[top]Tips and Strategies

This game may take some time to get used to the controls, and later on you get the "off" mode controls. By the time you unlock this you should be used to the control scheme.

When to use "on mode" efficiently:
  • General Flying
  • Flying to a certain place
  • Fights in earlier game
  • When using laser guided missiles

When to use "off mode" efficiently:
  • Advanced dogfights
  • When attempting complex maneuvers
  • Escaping enemy's


Validated aspirations
Acquire all the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies.

Just the usual, obtain all other trophies.

Operation Ghost Rider
Finish the 1st mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite difficulty setting.

It would be simple for me to say complete the mission on any difficulty, but for each of the 'finish a mission' trophies there shall be a little walkthrough highlighting key parts.
  • R2 Accelerate , L2 Decelerate
  • Aim toward the AA and when it goes from yellow to red FIRE!
  • Rinse and repeat for two more groups.
  • After this you must go help delta squad, you'll see a little life bar appear. Now all you have to do is go and clear out the enemies surrounding them.
  • Hold off some more enemies including jets and helicopters which take roughly two or three missiles to take down, don't get drawn into taking out just one of these though try to take a central position and let them go to you.

Team player
Complete a mission on coop mode.

Easy stuff, it doesn't matter how many players, or if you know them, just enter co-op mode.

Operation Adder
Unlock and finish the 2nd mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • This time you're defending an oil refinery. You'll see a green circle on the mini-map, just stay in there and take out any incoming enemies.
  • When there are AA and fighter bombers, prioritize groups of those as they're more of a risk to you.
  • Remember, you can order your wingmen to attack other units, or two follow you and assist you in attacking what you're attacking!
  • After a while they'll run for the hills, now its time for holding off some real planes!
  • Use sharp turns and flares to keep missiles away, set wingmen to attack and go for the closest ones!

Operation Cobalt
Unlock and finish the 3rd mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • This time you have the old-school free fall bomb. Easy to use, just get your targets in the reticle!
  • Don't spam bombs as you may run out, but don't be afraid to use more than one on a big group!
  • Despite captains orders when the other planes come, if you have a large amount of time left I'd take them out making your job easier.
  • When the next planes come with the general, just take out all the others. This happens just like any other dog-fight, and I'd set your wingmen to defend and always have someone targeted.

Operation Blacklight
Unlock and finish the 4th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • Just keep the bomber safe and take out the other planes.
  • Use your map and take them out when they're reasonably close. Meaning don't go too far out and leave the bomber wide open for attacks!
  • Use the multi-target missiles as they have a greater range and quite obviously, take out multiple enemies!
  • Take out SAM sites after, use your ERS if need-be!

OFF certification
Unlock and finish the 5th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • There isn't much to say for this one as it's pretty much a tutorial. Just follow the on-screen instructions and get adjusted to the new camera and flying mode.
  • If you don't like off-mode and can't use it I'd spend some more time in this level as you WILL need it later on, especially if going for elite completion.

Operation Glass Hammer
Unlock and finish the 6th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • There are about 30 enemies to take out from the start, I would recommend taking out the fighters and bombers asap though.
  • Tanks can be a bit dodgy, as it requires some technical maneuvers to get to them. Maybe still use on mode just for the better camera angle!
  • Turn that on straight into off when the aces come though as they're a bit tricky! Use you're new found off mode skills to get away from missiles etc. and grind them down 'til you've destroyed them all!

Operation Backfire
Unlock and finish the 7th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • Defend the heli's and despite what it says, provide the MAXIMUM protection possible!
  • Destroy the SAM's and fighters straight away , can be done quite quickly. Then just one more SAM and that's the first part done.
  • You now have to defend the ghost's and I'd recommend using your rockets just for their speed and power.
  • After that you get another objective, but you're plane has a malfunction. Meaning you can only use the cannons! Just aim for the circle in front of the planes and fire away, take out these last few groups and protect the helicopter.

Operation Ulysses
Unlock and finish the 8th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • You need to defend the US against different types of enemies, by now you should be able to prioritize which ones are more of a nuisance than others so dictate what order to take them out in depending on what you're better at
  • Use the multi-target missiles and this shouldn't be too much of a problem to complete this section.
  • Now to take out a flag-ship. Just keep making runs and keep firing at it! Using flares to keep on track of where you were going.
  • Take out the aces then go back to the ship. Although when the ship's about gone just try to ignore the aces and stay attacking the ship.

Operation Stiletto
Unlock and finish the 9th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • For this one just avoid the no-fly zones and keep turning left and right to find the radar beacons which are on three separate islands.
  • Then you must find the radar hub in the same way as the beacons. Now destroy any SAM sites with radar-guided missiles, not flying in too quickly though.
  • For the last section you have to escort the other planes. Take out the SAM's and either destroy or distract the enemy fighters. With this mission ending when they get to their target.

Operation Red Eagle
Unlock and finish the 10th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • Take out the enemy fighters for about 4 or 5 minutes. And i would recommend saving your radar guided missiles.
  • In the next section use the radar guided missiles to take out the cargo ship's asap. It's possible to do this with them not dropping a single tank.
  • Now just take out any remaining tanks, cargo planes or fighter jet's until the time limit runs out and mission completed!

Operation Torchlight
Unlock and finish the 11th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • Another protection mission, just keep remembering that if it's being shot at by multiple planes you can try and swoop around taking them onto your tail instead.
  • Just stay near the objective and don't stray out to far, most close-by enemies will go for you anyway.
  • Oh noes! If you were using radar-guided missiles before you can no-longer use them. For this final section you're stripped down to regular missiles and the cannon.

Operation Iron Arrow
Unlock and finish the 12th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • This can start off getting a bit hectic. As when you're protecting the plane it can be attacked, but your main objective is the 6 jammers, each with 2 AA's close-by.
  • If you stray out the circle you will be limited to the same weapons as at the end of last mission. And use all-aspect's as they give you a larger area to shoot from in this tight space.
  • In the chicago section you need to take out tanks that are mangled in-between tall buildings etc. Just pretend your a car and stick to roads and you should miss most of the buildings.
  • Finally just take out the remaining helicopters and thats another one down the line.

Operation Backhand
Unlock and finish the 14th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • From the start just follow the ERS and ignore the missile warnings as you won't be hit by these.
  • You'll be chased after destroying each so just try to flee as quickly as possible and don't try to take out planes in the no-fly zone.
  • Finally use your free-fall bombs for the final section and this quick mission is over!

Operation Thunderbolt
Unlock and finish the 15th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • Personally I found this one to be one of the trickiest, as you have to stay low. When it comes to hills try to go around and not over.
  • After the first set have been destroyed you have to stay out of the flight path of two planes. I found this quite easy to do but it may take a few retries
  • After that you can try to avoid SAM's in the second zone but make sure to take out artillery around the target.
  • Again dodge the flight path and destroy the third and final one. This tricky mission is now over!

Operation Wildhorse
Unlock and finish the 16th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • At the start try not to let ANYTHING in the circle as the ship is quite weak.
  • I'd recommend using radar-guided missiles to take out the cargo ship's as this will save you missiles for later.
  • Use regular missiles for the final other fighters, and then finally when two missiles are heading toward the ship , use radar guided' to take them out!

Operation Javelin
Unlock and finish the 17th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • You now have multi-ground missiles which work the same as the one's used for taking out planes. Use these wisely though!
  • When you reach the base just take out the SAM's whilst you comrades below take out the tanks. To speed things up just help them take out tanks when you're done with the SAM's

Operation Twilight
Unlock and finish the 18th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite.

  • Make sure you distract all of the other fighter planes before they get to the plane you're defending, and try to take out as many as possible.
  • Use multi-targets to take out groups as there is a massive amount of enemies around.
  • Finally, take out the nuke that your plane finds and mission over!

Practice makes perfect
Spend 1 hour flying in Assistance OFF mode.

Although this should be gained completing the story, there is a game mode where you can just free-fly over any of the fantastic city's. Do this with R2 either held down or with tape on it and just sit back, have a drink and keep checking it's still working or if you've got the trophy.

Fly faster than Mach 2 for 1 hour in campaign.

Once again, should be gained through natural progression of the story. Use the same technique said above of going into free-fly and keeping R2 held down. I don't know how fast that "Faster than Mach 2" is if anyone can help on that. Just try using a fast plane all the time.

Campaign Complete: Normal
Complete all the campaign missions on Normal difficulty.

Easy enough, have the difficulty set to normal throughout the campaign and when you complete the above missions and then the final one you'll gain this.
See Extreme challenge for more info.

General of the Airforce
Become "General of the Airforce" (level 40).

If you're going for platinum you'll get this about halfway through. I got to around 25-30 on one completion on normal. So as you can imagine it doesn't take too much to get this.

The hard way
Complete all the campaign missions on Hard difficulty.

See extreme challenge. Wouldn't recommend completing on normal, hard and elite if going for platinum. Just try normal then elite as hard isn't that different to normal.

Extreme challenge
Complete all the campaign missions on Elite difficulty.

Big step up from normal. When going for platinum I wouldn't recommend completing on hard as the trophy is gained when completed on Elite. A few tips for completing on Elite.
  • Do it on co-op!
    This is so much easier to do on co-op and can be done with about 8-10 hours.
  • Master the power of off mode. Simply put if you can't do off mode, you can't do elite!
  • Know your plane. Get used to certain planes, after completing before you'll unlock a ton of new planes and weapons so use 'em!
  • Use your comrades. Get used to when to send them to attack your targeted enemy. And when to set them to defend.
  • Know your limits. Learn how far to venture out of the circle you defend when defending other planes etc. How far out to go to attack enemies etc.
  • Save time. By doing it on coop elite as soon as you put the disk in will save you a ton of time! And the controls will come to you anyway.

TDM rookie
Win a Team Deathmatch game.

Quite easy to gain, if you aren't the best pilot in the world you can always join a game with just one friend and do it that way.

Support ace
Call in every support element at least once.

Just play multiplayer for a bit and these pop up randomly. They consist of...
Radar jaming
Emp strike
Altitude limiter
Cannon upgrade
Repair drone

Cannon ace
Destroy 50 enemies with the cannon in multiplayer matches.

I would strongly recommend making a game with just one person, and taking turns doing the kills on each other it makes it a LOT easier to gain! When in a server with just the two of you, just drive toward one another at a steady pace and allow yourselves to get shot down. I'd highly recommend this as the multiplayer isn't the highest of standard.

Joint Strike missile ace
Score 135 kills with Joint Strike missiles in multiplayer matches.

See Cannon ace above.

Multi Target AA missile ace
Score 100 kills with Multi Target AA missiles in multiplayer matches.

See Cannon ace above.

Radar-Guided missile ace
Score 75 kills with Radar Guided missiles in multiplayer matches.

See Cannon ace above.

All Aspect missile ace
Score 75 kills with All Aspect missiles in multiplayer matches.

See Cannon ace above.

Deflector ace
Deflect 150 missiles from friendly planes.

See Cannon ace above.

Wing ace pilot
Remain the Team Ace for a total time of 20 minutes.

Simply remain the Team Ace for 20 minutes. Sounds simple but it's quite hard to do so for 20 minutes, once again easier on a 1 on 1 server!

Wing leader
Be the Match Leader for a total time of 20 minutes.

If you get a quick start to the match this is a lot easier. Obviously don't try on a game you join halfway. And there is again always the alternative of 1 on 1.

Versatile pilot
Obtain an end-match award 20 times.

Find an end-match award you can get virtually every time as there are some easier ones and just stick at it. Or 1 vs 1.

Kill 100 opponents using the same plane in multiplayer matches.

Simply use your best plane or just your favorite and keep on using it! If going for platinum you'll get this easily. E.G 135 kills with joint strike missiles will obviously get you this with ease if you just use one plane.

Participate in 100 Team Deathmatch games.

Only participate, so I'm sure it counts if you just join and quit 100 Team death match games. If you're legitimately going for all trophies you'll get this.

Not safe enough
Kill an enemy with a missile while being jammed in a multiplayer match.

There are two methods for this:
  • Just play the multiplayer game. Waiting for these events to happen like getting jammed etc. And then attempt to gain them from there.
  • Just play it one vs one and get the other person to make these things happen or vice versa.

Score a cannon kill while having Radar Suppression active in a multiplayer match.

See Not safe enough above.

Repair 90 hp by using a single Repair Drone support.

See Not safe enough above.

Score a kill with the Cannon while the enemy has Missile Suppression active.

See Not safe enough above.

Avoidance ace
Dodge a total of 100 missiles without using flares in multiplayer matches.

Quite an easy trophy. Just go through dog fights at high speed and more often than not someone will fire at you, after a while you'll get really good at dodging and just remember not to press L3 for flares!

Counter support ace
Complete all counter support challenges.

They're all on the main menu just complete these challenges!

Score 5 kills on an enemy Team Ace using Radar Guided missiles.

Sounds easy but some people are better on this game than you think. Should be easier than others though.

Win 25 Team Deathmatch games.

Easily gained through natural progression of the multiplayer missions.

Sitting ducks
Kill 2 enemies with Multi Target AA missiles while they are affected by your EMP strike.

Use the EMP strike then try and get 2 kills in one. Try doing it on 3 or 4 as you're more likely to get 2 out of that.

Point blank shot
Hit a target that's closer than 3000m with a Radar Guided missile in multiplayer.

Quite an easy one in one vs one just head straight on toward each other. Not the hardest of trophies when playing legitimately either.

Test pilot
Play Team Deathmatch games using 30 different planes.

Just keep trying different planes throughout multiplayer. If you're playing the whole game I'd recommend doing this at the start as you'll find your favorite plane for use throughout multiplayer.

Risky stuff
Recover from stall at an altitude of 30 meters or lower in Team Deathmatch.

Harder than it sounds , just keep practicing and you should get this. Only done in team deathmatch! And just keep an eye on your altitude.

Evasion ace
Dodge 10 Radar-Guided missiles without using flares in multiplayer matches.

Really easy trophy especially for a gold. Either do it 1 vs 1 or throughout playing the multiplayer mode.

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