Now with their survival skills put to the test, everyone is pressed to their limits knowing death could be just around the corner.

Player choices made in Season 1, 400 Days, and previous episodes will affect the decisions in further episodes of Season 2.


1) Playthrough - There are no missable trophies in this episode of Season 2. Simply completing the game will reward you with all eight possible.

2) Move on to the next episode -

[top]Tips & Strategies

L2 Button - Pressing L2 highlights all the interactive people, places and things in an area.

Action Wheel - Instead of having the plain button prompts while you're exploring, the actions you can perform are displayed in a color coordinated wheel. Green/triangle, red/circle, blue/X, pink/square.


Best Laid Plans
Got separated from the group.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I
If you chose to cut off Sarita's hand: Sarita will panic and Kenny and Mike will rush over to her. Kenny will become very angry toward Clem all the while giving you the choice to make sure Sarita is dead or leave her to turn. Once your chioce is made, Clem will be left behind in the horde.

If you chose to kill the zombie: Sarita will panic after being bitten and Mike will rush over to her. This time, everyone will escape together, and Clem will fall behind.

Path Less Traveled
Learned new survival skills.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
After being left behind, Clem will kill a zombie or two and apply some more blood & guts to herself to stay hidden. Out of the blue, Clem will be grabbed by someone; who luckily turnout to be Rebecca. She tells you that Luke and Nick (if you saved him in Episode 2) ran off to find Sarah after she bolted into the woods.

After catching their breath, the two will make for an opening in the horde but will ultimate be surrounded. Clem will literally run into Jane who will give then some instructions on how to elude the zombies further. Jane and Clem will come together and use a de-jawed zombie to manage their way out of the horde.

Some time will pass, and the three survivors will chat amongst themselves as they make their way though the forest. Rebecca will soon stop for a rest and an argument will break out between her and Jane. Whichever side you pick, upon choosing the group will catch up to the rest of the survivors at a Civil War historical site named Parker's Run.

Shortly after arriving, you see Mike, Bonnie & Kenny are settling down around the park. The group will start chatting with one another and the state of Kenny's mental being is called into question. Clem will be pressured into checking to see if he is okay. However you choose to deal with Kenny, sooner or later he'll angrily tell you to leave him be. Clem will then return to the group to discuss their next move.

After a bit of chit-chat, Jane will take Clem to search for the others and along their way will discuss how each other have survived for this long. Jane will then look ahead and will teach Clem about aged and newer zombies and how it's a good idea to search their corpses for supplies.
On the zombie that Clem will look-over will be Sarah's glasses. You can choose to call for her, afterward you'll hear screams from an adjacent trailer.

A Heavy Burden
Returned to the meeting place.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough Part III
Hearing Sarah scream, the two make their way around the trailer park's fence to find a way in. Upon finding a hole, Nick (if you saved him in Episode 2) well be caught in the fence since being turned. Clem will then have to kill him for good, and will use her hatchet to do so. Once he's taken care of, Jane will give her a better killing weapon and the two proceed in to the trailer park.

On the way to where the screams are coming from Jane will quickly gove Clam some advice on how to quickly resolve the presense of a zombie with a kick to their knees and a swift stab to their heads. After using the new moves herself, the the two continue on.

Finally discovering Sarah's location, they find that Luke is with her and the trailer that they're in is surrounded bt zombies. Clem and Jane lure the crowd away with their surroundings and hurry over to the tralier where Clem can break down the door; all by herself no doubt. Once inside, they quickly throw a bookshelf over and push it to block the front door.

Looking around, Luke will come out of a room inside to greet them and warm them of the condition he and Sarah are in. Clem will go to Sarah and you can use any means you can to try to get her to snap out of her shock.

Meanwhile, zombies surround the trailer leaving the skylight as the only means of escape. After realizing that the only thing that can't prop the group to get out is the bookshelf that's in front of the door, they quickly drag it to the room and fend off what they can at the same time. With the shelf where they need it, they lock themselves in the room as zombies pile in the trailer through the front door.

With time running out you have to make your first major decision of the episode; Leave Sarah to Die or Convince Her to Come.

After your choice is made, the group will narrowly escape the zombies through the skylight and will quickly make their way back to the historical grounds of Parker's Run.

History Lesson
Reached the museum.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough Part V
The stranger, unknowing of the two hiding, tries to stuff a bag into a trash can next to the shop. As he does that, you have the choice to startle him or wait in your hiding spot. Eventually the jig will be up, and the stranger will pull a gun on Clem. Scared, you can convince him to calm down and reveal his name. While he's distracted, Jane will disarm him from behind and find that the bag he tried to hide is full of important medical supplies.

Here you have your second major decision of the episode; Rob Arvo or Refuse To Rob Arvo.

After making the decision, Arvo will leave terrified and shortly afterward Clem will return to the park while Jane tries to break into the gift shop.
Once Clem returns, Rebecca will be in bad shape. If you stole the medication, you can offer it to her, and if not you'll be sent to check on Make & Bonnie at the museum.

After finding Mike & Bonnie, Clem sees that the search for supplies is coming up short. You can then join them by poking around the area for some things like a Confederate Jacket.
Looking everywhere, you can double check where Mike was looking to find that the museum shop gate can be moved just a little bit more to fit through.

Here is your third major decision of the episode; Crawl In or Refuse to Crawl In.

Once you chose, the small group will find a way inside where a zombie is waiting. Mike will dispose of him quickly, and snatch the clean water that's inside. Walking out, the group find a raccoon scurrying about and decide to try to capture it. After the futile attempt, the three will make their way back to the park with the clean water they found.

Making an Observation
Found the Observation Deck.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough IV
Arriving at the park, Clem finds Rebecca in worsening shape and Kenny as exiled himself in a near-by tent. Clem will walk in to check-up on him and have a decent chat. Here you can convince him to help out with the fourth-coming baby and the search for supplies. Once everyone is on the same page, Mike & Bonnie head to the near-by museum while Clem & Jane will travel to the battleground observation deck.

Reaching the deck, the two talk a bit before heading up the stairs. They find a great little spot for the birthing inside the upstairs gift shop just as Clam spots a stranger headed their way. Jane and Clem scramble to hide as the stranger walks up to them.

All Fall Down
Survived the attack.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough Part VI
Once they return with the water, Rebecca's water breaks and her screams attract a horde near-by. Kenny will start to find some of the zombies off while the rest start to pack things up to head to the observation deck.

With everyone in check, the group arrive finding Luke & Jane screwing around and start to argue. The horde, which followed, starts to make it's way up the stairs. Everyone tries to barricade the gate as they pile up on them. The gate begins to give under the pressure and the group asks for something to block it.

You have a moment to look around, but ultimately the cannon is the best bet. Luke will race over to help push it to the gate, but its weight will bring half of the deck down to the ground, throwing Sarah and Jane along with it.

Though not a major decision, you have the option to help Sarah or Jane in the time of panic. Either way, Clem quickly decides to break off the rest of the deck for safety. Looking around , she will find the cable holding the deck up and quickly hack it down with her hatchet.

Once the deck falls, everyone rushes back to Rebecca's aid. They find that the baby was birthed but isn't breathing. Suddenly, it begins to cry and the weary group sets up for the night.

That night comes your fourth major decision; Accept the Offer & Hold the Baby or Decline Rebecca's Offer.

Once chosen, Kenny will take the baby to watch for the night. As the group decides when to leave the next day, a small argument will again break out between Luke & Kenny, but will be quickly settled by your choice. Soon after Clem will see Jane leaving the group to be on her own. She'll offer Clem the file she found earlier where you can decide to accept or decline it. Jane will then trek off into the night.

On Foot
Got back on the road.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthough Part VII
The next day, the group will head out at the time that was agreed upon the night before. After walking a bit, Rebecca will fall ill and someone is spotted in the distance.

Beyond the Trees
Completed Episode 4: "Amid the Ruins"

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough Part VIII
The person in the distance turns out to be Arvo, the man who had the bag of medicine. It's revealed that the group is surrounded by his clan and are armed with rifles. With tensions raising and both parties unaware, Rebecca passes away from fatigue and Clem is the only one to notice. You can choose to yell for help, or shoot Rebecca yourself.

The other group returns fire and...Next time on The Walking Dead...

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