x 4 x 11 x 21

Players: 1
Online Trophies: none
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15+ hours
Estimated Difficulty: 7/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Missable Trophies: Phantom Strike ; Samaritan; Immune ; Five-SeveN ; Ghosts don't die
Glitched Trophies: Possibly.


Hey forum, this is my first ever official guide, so I hope to do this great community justice and help everyone obtain yet another platinum. Cheers.
  • Any videos used were not made by me. All credit goes to those who posted/made these videos.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • If you're trying to obtain Samaritan and Ghosts don't die , make sure to save often and to jump on that button quick to initiate a reload if you end up getting caught in a firefight, falling to your death, and/or believe there is a chance you might die. Reloading after a death will still consider as a death.
  • Save, save, and save some more. If possible, do not use quicksave/quickload, as there have been many many reports on trophies "glitching" because of this. Use Save game and Load game instead. Personally, I can say that you can save yourself from missing out on a trophy completely this way. Regardless, it's best not to die /be spotted /use the wrong weapon in the first place.
  • It is wise to also backup a copy of your save file when playing. Saving to your USB can help with trophies such as Phantom Strike, as you can just copy back your save file in the event you raise an alarm. This method works with many other trophies as well.
  • Don't worry so much about finishing Boot-call and others like it. They seem to carry over between playthroughs, even different difficulties (got my boot-call early 4th mission, doesn't seem likely with 1 run). There is also a level select feature, so you can "farm" for these trophies. Simply select the level you'd like to play, do what needs to be done, i.e. whistle knock outs, light grabs, etc., then save by Save Game, and just reload the mission.


Start off on Hard
Starting off on the difficulty that deals more damage will give you more incentive to learn where to hide and how to be stealthy. This will help tremendously on your second playthrough, plus you'll know the levels by then. You can knock out the majority of tough trophies in your first run, though the USB tactic may be necessary. With this run, you should be able to earn Veteran, Immune, Samaritan, Ghosts don't die, Five-SeveN, most of the story related trophies, and several bronze trophies.

Normal Run
If you managed to achieve Phantom Strike and Samaritan on your first run, great. If not, this is the time to do it, or you'll have yet another run to go through. With this run, you'll be able to clean up any remaining story related trophies, any remaining gold trophies, and the majority of bronze trophies.

Clean up
After your second run, if your still missing some bronze trophies, refer to their respective sections for tips on the best places to complete them.


Preserved Hope
Unlock all trophies

Congratulations, you're now histories most prolific unknown author of world events.

Complete the game in Hard difficulty

Hard really isn't, well hard. The key difference between Normal and Hard mode would be damage done by the enemy. The AI might be slightly more observant perhaps, but if they are it is a negligible difference. Complete the game on Hard difficulty from start to finish to earn your trophy.

Phantom Strike
Maintain complete stealth throughout the game

Finish the game without raising a single alarm to earn this trophy. Being spotted by guards or civilians does not mean you have lost your chance to obtain this, but it does mean there's a high chance you just about will. Stick to the shadows, and leave as little bodies behind as you can, unless your absolutely sure you can hide them well. If your amazing at stealth, you'll have little trouble with this trophy. For me and all the others, you may want to consider the USB tactic. On my own playthrough, there was always one mission that gave me trouble, and still obtained the trophy using this method. Eight missions of complete stealth and you've earned what I believe to be the hardest trophy for this game, congrats.

Complete the game without dying

Death isn't the most common thing in this game really. More often than not, you will know if you're about to die, such as falling from a great height, or getting caught in a firefight you can't win. In both of these cases and others, pause and reload your last save file before you actually die, or run a high risk of missing out on this trophy even with reloading. You may prefer to do this during your normal playthrough due to lower damage intake. Avoid those gun fights when you can, and try to save sticky shockers, grenades, etc, for fights that you can't (assuming you can't use the sc-20K). Completing this will also reward you with Ghosts don't die. Refer to USB tip if your having trouble.

Complete the game without using medikit

To avoid any complications with this trophy, be mindful of what you press while standing near a medikit, as you may accidentally choose to use the medikit. Refer to the tips portion if you're having trouble. Remaining hidden is a big part of being able to complete this trophy. There are a few unavoidable firefights where the amount of health you have can determine life or death.

Complete the US Embassy, Dili mission

Story Related Trophy.
Finish up the US Embassy mission. Also see Athletic Tendencies.

Encephalon Exchange
Complete the Saulnier Cryogenics, Paris mission

Story Related Trophy.
Finish up the Saulnier Cryogenics mission. Also see Warranty Period and Recall Rejected.

The Great Train Insertion
Complete the Paris to Nice mission

Story Related Trophy.
Finish up the Paris to Nice mission. Also see Fisher Express.

Complete the Jerusalem mission

Story Related Trophy.
Finish up the Jerusalem mission. Also see Amorality , Accomplice, and Biological Warfare.

Refined Communications
Complete the Kundang Camp mission

Story Related Trophy.
Finish up the Kundang Camp mission.

Under Metal Cover
Complete the Komodo mission

Story Related Trophy.
Finish up the Komodo mission.

Technical Difficulties
Complete the Jakarta mission

Story Related Trophy.
Finish up the Jakarta mission.

Duty Calls

Story Related Trophy.
Finish up the LAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT mission. Also see Neutral Outlook, and Go FUBAR.

Complete the Game using only the Five-7 and alternate fire of SC-20K Gun

This trophy can make the game somewhat difficult if playing on Hard; the pistol has no zoom or the better accuracy of the two. To obtain this trophy, keep a very close eye on what weapon you are using. While the pistol is equipped, pressing the button will bring out the sc-20k. Do NOT press when handling the sc-20K.If you happen to by accident, or are unsure if you have, reload by Load Game, and continue on. As stated, alternate fire () is allowed; this includes sticky shockers, diversion cameras, etc. Grenades are also allowed.

Mission complete
Complete the game in Normal difficulty

Since completing the game on Hard will not earn you this trophy, another playthrough is required in Normal as well. Complete the game from start to finish in Normal difficulty, and the trophy is yours.

Ghosts don't die
Complete the game without dying more than 3 times

See Samaritan.

Whistle and knock out 50 people

Whistling is a great way to get guards to go to a location you want. Be wary of areas with multiple guards, as more than one might answer your call. Make sure you have ample space to move around when you do attract a guards attention, as sometimes they tend to roam a bit further than where you initially whistled. To whistle, simply press the button. Knock out, not kill, a guard that comes to check out the noise. Do this 50 times and the trophy is yours. Will most likely not be completed through a single run if you are going for those that require stealth. Knockouts will carry over.

Athletic Tendencies
Perform 5 split jumps

Very easy to complete, and can even be done in the very first mission. When beginning the mission, continue along until you reach the area where you are asked to perform a split jump to reach a higher ledge. To perform a split jump, you first need a narrow passage. Second, stand near and parallel to one side of the wall and press , and at the peak of the jump press and hold once more. Drop down using the button; rinse and repeat 4 more times to get this trophy.

Sleep Overs
Complete a mission without having a single incapacitated enemy being discovered

Can be done in the first mission you play, regardless of difficulty. If you happen to take out an enemy, take care in hiding their bodies well. The stealth level indicator will begin to flash if it deems your spot worthy; but above all else, use common sense. Do not leave a body in the middle of a hallway, just because it is dark. Don’t worry if you are discovered, the trophy can still be completed. Complete the mission without any bodies being found, and earn yourself a sleep over. On a side note, if you don’t want to worry about this so much, you’re most likely to achieve this during the Paris to Nice mission.

Put down 10 enemies without dying

Putting enemies down does not entail using your elbows this time around. Use whatever method you prefer to get a 10 killstreak without dying. Can only be done at certain times, as casualties are not always allowed. This can be done hand in hand with One shot...

Dark instance
Destroy 50 lights

You can choose to ignore this as it will most likely unlock through a natural playthrough, but if you insist in committing vandalism, make sure you save yourself ammo for those times you may need it. That being said, mission two, the Saulnier Cryogenics is full of fixtures emitting those terrible beams of light.

Live on the Edge
Sound 2 alarms and then complete the mission objective without compromising the mission

Note that it says mission objective, so it does not necessarily have to be done at the end of the mission or be kept at 2/3 for the whole mission. First thing you have to do is begin a mission that allows for a total of 3 alarms before getting a mission failure. Those missions are:
  • The Sauliner Cryogenics mission
  • The Kundang Camp mission
  • The Komodo mission (up until you release the submarine)
  • The Jakarta mission

Getting alarms are quite easy, shoot near a guard, shoot a guard, be seen by a guard, etc. Keeping it from resetting is a different story. If you remain a "ghost" for too long, your alert status will begin to decrease. On a personal note, I found the Cryogenics lab great for obtaining this trophy. Make sure you have 2/3 alarms before you take the phone from Francis, and then just complete the mission (extraction is your objective) to get your trophy.

Inhouse Medic
Activate 10 Medikit in the game

Simple enough. First thing you will need to do either get shot, or to suffocate in your own smoke grenade. Medikits are found all over hanging on walls. Each kit can heal you 5 times (technically 4 is the most at a given time, since you would be dead if you needed 5), which will count as an activation per part. Make sure you select to heal part and not full, as full will count as 1 activation even if, for example, it takes 3 out of 5 parts to heal you. Consider doing this during your normal playthrough due to lower damage intake.

Grab 10 guards as soon as they switch on the lights

To earn this, you will need to find a guard and light switch combo of course. Watch patrols and see if they pass any rooms or are in the rooms themselves that involve the switches. Turning them off will get the guards attention, bringing them to the switch to turn the lights back on. Make sure you don't stand too close or grab him before he actually hits the switch. The Sauliner Cryogenics mission seems to be a great spot to rack up the grabs. Early in the mission you should be able to get at least 3 to 4 grabs, starting with the room after you break the two sprinklers.

Safe and Secure
Scout in all 3 vision modes for 13 different doors that can be opened

Simple, yet easily forgotten. Anytime you encounter a door that you can open, simply choose the Optic Cable option from the interaction menu. Just as you would normally, use the and buttons to switch between normal, night vision and thermal vision. Do this on 13 different doors to hear the trophy pop. This can be completed by the end of mission two, given you haven't forgotten any doors.

Neutral Outlook
Neutralize Norman Soth

Story Related Trophy.
You will be able to complete during the LAX International Airport mission. Finish off Norman Soth.

You can't see me
Bypass 5 security cameras by jamming them

Best place to get this done is during mission 2. Shortly after defusing the bomb planted in the boiler room, you will next go up a flight of stairs, and come across a few mercenaries roughing up some windows. Take out the lone merc. that stays behind, and enter through the nearest locked door. On your left will be the room with your next objective, and with 5 security cameras. Breaking some lights may help if you can’t get a view of all 5 from near the door. Use the Cam Jam just as you would your pistol. Hold the jammer for a few seconds on each camera.

Warranty Period
Save Francois Coldeboeuf

Just as the trophy states, you must save Francois to get this to pop. Near the end of mission two, you are to climb a cabinet which leads to a vent opening. Once inside a short cut-scene appears of some mercenaries shooting at the door to get it to open. Continuing left through the vent leads you to the room with Francois. Have a brief chat with the man, and climb back up. The mercenaries have now brought explosive barrels to get the door open, and a timer begins. You have until the timer stops to eliminate the guards as you see fit.

Note: If you save before entering the vent, you can reload the game to get Recall Rejected

Recall rejected
Leave Francois to fend for himself

This trophy is earned during mission two. After you received the picture of the Mortified Penguin, crawl back through the vent, and enter the previous room. Be sure to allow yourself some room between you and the bombs, as the explosion partially exceeds the wall limits. Once the timer hits 0:00, complete the mission to finish up.

Note: If you save before entering the vent, you can reload the game to get Warranty Period

One shot…
Take out 10 guards in Sniper mode

Once you have the sc-20K, you can enter sniper mode. To do so, first equip the sc-20K. Next, push in the button, and you will be looking down your scope. For a more accurate shot, press and hold to hold your breathe for a limited time. To zoom in and out, use the and buttons. These do NOT need to be headshots, though aiming for the head will help with One Kill.

One kill
Kill 25 enemies with a single headshot, whenever fatality is allowed

By now most people should know what a headshot is. Though it states single headshot, I don't believe i know of a double headshot on a single enemy. Recommended to be done in sniper mode as it seems easier to be more accurate, and at a large distance at that. If you need an instructional video on how to get headshots, here it is.

Toggle Spoiler

Fisher Express
Complete the train mission in 15 minutes

The mission to complete is Paris to Nice. Fifteen minutes is a pretty good amount of time, so long as you keep moving of course. Skipping the conversation with Soth will save you some time, not much but, every second counts. You encounter very little enemies, so completing this within the time limit shouldn't be a problem. Here is a video if you need help.

Toggle Spoiler

Exponential Heat
De-activate 5 turrets

As you progress through the game, you will come across these turret guns. To deactivate them, you must access their nearby laptop terminal, and select deactivate. Shutdown 5 different turrets and the trophy will appear. A few turrets I felt to have low risk access were:
  • During the US Embassy mission, in the yard where you must use a spotlight to hide from a sniper with nightvision.
  • During the Sauliner Cryogenics mission, right after finding the french brains.
  • During the Komodo Shipyard mission, found at the beginning of the level, left of the laser turret.
  • During the Komodo Shipyard mission, right before the hut with moving laser beams, hard to miss since you need to disable it to get past.
  • (2) During the Jakarta mission, soon after speaking with Ingrid. Follow her for a bit to hit both turrets.

Kill all terrorists in the LAX mission

Story Related Trophy.
There are a total of 10 terrorists to be killed for this trophy. The game itself does not let you proceed if you have not cleared the area of terrorists, given there were any. To identify a terrorist, use your thermals. They are the ones that seem to be on fire on the inside. Make sure to kill them, and not just knock them out. You'll know they're dead when they turn a nice frosty color through your thermals. Though it is story based, here is a list with their locations:
  • Once the truck stops, you can snipe him through the glass of the security booth
  • Once you sneak through either the security office or the bathroom vent, you will find him chatting it up with a civilian
  • In the very next room, there are 3 terrorists and 2 civilians
  • Once you've snuck through the waiting room, he will be found in a hallway with an unbreakable camera
  • In the very next room with the constant ringing, you will find a terrorist with a civilian
  • The last 3 are Soth and his 2 bodyguards

Neutralize Dahlia Tal

During the Jerusalem mission, you are to follow Dahlia around while hiding from patrolling officers. After several minutes of shadowing her, you reach your destination, the elevator. After you enter the elevator, speak with Dahlia one last time. Lambert soon after tells you to kill her right away. Don't wait for his message, rather keep your gun pointed at her as soon as possible. You have a brief moment to complete this task and earn your trophy.

Note: If you save before you enter the hideout, you can reload the game to get Accomplice.

Dahlia Tal survives

After successfully following Dahlia through the shadowy streets filled with officers, you reach the elevator that will take you underground to where your next objective is. You will receive a message from Lambert telling you to quickly kill Dahlia. Ignore this, and you will earn your trophy before the elevator stops.

Note: If you save before you enter the hideout, you can reload the game to get Amorality.

Biological Warfare
Retrieve ND133

Story Related Trophy.
During the Jerusalem mission, you will enter the underground hideout via elevator after following Dahlia around. Further inside, you will come across a very brightly light cube shaped room. Inside this room is the ND133 sitting on a counter.

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