Grand Slam
Congratulations for unlocking all trophies in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 10!


Watch the credits.

Simply go to 'My Tiger 10' then to 'EA Sports Extras' and watch the credits, the credits continue to repeat scrolling so once you back out you'll receive the trophy.

Ten Thousand Ways
Earn 10,000 EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Player Points.

During your career there will be little challenges on almost every hole when playing whilst connected to the internet, or numerous single challenges can be found through 'EA Sports Gamernet'

From Bad to Worse
Hit the ball from any bunker into a different hazard, such as a Water Hazard or Out of Bounds.

Find a sandy resting place, then wolf it out of bounds or into some water.

The Ultimate Challenge
Shoot Par or under on Tour Pro in an 18-hole round, using the Precision Putter, Green Grid set to Off, Very Fast Greens and Fairways, and Long Roughs.

You can select Tour Pro and Green Grid in 'Player Options' Precision Putter will be locked, the other settings are selectable after course selection.
You can make your own course by pressing square on the Course Select screen and have it as any 18 holes in the game, you might find the 9th at St Andrews repeated 18 times might be the easiest way to go about this trophy.
Note: Mulligans will nullify this trophy

The Comeback Kid
Come back from a +5 or worse to finish Even or better, in any Traditional or Online game mode round.

Choose your easiest course then simply get to +5 then get 'em all back.

Play with the Big Boys
Drive the ball 400 or more yards in the fairway in any Traditional or Online game modes.

400 yards equals 365.76 meters.
Finding a nice long downhill fairway with the wind set to Gale Force (again, can be a self made course)
If a drive sates that you drove exactly 400 yards/366 meters and didn't receive the trophy, it's because the game will often round up from what was actually hit.
For some nice downhill fairways you want to try:
* The 16th at Bethpage
* The 15th at Banff Springs
* The 5th at East Lake

Play in the rain and score an Eagle or better in any Stroke based Traditional or Online game modes.

Any settings for this (with Rain), the easier the better obviously, a course of St Andrews' 9th may be an option for easier completion.

Riding Spinnaz
Sink an approach shot using backspin covering a distance of 5ft or greater in any game mode.

Finding a nice short, flat (maybe slightly uphill) green and having at it. remembering to have spin turned on in the settings, there is no real help here but keeping at it. Searching through 'EA Sports Gamernet' challenges may find you an easy hole or shot for this.
Also you may want to try the bonus challenge (if unlocked) where you have to hit off a water lily, much quicker to repeat over and over aswell.

Eye of the Hurricane
Shoot under Par through a Gale Force wind in a Traditional or Online game mode 18-hole round.

Any settings for this (with Gale Force wind), the easier the better obviously, a course of St Andrews' 9th may be an option for easier completion.

It's All in the Hips
Use Precision Putter to sink a 30ft putt without Putt Preview, in a Traditional or Online game mode.

This can be done anywhere, but players may find it easier on the second 'Tour Challenge' where you go shot for shot with Tiger, once you get to the putt you'll repeat it untill it goes in, after each shot the game keeps your marker where you just had it. Getting it close then adjusting slightly without previewing will net you this trophy.
Note: Mulligans will nullify this trophy in normal play

Earn the Bingo, Bango and Bongo point on a single shot in the Bingo Bango Bongo Traditional game mode.

Simply find a nice short par 3 (or any hole of choice). Have P1 land just off the green within a nice puttable distance, have P2 hit anywhere for 10 shots where they will be disqualified for exceeding the shot limit, then have P1 sink that putt for the 3 B's in one shot.

Bare Minimum
Play a round under Par in a Traditional or Online game mode with a Driver, SW, 5 Iron and Putter.

Go to 'My Player' and then 'In The Bag' and remove all clubs with triangle (the ones you need are locked anyway). You can not just play by using only said clubs they must be removed. Just remember 'half' swinging and adjusting each shot for the more in-between shots.
Note: Mulligans will nullify this trophy

Aces High
Ace a Par 4 or a Par 5 hole in any Traditional or Online game mode.

Searching through 'EA Sports Gamernet' - 'Online Challenges' - 'Single Hole' for the 9th at St Andrews may make this easier for most as there's often quite a few, just find one with all conditions set to easy and smack away.
Making the St Andrews #9 course will have varied wind each time, while going through Gamernet the conditions will remain the same, plus you can just repeat over and over.
Note: Mulligans will nullify this trophy

Weather Report
Complete an online 18-hole round in the rain using the Live Weather feed.

Search for a single player game with 'Live Weather' on in the settings and prey for rain, then take that to online play, or searching through 'Live Tournaments' will often have live weather, and playing alone in a 'Live Tournament' online (with rain) will nab you this trophy also.

Big Money
Win 5 Million Dollars in Live Tournaments.

No real help here but time, harder difficulty tournaments have less players thus more money (depending on ones own skill level).
Also check the amounts that a tournament has to offer, sometimes they can vary considerably and offer some big cash incentives

Piece of Cake
Post a Top 50 score in a Live Tournament.

Find a 'Live Tournament' that has just started as any early score in the top 50 will count, or any of the harder skill levels often have very few players compared to the easier levels.

Tough at the Top
Compete in Play-The-Pros mode and submit your score online.

Select 'Live Tournaments' then 'Play-the-Pros' finishing 1 round with any score shall have this trophy in your bag.
** EA has decided to remove access to the 'Play the Pros' tournaments from July 2010
Unless they bring another way to get this trophy, it is unobtainable

Mulligans Island
Use 20 or more Mulligans during an 18-hole round, in any Traditional or Online game modes.

Turning Mulligans on is at the Course Select.

Play 18 holes online against an EA Tiburon team member or against any player who has this Trophy.

Most online have this trophy, I'm also sure there's a few around this site that would gladly help you.

Big Tuna
Play an 18-hole Traditional or Online game mode round in FIR and GIR using only tuned clubs.

Club tuning is selected through 'Continue My Carrer' then 'Performance Tuning', you only have to tune the four categories of clubs and not each individually, tune at least something minimal in each.
Land on the fairway after each tee shot (except par 3's), and hit all greens in two shots less than the par of that hole (regulation). You can, eg on a par 5, miss the fairway on your second shot, just hit the green in reg.

[top]Bonus Challenges

* These are not trophy related, just four added after completing all of the normal challenges.
~ After each shot in bonus challenges the game remembers what you just did the shot before and you don't have to re-aim/set shot types each time.

Water Lilly
Hit it off a water lilly into the cup
~~ I just went for the LW, aimed a bit right and a normal swing, it will land quite past the hole, I didn't 'check' the ball at all, as it will come back on its own, and it eventually was on target.
Just a clean normal stock standard swing with nothing else added will certainly get you on the right track of the roll etc.

Windy St Andrews
Score a birdie on a par 4 at St Andrews
~~ Pretty basic if you're a good putter, just getting on the green within a puttable distance on a par 4 during 45+kph odd winds and bucketing rain should be your only problem.

TV Tower
Hit over a TV tower into the cup
~~ No real help here, just rinse and repeat, you'll find the shot you're comfortable with. I personally landed it short and pushed it up to the hole, you may find more control pushing the ball rather than checking it.

Water Skip
Hit across water, skipping the ball 3 times on the water and land it close to the pin
~~ I thought this was next to impossible, tried using different fairway woods over and over, but forgetting the 'punch' shot. I used the 3 wood, punch, full forward and taking maybe 70-80% swing, again this could take some time especially as a 'half' swing can vary considerably. This one took me less than ten tries after changing to punch.

Different strokes for different folks on these though
Good Luck and keep at 'em

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