Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: Yes Hold my Bag as I Post My Clip , Online Participation GamerNet Tourist Pin Collector
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to (Platinum || 100%): 40-50+
Minimum Playthroughs: 7+ (Road to the Masters Mode seasons 7x mininum, Masters Moments)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters is the latest installment of Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf series developed by EA. What sets aside this game from the others is the long awaited introduction of Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters, considered by many to be the most exciting major tournament on the PGA Tour. EA sports also has introduced new golfers, courses, as well as new caddie feature to guide new players in shot selection and the ins-and-outs of Tiger Woods Golf. This game is also fully compatible with the Playstation Move. This guide will hopefully give you helpful tips and strategies to earn the various trophies associated with Tiger Woods 12 on your path to platinum! I will also try to provide some background information on each trophy for those wishing to learn more about golf in general. Good Luck!

[top]Tips and Strategies

1. Adjust your difficulty Find the one that is right for your style of play. If you are new to the game play amateur and work your way up. This game can be really hard at the higher levels. You can also turn scoring of AI up or down as well. Its set to a higher difficutly at start if you find yourself having trouble.

2. Always account for wind and slope- Wind is a big factor in playing this game, always aim your shot so that the wind will aid you or that your shot will oppose the winds forces. Also always know the location of the flagstick from where you are hititng. If its uphill a lot you may want to go a club or 2 lower (more distance) and if its down hill you may want to go a club or two lower (less distance)

3. Learn the choke adjusts choke. It will be your best friend when you are in between clubs and aren't good at hitting the percentage shots that aren't 100% i.e. (90,80,etc.). This will provide an invaluable tool.

4. Know your lie. This is one of the most overlooked features of the game because its not on the HUD and most people forget to check. If you ever get off the fairway or in a bunker. CHECK IT! it will tell you how much of your shot you'll actually get. So if it says 80% lie, and you are aiming a 100% shot to the hole, it won't get there even if you hit it dead on. Account accordingly.

5. The caddie is not always right - Trust your gut. Sometimes he'll say its straight in or just a tap in, but you might need to adjust it and if you don't you can miss a 1 foot putt. Always look at the putt and do what you think is best first and if it goes with the caddie's recommendation. Especially early on in the game when your caddie has not mastered the courses. Remember, just like in real life the caddie offer's advice and the player is the one who makes the shots.

Grip tip:- This little feature made my game so much better, I picked it up from my uncle. Instead of holding the control normally (in a vertical/slanted position and using only 1 thumb to swing, try going horizontal and use 2 fingers, your index finger for the moving the stick down and your thumb for going up. It's a lot easier to keep a straight line and you can still access boost with just the same.

Tip Website This page by EASports is an excellent source for some quick Tiger Woods 12 tips on features and setting that you may not know about. Check it out!


1. Find a partner in crime
2. Arrange a text chat for easy communication
3. Player 1 is the Host. Player 2 is the Searcher
4. Player 1 creates a session - Ranked, 3-Hole Mini Game, 2 player max Use obscure settings like STEADY RAIN, you don't need to change much
5. Player 2 searches for the game with the same settings as above.
6. This should get you in easily, I did it with ranked, 3-hole min game, 2 player max, amateur difficulty and steady rain. Player 1 can kick players out after he selects his golfer and he is idle if randoms come in
7. The wins do not need to be with your profile golfer, however, you will not get the pin until you select your profile golfer in an online match. Tip: for #10 just use him.


1. Road to the Masters - This is the career mode in the game. A majority of the trophies are story related and you will need to fully complete this to earn all the trophies. Often with mutiple playthroughs of the season mode for trophies such as Masters Legend and Broken Record . It will be good to make progress in this to also gain skill to play online as well as the Masters Moments.

2.Masters Moments/ Tiger at The Masters - These events chronicle significant events in the Masters history, ranging from Tiger's epic comebacks to the legends dueling it out. After playing through the Road to the Masters mode, you should be well versed in the game and be able to complete these no-sweat.

3.Online - Here's where you can play your online tournaments as well as trying to earn GamerNet Tourist You will need to win at least 10 online matches to earn a pin for Pin Collector

4.Cleanup - You should probably have all the trophies by now, since most will come naturally, but if you don't go back and earn all the ones you may have not gotten through regular gameplay such as Tiger Quickness , Course Master , etc. Here is where you will need to finish all your award pins for Pin Collector which will take quite some time. If you've knocked the online out already you can save these for rainy days because it might take awhile.

This game is pretty straightforward, so feel free to do your own thing!


Pro Gamer
Congratulations for unlocking all trophies in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12!

Only way to get the coveted :plat: PLATINUM :plat: is to first unlock all the other trophies! Good Luck!

Land the ball on the Fairway after your tee shot. FIR = Fairway in Regulation

What can I say about this trophy besides it will probably be one of the first you will get. As long as you don't shank it into the woods, you will probably get it. A fairway in regulation is simply landing the ball on the fairway, or the short cut grass leading towards the hole. Its usually light green, while the rough- the stuff that is harder to hit out of - is darker and lines the outside of the green.

Here's how:
1. Use your caddie's recommendation or aim your own shot down the fairway.
2. If the fairway, doglegs (turns left or right), make sure you club won't send you into the woods/rough or that you can clear the turn and go right over.
3. Focus on going straight back and straight forward with the analog stick. Take advantage of the practice shot feature to get a hang of things, especially if you are on the Playstation Move.
4. Hit the thing down the fairway!
5. Ding! Trophy is yours.
6. Failed your first tee shot? Don't worry you'll have 17 more chances that round. If you can't get this trophy, run away!

Land the ball on the Green with at least 2 fewer strokes than par. GIR = Green in Regulation

This one is essentially the same as FIR , but pertains to greens. Greens are where the flag/hole is located and to get this you'll need to land on the green so you will have a chance to put for a birdie. This is another one you'll most likely get your very first round of Tiger Woods golf.

This can be accomplished on your first shot on a PAR-3 , second shot on a PAR-4, second/third shot on a PAR-5

Again, you'll have 18 chances each round of golf you play, which will be a lot in Tiger Woods.

So don't worry if you don't get it on your first try. Use the caddie's recommendation or aim for the safest part of the green if you are really dying to get this out of the way

Hold My Bag as I Post My Clip
Post an EA SPORTS GamerNet Challenge.

After anyshot or any hole simply press to access EASports GamerNet and post your clip and the trophy is yours!

If you want to be competitive and actually have people play your challenges, post your tough shots. Once you access the GamerNet, select the option post clip to GamerNet and set the "WIN" conditions such as how close the player has to drop the ball on the green or if the shot has to hit the flagstick.

1 is the Loneliest Number
Be the #1 Ranked Golfer for 10 consecutive weeks.

See Broken Record for information on how to earn this trophy

2005 Masters Champion
Win the 2005 Historic Masters Event (Tiger at the Masters).

From the Main menu, simply go to Tiger at the Masters, in order to get this trophy you must re-enact Tiger's round and win at the 2005 Masters. Enjoy because this is one of the greatest rounds in golf history.

A New Generation
Break the top 10 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.

See On Top of the World if you would like to know the best way to win this trophy.

Ad Wizard
Play in a Major with Callaway Golf Level 4 Sponshorship equipped.

For this trophy you need to complete Callaway Golf sponsorship events as well as other objectives throughout general gameplay. As you complete these objectives you will level up your sponsorship rating and gain access to better apparel and equipment. Once you have leveled up your sponsorship to level 4 equip something Callaway Golf and play in a Major Tournament.

The Majors in this game are:
US Open
UK Open
EA Sports Championship

You can check your progress with each sponsor through My Career

Choke Artist
Land within 1 yard of the flagstick on a choked approach shot from at least 50 yards out.

For this trophy you will need to be at least 50 yards out. Preferably as close as possible, since you'll have more ball control.

Use to adjust your choke. Make sure it says 1/2 choke or full choke.

Try to use spin if you have it available to you. Preferably try to aim before the flagstick and roll to the hole.

Check the general Tips and Strategies for some info on shot selection and striking.

Masters Legend
Win the Green Jacket for a Record 7 times in Road to the Masters mode.

Jack Nicklaus holds the records for most Green Jackets (the prize for winning The Masters) at 6. It's your job to beat him!

This will probably be the second most tedious trophy in the game and you will only enjoy it if you love golfing games. The good thing is they do not need to be consecutive. Have some fun enjoying the game and playing through the season mode over and over to get to The Masters.

Once again, this game has adjustable difficulty levels, so if you think you can't win 7 times on your normal level, drop it down to Amateur or Pro.

Commercial Icon
Play in a Major with Nike Level 4 Sponsorship equipped.

For this trophy you need to complete Nike sponsorship events as well as other objectives throughout general gameplay. As you complete these objectives you will level up your sponsorship rating and gain access to better apparel and equipment. Once you have leveled up your sponsorship to level 4 equip something Nike and play in a Major Tournament.

The Majors in this game are:
US Open
UK Open
EA Sports Championship

You can check your progress with each sponsor through My Career

Egg on the Dance Floor
Sink a 30 foot putt without boosting the green read.

This trophy you might want to put off until you are further along in career mode unless you are an experienced player or want to do this with one of the pros in the game. It's not hard necessarily and you'll have quite a few chances over the course of playing this game. The hard thing is you may not be able to read the greens as well and the better your putting skill is the better chance you stand of guessing the green right. As you level up, so does your caddie too, listen to his cues such as:

This is past the hole (meaning you need to aim behind the cup)
Breaks left to right (meaning you want to aim left to account for it going right)
X cups left of right, up or down (try to guess how much a cup length is add up his number)

The more you play, the better you'll get. Don't worry about getting this right away, it will come!

First time EVER!!
Win both the Par 3 and the Masters on the same week. (In Road to the Masters)

As the trophy states, no one has ever won the Master's Par-3 Contest and the Master's tournament in the same week. You need to be the first or 100th (depending on when you earn this trophy).

For this trophy you need to make sure that you win both within the same week and not on seperate occasions. Good luck!

Need some general help? Check the Tips & Strategies section

Give me the Goodies!
Win a Sponsored Challenge Event in Road to the Masters mode.

Sponsor events are pretty straight forward. Before golf tournaments you will have an option of entering Sponsorship challenges to earn XP and goodies (pun intended) before you enter the tournament.

The first one you'll encounter is the Foot Joy Challenge at Els Creek.

You must birdie one of the two par-5s on the course and finish the round under or even par.

Tips for this event:

Play it safe! You don't need eagles so if you aren't an experienced golfer lay your second shot up close and use a iron shot to put you closer to the flagstick. The more noobish your guy is in the beginning the harder it is to putt so you want to be close. You can repeat this event over and over until you win.

History is Yours
Complete in a Historic Masters Event (Tiger at the Masters).

For this trophy you need to take part in one of Tiger's famous four wins at Augusta national. It is up to you to recreate or even top his memories. Good luck! These events are seperate from the Master's Moments

Accept and follow thru on 25 Caddie Suggestions in an 18 hole round of golf

Better to get this way earlier than later, since its more fun to create your own shots than use what the caddie gives you.

The caddie automatically gives you two shots to choose from so select the shot you want by and then push and then just hit it.

As long as you select the shot and hit it, it will count. Do this 25 times in a round and the trophy is yours! However, putts don't count.

Flowering Crab Apple in 1!
Hole in one on Hole 4 of Augusta (only one hole in one has ever been recorded on this hole)

Be an ACE (get it?) and be the FIRST guy ever to virtually get a hole in one on Hole 4 in Tiger Woods 12 (thats if you earn the trophy first!)

Sponsrship is Calling
Play in a Major with Cleveland Golf Level 4 Sponsorship equipped.

For this trophy you need to complete Cleveland Golf sponsorship events as well as other objectives throughout general gameplay. As you complete these objectives you will level up your sponsorship rating and gain access to better apparel and equipment. Once you have leveled up your sponsorship to level 4 equip something Cleveland Golf and play in a Major Tournament.

The Majors in this game are:
US Open
UK Open
EA Sports Championship

You can check your progress with each sponsor through My Career

Masters Master
Master Augusta National & Augusta Par 3 (Gold Course Mastery)

You will need to complete all the bronze, silver, and gold objectives for Augusta National. See the Course Mastery section in the Main Menu to check your progress.

New Record Holder!
Beat the course record of 63 at the Masters (In Road to the Masters)

Be a hotshot and nail a 62 or lower and you can call this trophy yours.

Check the Tips and Strategies section if you need some general help.

On the Radar
Break the top 50 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.

See On Top of The World for information on how to earn this trophy!

On Top of the World
Become #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.

The best way to get this trophy as well as the other rank associated trophies is to do what Tiger Woods did until recently (hint: Not having a bunch of affairs, crashing your cadillac into a tree and instead doing a lot of what Charlie Sheen would say: WINNING .)

The more you win, the better you rank will improve. (You will need to be a pro first.)

As you win you will climb the leaderboards and eventually reach #1! Winning everytime will get you there very quickly, but don't get down on yourself if you don't win every tournament, high finishes will do well also. Try not to skip events as this will negatively effect your ranking.

If you are having trouble try practicing each course in quick play before you enter the tournament and also do the challenges before each event to help you level up. As always, adjust the difficulty to your liking.

Road to the Masters
Win the Green Jacket in Road to the Masters mode.

This is what the game is all about, following your career to get to the Masters. When you finally make it there, its your chance to give them what you got and iwin it.

The tournament shouldn't be anymore difficult than playing the others. Check the Tips and Strategies section for general info on how to win in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12.

This will Green jacket will be the first of seven you'll need in order to get Masters Legend

Shark Attack!
Equip a HAMMERhead Prototype Club.

To get the HAMMERhead clubs you must unlock all the other clubs in the proshop. To do this you need to either win tournaments or win sponsor events to level up your sponsorship. Once you have unlocked all the clubs, select the HAMMERhead club of choice and press to equip

Winner! And Still...
Defend your title in any Major.

There are 4 Major Tournaments on the PGA Tour - The British Open, The U.S. Open, The Masters, and the PGA Tour Championship.

In the game this translates to the UK Open, The US Open, The Masters, and The EA Sports Championship

For this trophy lets do it on The Masters, since that is the whole selling point on this game and all.

First you must win the Masters. Only six more to go for Masters Legend .
After you win, the following year you must win again!.

For this trophy the wins need to be consecutive years .

The Masters is not the only Major tournament you can do this on, so don't get down on yourself if you miss it. Especially since our main goal is 7 Masters, you'll have a few chances.

Who's Your Caddie?!
Complete the Prologue.

This will be the first trophy you'll get in the game. Its basically a Heavy-Rain esque intro where you think you are playing but you are really not. Good luck on your start to Tiger Woods 12!

Tiger Quickness
Use the new Speed Play option in game.

This can actually be a tricky trophy, because it doesn't really tell you how to do speed play.

Use after each shot to speed up play. I would only do this on higher difficulty levels because focus can really help you out with spin and such.

Tournament Pro
Complete an 18 hole round under par with Tournament Difficulty turned ON.

This may be tricky for some, but its really not as hard you may think. Simply go into options from the Main menu and turn the difficulty up to Tournament and enter a 18 round at the club of your choice. Play it safe and don't get too aggressive and you should be fine.

I would try to do this with a high level golfer, especially for putting. Especially your own profile golfer after you level him up you should be adept in reading greens and sinking putts, which is probably the most difficult part of Tournament difficulty.

For more check the Tips and Strategies section

Online Participation
Play a Live Tournament.

For this trophy simply go to ONLINE play and select LIVE Tournaments and choose one of the daily or running tourneys. You don't even have to play to get the trophy.

Presidents Cup Champion
Win The Presidents Cup.

The President Cup is a Team competition that takes place every other year with the U.S. squaring off against everyone else in the world, except Europe who faces the U.S. in the Ryder Cup the alternate year.

Simply just win this competition to earn this trophy. You can access the President's Cup via the Main Menu

GamerNet Tourist
Earn 2,500 Player Points in EA SPORTS GamerNet.

GamerNet Challenges are posted by other players and consist of different things such as long drive challenges, re-enacting good shots, and low-round scores. Each challenge has a set amount of points associated with it, depending on the difficulty.

For this trophy:
1. Try to aim for challenges that are unbeaten as they usually have a 2x multipier.
2. Don't worry about trying to get a lot of points all at once. 2,500 points is not a lot compared to the 10k last years edition required and it doesnt take long getting 100 points a round. The easier ones are a lot quicker to pull off and less frustrating. The time it takes you to beat 1 really hard one you could have probably done around 5 or more easy ones, probably netting you more points.
3. Be patient. This game will take a decent amount of time to platinum so don't get down on yourself if the days challenges are too hard, there will always be more.

From my experiences these are the best ones to do:

1) Long drive challenges 50 points or less (try to do unbeatens so you get 100 points)
2) Single hole challenges around 100-200 points
3) Freestyle 50 or below

Bling My Tag
Apply 3 pins to your Bag Tag

To get this trophy you will need to complete pin award challenges. See Pin Collector for the list.

To apply them to your bag tag, simply go into My Career and then Pin Awards

From there press to equip the pin to you bag tag. Once you have completed 3 pins and applied them you can now call yourself the owner of this

Drop and Give Me 15
Earn 15 pins.

See Pin Collector for a description how earn this trophy

Pin Collector
Earn all pins.

Pins are essentially in-game achievements and trophys. For this as well as the other pin related trophies you will need to complete the challenges listed below.

You can find these in game by going to My Career and then Pin Awards or look at my nifty list of all of them with tips on certain ones.

Drive Bomber: 350+ Yards from the tee, land on fairway, green, fringe, or in the cup
First Birdie: Get the first birdie of your career
First Eagle: Get the first eagle of your career
First Ace: Get the first ace of your career (An ace is a hole in one)
Flagstick Seeker: Hit the flagstick for the first time
25 Birdies
50 Birdies
100 Birdies
250 Birdies
10 Eagles
25 Eagles
50 Eagles
100 Eagles
10 Aces
25 Aces
6 Birdie Streak: Get 6 Birdies in a row
12 Birdie Streak
18 Birdie Streak
Back to Back eagles: Get 2 eagles in a row
Eagle extravaganze: Get 4 eagles in a row
Eagle hunt: Eagle every par 5 on 12 courses
Hazard Free RoundL No water, bunker, out of bounds or lateral hazards for an entire round
No Focus: Use no focus during a round
Hole out from the Bunker: Hole out from any bunker on the course
Up and down from bunker: Hit out of the Bunker onto the green and sink the putt (You will need to make par)
President's Cup: Start the President's cup
Caddie Book of Gold: Master 16 courses
Prototype: Unlock the prototype clubs
Online Competitor: Play 10 online games
Online Champ: Win 10 online games
Event Champion: Win 1 PGA Tour Event
Five Time Champion: Win 5 PGA Tour Events
Ten Times a Champ: Win 10 PGA Tour Events
Back 2 Back Champion: Win 2 PGA Tour Events in a Row
Q-school: Complete Q School
Nationwide Tour: Win a Nationwide Tour Event
US OPEN Championshop: Win the U.S. Open
UK Open: Win the UK open
EA Sports Championship: Win the EA Sports Championship
Masters Master: Win the Masters
Delivery Boy: Win the FedEx Cup
I'm #1: Reach #1 in the EA Sports Golf rankings
Masters Moments: Master all 9 Moments

Tips to come soon.

Course Master
Master 1 course.

See Caddie with a Master's Degree for information on how to earn this trophy

Born with Skillz
Master 8 courses.

See Caddie with a Master's Degree if you'd like to earn this trophy!

Caddie with a Master's Degree
Master 16 courses.

For this trophy you will need to complete even more challenges, however now they are course specific.

There are 3 levels of Mastery


For this trophy you will need to complete these sets of challenges on 16 course of your choice. There are 16 courses on the standard game plus another 20 DLC ones available.

To check your progress go to My Career and then Course Mastery

You will need to get GOLD level Mastery on all the courses, regardless less of whether or not the trophy pops sooner because of Pin Collector

Great Suggestion
Sink a Hole in One using a Caddie Recommendation.

The caddie is a new addition to Tiger Wood's PGA Tour and his purpose is to guide new players through the game, giving them advice on shot selction and reading greens.

For this trophy you will need to attempt this on a Par 3- (unless you got a short Par 4 and good skill with a a driver)

At the beginning of the hole, the caddie will give you a few shot options with circles that represent different things:

Green: These shots are low risk and not as aggressive. You have a high chance of getting it where the marker is with little error.

Yellow : These shots are moderate risk and slightly aggresive. You will have a higher chance of a getting to the flagstick, but also a higher chance of messing it up. Also you might here a pulsing noise to simulate the pressure of a big shot. Use to increase your focus.

Red High risk shots with a high chance of reward, but a high chance of failure. Pressure is also most noticable here.

Once you have selected on the shots. Simply just work on hitting the shot. Since its a caddie reccomendation, you can't adjust this to your liking. A little luck will be involved and it will probably come over time.

Aspiring Amateur
Complete the EA SPORTS AM TOUR.

For this you will need to win one of the initial events such as the Tiburon Classic. It's pretty simple as long as you play par golf you should be fine and don't worry if you get a bogey or two, you'll probably still win comfortably. Now that you're on the EA Sports AM Tour you are faced with different objectives to get out:

1. Win an EA Sports AM Tour Event
2: Finish in the top of two
3. Complete all the EA Sports Am Tour Events.

Most will probably finish with #1 as the AM TOUR players are pretty noobish and end up finishing +4 or +5. As long you play par-golf you should be fine. A birdie here and there isn't necessary, but always good as it will gain you XP and you'll feel good!

After you have finished any of those 3 objectives you'll move on to the Nationwide tour and this trophy will unlock

We've Only Just Begun
Compete in Nationwide Tour event.

For this trophy all you have to do is enter a Nationwide Tour event. For this you will have to complete the prologue, and The EA Sports AM Tour.

Good luck!

Earned my Card!
Complete Q-School.

To get to Q-school you need to win 2 Events on the Nationwide Tour, Finish in the Top 5 in 3, or Finish in the Top 10 in 4.

To complete Q-school and earn your tour card you just need to be in the top 25! Good luck!

Ping Pitchman
Play in a Major with PING Level 4 Sponsorship equipped.

For this trophy you need to complete PING sponsorship events as well as other objectives throughout general gameplay. As you complete these objectives you will level up your sponsorship rating and gain access to better apparel and equipment. Once you have leveled up your sponsorship to level 4 equip something PING and play in a Major Tournament.

The Majors in this game are:
US Open
UK Open
EA Sports Championship

You can check your progress with each sponsor through My Career

HAMMERhead Swag
Equip a HAMMERhead Prototype Outfit.

To get HAMMERhead gear you must unlock all items of that nature. Therefore to get this outfit you must unlock all the other outfits such as winning the Master's for the Masters Outfit and so on. Once you have unlocked the HAMMERhead gear equip it in the pro shop by selecting it and pressing

Training Wheels
Win a training event in Road to the Masters mode.

Training events are Match play challenges against Pro-Golfers and help you earn some XP to level up before entering a match. The first one is available to you right after you turn Amateur and it's against Henrik Stenson at East Lake.

The training events are only 3 holes long initially, so there is not a lot of room for error. The AI usually botches the tee shot, however, they are snipers with the putter. So try to play it safe and get close because your putting is often atrocious in the beginning. I would recommend doing all of them before each event because they provide an added XP boost which really helps and give you a chance to help get some course objectives knocked off for mastery, which helps you caddie.

In short:

1. Focus on straight shots and playing it safe.
2. Try to keep putting distance short and try not to putt mutiple times.
3. If you win the first hole, don't be overly aggressive just try to match him shot for shot.

I Got This
From the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 100 yards out using a Custom Shot.

Custom shots are what most Tiger Woods players are used to already, so if you're an experienced player. Just do what you do!

For newer users, custom shots is what the game is all about. Picking and choosing where you want to shoot. The caddie is great and all, but you're the one that needs to win the tournaments.

To exit out of the caddie selection, press around on the D-pad . It should say custom shot and have a white circle around the marker.

You should have plenty of attempts at this, usually on the second shot of PAR-4s . Use Ballspin to aid you in the shot. Try to use forward spin when your shot is below the flagstick and backspin when your shot is above the flagstick. Beware of slopes. Sometimes spinning can be too much and actually cause you to go further away from the hole.

Short But Sweet
Beat the course record of 20 at Augusta Par 3

Be an cool guy and post a 19 or lower and you can call this trophy yours.

Check the Tips and Strategies section if you need some general help.

Broken Record
Hold down the #1 spot on the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings for more than 281 weeks.

This time around your chasing Tiger's record of most week's at #1. Quite an accomplishment, but I think you can virtually do better.

This one will be a doozy, but you will probably get it when trying to win your 7 green jackets for Masters Legend

If you want to make it go by faster turn your season down to 1 round for each event, or if you'd like just play the normal 4 rounds. Up to you really.

Try not to skip tournament events because this will effect your ranking. You can skip training challenges and sponsorship events, but I would only skip them once you have completed most of them as you will need all the sponsorship items to unlock clubs for the Prototype gear.

It will come eventually and 5 years isn't as long as one might think as there are not a lot of events in the game. Save this game for rainy days and you should have it in no time.

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