Players: 1
Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required: None.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 Hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: N/A


No Way Back is the fifth episode and dramatic finale of Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Everything comes to a fierce climax as Clementine and the group are caught in a troubling cross-fire. Tensions are at their highest and everyone is showing their true colors as life among the walkers have chewed them up and left them for dead. With all the loved ones they've lost along the way, hope lies in the chance in survival and the belief that they'll see them again, some day.

Player choices made in Season 1, 400 Days, and previous episodes will affect the decisions in further episodes of Season 2.


1) Playthrough - There are no missable trophies in this episode of Season 2. Simply completing the game will reward you with all eight possible.

2) Cry & Wait for Season Three. -

[top]Tips & Strategies

L2 Button - Pressing L2 highlights all the interactive people, places and things in an area.

Action Wheel - Instead of having the plain button prompts while you're exploring, the actions you can perform are displayed in a color coordinated wheel. Green/triangle, red/circle, blue/X, pink/square.


Blood and Iron
Made it out alive.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I
Caught in the cross-fire of Arvo's group, Clem wakes up after blacking out during the gunfight. We see the survivors pinned down as gunfire flies back n' forth. Finally gaining composure, Clem will take cover with Bonnie, away from the firefight. She'll then see the baby, AJ, in the middle of it all near the body of his mother, Rebecca. Luke wants Clem to provide cover fire, but after almost getting shot herself, makes a decision.

Your first major decision of the episode; Save the Baby or Stay In Cover.

Once chosen, the baby will wind up back with the group and Luke will be shot in the leg by the Russians.

The gunfight continues, and Arvo's now dead sister will zombify and make for Kenny. You'll have to take care of her, as Arvo will rush out to hold her, which gives the other Russian a shot at Kenny.

Miles To Go
Took a breather.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
Suddenly, he's stunned, as you find out he was stabbed in the back of the neck by Jane, who returned after hearing the gun battle ensue.
Once he goes down, the group gets a breather as they begin to figure out the future of themselves with the baby.

After a brief argument between Kenny and Arvo, Arvo will agree to show the group to their hideout with the promise of food and supplies. The group shakes off the last few moments and follows him into the forest.

Right of Frost
Stopped for the night.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part III
Along their journey, the group comes across an old power station. Realizing the night is upon them, they decide to hunker down and spend the night there. Though things are a little tense, the group will have a moment of humanity and celebration as they find out that it was Luke's birthday.

Clem can try to keep the group around the campfire, but in the end everyone decides their own way, and spends the remainder of the night together.

Center Cannot Hold
Reached the other side.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part IV
The next morning the group wakes and continues toward Arvo's promised safehouse. While walking along a zombie will creep up behind Kenny narrowing being saved my Clem. Worrying that the shot might've startled a horde, the group quicken their pace and come across the frozen lake that separates them from the safehouse. More zombies make their way out of the forest toward them, so they decide to make for the house over the ice.

During the ice walk, Arvo makes a break for the house and in the confusion, Luke finds himself on a patch of thin ice. Scared, Bonnie wants Clem to help while Luke orders her to stay put and shot the forthcoming zombies.

Your second major decision of the episode; Help Luke or Cover Luke.

Afterwards the group will finally make it to shore and rush into the house, out of the elements for warmth.

All the Dark Night
Made it through to morning.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part V
Once inside the building, the group searches the place while Kenny and Arvo go at it again. Clem can stop the argument, either way the everyone sets up for the night at the safehouse as Kenny will try to revive the broken down truck parked behind the building.In the middle of the night, Clem is woken by a noise from outside. She creeps out to have a look-see only to find that the ruckus is an a old extension cable smacking the house in the breeze.

After settling that, Clem will spot some shadowy figures near the abandoned truck. Cautiously, Clem will approach and find that Mike and Arvo are planning to steal it and escape. Arvo quickly turns around with a rifle, but is stopped my Mike. Trying to keep things on the down-low, Mike tried to convince Clem to come with them and leave the rest behind.

Your third major decision of the episode; Join Mike or Refuse to Leave.

Afterwards, in the middle of discussion Arvo panics and shoots Clem...

We Slowly Drove
Reached the terminus.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VI
After a lot of feels, Clem will regain consciousness in the back of the truck, piloted by Kenny along with Jane holding AJ. While on the road Kenny and Jane argue fiercely as they drive along the snow-covered road. The situation escalates very quickly and a block in the road goes unnoticed.

At the last second, Kenny swerves and attempts to find gas in one of the cars telling Jane and Clem to meet at the rest stop ahead in case something goes wrong.

Kindly Stop for Me
Found your way through.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthtough - Part VII
With Kenny in the storm looking for gas, the two girls hear gunshots from the backed up traffic. The two panic and race away in the truck with AJ. In the rush the truck crashes forcing them to escape. Jane takes AJ and runs off, leaving Clem to crawl out and wonder in the storm.

After walking aimlessly among the zombies for quite some time, Clem will finally make it to the rest stop mentioned earlier and find a panic-stricken Kenny taking refuge inside.

All The Dead Lie Down
Completed Episode 5: "No Going Back"

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VIII
Clem and Kenny shake off the blizzard for a moment until they realize Jane is still outside somewhere with AJ. Fearing the worst Kenny tries to leave in search of the two in the storm.

Suddenly, Jane arrives at the rest stop without young AJ. Kenny immediately becomes furious and attacks Jane. The two fight it out in and outside the rest stop. The fight becomes bloodier and bloodier as Clem tries to separate the two. It continues until Kenny has Jane pinned with her own knife slowly pressing pressed into her chest.

Your fourth major decision; Shoot Kenny or Look Away.

Now that the fight is over, whoever is left alive after the fight will get up and, along with Clem will hear the cry of a baby in the whiteout of the storm. It'll turn out that Jane left AJ safely in a nearby car to prove a point toward Kenny's temper and broken mindedness. Clem will grab AJ and have to make a hard decision.

Now comes your final major decision of the season; Leave with AJ Alone or Stay Together With Who's Left.

Next season on The Walking Dead...

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