Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: ~10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None, all story related
Glitched Trophies: None

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[top]Tips and Strategies

L2 Button - Pressing L2 highlights all the interactive people, places and things in an area.

Action Wheel - Instead of having the plain button prompts while you're exploring, the actions you can perform are displayed in a color coordinated wheel. Green/triangle, red/circle, blue/X, pink/square.


There are no collectibles, grinding, time trials, just an adventure. Simply play the game from start to finish and enjoy this well-crafted story.


Split Decision
Completed Episode 1: "All That Remains"

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VIII (Final)
On their way to the river, Nick catches up to Pete and Clem on the trail. The two guys bicker on about a few things before stumbling on a massacre. Here you can search the area for any useful items and inquiries.

Eventually, Clem will come across her missing backpack next to a man who is still clinging to life. She asks him where Christa is but the man instead motions for a drink from her water bottle. You may give him a drink or not, but soon afterward, Pete is attacked by a zombie and bitten on the ankle.

With the firing of his rifle, more zombies emerge from the woods. Now comes your final major decision of the episode. Leave with Nick or leave with Pete.

Next time on the Walking Dead...

River Runs Cold
Arrived at the shore.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I
After the prologue, the episode jumps forward to show Clementine and Christa around a campfire cooking a weasel. After some moody conversation, Christa heads off to look for more firewood, leaving Clementine by the fire.

Regaining control, you can search through your backpack where you'll find a photo of Lee, her old drawing of Kenny, Katjaa and Duck and a lighter. Once you've picked through everything, use the lighter to tend to the fire.

You find that the fire isn't quite enough to cook the skewered weasel and you can search around the campsite for kindling. Grab the log that's close-by and add it to the fire.

Clementine will then hear a noise and will venture out to find Christa being held at gunpoint by bandits. Once you regain control, you'll be faced with the first major decision; Sneak Away (Didn't Stop) or Cause Distraction (Save Christa). After your decision, one of the bandits will make chase and go after Clementine.

You'll fight through the forest using quick-time events as the struggle intensifies. Eventually, you'll push the bandit into the reach of a nearby zombie, which then grabs and kills him.

Back on her feet, Clementine is approached by a horde coming from the woods. Trying to back away, Clementine slips and falls into a river and is swept away. Waking up the next day, you find her washed a shore on a small beach.

Found a campsite.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
Once awake on the river bank, you regain control and have the opportunity to view your surroundings. Climb up the rivers edge, where you can investigate further, then head into the woods.

After a short journey, Clem will come across a dog named Sam and exchange a brief encounter. Sam will then lead her to the abandoned camp of his previous owners.

On the Path
Met new people.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part III
Clem will enter the campsite and you will regain control. Here, you can search around the area for food and clues to the lives of the camps previous owners. Eventually, Sam will begin to bark for Clem's attention. Tied to a tree with a knife sticking out of its arm, will sit a zombie at the edge of the camp area.

After some short nostalgia, you can reach for the knife, or pick up the branch sitting next to the zombie. Once the zombie is done for, pull the knife out of its arm and Clem will sit down with her can of food. Use the knife to open it and Clem will begin to chow down.

Seeing her eat, Sam will begin to beg for the can. You can choose to feed him or not, but either way Sam will attack Clem, biting her arm. After grabbing her knife, you'll fight the dog through a series of quicktime events, and after multiple stab wounds, Clem will kick Sam away.

Getting back on her feet, Clem will find that Sam fell onto a metal frame that pierced right through his body. You now face your second major decision; Kill Sam or Leave him to suffer.

Once a decision is made, Clem will eventually head off into the woods again, now with a severe bite wound on her arm. She wonders for a while until succumbing to the exhaustion of pain and blood loss.

Clem nearly passes out in the middle of a group of zombies, and is almost immediately attacked. In the middle of attempting to fight back, she is saved by two passerbys named Luke and Pete. The two then carry her out of harms way.

Now What?
Arrived at the cabin.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part IV
Once Luke and Pete set off with Clem, Luke notices the wound on her arm. He immediately assumes it to be a walker bite and begins to discuss with Pete over what to do. As Clem, you can plea to the two that it's a dog bite rather than Zombie bite but the two will still argue over the next course of action. Eventually, Pete decides to take her to their cabin, where she can be seen to by a doctor.
Nearing their cabin, Clem blacks out and later awakens as several of the cabin's inhabitants people argue over what to do with her. Given an option to butt into the conversation, Nick, who's holding a rifle, is startled and accidentally fires off extremely close to Clem. The group will then argue even further in the face of your pleas for help even if it meant immediately leaving afterward.

Finally, the group's doctor, Carlos, come out to examine Clem's bite wound. Unable to discern whether or not she was bitten by a zombie or a dog, the group decides to hold Clem in the shed until morning to learn if she will develop symptoms of the infection.

Clem pleas further, but is ultimately shoved into the cabins shed for the night.

Got what you needed.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part V
Once in the shed, you have the freedom to look around as you please and you will find a spool of fishing line to help close your wound. On the left side of the shed, pull down the fold-out table and climb on top. From there, you can reach the hammer on the upper shelf. Clem will reach for it, but the shelf will break, and she will take a nasty fall into here bitten arm. After getting upright, remove the fallen shelf and grab the hammer from underneath, then use the hammer in the far right corner of the shed to escape.

Clem will crawl out into the dark woods and see distant zombies shuffling though the trees. Make your way around the house to the far porch and use the hammer again. but on the plywood that is blocking the entrance to the crawlspace of the house. Head under and you'll come to a hatch that leads to a storage closet where you'll use your tools to pop it open.

Now inside, you can leave the closet and listen in on the group still arguing in the kitchen on the left. Once you've had your fill, head right and up the stairs where there are three different rooms. Take a left from the stairs to the first bedroom, and you'll find it empty of occupants. You can search around the room as you please, but on the desk is a bundle of rags for make-shift bandages.

After you got what you came for, head down the small hallway and take the door on the left. Inside is a bathroom with a medicine cabinet, shower, and a linen closet. Crack open the cabinet and grab the single needle. As soon as you do, one of the group, Rebecca, will rush toward you direction. Choose to hide in either the closet or the shower, and she will eventually leave giving you the means to check the last room.

Head straight across the hall to the final room and you'll find Carlos' daughter Sarah. Though she is forbidden to speak with you, you can convince her to help you and eventually give you the final component, peroxide. Hesitant at first she will agree to the transaction once you make the third major decision of the episode; Be Sarah's friend or choose not to be Sarah's Friend.

Once chosen, Sarah will let you go on the preface of you not telling her father she helped you, and Clem will leave her room without raising an alarm. Now, head back down the stairs and back into the closet. Clem will make her way back to the shed on her own with all the things she needs to clean, suture, and bandage her wound.

Still. Not. Bitten.
Took care of yourself.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VI
Now that Clem has crawled back into the shed, she can now perform in impromptu suture on herself. She will put all of the items on the workbench and lay her arm to rest readying for wound for cleaning.

Firstly, use the peroxide to douse the wound and disinfect the area. Clem will flinch and scream in light of the wounds reaction, but now you have to go to work. (Not for the squeamish.) Take the needle and the fishing line and run the line through the needle's loop. With the needle ready, hold the given action button and use the directional ques to bring the flesh back together. Repeat until the wound is completely closed.

Lastly, go for the rags to bandage up. Clem will accidentally knock them off the table onto the floor which triggers a zombie attack when when attempts to pick them up. Fight the zombie as it breaks through and makes a fun at your life by grabbing a free brick from the floor. Once you're out of it's clutches, grab the rake on the floor to the left and impale the zombie onto the hanging anchor. Before it gets up, grabs the hammer from the workbench and smash the zombie's brains in.

In light of the commotion, the group bursts in to find Clem un-turned and covered in zombie goop. Seeing that she was telling the truth all along, they invite you in to further care for your wounded arm.

Headed Out
Headed out with the group.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VII
With Clem now allowed into the cabin, Carlos examines and bandages her arm and scolds her for dealing with his daughter. Luke, offers Clem a meal, and two have a heartfelt conversation about her past with Lee and the survivors.

Further on, Nick enters the room to apologize to for his behavior earlier and for almost shooting her at point blank range. Once his offer of apology is through you can decide in the fourth major decision to Accept his apology, or Reject his apology. This choice is immediately followed by a harsh back and forth with Rebecca with some unfriendly exchanges.

The next day, Clem and Pete set out on a fishing trip.

New Morning
Helped someone through a difficult time.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I (If you saved Pete)
After being bitten in running off into the woods, Clem and Pete will find shelter in a inside a small truck. Pete will then ask for Clem to hand him the saw on the floor of the truck. Upon handing him the tool, he hastily decides not to cut off his leg, thinking he would just bleed out by the time they returned to the cabin. That morning after spending the night in the truck, Clem wakes to find a Pete on the verge of turning. After a short conversation as Clem, you can convince Pete to say goodbye to Nick. Once Pete is convinced, he will distract the zombies allowing Clem to escape.

(If you saved Nick)
After escaping with Nick, he'll block off the door of the cabin with a crate and Clem will be able to search around. Looking behind the large piece of plywood, Clem finds some jars filled with whiskey. The two spend the night inside and Clem is awoken by Nick throwing empty jars come morning. Following a conversation you can convince Nick to distract walkers so Clementine can escape.

The Intruder
Talked to a stranger.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
Once Clem reaches the cabin, she meets up with Carlos and Rebecca inside. There she finds that Luke and Alvin are out looking for them. After the two gather some guns, Carlos asks Clementine to look after his daughter Sarah while they're out. Agreeing, Clem goes up to Sarah's room where she will surprise Clem by taking a Polaroid of her when she enters.
The two will chit-chat and you'll have the option of taking a photo of Sarah too, then she will reveal she also found a gun underneath the house along with the camera. Playing around with it, Sarah will see who she thinks is Luke outside the Cabin. Sarah then notices its not Luke and hides with Clem out of view.

The mysterious person will make for the front door where you'll have the option to open or lock the door. Either way he enter the cabin and begin to bombard Clem with questions. The man who reveals himself as "George" snoops around the cabin and continues to ask about the group Clementine is with, all while trying to avoid some of Clem's questions.

Further on "George" will see something on the second floor and goes to check it out. He will enter Sarah's room, where she is hiding under the bed. If you did take a picture of Sarah, "George" will discover it on the floor, and will warn Clem not to trust her new group just before leaving in a hurry.

Moving On
Left the cabin.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walktrough - Part III
Shorty after "George" leaves, the group returns and Clem tell them of the stranger that arrived. The group will think it was a man named Carver and that he was looking for them. Sarah will show her father the photo of her and ask where it came from.

Here is the first of five major decisions Take the blame or Do not take the blame for the photo.

Carlos later convinces group they will have to pack up and leave, headed north. Along the way, Rebecca will speak with Clem and the group will eventually come across Pete or Nick's whereabouts.

If Clem was with Pete, the group will find his mutilated corpse. If Clementine was with Nick, they will find him inside the cabin, alive and well. Afterwards they will continue on their way north.

Over the Bridge
Found a way across the water.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part IV
Five days of walking later, the group will come across a bridge. Clem and Luke will go to clear the bridge and kill a few zombies on the way. Halfway across, Luke nearly falls off into the river along with being attacked by a small horde. After some QTE actions, the two manage to save themselves in the scuffle.

A Stranger
Met someone on a bridge.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part V
Once on their feet, the two come across an armed man who berate them about being assholes. The bridge man is soon convinced that they are of no harm. Suddenly, Nick will appear thinking the man was lethal. Despite Clem and Luke's outcry, he shoots the man in the neck, killing him almost instantly.

Old Friends
Made it to the ski lodge.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VI
The rest of the group finally comes across the bridge. Alvin will then ask Clem to search the small cabin for any food for Rebecca. Gaining control to search the cabin, Clem will come across a hunting knife with an embroidered sheath. In turn you'll use it to open the chest on the floor to reveal it contents of canned food. On cue, Alvin will walk in and snatch it right up and asks to keep the transaction on the down-low. Once a decision is made, a few zombies will come from the woods, pushing the group toward the ski lodge.

Once the group arrives Clem will check the view for any followers and finds some lights shining on the far end of the bridge. Off to alert the group, she sees that they are being confronted by more armed survivors. After wedging herself through the crowd, she finds Kenny, still alive, among the new faces.

After catching up with Kenny, helping with Christmas ornaments, and talking to Walter, dinner is served where you'll have to make your second of five major decisions. Sit with Kenny or Sit with Luke.
Once chosen, a conversation will spark and the opposite group will eventually come to sit with Clem. A short argument with Kenny and the old group will ensue, and the mental state of Kenny will become very apparent. Shorty there after, Walter will take Clem outside for a nice little chit-chat.

Past Midnight
Settled things with a new friend.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VII
Speaking with Clem, Walter will go on about how he believes the world is still a salvageable place and talks about his missing partner Matthew. After turning a corner, they see a woman trying to peek through a window into the lodge. Kenny wonders in on the group and is immediately suspicious. Despite the suspicion Walter winds up giving her a large box of food and sends her on her way.

Back inside, Luke will tell Clem that the guy Nick shot on the bridge was Walter's partner Matthew. Luke teaches Nick of the new find, and warns the two not to tell Walter. He then distracts Nick and tells Clem to hide the knife she took from the cabin by the bridge. When she goes to take it, she finds it with Walter who is standing on the front porch. Clem will speak with him and he will ask how Matthew died and if Nick is a good man or not.

This will trigger you third and fourth major decisions of the episode. Told Walter the Truth or Did not tell the truth.
Further on; Convinced Walter to forgive Nick or Didn't convince Walter to forgive Nick.

Nick, filled with sorrow, will then walk out to Clam and Walter on the porch. Walter will then begin breaking down and asks for Nick to tell him what happened himself. He'll then throw the knife away as the storm cases the giant power windmill to spin erratically.

Completed Episode 2: "A House Divided"

Story Related, Cannot be Missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VIII
The group rushes out to see the cause of the ruckus. They then proceed to go stop the windmill from attracting any zombies from the woods. Kenny and Luke go off somewhere as Clem is left to fix the windmill. After opening the service hatch, Clem can take the key on the right and discontinue the windmills operation. As this is happening, the others provide cover and Nick begins to struggle. Depending on what you told Walter earlier, he will save Nick or let him be eaten.

After fending off some zombies and running inside, machine-gun fire opens up outside as Carver's group arrives and finishes off the horde. Carver walks in and orders his group to go inside and hols everyone prisoner. Meanwhile; Alvin, Rebecca and Clem are hidden upstairs debating what they should do next.

Here is your final major decision of the episode; Surrender (Save Carlos) or Find Kenny.

Both will result in the salvation of Alvin (if you surrender quickly enough), Walter's death and the surrender of Kenny after the firefight that injures Carver. Afterwards, Luke is still missing and is presumed a runnaway. He then orders his people to take the survivors back to their home where...

Next time, on the Walking Dead...

Fresh Fish
Arrived at your new home.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I
Following a rest stop, Clem watches over Sarah while she's alone for a moment in the forest. Troy, Carver's main lackey, shouts for the two to come back to the moving truck to be tied back up and lead into the back. As Carver barks orders into a radio, he and Clem can have a few words before she's loaded in with the rest of the group.

Once everyone is packed in, the truck carries on its way to the settlement. While cooped up, Kenny suggests finding a way to escape bondage and bum-rushing their captors once the truck stops. Regardless if you agree with him or not, he'll spot a sharp edge of the truck wall to cut himself loose. The group will argue further about escaping and the whereabouts of Luke after the hostage situation for a bit then the truck will stop abruptly. The jolt will send Kenny into the door, knocking him for a loop.

The door opens showing the settlements numbers in survivors and the group's arrival.

Long Way Down
Witnessed a murder.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
The group is walked into a holding area in the main part of the settlement where you meet Reggie. Once herded in and introduced, Alvin (if you saved him) will be taken away by Carver and you get the chance to look around for anything that can help a plan for a future escape along with being able to chat with everyone around.

After that night. Troy will kick Clem awake and the group will be corralled for a speech from Carver. While that's taking place, Sarah will try to small talk with Clem which causes Carver to become infuriated. He order's Carlos to hit her, and he complies.

Afterwards, the groups get their chores for the day. Clem is sent along with Bonnie to fill magazines in the armory. While inside, Bonnie will gush over the groups current situation and try to sympathize. Whether you side along is up to you, because either way, she'll give you a jacket to keep you warm during the cold nights. Tavia then comes in to take Clem to her next post in the greenhouse with Reggie & Sarah.

Once everyone is settled in the greenhouse, Reggie goes over the rules of pruning and collecting berries and the two girls are given their posts with all the work for the day. Clem starts her duty and clips away where she notices Sarah still distraught from earlier.

Here is your first major decision of the episode; Help Sarah or Do Not Help Sarah.

Once your decision is made, Carver will storm in to check on the progress of the work. Just before an argument breaks out, the two girls are told to leave while the two men settle. As Clem and Sarah wait outside, the door to the greenhouse slams open as Carver shoves Reggie along. Trying to prove a point, Carver will then throw Reggie off of the roof and order Clem to return to Bonnie.

One Long Day
Made it through your first day.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part III
Talking to Bonnie after the incident, you have the option of telling her what exactly happened to Reggie moments ago. Clem is them sent to Kenny and Micheal on the outskirts of the establishment. When she arrives, she finds the two fighting about the days work. The fight ends in the smashing of a window and zombies our inside. Clem will have to run away and fight a handful to get away until being saved by Troy, who's checking up on them.
She is them ordered back holding area inside. Walking down the alley way, she's grabbed and taken into a comic book shop by Luke, who is hiding out. He warns of the huge horde headed their way and wants Clem to fetch a radio for him to aid in their escape. Suddenly Troy, bursts in, barely missing Luke, and orders you again, this time to see Carver in his office.

When you arrive, Rebecca will pass you on the stairs, crying. Inside, will be Carver (and Alvin if you saved him in Episode 2) who will preach to you about weakness and survival of the fittest. You can choose how you reply during the conversation, or even stay completely silent. Once he's out of steam, he'll send you back to the holding area along with everyone else for the night.

Always the Quiet Ones
Committed larceny.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part IV
Clem reruns to the group, and go over how they can use what they have to escape. Once an agreement is made, Clem will be sent to snatch up a couple of radios for the plan. She'll be hoisted onto a ladder where she'll sneak onto the roof and further on into the stock room via the skylight.

When Clem climbs down and around the shelves, Tavia will be on her own radio patrolling the room. When she has her back turned, sneak up and pick up a pair of radios and return to the group for the night.

Not in Nottingham
Got beaten down.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part V
The next day, Clem will return to the comic book shop to talk to Luke again. Finding him missing, Troy will burst again once more and takes back to the holding area. Once back, she finds the Luke was found looking for food along with his stolen radio. Carver demands to know the location of the second one, which is stashed in Clem's jacket pocket.

Here is your next major decision; Hide The Theft or Come Clean.

Either way, Kenny will step up immediately instead and hand the radio back over. Carver will then start beating Kenny with the radio in retaliation. Here you have another Major decision.

Restrain Sarita (Resulting a very bludgeoned Kenny) or Help Kenny (Resulting in Troy striking Clem).

Afterward, Bonnie will be left with the group for guard duty.

Come Hither
Invited some friends into the compound.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VI
Later that night, the group debates whether or not to proceed with the escape plan even after the first half was foiled. They finally agree to go ahead with the idea and send Clem into Carver's office to turn on the exterior speakers.

Once you've pressed the button, and worked with the CD player, the recorded announcements will draw the horde into the compound. If you save Alvin in Episode 2, he'll awake from his pseudo-coma from being beaten, to buy you some time to escape.

When Clem climbs into the stock room to meet the group to escape, she sees that Carver has them by gunpoint about to fire.

Gave what you got.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VII
Seeing Carver holding up the group, Clem will jump atop him from the stock shelves and knock him off kilter. Luke will snatch his gun and Kenny will punch him, knocking him down along with shooting out his knees.

Carver starts spouting all kinds of insults and nonsense while Kenny finds a crowbar to use on him. He asks everyone to leave, and this is your nest Major decision.

Stay and Watch or Leave the Room.

Once you choose, Kenny will continue to smash Carver's head in with the crowbar.

Eye of the Storm
Completed Episode 3: "In Harm's Way"

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VIII
Once Carver is dead, everyone will start to cover themselves on zombie guts to blend in with the horde. Troy catches them in the act, but is quickly dispatched by Jane in order to get away. The horde starts to encompass the group as they act the part to survive. Roof guards from the building start to fire on the zombies and Sarah begins to panic.

In her panic she beings to scream alerting the zombies to their ruse. Once alerted, Carlos is shot dead and Sarah runs in to the thick forest. With the zombies now attacking, they attack the group and one manages to bite Sarita's hand.

Here is your final major decision of the episode; Kill the Zombie or Chop off her Arm.

Next time on the Walking Dead...

Best Laid Plans
Got separated from the group.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I
If you chose to cut off Sarita's hand: Sarita will panic and Kenny and Mike will rush over to her. Kenny will become very angry toward Clem all the while giving you the choice to make sure Sarita is dead or leave her to turn. Once your chioce is made, Clem will be left behind in the horde.

If you chose to kill the zombie: Sarita will panic after being bitten and Mike will rush over to her. This time, everyone will escape together, and Clem will fall behind.

Path Less Traveled
Learned new survival skills.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
After being left behind, Clem will kill a zombie or two and apply some more blood & guts to herself to stay hidden. Out of the blue, Clem will be grabbed by someone; who luckily turnout to be Rebecca. She tells you that Luke and Nick (if you saved him in Episode 2) ran off to find Sarah after she bolted into the woods.

After catching their breath, the two will make for an opening in the horde but will ultimate be surrounded. Clem will literally run into Jane who will give then some instructions on how to elude the zombies further. Jane and Clem will come together and use a de-jawed zombie to manage their way out of the horde.

Some time will pass, and the three survivors will chat amongst themselves as they make their way though the forest. Rebecca will soon stop for a rest and an argument will break out between her and Jane. Whichever side you pick, upon choosing the group will catch up to the rest of the survivors at a Civil War historical site named Parker's Run.

Shortly after arriving, you see Mike, Bonnie & Kenny are settling down around the park. The group will start chatting with one another and the state of Kenny's mental being is called into question. Clem will be pressured into checking to see if he is okay. However you choose to deal with Kenny, sooner or later he'll angrily tell you to leave him be. Clem will then return to the group to discuss their next move.

After a bit of chit-chat, Jane will take Clem to search for the others and along their way will discuss how each other have survived for this long. Jane will then look ahead and will teach Clem about aged and newer zombies and how it's a good idea to search their corpses for supplies.
On the zombie that Clem will look-over will be Sarah's glasses. You can choose to call for her, afterward you'll hear screams from an adjacent trailer.

A Heavy Burden
Returned to the meeting place.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough Part III
Hearing Sarah scream, the two make their way around the trailer park's fence to find a way in. Upon finding a hole, Nick (if you saved him in Episode 2) well be caught in the fence since being turned. Clem will then have to kill him for good, and will use her hatchet to do so. Once he's taken care of, Jane will give her a better killing weapon and the two proceed in to the trailer park.

On the way to where the screams are coming from Jane will quickly gove Clam some advice on how to quickly resolve the presense of a zombie with a kick to their knees and a swift stab to their heads. After using the new moves herself, the the two continue on.

Finally discovering Sarah's location, they find that Luke is with her and the trailer that they're in is surrounded bt zombies. Clem and Jane lure the crowd away with their surroundings and hurry over to the tralier where Clem can break down the door; all by herself no doubt. Once inside, they quickly throw a bookshelf over and push it to block the front door.

Looking around, Luke will come out of a room inside to greet them and warm them of the condition he and Sarah are in. Clem will go to Sarah and you can use any means you can to try to get her to snap out of her shock.

Meanwhile, zombies surround the trailer leaving the skylight as the only means of escape. After realizing that the only thing that can't prop the group to get out is the bookshelf that's in front of the door, they quickly drag it to the room and fend off what they can at the same time. With the shelf where they need it, they lock themselves in the room as zombies pile in the trailer through the front door.

With time running out you have to make your first major decision of the episode; Leave Sarah to Die or Convince Her to Come.

After your choice is made, the group will narrowly escape the zombies through the skylight and will quickly make their way back to the historical grounds of Parker's Run.

History Lesson
Reached the museum.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough Part V
The stranger, unknowing of the two hiding, tries to stuff a bag into a trash can next to the shop. As he does that, you have the choice to startle him or wait in your hiding spot. Eventually the jig will be up, and the stranger will pull a gun on Clem. Scared, you can convince him to calm down and reveal his name. While he's distracted, Jane will disarm him from behind and find that the bag he tried to hide is full of important medical supplies.

Here you have your second major decision of the episode; Rob Arvo or Refuse To Rob Arvo.

After making the decision, Arvo will leave terrified and shortly afterward Clem will return to the park while Jane tries to break into the gift shop.
Once Clem returns, Rebecca will be in bad shape. If you stole the medication, you can offer it to her, and if not you'll be sent to check on Make & Bonnie at the museum.

After finding Mike & Bonnie, Clem sees that the search for supplies is coming up short. You can then join them by poking around the area for some things like a Confederate Jacket.
Looking everywhere, you can double check where Mike was looking to find that the museum shop gate can be moved just a little bit more to fit through.

Here is your third major decision of the episode; Crawl In or Refuse to Crawl In.

Once you chose, the small group will find a way inside where a zombie is waiting. Mike will dispose of him quickly, and snatch the clean water that's inside. Walking out, the group find a raccoon scurrying about and decide to try to capture it. After the futile attempt, the three will make their way back to the park with the clean water they found.

Making an Observation
Found the Observation Deck.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough IV
Arriving at the park, Clem finds Rebecca in worsening shape and Kenny as exiled himself in a near-by tent. Clem will walk in to check-up on him and have a decent chat. Here you can convince him to help out with the fourth-coming baby and the search for supplies. Once everyone is on the same page, Mike & Bonnie head to the near-by museum while Clem & Jane will travel to the battleground observation deck.

Reaching the deck, the two talk a bit before heading up the stairs. They find a great little spot for the birthing inside the upstairs gift shop just as Clam spots a stranger headed their way. Jane and Clem scramble to hide as the stranger walks up to them.

All Fall Down
Survived the attack.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough Part VI
Once they return with the water, Rebecca's water breaks and her screams attract a horde near-by. Kenny will start to find some of the zombies off while the rest start to pack things up to head to the observation deck.

With everyone in check, the group arrive finding Luke & Jane screwing around and start to argue. The horde, which followed, starts to make it's way up the stairs. Everyone tries to barricade the gate as they pile up on them. The gate begins to give under the pressure and the group asks for something to block it.

You have a moment to look around, but ultimately the cannon is the best bet. Luke will race over to help push it to the gate, but its weight will bring half of the deck down to the ground, throwing Sarah and Jane along with it.

Though not a major decision, you have the option to help Sarah or Jane in the time of panic. Either way, Clem quickly decides to break off the rest of the deck for safety. Looking around , she will find the cable holding the deck up and quickly hack it down with her hatchet.

Once the deck falls, everyone rushes back to Rebecca's aid. They find that the baby was birthed but isn't breathing. Suddenly, it begins to cry and the weary group sets up for the night.

That night comes your fourth major decision; Accept the Offer & Hold the Baby or Decline Rebecca's Offer.

Once chosen, Kenny will take the baby to watch for the night. As the group decides when to leave the next day, a small argument will again break out between Luke & Kenny, but will be quickly settled by your choice. Soon after Clem will see Jane leaving the group to be on her own. She'll offer Clem the file she found earlier where you can decide to accept or decline it. Jane will then trek off into the night.

On Foot
Got back on the road.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthough Part VII
The next day, the group will head out at the time that was agreed upon the night before. After walking a bit, Rebecca will fall ill and someone is spotted in the distance.

Beyond the Trees
Completed Episode 4: "Amid the Ruins"

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough Part VIII
The person in the distance turns out to be Arvo, the man who had the bag of medicine. It's revealed that the group is surrounded by his clan and are armed with rifles. With tensions raising and both parties unaware, Rebecca passes away from fatigue and Clem is the only one to notice. You can choose to yell for help, or shoot Rebecca yourself.

The other group returns fire and...Next time on The Walking Dead...

Blood and Iron
Made it out alive.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part I
Caught in the cross-fire of Arvo's group, Clem wakes up after blacking out during the gunfight. We see the survivors pinned down as gunfire flies back n' forth. Finally gaining composure, Clem will take cover with Bonnie, away from the firefight. She'll then see the baby, AJ, in the middle of it all near the body of his mother, Rebecca. Luke wants Clem to provide cover fire, but after almost getting shot herself, makes a decision.

Your first major decision of the episode; Save the Baby or Stay In Cover.

Once chosen, the baby will wind up back with the group and Luke will be shot in the leg by the Russians.

The gunfight continues, and Arvo's now dead sister will zombify and make for Kenny. You'll have to take care of her, as Arvo will rush out to hold her, which gives the other Russian a shot at Kenny.

Miles To Go
Took a breather.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part II
Suddenly, he's stunned, as you find out he was stabbed in the back of the neck by Jane, who returned after hearing the gun battle ensue.
Once he goes down, the group gets a breather as they begin to figure out the future of themselves with the baby.

After a brief argument between Kenny and Arvo, Arvo will agree to show the group to their hideout with the promise of food and supplies. The group shakes off the last few moments and follows him into the forest.

Right of Frost
Stopped for the night.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part III
Along their journey, the group comes across an old power station. Realizing the night is upon them, they decide to hunker down and spend the night there. Though things are a little tense, the group will have a moment of humanity and celebration as they find out that it was Luke's birthday.

Clem can try to keep the group around the campfire, but in the end everyone decides their own way, and spends the remainder of the night together.

Center Cannot Hold
Reached the other side.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part IV
The next morning the group wakes and continues toward Arvo's promised safehouse. While walking along a zombie will creep up behind Kenny narrowing being saved my Clem. Worrying that the shot might've startled a horde, the group quicken their pace and come across the frozen lake that separates them from the safehouse. More zombies make their way out of the forest toward them, so they decide to make for the house over the ice.

During the ice walk, Arvo makes a break for the house and in the confusion, Luke finds himself on a patch of thin ice. Scared, Bonnie wants Clem to help while Luke orders her to stay put and shot the forthcoming zombies.

Your second major decision of the episode; Help Luke or Cover Luke.

Afterwards the group will finally make it to shore and rush into the house, out of the elements for warmth.

All the Dark Night
Made it through to morning.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part V
Once inside the building, the group searches the place while Kenny and Arvo go at it again. Clem can stop the argument, either way the everyone sets up for the night at the safehouse as Kenny will try to revive the broken down truck parked behind the building.In the middle of the night, Clem is woken by a noise from outside. She creeps out to have a look-see only to find that the ruckus is an a old extension cable smacking the house in the breeze.

After settling that, Clem will spot some shadowy figures near the abandoned truck. Cautiously, Clem will approach and find that Mike and Arvo are planning to steal it and escape. Arvo quickly turns around with a rifle, but is stopped my Mike. Trying to keep things on the down-low, Mike tried to convince Clem to come with them and leave the rest behind.

Your third major decision of the episode; Join Mike or Refuse to Leave.

Afterwards, in the middle of discussion Arvo panics and shoots Clem...

We Slowly Drove
Reached the terminus.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VI
After a lot of feels, Clem will regain consciousness in the back of the truck, piloted by Kenny along with Jane holding AJ. While on the road Kenny and Jane argue fiercely as they drive along the snow-covered road. The situation escalates very quickly and a block in the road goes unnoticed.

At the last second, Kenny swerves and attempts to find gas in one of the cars telling Jane and Clem to meet at the rest stop ahead in case something goes wrong.

Kindly Stop for Me
Found your way through.

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthtough - Part VII
With Kenny in the storm looking for gas, the two girls hear gunshots from the backed up traffic. The two panic and race away in the truck with AJ. In the rush the truck crashes forcing them to escape. Jane takes AJ and runs off, leaving Clem to crawl out and wonder in the storm.

After walking aimlessly among the zombies for quite some time, Clem will finally make it to the rest stop mentioned earlier and find a panic-stricken Kenny taking refuge inside.

All The Dead Lie Down
Completed Episode 5: "No Going Back"

Story related, cannot be missed. (Contains Spoilers)
Walkthrough - Part VIII
Clem and Kenny shake off the blizzard for a moment until they realize Jane is still outside somewhere with AJ. Fearing the worst Kenny tries to leave in search of the two in the storm.

Suddenly, Jane arrives at the rest stop without young AJ. Kenny immediately becomes furious and attacks Jane. The two fight it out in and outside the rest stop. The fight becomes bloodier and bloodier as Clem tries to separate the two. It continues until Kenny has Jane pinned with her own knife slowly pressing pressed into her chest.

Your fourth major decision; Shoot Kenny or Look Away.

Now that the fight is over, whoever is left alive after the fight will get up and, along with Clem will hear the cry of a baby in the whiteout of the storm. It'll turn out that Jane left AJ safely in a nearby car to prove a point toward Kenny's temper and broken mindedness. Clem will grab AJ and have to make a hard decision.

Now comes your final major decision of the season; Leave with AJ Alone or Stay Together With Who's Left.

Next season on The Walking Dead...

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