Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

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topatoi: The Great Tree Story is the first episode in a three part puzzle gameplay series. The game features a group of adventurists who crash landed at a strange place and must find help to make their way onward. In the game, the player controls a gyroscopic vehicle equipped with a number of multidimensional abilities. You must use these abilities to navigate through puzzles and over platforms.

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Start the Story Mode of topatoi: The Great Tree Story and play level by level. Below almost the entire Story mode trophies are based on collecting star treasures throughout the level and I have documented where you will find them. There aren't many to collect and they are pretty easy to spot, but its best to read the locations beforehand so you don't pass them up on accident. However, if you miss a star you are free to restart a level after you have completed it or select it later on, so no trophies are miss-able. Not that two other trophies are tied to the Story mode; fuel tank and berry gatherer. I suggest doing fuel tank on level since it is the easiest because it's the first level after you learn your basic tutorials, just play it through once before going for the trophy so you understand the level layout. The berry gatherer is related to chapter 8 so don't worry about it until then.

After you complete Story mode start playing the Arcade mode since you will not be able to play Arcade mode unless you unlock the levels by beating Single Player levels. Arcade mode takes more skill so you will need to know how to handle the controls well and use your fuel wisely. There are three trophies here and they deal with collecting blocks through the arcade levels.


bronze stars
collect all stars on any single level of the great tree

Find the stars spread throughout the levels, once you have collected all in a single level you will receive the trophy. The stars are usually placed in your path, but a few are hidden along secret paths and elevators. The easiest place to collect the stars for this trophy is Level 1 since it has the fewest and they are pretty much placed in your path. Find the star locations for each level in the star guide posted below the trophy guide.

silver stars
collect all stars on any three levels of the great tree

Follow the Star Guide below and you will receive this by Level 3.

gold stars
collect all stars on all levels of the great tree

Follow the Star Guide below and you will receive this by Level 7 which is the last level with stars. You will find the amount of stars you have per level at the main screen when you do a level select.

bronze cubes
collect all cubes on any two bonus levels

Start Arcade mode single player and start playing through. The bonus levels task you with collecting cubes and making it to the end by solving puzzles.

However, a lot of the levels require you to also collect blue blobs of fuel so time isn't always on your side. A few of the levels do not require fuel which allows you to then take your time on them. Just do what each level tells you in the beginning and you should make it to the end with little hassle, I was able to complete all bonus levels in a matter of less than 2 hours while collecting all cubes.

Also keep in mind that if you collect all cubes in a level and you fail to complete it or just exit to the main menu, your game will still count all the cubes as collected. So don't fell to have the need to complete the level if you collected all cubes.

silver cubes
collect all cubes on any five bonus levels

Just keep collecting cubes and make sure to double check around corners. If you miss a cube on while you are on a moving platform, jump off and you should respawn at the last checkpoint and you will have a second chance to grab it

gold cubes
collect all cubes on all bonus levels

You will get this once you collect all cubes on each bonus level. There are 10 bonuses levels. If you need to see which levels you might not have collected all the cubes on, go to the Arcade mode's chapter select screen and in the lower left hand side it will state how many you collected in each level.

fuel tank
have no less than 1000 fuel points at the end of any level

Once you reach Level 2 your GEMMA vehicle will start to use fuel to drive you around each level. Your GEMMA will lose fuel as you drive and gain fuel as you pick up blue blobs. The large blue blobs are worth 50 fuel points and the small blobs are worth 10 fuel points. You will need to be conscious on how much fuel you have otherwise you will run out and lose the level. In order to finish with 1000 fuel points extra you will need to collect as many blue blobs as possible while limiting your movements throughout the level.

Level 2 will be the best place to get this trophy. Try and collect any big blobs you see to make your fuel points jump up and limit any use of your boost button . Steep slopes can be conquered by pressing to jump up them. You will however need to use the boost button when you are hooked into the Windlass. However, if you are quick and careful you should finish with plenty. Just to a dry run of the level before trying so you see what obstacles are in your way and how to get through them.

berry gatherer
collect all berries in the 'at the gates of the unknown' level

You will be quested to bring back 30 berries for the gate to open in Level 7. However, there are a total of 50 berries scattered throughout the paths. Here, accuracy counts so make sure you are lined up and charged when facing long jumps. If you miss a berry during a jump, kill yourself and try again. It may be difficult to keep your fuel at a high level so collect any blue blobs you see. Just keep your eyes open so you don't miss any, but they aren't hidden so it should be easy. When making long jumps, try to line yourself up with the blue blobs since the red berries may seem to be further left or right, but they aren't.

Star Location Guide (45 stars total)

Level 1 - the crash site (4 stars)

Toggle Spoiler

Level 2 up to the village (6 stars)

Toggle Spoiler

Level 3 - the pillaged town (7 stars)

Toggle Spoiler

Level 4 - when stones are gold (7 stars)

Toggle Spoiler

Level 5 - the statue will sing again (7 stars)

Toggle Spoiler

Level 6 - the dangerous road (7 stars)

Toggle Spoiler

Level 7 - at the gates of the unknown (7 stars)

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