Players: 1 (up to 6 players for online play)
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A

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This arcade style "shoot-em-up" is fairly difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's an easy 20 trophies, and you will have fun doing it! Originally, the game was released for the NEC PC-8801 in Japan, but was recently re-made and re-released in the PSN store.

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Played THEXDER NEO and entered Nedium.

Well, the first trophies are always the easiest to get, and this one is no exception. When you start the game on either Normal or Easy mode, you will immediately get this trophy.

Completed a level without using shields.

Go through a level without activating your shield ability (). I suggest you do this in the very first level on easy mode because there are less things to kill you, and it is a very short level. You can do it on any level, however.

Easy does it
Completed level 10 on Easy Mode.

Start a new game and select Easy Mode difficulty. In this mode, you take less damage from enemies, and they take less hits to kill, plus you get more energy from the ones that drop it when you kill them. All you need to do is beat the boss on level 10 and have enough energy to blow through the wall afterward to receive this trophy.

Power of Ten
Completed Level 10 on Normal Mode.

Refer to Easy does it trophy. Enemies are harder to kill here, and deal more damage, so be careful. Level layouts don't change, so use this to your advantage if you played through on Easy first.

Golden Achiever
Completed Level 50 on Normal Mode.

After beating the first 10 levels, the game simply repeats itself, meaning that there are truly only 10 levels to the game, but you repeat them all. The only difference is the boss, as he gets slightly harder to beat after each 10 levels. There are no checkpoints, game saves, or anything of the like, so once you die, you start back at level 1. Beat 50 levels of Thexder Neo on Normal Difficulty to achieve this trophy.

Century Club
Completed Level 100 on Normal Mode.

Refer to Golden Achiever trophy.
I've yet to actually get this trophy, and very few people have this. The key to beating this mode is to try to save as much energy as you can after your first 10 levels. If you collect the green orbs to increase your total energy, you'll easily have 500/500 once you reach the first boss. After that, only kill things that you ABSOLUTELY need to kill. Everything else is a waste of energy, and you need 500/500 energy to beat the bosses after a while.

Total Recon
Uncovered all secret enemies.

In every level of the game there are secret enemies you can uncover from shooting blocks on the wall or floor, killing certain enemies, or even flying a certain way. The key to this trophy is to completely explore the level and leave no stone unturned. Unfortunately there is no pattern as to how many hidden or secret enemies there are in each level, meaning that there is literally 1 in the first level, and 3 in the third level, but the 4th level has maybe 2. Down below I have posted videos on what the secret areas and enemies look like for the first 4 levels.


Stage 1 - 1 Secret
Stage 1 - Near the end of the level on the right hand side.

Stage 2 - 3 Secret
There are 3 of them, all at the end of the level on the right-hand side just before flying through the last hallway.

Stage 3 - 3 Secret
Instead of going toward the exit when you reach the bottom of the level, go the opposite direction (left). All 3 hidden doll-like enemies will be there. There will be 2 close together, and the last is further to the left, after the blue wall-type enemy. These are tricky to shoot, so just be patient and use your flying mode to aim at them.

Stage 4 - 1 Secret
At the very first fork in the road, go down. Go through this tunnel until you reach a batch of breakable blocks. The hidden enemy is in there.

Stage 5 - 3 Secret
1. At the very bottom left hand corner of the map, the first flower will unlock after you fly near the left hand side wall. Shoot through the crack in the wall to get it.
2. Next one, head all the way to the right from the start of the level. Youíll hit a wall with a couple of bat looking enemies and an energy enemy. Kill the energy enemy to reveal the flower position.
3. Again, from the start of the level, fly to the right until you reach the 3 lava pools. After the last one, point yourself down and keep going until you can hook a left. Kill the energy enemy to reveal the third flower.

Stage 6 - 3 Secret
1. As you start the level, hug the ceiling, and stay along that path until you reach a path leading up, and a path leading right. Keep along the right path, kill the enemies there, and reveal your first flower.
2. The little room with all of the bright blue ball-looking enemies has 2 energy tank monsters there. Kill the right one to reveal the second flower.
3. Near the end of the level, there is a lone energy enemy blocking off a corner. Kill it to reveal the 3rd flower.

Stage 7 - 11 Hidden
1. As the level starts, run past the blue wall monsters (killing them is a good idea). After the last one, thereís a patch in the floor with breakable blocks. Shoot them and reveal a flower. This one is by far the hardest, and most awkward to shoot. If you donít have at least 100 energy, you should skip this, and come back on another play and get it.
2. Along the top of the level, there are 3 energy enemies lined up. You run in to these guys after you shoot down 2 huge barriers. The flower appears after you destroy the bottom enemy.
3. As you fly along the very bottom of the level, youíll eventually come to a spot with a long barricade enemy blocking off a narrow tunnel. You need to shoot this, as there are 3 flowers in there. Shoot them all by aiming while flying.
4. See #3
5. See #3
6. See #3
7. Like in the previous level, there will be a lone energy monster as youíre about to leave the level. Shoot him and reveal the 7th flower.
8. The 8th flower comes right after the 7th flower. This flower is a little weird; it will sometimes appear if you shoot the cluster of blocks in a certain pattern, but Iíve had it appear without shooting anything at all. Just destroy the huge pile of blocks, and youíll reveal the 8th flower.
9. From the first of the level, go through the hallway with the first flower, and head straight up. There will be flying block like creatures, and some laser-looking crap on the ground that hurts if you walk on it. There are breakable blocks in this area. Shoot them to reveal flowers 9 and 10.
10. See #9
11. Flower 11 is on the bottom row with the flaming red stuff that hurts you. There are breakable blocks here, much like numbers 9 and 10.

Stage 8 - 4 Secret
1. Follow the path at the start of the level, and keep going until you see a bunch of moving blocks, and 2 barricades keeping in them in spot. Shoot the barricades and the little guys with hats (or bunny rabbits, or something) are in there.
2. See #1
3. In a room very similar to 1 and 2ís location, there are 2 more of these rabbits with hats for you to get. Progress a little further in the level, you canít miss it.
4. See #3

Stage 9 - 0 Secret
As long as you clear out every last enemy, you will get credit for total recon in this level.

Stage 10(boss)
No Hidden enemies in here. Just make sure you destroy the energy tanks at the top of the level once you destroy the boss for credit.

Won first place in Online Play.

In any mode of online play, you just need to be the person in first. You can get this with either 1 other person in the room with you, or 5 other people with you. Just beat 'em and get this trophy!

Level 1 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 1.

Level 2 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 2.

Level 3 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 3.

YouTube- Thexder Neo: Level 3 Annihilator Trophy
All of the Annihilator trophies are obtained when you destroy every last enemy in the level (including the secret ones). The easiest way to get these trophies is to start a playthrough on easy, because if you hang around in a level too long on normal mode, a missile-like enemy will start spawning and will drain your energy fairly fast. I found 2 videos online of the first 2 levels (see above 2 trophies) just to show you an example.

In level 3 you should focus on finding all of the enemies and completely exploring the area before you finish it, as there are a lot of enemies you may have missed. Before exiting, take a second fly through just to scout for enemies and be sure.

Level 4 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 4.

YouTube- Thexder Neo: Level 4 Annihilator Trophy
Refer to Level 3 Annihilator trophy.

In level 4, make sure to destroy every last piece of the wall right before the stage ends. Anything that your laser aims at counts toward this trophy.

Level 5 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 5.

YouTube- Thexder Neo: Level 5 Annihilator Trophy
Refer to Level 3 Annihilator trophy.

In level 5 it is good practice to fly through the whole level more than once, as the enemies are spread out a lot more than the previous levels. Take your time to dispatch every one of them, including the secret flowers.

Level 6 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 6.

YouTube- Thexder Neo: Level 6 Annihilator Trophy
Refer to Level 3 Annihilator trophy.

In Level 6 it is best to take out most of the enemies by flying into them with your shields up, because there are a lot of narrow hallways, and aiming your laser with your ship is just annoying.

Level 7 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 7.

YouTube- Thexder Neo: Level 7 Annihilator Trophy
Refer to Level 3 Annihilator trophy.

Due to its massive size, it is extremely easy to miss some enemies in level 7. Remember to fly back to the start of the level and make your way to the finish as many times as needed, and to look for all of the secret enemies, as there are about 11 of them in this level (see guide for Total Recon).

Level 8 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 8.

YouTube- Thexder Neo: Level 8 Annihilator Trophy
Refer to Level 3 Annihilator trophy.

In this level make sure to clear out those 2 rooms with all of the moving square blocks. You need to kill them all in order to get credit for this trophy.

Level 9 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 9.

YouTube- Thexder Neo: Level 9 Annihilator Trophy
Refer to Level 3 Annihilator trophy.

Level 9 is a gigantic maze. You need to kill all of the red light things at every dead end of the maze, as well as the other enemies that are lying around. It is very easy to get lost, so remember each turn you make.

Level 10 Annihilator
Destroyed all enemies in Level 10.

YouTube- Thexder Neo: Level 10 Annihilator Trophy

Refer to Level 3 Annihilator trophy.

In level 10 you just need to kill the boss and whatever garbage is left over after he is dead (like the enemies he spawns). Don't worry if you don't kill all of the enemies he spawns. If they disappear on their own during the fight, they count as being destroyed.

Classic Class
Completed playthrough (16 levels) of Classic Version.

This game comes with a ROM of the old Thexder Neo game. All you need to do is complete 16 levels, and you get this trophy. There are no difficulty selections for this version, and the classic version of the game is quite hard.

Invited someone.

Invite someone who's online on your PSN friends list and you get this trophy. I am unsure if they need to actually own the game or not, as the person I invited did own the game as well. EDIT: Thanks to tj_martins for confirming that the person does not need to have the game at all!

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