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Players: Offline 1- 8, Online 2-4
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15 - 20 hours (depending on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (but 2 is recommended)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None - You can use level select
Glitched Trophies: None

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Welcome to Tony Hawk Ride, Activision's attempt to bring new life to the Tony Hawk series but actually ended up killing the brand. This game must be played with the Skateboard Controller and it is supposed to let the player feel like they are really skateboarding (much like Guitar Hero did for the music genre).

While the brand may be dead you can actually pick this game up quite cheaply now so if you are looking for a challenge try it out and see what all the hype was about.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Tony Hawk: RIDE is not a hard platinum, at least it wouldn't be if you could use a controller. What makes this game hard is that the Skateboard Controller is not very responsive and you will find yourself getting very frustrated that you can't pull off the same trick 2 times in a row. You may want to play this game when you are alone because I let off some very colourful language while attempting some of the trophies.

You don't have to 100% the cities to move on, you just need enough points to unlock the next level. Also the points you earn in one city do not transfer over to the next, so don't think if you are stuck in one city you can play the easier levels to advance.

There are no videos or walkthroughs online other than the ones that are available from the Start menu (and if you find any others please post them in the comments section) So you are going to have to figure out how to do a lot of the moves yourself. I have given some descriptions on how to do some of the more tricky moves but really it is trial and error. My sole advice on this is to watch the training videos and practice.

This might sound a little odd but use your hands to start off with (or throughout the whole game if you want) Using your hands makes this game so much easier and it helps you learn how to do the moves. For myself I started off on the board and kept falling over when trying to do a trick, by using my hands I learned what to do and this made standing on the board much easier. I still used my hands for the tougher levels (like the Barcelona Challenges) so whatever feels most comfortable to you.

Finally give yourself a lot of room to play this (but have something close by to grab if you are about to fall). The problem with the sensors is they pick up anything around them, so if you have a bookcase near a sensor it will think that is your hand and will do a grab trick for example. You can tell if your sensors are picking anything up because it will have a dot on screen near that sensor.


Step One: Complete the Training Test.
This will give you the basics on how to play the game and will net you your first trophy Ready To Roll

Step Two: Beat the game on Casual.
I advise playing through on casual because some of the trophies are downright impossible on Hardcore. You only have to play the Tokyo levels on one difficulty to get the trophies for them so I advise getting them on Casual.

The trophies I would recommend getting on Casual are these.
Successful Matador, Highlight Reel, The Chosen One, Channel Surfing, Vert Master and Stride's Long Lasting Manual

When you are done you will get Don't Be Nervous

Step Three: Get to Tokyo on Hardcore.
You don't have to play any of the levels in Tokyo so as soon as you unlock it you are done. This will unlock both Game Show Awaits and It's Show Time.

There are some trophies that I would recommend getting on Hardcore because they are impossible on Casual.
Speedster and Terminal Velocity

Step Four: Multiplayer trophies.
Now just go to Party mode and get Spelling Bee and Last One - I Promise

Step Five: Clean up.
Now just get those trophies you missed during story mode. By this point you should be good enough to mop them all up pretty quickly.


Platinum Trophy
Unlock all of the other trophies

Congratulations after saying every curse word known to man (and a few Iím sure you made up) you collected all the trophies and got the Platinum.

Ready To Roll
Complete the Training Test challenge in Street Training

This probably will be your first Trophy. You donít have to do all the training just the test. It isnít really that hard but if you are stuck then go back and complete the rest of the training.

Don't Be Nervous
Unlock Tokyo in Casual

See It's Show Time

Game Show Awaits
Unlock Tokyo in Confident

See It's Show Time

It's Show Time
Unlock Tokyo in Hardcore

Trophy Difficulty stack so if you get this on Hardcore you will also get Don't Be Nervous and Game Show Awaits.

You do not have to play any levels in Tokyo just unlock it.

One Trick Pony
Venice Beach, Trick Session: Score 10,000 Points in one combo

Not hard at all. Just select Trick on Venice beach and keep doing flip tricks while landing in a manual. I got 71000 on my first try. Remember if you are using your hands you will almost certainly land in a manual.

LA River, Speed Session: Complete in under 1'30 without jumping

The toughest part of this trophy is accidentally ollying when you are tilting left and right. I finished with 1í30.09 and still got the trophy so there is a little bit of wiggle room. Just make sure to hit as many boosts and green numbers as possible and you will get it in a couple of tries.

If you bail restart the level because it wastes too much time starting up again.

Manual Mover
Lower Wacker Drive, Speed Session: Complete in under 1'00 with 200 ft of Manuals

Just manual the whole time and you will get this, just remember to not hit any walls because this will disrupt your manual. I didnít get any green numbers and a couple of red ones and I still got under a minute.

If you are having trouble complete this one on Casual because then you do not have to worry about steering.

Monumental Task
Loop Plaza, Challenge Session: Activate Signature Moment during Challenge #3

Just keep hitting Flip Tricks (vary up your tricks to get more points) and just after you do the first grind you should have built up enough skill to pull off a signature move (cover the back sensor to activate). Then when you go to the ramp just pull a trick off and you got it.

Central Park, Speed Session: Collect 60 seconds worth of time bubbles

This title is very misleading as you will not be going fast at all. Just keep circling the park until you have collected enough green numbers to make 60. There are more than enough so you will get it eventually. You don't have to complete the level for the trophy to pop.

Just donít do this level on Casual since that has a set path.

Successful Matador
Barcelona, Challenge Session: Complete all challenges without bailing

This is the hardest trophy in the game but not impossible if you know what you are doing. First off if you bail then quit the game (donít just restart). You have to do all 5 challenges without bailing once. You can however Fail the challenge just as long as you donít fall off the board. Do this on Casual because it will make it SO much easier for you.

The most difficult part is actually knowing what moves to do, so I will try to help out.

Challenge 1 Ė A 5-0 grind is when you put the nose of the board into the air

Challenge 2 Ė Just do simple grinds you have to do 3 of them so a 5-0, 50-50 and Nose Grind are your best choices

Challenge 3 Ė Hold the back of the board to make it advanced then just flip the board to do a Tilt Trick

Challenge 4 Ė To do an Adv. Flick Flip Trick hold the back of the board, Ollie and then turn the board to the left or right. You must do a 360 Heel or Kickflip not a Double. For the Flip Trick Spine Transfer just hold up on the pipe and then do a flip trick as you are going over.

Challenge 5 Ė Once again just push the nose of the board down to spine transfer. Do the nosegrind (back end of the board is up) and then Nollie as soon as you are parallel with the green floor. To do an invert just hold your hand over the front sensor while on the pipe.

Like I said not hard just takes some practice. You can do the events in any order so pick the hardest one and work backwards.

Highlight Reel
Toledo, Trick Session: Score 20,000 Total Points in the camera spots

Just spam flips and manuals. This will build up you score to over 20 000, then when you hit the camera spot just land and you get it. Do this on Casual so you donít have to worry about steering and just take the right path all the time and you will encounter enough Camera Spots.

Terminal Velocity
Frankfurt Terminal, Speed Session: Complete in under 1:45 without collecting any time bubbles

Do not do this on Casual because you (through no fault of your own) will collect Time Bubbles because you are on a track. I did this on hardcore and bailed twice and still made it in the allotted time. Also you can hit boost pads and collect Red bubbles (if you accidently hit one).

If you collect a Green bubble just restart and try again.

The Chosen One
Boom X2 TH Go Show: Get to the end without Bailing

Do this on Casual unless you really want to torture yourself. On casual this isnít too bad because for the most part all you just have to do is a couple of jumps (the computer steers you around all the tough parts). If you bail just restart and try again. Do not worry about time, I failed all three Rock, Paper, Scissor doors and didn't collect any time bubbles and I still had over a minute to get to the end.

Remember when on the pipes to lean to the left or right when ollying so the player will transfer from pipe to pipe.

After this the credits will roll and you will know who is responsible for putting you through this game.

Handy Man
Venice Beach Half-Pipe: Score 10,000 Points worth of Grabs

This is the first half-pipe session and if you just keep doing grabs you will have this on your first try. Try to do Adv. Grabs (cover the back sensor) to get more points.

Quick Style
Boom Boom Huck Jam: Fire off the Signature Moment within 20 seconds of session start

Just keep pulling off grab and flip tricks and you will have this one no problem. I had it by the time I finished my second trip up the pipe.

Remember to try and do different kinds of tricks to fill the meter faster.

Heavy Lifting
Central Park Half-Pipe: Perform 10 Inverts

This has to be INVERTS not Eggplants, or any other kind of variation of Inverts. I was doing this in Goofy mode and all I could do were Eggplants. Switch to regular and you will be fine. Just place your hand over the front sensor as you are going up the half-pipe. If you build up your meter do not activate it because then you can no longer do inverts until it depletes.

If you are having trouble switch to Freeplay mode to give yourself more time.

Certified Chiropractor
Barcelona Half-Pipe: Perform 5 Spine Transfers

Very easy to do, just keep transferring over the middle half pipe and you will have this in no time (to transfer just Ollie and then lean forward on the board when you get to the top). I suggest doing this in free skate so you have more time.

Stalls with Style
Quiksilver 80s Vert: Fire off the Signature Moment using only Stalls

You canít do any other tricks in this run other than stalls. Even if you let your meter drain and then only stalls it still will not count. So from the beginning of the level just keep doing stalls until the meter fills up and then hit the back sensor to get the Signature Moment to unlock. If you accidentally do any other kind of trick restart and try again.

I advise doing this on freeplay to make it easier.

Channel Surfing
Quiksilver 80s Vert: Channel the Gap 5 Times in one session

Just transfer over the gap (the place where you start) 5 times. My advice is play on casual for this one and do it on free play. Casual will be more forgiving with your lands and you will need more than the allotted time (at least I did) to get this.

Vert Master
Boom X2 Vertical U-Ramp Go: Complete without bailing

If you are playing on Casual you have to try and not get this trophy. Donít forget to Spine Transfer over the jumps to get to the rest of the level.

All Four One
Vans Downtown Showdown: Complete level successfully

Story related canít be missed. You get 4 runs to make enough points to continue (point accumulate) Just keep hitting tricks and try not to bail and you will have no problem getting this.

In the Bank
Back to the Banks: Complete level successfully

Story related canít be missed. Same as All Four One just keep hitting tricks and landing manuals and you will have this in no time.

Last One - I Promise
Party Mode, Challenge Session: Rematch 10 times

Not hard just time consuming. Go to Party Mode, select 2 players and use this set up

Challenge , Level (any one you want but I like Venice) and then Hardcore

Land at least one challenge with a player and then keep bailing. You can do this by yourself or if you have a friend who wants to waste some time you can use the company. The annoying thing is you have to choose Regular or Goofy after every challenge so keep your dual shock nearby and just press and . You have to have 10 rematches so this means you have to play 11 games.

Spelling Bee
Party Mode, ťS Game of SKATE: Over 15 letters given out in one game

You must unlock Tokyo first before this unlocks.

You need 4 players for this. Just have one player complete a trick and then the next person fail it. It doesnít matter who gets or gives the letters just as long as 15 are given. Sometimes letters donít register, I donít know why, just chalk it up to another in a long series of glitches this game has.

You have to select Regular or Goofy after every player so have you Dual Shock handy to make this easier.

To access SKATE put session type as Competition and Level as ťS Game of SKATE, finally choose Casual to make it easier.

Stride's Long Lasting Manual
Do one continuous Manual of 400 feet

In the Manual Challenge (the last level in Chicago) you can only get points by Manualing. Just Manual down the hallway, beat the level and get the trophy.

If you are having trouble switch to Casual that way you don't have to worry about steering and hitting a wall.

T-Mobile Sidekick Grab 5
Half-Pipe: Do 5 different Grab Tricks in one session

Iím pretty sure T-Mobile regrets plastering their name all over this game but anyways. Just do 5 different kinds of grabs on a half-pipe. If you are running out of time just do free play mode.

To do a grab just cover one of the sensors or to do an advance grab hold the back sensor and then cover another one.

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