Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes, 1: World Debut
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 18-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 for Story Mode, and however many it takes for Survival Mode (probably upwards from 7 or 8)
Collectible Trophies: Yes, 1: Furry Fashionista
Missable Trophies: Yes, 5: Pedigree Jungle Boy Can-Do Creature Jungle Man King of the Jungle
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

For Survival Mode:
Keep hunting/eating, keep mating, keep moving.

Mate. Mate mate mate mate mate. Mate every chance you get because your animal's stats will be updated and will also be saved for later games.

Keep an eye on your active challenges, along with what year you are currently living through.

If you are stuck on a challenge, skip it. It's not worth it to dwell on one challenge as you will miss others or potentially get yourself killed.

When hunting, stay stealthy. Clean kills are obtained much easier this way. (To complete a clean kill, hold to sneak close to the prey, then when the fangs that appear on the prey turn from faded to bright red, press , then chow down with

Remember to explore and follow your map at the menu. Some challenges will require you to enter a new sector of the map. Getting used to shortcuts and pathways will help moving from place to place a lot.

Keep putting on clothing. It'll add to your stats, giving you that extra boost you may need in combat.

Remember to dodge when in combat. If an enemy is about to attack you, it will pause for a second, looking kinda glitchy, then it'll pounce. During that pause, you will need to dodge using the right stick.

For Story Mode:

During Story Mode, each chapter will be consisting of a few challenges to complete. Once each one is done, the chapter is over.

Again, keep an eye on the year you are living in, what challenges are active.

Check your map often.

Keep hunting/eating, keep moving.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None reported.


Step 1: Survival Mode (Casual)
This step is just to get used to the controls, locations, and enemies/playable characters. During this step, you shouldn't necessarily be going for the trophies, but ones that should come naturally are First Mate , First Hunt , Jungle Baby and World Debut . Remember to grab any article cards you may find as grabbing three of those unlocks the next chapter in Story Mode.

Step 2: Survival Mode (Extreme)
For this step you should be going for any trophies left for Survival Mode. Use the Tips & Strategies guide above if you can't advance in the timeline. By the end of this step you should have the trophies Furry Fashionista Pedigree Jungle Boy Can-Do Creature Jungle Man and King of the Jungle

Step 3: Story Mode
By this step, you should have unlocked all Acts of the Story Mode. If not, you will need to go back to Survival Mode and find any remaining article cards you have missed (3 per Story Act, 4 for the Final Act). For this step, just complete each act. By the end you should have the trophies Underdog Master of Shibuya and Tokyo Jungle

Step 4: Clean Up
By this step, you shouldn't have that many trophies left to unlock. If you do, simply refer back to a previous step and the corresponding trophy that you need.


0 1 3 9

King of the Jungle
Survive 100 years in SURVIVAL.

This one will be challenging, but shouldn't be so hard that you'll be throwing you're controller. It will take you a while to get. When you unlock a strong animal character or purchase a strong DLC animal, keep playing survival with that animal and go through generation after generation in order to boost your stats. By now you should be pretty aquatinted with the controls and objectives and such, and with the added power you should be able to get this after a few tries of actually going for this. The trophy will be obtained after reaching the 100 year mark in Survival Mode. For tips on how to live this long, please scroll up to the Tips & Strategies section.

Tokyo Jungle
Complete STORY and view the true ending.


This trophy will be obtained after completing Act 14 of Story Mode.
I am not putting in a youtube video here because it is the end of the game itself. I did put in videos for the earlier chapters.

Jungle Man
Survive 45 years in SURVIVAL.

This trophy is harder than Jungle Boy , but isn't that much harder. It may take a couple tries to get this one. This will be obtained after reaching the 45 year mark in Survival Mode. For tips on how to live this long, please scroll up to the Tips & Strategies section. Like I said, this isn't hard, but it can be at first.

Can-Do Creature
Finish all challenges in single playthrough.

This one will be tricky, guaranteed. In order to do this, you must know what challenges activate when and when they expire before they activate. This can be done by playing multiple playthroughs of Survival Mode using the same animal. This may take longer than the King of the Jungle trophy. Just take this one slowly, get acquainted with the areas each challenge has to be completed in, where nests are, what types of enemies are there. Also, keep checking your challenge list. Each challenge is there from the beginning. Read them for info on when each one activates, when it deactivates, and what has to be done to complete it.

Master of Shibuya
Complete "The Return of the Tosas."


This trophy will be obtained after completing Act 12 of the Story Mode
Below is a video posted on youtube by AnOrangePikachu


Toggle Spoiler

Complete "Shattered Pride."


This trophy will be obtained after completing Act 5 of the Story Mode.
Below is a video posted to youtube by AnOrangePikachu.


Toggle Spoiler

Jungle Boy
Survive 30 years in SURVIVAL.

While yes this is a missable trophy, its not that hard to miss. It can be tricky, but isn't hard. This will be obtained after reaching the 30 year mark in Survival Mode. For tips on how to live this long, please scroll up to the Tips & Strategies section. Like I said, this isn't hard, but it can be at first.

Survive for 10 generations in SURVIVAL.

This one can be a bit tricky. In order to get this one, you will have to mate 10 times in order to reach the specified generation. In order to mate 10 times, you will need to mark 10 territories. Some challenges may have you re-mark a certain territory that has been captured by a different animal species.

Furry Fashionista
Wear a complete series of clothing.


In order to obtain this trophy, you will have to find gift boxes left all around the map. These can hold files, items or clothing. You can also sometimes unlock clothes by completing challenges. During the game, press the button and enter the clothing sub-menu. From here, you will need to equip an article of clothing from each category (head, neck, body and legs), but each one has to be part of the same fashion group. For example, Guard Dog Hat, Guard Dog Collar, Guard Dog Uniform, Guard Dog Shoes.

Jungle Baby
Complete the tutorial.


This trophy will be the first one you get, as when you first start the Survival Mode game from the main menu (the only play game option you have at first),
the tutorial will begin.

World Debut
Enter the online rankings.

This trophy will be obtained through Survival Mode. All you have to do for this trophy is to get 1 Survival Point. These can be earned by hunting, completing challenges, finding gift boxes and living another year. The World Ranking doesn't have a minimum number of points you need to get before you can be entered, as long as its over 1 point. But living for 1 full year is worth 400 survival points and a clean kill is worth 100, so this one is practically impossible to miss, of course, you have to be signed in to do enter the leaderboards.

First Mate
Mate with a female in SURVIVAL.

This trophy is also pretty straight forward. Once you mark all 4 flags in a sector, it becomes a part of your territory (heh, marking your territory). Once this happens, a message will appear saying female animals of your species have entered the sector. Find a female on your mini-map by looking for the heart symbol. Sometimes the female will ignore you, and a message will say you must rank up before mating with her. Rank ups are achieved through kills and completed challenges. When she is interested in you, bring her back to a nest (also marked on your mini-map). When you're there, press either to save or to mate. After the humorous howl, and the map loads again, the trophy will pop.

First Hunt
Defeat an animal in SURVIVAL.


This trophy is pretty straight forward, and the only way you can miss it is if you simply stand there doing nothing and let your animal get killed.
If you play as a Grazer animal, this trophy will be harder to get because you have to kill an enemy that is smaller than you are, and you don't have as strong of an attack on top of that, so stealth is a big thing here.

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